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Shortland Street

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April 05 - 09 2010

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Monday 5th April (ep 4455)

Rachel sees out her mystery man, then invites Callum around without a flicker of guilt. 

When Rachel moves things to the bedroom, Callum is pleased with how his relationship is progressing. 

However, Rachel keeps a secret when Callum praises their open, honest communication and suggests that they keep the channels open when it comes to work issues.

Ben admits to Hunter that he's quietly confident about his performance.  At the rehearsal, Ben gets a bad case of stage fright. 

Yvonne attempts to bolster Ben the next day, but inadvertently leaves him feeling worse. 

Sarah and TK end up sitting together at the play, and have to do their best to ignore the obvious tension. 

Yvonne is relieved when Leslie Grant (aka Paul Holmes) finally arrives at the theatre. 

Later, Yvonne is thrilled when Leslie carries off a fabulous performance and is a hit with the audience. 

However, Yvonne is horrified when she's pressured into acting in Leslie's place when he inadvertently knocks himself out trying to escape his dressing room. 

Yvonne's debut performance gets off to a rocky start, and she bungles her first lines as Lady Bracknell. 

Finding her feet, Yvonne is overjoyed when she carries off her performance and raises lots of laughs from the audience.

When Sophie asks Kieran for spending money, he's left uneasy that Sophie has swapped her Daddy for a Sugar Daddy. 

The next day, Sophie asks to use his credit card and Kieran puts his foot down.  Kieran is impressed when Sophie shows her mature side, offering to serve for free at the bar to pay her way.

Daniel's hopeful Loren feels she can lean on him in her time of need.  But when he attempts to kiss her, she rebuffs him, leaving Daniel confused about where he stands.

The next day, Loren promises Daniel they'll be able to concentrate on their relationship after the opening night of the play. 

Daniel is thrilled when Loren kisses him backstage.  However, Daniel is thrown when Loren tells him she just wants to be friends. 

Feeling dejected, he heads home, but Loren turns up and states that she wants to sleep with him.


Tuesday 6th April (ep 4456)

Daniel is on a high after his with Loren, but she is distant the next day.  Maxwell encourages Daniel not to jump to conclusions, reminding him that Loren's father is unwell. 

He suggests he play it cool, give her space but Daniel visits her anyway. She again gives him the cold shoulder. 

Daniel turns to TK for advice and he urges Daniel to talk to Loren about her behaviour.  Daniel is relieved when Loren agrees to come over to his house.  

Loren distracts him by insisting that they have sex again. 

Isaac is frustrated when Chris continues to assign him to basic surgical procedures. 

He is further annoyed when trying to help, Libby finds herself unable to excuse Tania's erratic behaviour. 

Isaac takes his frustration with both Chris and Tania out in front of a patient.  Appalled, Luke complains to Chris, who worries that his attempts to manage Isaac are backfiring. 

Chris warns Isaac he will receive a warning if there are any more complaints.  

Isaac retreats to the bar, where he vents his frustration to Maxwell.  Maxwell suggests he find a stress outlet to balance his difficult work days. 

Isaac heeds his advice and shows up at home with two attractive women, keen to party. 

Isaac's antics wake Harry.  Isaac is left chastened by Chris's disapproval, knowing he's wrong.

Sarah is dismayed when Callum informs her that Rachel will be observing departments in the hospital to help the HODs manage their budgets. 

The PCC is first on Rachel's agenda and Brooke is annoyed to have Rachel looking over her shoulder. 

When Sarah enquires how Rachel is getting on, Rachel reveals that she has noticed Brooke has a tendency to prescribe drugs from Berenger pharmaceuticals. 

Sarah takes the issue up with Brooke, asserting that she will be attending tonight's Berenger event in Brooke's stead. 

At the Berenger event, Sarah is sickened by the drug company's blatant propaganda. 

She complains to William Nugent of the DHB. 

Rachel shuts Sarah down and simply states if Sarah doesn't stop disparaging the PCC's sole sponsor, she'll lose her HOD title.


Wednesday 7th April (ep 4457)

Sarah is chastened by Rachel's threat and admits to Maxwell she's not sure she wants to remain HOD anyway. 

Brooke is pleased to hear from Luke about the scene Sarah made at the dinner. 

When Sarah reveals to Callum that she's thinking of quitting, he inspires her to rethink her commitment to her job. 

When Brooke attempts to wheedle her way back into the Berengers liaison role, Sarah puts her foot down, reasserting her leadership as HOD.

Libby and Gerald's money woes worsen when they discover their washing machine has broken down. 

When Yvonne flaunts a shopping trip, Gerald becomes disgruntled that she is getting an easy ride. 

