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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

August 17 - 21 2009

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Monday 17th August (ep 4309/4310 One-hour episode)

Ben calls an end to his date with Tania, insisting on taking things slowly.  The following day, Yvonne and Maia grill Tania about her date. They assume Tania and Ben have consummated their relationship. 

When Ben realises that Yvonne believes he and Tania are having sex, he hastens to correct her. Yvonne is impressed to learn he is taking the time to romance Tania. 

Shanti realises that Sunil has his eye on Rebecca.  Later, Shanti is annoyed to find Sunil has charmed his way into Rebecca's good graces. 

Shanti worries that Sunil will leave Rebecca with a broken heart.

Sophie struggles to keep an amorous Daniel at bay.  She complains to Kieran and tries to convince him to meet her after the ball, but Kieran asserts that it would be too risky. 

Daniel is frustrated when Kieran and Hunter refuse to sell him alcohol.  Sophie and Daniel make their way to the ball. 

Sophie feels the pressure of Daniel's after-ball expectations.  She sneaks a call to Kieran, hoping to change his mind about meeting her. 

At the after-ball party, Daniel suspects that there may be something going on between a tetchy Sophie and Jared when he learns that they used to date. 

Daniel jealously checks her phone when a text message comes through.  The text asks Sophie to meet the mystery sender outside. 

Puzzled, Daniel decides to investigate. He is startled to find Kieran waiting outside for Sophie. 

Kieran claims he's come to the after party to sell Jared booze.  But Daniel picks up on the strange vibe between Sophie and Kieran. 

Daniel chaperones Sophie home, and she tries again to postpone sex.  When he moots the possibility that Sophie might desire Kieran, Sophie feels she must sleep with him to allay his suspicions. 

But in the bedroom, Sophie breaks down in tears. Daniel leaves. 

Kieran apologises to Sophie for turning up at the ball after-party. Sophie warns him that she can no longer continue stringing Daniel along. 

She dumps Daniel, who accuses her of having feelings for Kieran. 

When Tania hears Ben has an afternoon off work, she  arranges time off herself in hope of some afternoon delight.  But, to her disappointment, Ben insists on taking her to an art exhibition.  

Tania admits to Tracey that Ben's slow seduction technique is leaving her wanting and Tracey advises her to hot things up a little. 

So Tania invites Ben home on a pretext and flaunts herself in her underwear.  Ben can't refuse her. 
Shanti meets with Sunil, who tells her that his betrothal really is over, and that his intentions with Rebecca are honourable.  Maia gives Shanti the afternoon off after a mix-up with the rosters. 

Shanti arrives home to find Rebecca entertaining a mystery man in her room. Shanti assumes it is Sunil, until Sunil calls her phone.  The man leaves and  Rebecca reveals she is a prostitute. 


Tuesday 18th August (ep 4311)

Shanti is stunned to learn that Rebecca is a sex worker.  She agrees not to tell Scotty as long as Rebecca tells him herself. 

However, Rebecca avoids Scotty so Shanti is forced to tell him herself.  Scotty is furious but Shanti manages to convince him to calm down and hear Rebecca out. 

When Rebecca blames him for her move into prostitution he loses his temper.  They continue to argue only to be interrupted by an oblivious Sunil who has arrived to woo Rebecca.

Aroha disapproves of Morgan keeping her thoughts of giving up nursing from Gerald.  Morgan argues that she doesn't want to burden Gerald when he's mourning the death of Nanna Tippett. 

Morgancalls in sick.  But Aroha lets slip to Maia that Morgan is depressed after her failure with Hughes.  Maia visits Morgan and encourages her not to throw her career away. 

Daniel struggles to deal with Sophie's rejection and is too upset to discuss it with Sarah.  Sarah finally gets him to open up and Daniel feels better for confiding in her. 

When Daniel sees Sophie with Jared he accuses Sophie of two-timing him all along.  The argument is broken up by Sarah who has a very bad opinion of Sophie for breaking Daniel's heart. 

She tells Callum about Sophie's two-timing ways.  Sophie allows Callum to believe that Jared was the reason she dumped Daniel. 

Meanwhile, TK is concerned when Tupac comes into ED having fallen back into his bad ways after boot camp. 

TK agrees to speak to the police on Tupac's behalf and they agree to stay an assault charges against Tupac. 

TK brings Tupac home, infuriating Sarah and upsetting Daniel who is not pleased to have Tupac in his home. 

Tupac needles Daniel about Sophie until a fight breaks out between them, horrifying Sarah and TK.


Wednesday 19th August (ep 4312)

Although Sarah wants to blame Tupac, TK insists that it's Daniel who has the aggression problem.  Sarah can't deny this any longer when she sees Daniel's mean streak in action. 

