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August 1 - 5 2011

Callum and Jill - Shortland Street TV2

Lana Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 1st August (ep 4802)

Jill endures a good-natured ribbing from staff about being Callum's girlfriend.

Callum feels bad that Jill is being given a hard time but Jill is determined to stand by their decision to be open about their relationship.

Callum informs Scotty he will reinstate the nurse education budget, choosing to prioritise this over purchasing upsized beds for the wards.

Callum's shuffling of funds comes back to haunt him when Rachel alerts him that they are expecting surgical tourism patients who will be needing the upsized beds.

Brooke is flattered when Alex suggests they have lunch together.

Winston is dismayed to witness blossoming romance between Brooke and Alex but feels he must intervene when he sees them kissing.

Winston urges Brooke to see she is putting her work at risk by pursuing romance with Alex but is annoyed when Brooke refuses to listen.

Winston tells Alex that Brooke has pursued men in power positions before - intimating that Brooke is manipulating him to protect her work.

Off Winston's warning, Alex turns cold on Brooke.

Winston is pleased his plan to put a wedge between Brooke and Alex has worked.

Murray faces a hefty fine from the tax department.

He manages to negotiate a waiver if he provides all the relevant information but loses all the account files when his portable hard-drive dies.

Daniel takes Murray's hard-drive home to fix.

Evan demands Hunter throw him a party - using his knowledge of Hunter's Roytocin use as leverage.

When he arrives at Hunter's flat, Evan suddenly feels pressured to provide a great party.

He demands Hunter provide them with alcohol.

Evan gets carried away with trying to impress Ula and drinks too much vodka.

Evan starts feeling the effects of his cocktail of drinks and vomits, knocking Murray's hard-drive into an ice bucket full of water.

Ula is grossed out by Evan and leaves. Evan's hopes of impressing Ula are shattered.

Tuesday 2nd August (ep 4803)

Wanting to avoid his father's wrath, Evan forces Hunter to take responsibility for the damaged hard drive to Daniel.

Daniel passes on the bad news to an irate Murray and Evan feels guilty.

Murray despairs that he will miss his deadline and have to pay the IRD's five thousand dollar penalty fee.

But Evan manages to wrangle an extension from the IRD by spinning them a sob story that his sister has cancer.

Murray is relieved and grateful to Evan.

Meanwhile, Ula crticises Evan's behaviour at the party to Nicole.

Nicole thinks Ula is being harsh on Evan and Ula apologises to him but makes sure to remind him that she only wants to be friends.

Evan accepts this, pleased to be back on good terms with Ula.

Tracey tries to be brave about the huge debt due to Angkasa and Kitu.

Tracey watches Scotty kick a ball around with Kitu at soccer camp, and makes a decision - they should adopt.

Even though it means that Scotty could be gone for a year to sort out the paperwork.

After a heart to heart with Sarah, Tracey realises that she will miss Scotty too much.

She tells Scotty this expecting to be reprimanded, but he agrees - he doesn't want to leave Tracey either.

They agree to tell Kitu the sad news that he has to return to Timor.

Jasmine despairs when she can't find a suitable interview subject for her article in the school magazine.

Wendy suggests Phoenix but Jasmine isn't interested.

When Phoenix is helpful, Jasmine caves and asks him to be her interview subject.

Phoenix is pleased but becomes cagey when Jasmine asks him questions about Brian's neighbours.

To Jasmine's dismay, he sends some very boring photos.

Later, prompted by Bella, Jasmine admits that she still cares for Phoenix.

Bella whisks Jasmine around to see Phoenix in order to declare her true feeling.

But when Jasmine finds a photo of Suzy on Phoenix's laptop she's hurt all over again, wrecking any chance of the romance restarting.

Wednesday 3rd August (ep 4804)

Scotty and Tracey break the bad news to Kitu - he must go back to Timor.

Later, they are alarmed when they discover that Kitu has run away.

After a fruitless search, they seek Harry's help. Acting on Harry's suggestion, they finally find Kitu at the soccer sports field.

They attempt to reassure him that they will support and visit him.

At home, when Kitu presents them with a farewell card, both Tracey and Scotty realise that they can't let him go.

They announce that all three of them will go and live in Timor.

Sarah is struggling to cope with her baby, with Tracey and Scotty kept very busy with Kitu and Daniel working.

