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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

9 - 13 May 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 9 May (5982)

When Blue disappears, Kate realises she should never have prevented him from having more contact with Stan.

She tries to get in touch with Blue through Stan, and manages to get Blue to meet with her at the I.V. Kate reaffirms her love and support and explains that she was just trying to protect him from dealing with emotionally complex challenges before he's ready.

Blue isn't entirely placated and wants to reconnect with Stan and explore the transitioning process. Kate feels like she can't say no, but realises she's the one who isn't ready for the massive life change Blue's considering.


To assuage Boyd's doubts about proceeding with the trials, Virginia cleverly shows him research from one of their international trials.

Boyd lets himself get excited about the potential for this new technology.

He decides to stop resisting Fentich and Virginia, making Bella proud of his willingness to accept.


Curtis decides it's in everyone’s best interests that he avoid going on a family holiday with Victoria.

As a result, Jack doesn't want to be a third wheel, and bows out too.

Mo's left dejected, but seeing how much it means to him, Victoria decides not to go on the holiday, so that Curtis and Jack will. Mo's touched by her sacrifice, and even Curtis is grudgingly impressed.

When they go on holiday, Curtis accidentally leaves his phone behind and he and Victoria both miss a vital text from Margaret.


Finn is excited to get an opportunity to do an advanced surgery. He's determined to impress Chris, but is irritated when Esther insists on observing the surgery.

He later makes a minor error which Vinnie picks up, but Finn refuses to accept he's made a mistake. When he's forced to go back and check, he's proven
wrong and snaps at Esther in frustration.

He down-plays to Chris both his error and his reaction, leaving Esther angry. She decides to hit him up about it, but when she goes to see him, she's shocked to find Finn angrily berating himself for his failure.

It's a glimpse into the dark, very obsessive side he has kept hidden so far, and Esther's left deeply uneasy.


Tuesday 10 May (5983 )

Having seen Finn's dark side, Esther's suspicious of him.

Her suspicions deepen when he acts like the moment never occurred.

No one gives her concerns any thought, beyond reminding her that surgeons are always a bit eccentric. Even TK dismisses it, which frustrates her.

Finn sees the family pressure Esther's under, and commiserates he feels a similar pressure being a Warner.

Realising they're far more alike than she ever thought possible, Esther begins to soften towards him.


Lucy is struggling to find some quality time with Ali, who is frantically working trying to pay off wedding debts.

When Ali cuts their date short to do a taxi shift, Leo takes the opportunity to try his luck with Lucy. She dismisses his unwelcome advances, determined to stay loyal to Ali.

Ali and Lucy promise to meet for lunch to make up for it.

Unfortunately, Lucy is forced to cancel because of an unstable patient.

Ali understands, but Lucy can't hide her disappointment. Although Ali reassures they’ll make up for it soon, Lucy's left wondering when she'll get to see him again.


Boyd's concerns about moving forward with his Fentich trial are allayed after reading Larsson's notes.

He shares his renewed exuberance with Bella. The science goes over her head, but she can appreciate the life-changing potential of the trial.

Boyd's current patient asks him to include a young student of hers in the trial. Boyd initially refuses but, after some persuasion from Bella and discussion with Fentich, the study parameters are changed to include the student.

Bella's proud and Boyd is pleased to be able to help.

However, when a patient at the hospital claims Fentich experimented on him without his consent, Boyd is horrified to think he's gotten into bed with the Devil.


Wednesday 11 May (5984)

Boyd is rattled by Eddie's claim that he's been poisoned by a Fentich implant.

Virginia doesn't believe there's any substance to the allegations, but assures Boyd she'll investigate further.

A scar on Eddie's abdomen initially lends credence to his story, until it's proven to be from a previous surgery.

Boyd starts to wonder if he should have trusted his initial misgivings about the company.

However, when Virginia proves Eddie cannot have received an implant, and that he's struggled with mental health problems in the past, Boyd accepts
there's no truth to his story.

But despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a small niggle of doubt remains for Boyd...


With her relationship with TK strained, and her upcoming trial weighing heavily, Kylie's glum.

Drew cheers her up momentarily.

When Dayna jokingly offers her a job tending bar, to her surprise, Kylie jumps at it.


Finn and Esther put their row behind them and go for a run.