When Daniel sees Sophie with Jared again he feels even more certain that they're together.  He returns home moody, and vents at Sarah. 

TK backs him off, and a hurt and angry Daniel physically pushes TK away.  TK responds calmly, but Sarah despairs at Daniel's increasingly violent nature.

TK worries that the stress Daniel is causing Sarah will cause her MS to recur.  TK takes Daniel to a boxing gym, determined to give him a constructive outlet for his turbulent emotions.

Scotty struggles with a difficult choice: accept Rebecca's career as a sex worker, or have her move out with the kids. 

Shanti worries that Sunil isn't aware of Rebecca's real profession, but puts her concern aside to help Scotty deal with his sister. 

Shanti meets with Sunil, sadly confirming that he's still in the dark.  She insists that Rebecca tell Sunil immediately.  Rebecca responds that she will tell Sunil in her own time.  

Shanti wrestles with the urge to disobey Scotty and tell Sunil herself. 

When Tracey advises that unpleasant news is always best delivered as a short, sharp shock, Shanti sends an unwitting Sunil to Rebecca's brothel.

Sophie is bitter that Kieran wants their relationship to remain a secret.  She and Kieran have sex, but Kieran solicits an assurance that they still won't go public until she's finished school. 

Sophie realises this is easier said than done when she's confronted by her peers' immaturity.  Over dinner, Kieran teams with Callum in refusing her a second glass of wine. 

Fed up, Sophie informs her family that she's quitting school, and - much to Kieran's horror - reveals that there's something she and Kieran have to tell them.

Thursday 20th August (ep 4313)

Panicked that Sophie is about to reveal their relationship to Callum, Kieran claims to have offered Sophie a full time job at the cafeteria. 

Dismayed with Kieran, Sophie flees, leaving Brooke suspicious.  Brooke tells kieran to end it with Sophie. 

Putting Sophie's future first, Kieran suggests she go back to school, and for them to put their relationship on hold until the end of the year. 

Sophie is devastated. 

Daniel eventually begins to enjoy TK's boxing training.  But when a combination proves difficult and he becomes angry, TK advises him to keep his emotions in check. 

Daniel accidentally punches TK.  However, TK is impressed by Daniel's progress and praises him. 

Sarah is less than pleased when she learns of the boxing training and orders TK to stop.  But Daniel's pleading to continue wins her over. 

Sunil returns, upset after learning that Rebecca is a prostitute.  Shanti feels like it's the Scotts against the Kumars once more.  

Sunil labels Shanti as the enemy, by associating with such debauchery.  Scotty still refuses to talk to Shanti and she's left shunned, with no solution in sight.

Tracey is frustrated when Maxwell continues to remain secretive about where he goes.  Maxwell receives a mysterious phone call from a woman. 

Tracey prys and Maxwell opens up to her, explaining that the call was from his ex-wife.

Tracey discovers a wrapped present and assumes it is for her.  Maxwell denies this is the case and, sick of his secrets, Tracey demands an explanation.  

Tracey rips it open, only to discover a soft toy which Maxwell reveals is for his daughter.


Friday 21st August (ep 4314)

Maxwell tells Tracey about his estrangement from his daughter - who is not his biological child. 

Maxwell decides to invite Kieran, TK, Ben and Callum over to watch a rugby game, hoping their presence will keep his mind off his daughter. 

Only Maxwell and Kieran are prepared to bet over twenty dollars.  Following half-time, Callum begins to talk about Sophie, depressing Maxwell. 

He ups his bet against Kieran to five hundred dollars in a bid to stop dwelling on his daughter.  When the local team win, Maxwell good-naturedly pays out to Kieran. 

Tracey arrives, wanting to talk, but Maxwell leaves.

Tania is pleased with how things are going with Ben, although she wishes they could have more time alone together.  

Ben offers to assist Libby on the house repairs, impressing Yvonne, but leaving Tania disappointed.

 Ben assures Tania they will go out in the evening instead.  That evening they end up caring for JJ and Ben refuses to be intimate with her while JJ is in the house. 

Ben chooses to attend Maxwell's rugby night.  Tania is astonished when he turns up later with Libby in tow. 

Morgan is still off work.  Aroha tattles to Gerald on his return, leaving Gerald concerned. 

Morgan decides to go ahead and assist in Gabrielle's surgery.   She helps Mr McCauley through the operation. But when she learns it has not been a complete success, she vents her frustration.

She tells Gerald her constant sacrificing results in nothing but pain for them - and this includes her having to give up sex to marry him. 

Gerald makes a drastic decision to keep their marriage intact, by suggesting they start a family.