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August 15 - 19 2011

Lana Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

Hunter McKay - Shortland Street TV2

Callum and Jill - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 15th August (ep 4812)

Alex can't explain his apparent guilt to Brooke and Winston finally succeeds in driving Brooke and Alex apart.

On Alex's return to the hospital, his suspicions are raised when Winston isn't at work as he should be.

Winston finally returns and is relieved when he's able to allay Alex's suspicion by producing a load of work, completed in Brooke's absence.

Bella tells Alex that Winston worked all night to complete the work.

Alex realises that this means Winston had time to follow him and Brooke to Tauranga and could have easily set him up.

Harry is annoyed when Phoenix chooses to spend time with Jasmine over him. He takes his frustration out on Jasmine when he discovers that she's now known as Jasmine Pooper.

Harry ambushes Jasmine with his friends but Ula puts a stop to it.

She frightens Harry into apologising to a miserable Jasmine. Harry's sudden remorsefulness surprises everyone and Jasmine realises she may have to forgive Ula after all.

Callum insists on paying most of the flat expenses, because he knows that Jill is losing out by only having one flatmate. Under pressure financially, Jill reluctantly agrees.

Chatting with Nicole and Daniel, Hunter decides that Jill must be a golddigger. He tries to warn Callum, telling him to ask Roimata what Jill is really like, but Callum won't consider it.

However, when  Jill asks to borrow money to pay off her credit card bill, Callum is unsure.

Jill reads his hesitation and backtracks immediately, but determined to treat his girl properly, Callum gives her the money.

With Hunter's theory in mind, Callum discretely questions Roimata about Jill's money sense. Roimata laughs it off - Jill has always been bad with money.

Hunter sees the conversation and after Nicole tells him off, he realises that he has sown seeds of doubt.

Hunter challenges Jill with his golddigging theory, using Roimata's betrayal as a back up. Jill is left devastated.

Tuesday 16th August (ep 4813)

Callum and Jill are still at odds over money issues but when Roimata defends herself against Jill's accusation, Jill isn't sure what to think.

Nicole is thrown when she causes Jill to flee in tears. Jill despairs that all is lost with Callum , but Nicole encourages her not to give up.

When Roimata gives Callum a hard serve about not trusting Jill, it dawns on Callum that he's made a huge mistake.

Jill and Callum have a heart to heart and Callum explains that he has insecurities about their age gap. He and Jill manage to make amends. Relationship saved.

Bella is run of her feet in Triage and is helped by a charming stranger. Its Vinnie Kruse. Hes come for an interview with Scotty.

Vinnie learns that Scotty isnt D.O.N anymore and worries that his verbal agreement wont be honoured - to fast track Vinnie from level two to level four.

But Wendy and Bella assure him that all will be well, no matter who the new D.O.N is.

Work taken care of, Vinnie can now catch up with Ula. He takes her for a lemonade at The I.V. where Vinnie is mistaken for Maxwell by Lana. 

Vasa arrives at The I.V. and is appalled to find Ula with Vinnie. By the tension its obvious there is some history.

Nicole comes up with a cunning plan to get the hospital to pay for a free trip to Sydney so she can see Maxwell. Wendy and Jill think its a great plan until it is scuttled by Callum.

Nicole is furious that Callum wont allow her to use the system considering that he recently nearly got caught misappropriating funds for the oversized beds.

Nicole gets a confusing text from Maxwell and she thinks he is visiting.  She rushes home and, seeing Maxwell, pulls off his lavalava only to discover that its not him but a complete stranger!   

Wednesday 17th August (ep 4814)

Nicole is embarrassed to learn that the stranger she unwittingly undressed is Maxwell's cousin Vinnie.

While attempting to make himself decent again Vinnie stumbles and falls, landing badly on his wrist. He worries that he's really hurt himself.

Luckily it turns out that Vinnie's only sprained his wrist and so he's able to start work.

On his first day back at Shortland Street, Vinnie is disturbed to learn that Vasa in the new D.O.N.

He confides his dislike of Vasa to Nicole and Nicole realises that he is under the mistaken impression that Maxwell is Ula's father.

Nicole encourages Vasa to tell Vinnie the truth. Vasa does so but it only turns Vinnie further against her.

Vinnie is annoyed when Nicole listens to Vasa's negative assessment of him and accuses him of slacking. This leaves Nicole dismayed that their promising friendship has faltered.

Callum laments his estrangement from Hunter. He attempts to connect with him but is rebuffed.

However, later Hunter appears to open up to him and Callum hopes that Hunter is finally coming to terms with his relationship with Jill.