A flirtation develops and Esther suggests a running race. Finn looks like he's winning until he falls and hurts his ankle.

Back at her flat, Esther tries to tend to his injury before realising he faked it to let her win.

Increasingly attracted to one another, Finn and Esther kiss.

However, Finn's playing a longer game and leaves Esther charmed.


Ali's troubled when he misconstrues a closeness between Leo and Lucy, but tries to shrug it off.

Meanwhile, George's annoyance towards his cousin grows when Dayna sings Leo's praises for helping her with an overly picky patient.

The patient collapses and, to Leo's alarm, George steps in to help. George isn't confident but a visiting Lucy quickly diagnoses the problem.

Now realising the potential dangers of George treating patients, Leo realises it's not worth the money he's extorting. He's close to telling Lucy the truth when a desperate George fuels Ali's jealousy - and as planned, compels Ali to interrupt the dangerous talk.

But it also sparks a big argument between Lucy and Ali that George never intended...


Thursday 12 May (5985)

George feels terrible that Ali and Lucy have become collateral damage in his qualification cover up.

When neither he nor Dayna can convince Ali and Lucy to make up, George takes his guilt and frustration out on Leo, telling him to do his worst.

Leo feels bad too and apologises to Lucy, and makes it clear to Ali that he's wrong to doubt her.

Ali and Lucy reconcile, and end up closer that ever.

But when Leo leaves Ferndale, he warns Lucy to keep an eye on George. He refuses to elaborate, and Lucy's left concerned...


TK's not happy Kylie's considering working in the bar. He believes she should be focusing on her upcoming trial - not fuelling gossip that she's already given up and chosen another career.

A down Kylie sees sense in this, but is still convinced by Drew and Dayna to fill in for a shift.

Kylie gets off to a rocky start but ends up having a great time.

However, she's thrown when TK arrives, and she gets the sense that he disapproves of her working as a waitress. But he covers.

When Kylie ignores emails from her lawyer working on her case, it's clear both of them are ignoring the signs their relationship is in trouble too.


Mo's determined to make his camping trip with Jack and Curtis a success.

He's annoyed when some bogans turn up and fears the boys may be led astray.

After talking to them, Mo's forced to reevaluate them - they're actually a good influence, on Jack in particular.

But when Curtis disappears, Mo worries that he's been focusing on the wrong son.

Convinced that Curtis is up to no good, Mo follows him to a nearby caravan park... but is shocked when he comes face to face with his wife and fugitive, Margaret.


Friday 13 May (5986)

Lucy resolves to be more supportive of George at work, but when she sees him about to make a mistake with a prescription, and he ignores her concerns, she tells Harper.

However, Harper confirms George's prescription is correct and chides Lucy for undermining him.

Lucy apologises to George but he knows she's right not to trust his medical ability.

His self-confidence eroding, he goes to Harper, almost on the verge of coming clean and resigning.

Thinking it's just a confidence issue, Harper assures him all he needs is to trust himself. George appears to accept this, but is left feeling worse.


Rachel and Drew are determined to get the DHB to match the funding the PSC will donate to revamping the Paediatric Ward.

But Rachel struggles to get through her workload when she stops taking her painkillers, encouraged by Chris to try managing without them.

Finn finds Rachel unable to concentrate due to her discomfort and keen to keep her onside he supports her desire to continue with the drugs.

Rachel's happy she's resumed the medication when her pitch to the DHB is a roaring success.

Later Chris asks about her neck and a guilty Rachel elects not to tell him she's still taking the painkillers.


Shocked to find himself face to face with fugitive Margaret, Mo determines to report her to the police.

However when he sees how much his sons have missed their mother, he relents, allowing them to have some time together before she faces justice.

Privately hoping for a reunion with Mo, Margaret's upset to learn he's not only in a relationship with Victoria but they're also expecting a baby.

Her shock is worsened when Curtis reveals that he believes Victoria is the one who shot Drew and framed Margaret. He looks to Jack to back him up, but upset by the friction, Jack maintains that they don't know anything for sure.

Margaret retreats to caravan and Jack is upset to find her packing to run away again.

When Margaret reveals that without Mo, she has nothing to come back for, a hurt Jack tells her to go, claiming he doesn't care about her anymore.

Margaret is gutted, feeling she's lost everything.