She's very grateful when Kuini visits and helps, but wary of whanau pressure over the naming issue.

When Sarah expresses a preference for Tillie, she's surprised to find that Kuini is supportive of her choice.

Kuini asserts that Sarah and her daughter will always be supported by the whanau, no matter what.

Nonetheless, it's still a jolt for Sarah to learn that TK and Roimata have married in the Bay of Islands.

When Sarah asserts that the baby will be named Tillie Potts, it's TK's turn to be rocked.

As the consequences of Bella believing she has Asperger's Syndrome begin to pile up, Nicoles patience runs out.

Nicole pressures Wendy to sort her daughter out.

When that fails, Nicole prints out a multiple choice diagnostic test for Asperger's, and makes Bella sit it.

The test declares Bella in the normal range, but she is so invested in her new identity she carries on regardless.

When Bella begins dispensing Asperger's advice from triage, things have gone too far.

Bella defiantly goes to see a psychologist to prove them all wrong, but returns crushed.

She doesn't have the condition, and no longer feels special - just stupid and miserable.

Thursday 4th August (ep 4805)

Nicole and Wendy are concerned about Bella's emotional state, after the shattering of her Asperger's delusion.

Together they organize a make-over night to help Bella's confidence.

As the evening progresses Bella's self-confidence grows and Nicole and Wendy are encouraged.

But when Bella mistakenly puts blue highlights all through Nicole's hair she becomes more despondent than ever.

TK is frustrated that Sarah has named the baby Tillie Potts and Roimata encourages him to accept it.

In an attempt to make peace, Sarah takes a wedding present to TK and Roimata.

Roimata appreciates the gesture and TK is forced to bite his tongue about the name issue.

But when Roimata settles a grizzly Tillie, Sarah feels uncomfortable, not sure she's ready to share her baby.

TK delivers an ultimatum: Tillie's surname name will be Samuels, not Potts.

Jonathon is confused when Lana refuses his peace-making dinner invitation and he can't help wondering whether she has deeper feelings for him.

When Gabrielle needs to make a presentation a week earlier than expected, Lana doubts she will cope.

Daniel warns her not to interfere but Lana is determined to spare her sister and she orchestrates for Jonathon to give the presentation in her stead.

Lana privately congratulates herself on a successful ruse.

Later, Daniel reveals his suspicion that Lana was behind Gabrielle missing the presentation.

On questioning Daniel further, Jonathon is appalled to realise the extent of Lana's meddling - including how she flirted with Jonathon in a bid to test his loyalty.

Jonathon confronts Lana and Gabrielle walks in during his tirade.

Hurt, Gabrielle demands Lana leave Ferndale for good - she doesnt need or want her protection.

Friday 5th August (ep 4806)

Nicole is mortified by her blue highlights but when Bella is distressed she pretends to like her hair.

Bella is dubious, but when she sees Nicole owning her new look in front of Brooke and Jill, she believes her.

An important DHB patient, Mr Jennings, complains to Rachel about Nicole's hair and Rachel demands that she get rid of the blue. 

Bella feels that Nicole has been very hard done by.

Sarah is frustrated when she and TK reach a stalemate over Tillie's surname.

TK confides his desire for Tillie to share his name to Roimata who realises that TK fears he will be shut out of his daughter's life.

Roimata passes this onto Sarah who feels bad.

She arranges for TK to spend time bonding with Tillie but she refuses to budge on the name issue.

TK agrees to compromise when Sarah reassures him that he will always be an important part of Tillie's life.

Upset, Lana tells Daniel of Gabrielle's demand she leave Ferndale.

Daniel feels responsible for the rift between the sisters and he and Jonathon decide to try and reconcile them.

But Gabrielle refuses to meet with Lana.

Daniel suggests that Jonathon lie to Gabrielle to get her to meet her sister but Jonathon refuses to break the trust between them.

Daniel is left to convince Gabrielle to come to The I.V under false pretences.

Gabrielle and Lana are both unimpressed to learn that they've been set up.

But Jonathon and Daniel convince them to speak to each other.

Gabrielle is rocked when Lana reveals that family secrets were kept from Gabrielle, including the extent of her mother's depression.

Gabrielle is shocked to learn that Lana gave up her career aspirations in fashion to care for their mother while she ploughed on to become a surgeon.

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