Making amends with Roimata over a drink, Jill starts talking about expensive holidays with Callum, leaving Roimata a little bit wary.

Hunter is annoyed when Daniel unwittingly throws out his Roytocin. Desperate for more, Hunter takes an ambo shift but is stymied when he attempts to gain access to the drug cupboard at the hospital.
Feeling agitated and unable to concentrate, Hunter attempts to elicit info from Evan - he asks where kids are getting there Roytocin from.

Realising how low he's sunk, Hunter is filled with self-loathing.

He feels even worse when he sees Bailey, a drug addict, who shows him what his future will be if he doesn't seek help. Hunter attempts to reach out to Callum but is unable to bring himself to reveal his addiction.

Instead, he tries to cope on his own but his cravings become too much. He arranges a trade with Bailey, securing morphine from the ED in exchange for Roytocin.

But Bailey cant supply Hunter with Roytocin and brings him speed instead. Hunter's reluctant to take it but, desperate, he gives in and graduates to harder drugs.

Thursday 18th August (ep 4815)

A wired Hunter studies late into the night, disturbing flatmate Daniel. Hunter covers his behaviour, claiming a reliance on caffeine pills.

Off his and Hunters recent thaw, Callum drops by and Hunter feels guilty when he wrangles money by claiming to need it for a textbook.

Hunter instead uses it to pay for more speed and he rocks up to the bar high as a kite and accepts Callums offer of company.

Jill is perturbed by Hunters odd behaviour but Callum puts it down to the lingering awkwardness between them happy to overlook a lot in the hope of reconciliation.

But when Hunters bad behaviour can no longer be ignored, Callum resolves to take better care of his stressed son.

A disapproving Jonathon discovers that Gabrielle has purchased all of Lanas clothing but Gabrielle justifies that it makes Lana happy.

Lana is excited to discover a fashion editor is a patient and plans to get her attention.

Lanas delight makes it impossible for Gabrielle to be truthful and shes troubled when Jonathon urges her to come clean.

Lana is thrilled when the fashion editor compliments her on her dress sense and later, she mistakenly assumes that its her who has purchased Lanas clothing.

Thinking she is to feature her in an upcoming editorial, Lana spends up large to replenish her clothing stock.

A guilty Gabrielle learns this and is forced to be hones about who bought the clothes, leaving Lana shocked and angry.

Sarah hopes good relations between herself and TK will continue.

Shes concerned by the return of her MS symptoms but hides them, not wanting to worry anyone.

But when Sarah realizes shes incapable of caring for Tillie by herself, she is forced to turn to Daniel for help, scared and upset.


Friday 19th August (ep 4816)

Daniel is uneasy when Sarah refuses to let TK know about the return of her MS symptoms.

Sarahs determined to manage with just Daniels support and shes relieved when he agrees to help.

When Sarah leaves for an appointment with her neurologist, Daniel struggles with a crying Tillie.

Roimata calls in and shes concerned that Sarah has left her baby with inexperienced Daniel. She tips Wendy off to her concerns and Wendy pays Sarah a visit.

Sarah thinks shes doing a good job hiding her MS symptoms but when Wendy offers to stay the night Sarah realises she isnt fooling anyone.

Wendy assures Sarah she wants to support her and Sarah is touched.

Gabrielle feels awful for hurting Lana and frets to Jonathon that shes damaged her fledging relationship with her sister.

Jonathon reassures that Lana will calm down and realise Gabrielles heart was in the right place.

Bella tries to bolster Lana not to give up on her fashion dream, but inadvertently encourages her to focus on her PA role.

Lana forgives Gabrielle and they agree not to interfere in each others lives. But when Gabrielle learns that Lana has taken her website down permanently she is appalled and cant help feeling responsible.

Hunter defuses Callums concerns and focusses on his studies, only to be interrupted by Bailey, who pressures Hunter to obtain more morphine.

Hunter fails to secure an ambulance shift and Evans concerns are reignited when he observes Hunters tension.

Talking over the problem with Phoenix - without revealing Hunters identity - Evan realises he needs to take action.

Evan finds Hunter with Bailey, who is annoyed about Hunters failure to score morphine. When Evan confronts him, Hunter snaps at Evan to back off, insisting that he doesnt have a drug problem.

Evan isnt sure what to think, but when Bailey is caught out seeking drugs at the hospital his identity is revealed and Evan realises that Hunter lied to him.

Daniel walks in on Evans final confrontation and Evan challenges Hunter to tell Daniel the truth about his addiction - or else he will.

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