He wants Yvonne to know about the sacrifice he and Libby made so she could keep her job, but Libby convinces him to keep quiet. 

Gerald and Libby's day gets worse when they find Libby's car has a flat tire and no spare. 

Yvonne forces Libby and Gerald to join her and Ben for lunch at The I.V.  When it comes time to pay, Yvonne doesn't have her purse. 

Libby knows neither she nor Gerald can afford the meal and blows up at Yvonne, revealing that she and Gerald took pay cuts to secure her job.

Cajoled by Maxwell, Isaac reluctantly agrees to play paintball.  Maxwell invites Daniel, who in turn invites TK, unwilling to play favourites between the two. 

But when tensions look poised to erupt, he appeals to Luke to put TK and Maxwell on his team, suggesting Luke and Chris team up with Isaac as a bonding exercise too. 

Chris is keen, but when Luke and Isaac turn on each other in a petty shoot out before the game has started, Chris reluctantly finds himself back in the role of dad. 

Maxwell is irritated when Daniel opts to follow TK's strategy instead of his. 

When Isaac sincerely congratulates Chris on his battle tactics, Chris hopes that he and Isaac are turning a corner. 

Maxwell and TK fall into an argument, but pull together to provide Daniel with cover. 

Chris witnesses Isaac cheats by wiping off his paint mark and confronts him about it, but is dismayed when Isaac sees no harm in cheating. 

He intends to make a final play and Chris is left conflicted whether to shoot him to prove his point. 


Thursday 8th April (ep 4458)

Libby feels awful when she exposes her pay-cut to Yvonne.

Yvonne offloads to Ben and feels she has no option but to quit her job.  Yvonne calls a meeting with Callum and Rachel to tend her resignation.

Libby is dismayed to realise that her big mouth has forced Yvonne to quit.  Callum learns that the DHB want to borrow Libby for several weeks. 

Callum offers Yvonne a promotion to become his PA in Libby's absence and is relieved when she accepts. 

Libby is touched by Callum's kindness and the excellent pay rate he organises for her with the DHB.

Scotty is irritated when he returns home to discover Tania and Doug getting hot and heavy on the couch. 

Tracey is pleased when Doug turns down a second date with Tania.  Tania is disheartened when Doug continues to avoid her. 

Tania is suspicious when she recognises a man that Doug has been talking to and learns from Kieran that Doug is associating with criminals.

When Luke vents about Isaac's hot-headed behaviour, Chris fears he won't be able to rein Isaac in. 

Isaac is irked when Chris correctly overrules his opinion about a patient. 

However, Isaac goes against Chris when Mr Hurley pushes for quick surgery and Isaac agrees. 

Isaac is nervous when he discovers a serious infection after getting Mr Hurley into theatre. 

Isaac is left in denial when Chris states that he's risked Mr Hurley's life.  Chris and Callum come down hard on Isaac for slipping up.  

Isaac finally acknowledges the terrible cost of his mistake when Mr Hurley goes into cardiac arrest and Isaac fights to save his life.


Friday 9th April  (ep4459)

Isaac is devastated when he is unable to save Mr Hurley.  Chris takes hope that Isaac will learn his lesson from his tragic mistake.

Isaac is bolstered by Maxwell and decides to forgo his stand down time and get back into surgery. 

Meanwhile Chris shares his concerns with Libby that he's done the wrong thing hiring Isaac.

Tania is suspicious when Doug refuses to explain his meeting with Eddie Ho. 

With help from Kieran and Sophie she locates newspaper articles about him and confronts Doug with her information. 

Doug tells her that Eddie is an undercover cop. She apologises and they make up. 

Later,  Doug is visited by Eddie Ho.  Doug hands it over after Eddie threatens Tracey and Tania's lives.

Callum is unhappy when Sophie is harassed whilst working in the bar.  Kieran makes Sophie his co-manager. 

However, the staff are resistant to Sophie's direction and Hunter isn't surprised, pointing out Sophie's young age and lack of experience. 

Kieran too queries her management style and Sophie feels unsupported. 

When Kieran finds out the staff won't listen to her,  he makes an example of one and fires them for insubordination. 

The rest of the staff turn on Sophie. 

Libby's excitement wanes as she realises her temporary placement with the DHB is only a temporary fix.

Libby is saddened by the reminders of the mess she's made of her life in Ferndale.  A goodbye hug with Chris turns to a kiss. 

She asserts to Chris she needs to move on from him, and resolves to do so. 

She organises for her temporary position with the DHB to be made permanent, and makes the decision to leave Ferndale for good.