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8 - 12 June 2015

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Monday 8 June (5751)


When Victoria sees that Pixie's scared about her upcoming surgery and not talking to her family about it, she's challenged to go against Boyd's past edict and get emotionally involved with the Hannahs once more.

She manages to get through to Pixie when she listens, without attempting to 'fix' things, and Pixie feels better for the no-pressure chat.

Pixie starts to cling to Victoria again and Victoria realises she has to extricate herself.

She leaves Pixie a present which Pixie mistakenly thinks is from her real mother, and Mo allows her to keep thinking that.

He knows the truth though and tells Victoria how grateful he is for all she's done to help his daughter.

Victoria is left feeling her secret gesture has been validated.

Pania writes Mo's letter outlining his concerns about Pixie's care, but exaggerates it so it reflects badly on the surgical department.

She has it published in the paper in his name, without allowing him to see it.

Mo gets in trouble with Harper as a result, but out of misplaced loyalty to Pania doesn't drop her in it.

Instead, he expresses his anger instead to Caleb, who accuses Pania of machinating.

She rejects this, and thinks she's convinced Caleb she's acting selflessly.

Caleb tries again to convince her that she should tell Harper that she wrote the letter, but Pania won't do it.

Realising it's up to him to clear Mo's name, Caleb tells Harper himself.

Talking to Dayna, Bella fears Jimmy's not ready for a baby.

Worried that Bella has no support, Dayna tells Jimmy to go to her.

Jimmy does, and learns she's pregnant.

He assures Bella that they have other options, including termination.

Bella's angry at Jimmy for even suggesting it and sends him away.

When Dayna finds this out, she forces Jimmy to go to the scan.

Bella's relieved to think he's trying, but the scan freaks Jimmy out more.

Certain it's best for everyone, he reverts to type and tries to run.

Dayna catches him, and disgusted, tells him to go.

When Kane finds this out, he accuses Dayna of forcing Jimmy out of their lives because she thinks she doesn't want him as a parent.

But Kane insists he needs him and so does Bella - and if Dayna will only admit it, she does too.

Dayna's left challenged - could Kane be right?


Tuesday 9 June (5752 )

Dayna's dilemma only worsens when Bella shows up, needing to see Jimmy.

She gets a hint he may have scarpered, which only makes Dayna and Kane all too aware of how much she needs him.

Desperate now to convince him to stay, Kane and Dayna challenge him to front up to his responsibilities.

Dayna even promises to try and accept him as her father.

Jimmy takes heart from this and agrees to stay.

He confesses his urge to flee to Bella but affirms his utter commitment to her and the baby.

This is small comfort to Bella, who's rocked to have her fears about him confirmed.

Dayna points out that to counter his desire to run, he'll have to prove his commitment in a more practical sense.

Jimmy arranges an obstetrician for Bella but she's only partially placated.

In turmoil, Bella confides in Lucy that although she'd never consider a termination, she's not sure she's ready to have this baby with the untrustworthy Jimmy.

Nicole agrees to cover a shift in surgery, feeling rusty after months away.

When she stuffs up a basic task, she's mortified and Victoria isn't impressed.

Kylie coaches Nicole back up to speed, and although she's embarrassed when Vinnie catches her doing remedial training, he endorses Nicole's efforts - and puts her on a full surgery shift so she can prove herself.

Nicole is thrilled but Victoria makes her doubts very clear and Vinnie is left rattled, hoping his faith in Nicole is justified.

In Rachel and Boyd's absence, a harried Harper has to deal with the media fallout from Mo's letter.

Pania is delighted however, and seeks to maximise the media exposure to further her own agenda.

Caleb is appalled but Pania manages to shore up TK's support by promising to invite Harper to join her in a radio interview.

Harper agrees, but tries to stall for time until Boyd can arrive to help her, but the interview is scheduled to go to air and can't be delayed.

When Pania invites TK to speak, Harper realises the hospital will have no voice if she reneges, so she reluctantly agrees.

When Mo brings her his letter of retraction, Harper is able to enter the fray with some ammunition.

Thus armed, Harper wins the first round, but under pressure to address ED's lack of resources, she ends up agreeing with TK and Pania - which is when Boyd returns, appalled to hear Harper abandon the party line and sabotage the hospital's position.


Wednesday 10 June (5753)

Harper regrets undermining the hospital but ends up at odds with Boyd when she refuses to retract her view that TK and Pania's fight for ED is justified.

Harper's thrown when Pania confides her plans to take over from Joan Bates on the DHB.

Talking to Boyd, she's left worried by the extent of Pania's ambitions and fears she's using TK.

But when she addresses it with TK, he refuses to believe ill of Pania.

Realising she must counter Pania's criticism of the surgical department, Harper asks Mo if she can use Pixie as the poster girl for the surgical department.

But Mo refuses and Harper is out of options.

She desperately appeals to Boyd to help her fight for the surgical department and he's challenged to think of a spectacular idea.

Pixie arrives at the hospital for her operation.

She feels brave enough to face it thanks to her new football jersey - and is touched when Mo reveals it was Victoria's secret gift.

When Pixie refuses to take it off before the surgery, Victoria allows Pixie to keep it on.

But Boyd's unimpressed and insists it's removed after she's sedated.

Victoria channels her frustration at Boyd into her work and aces Pixie's surgery.

Boyd's glad to see it but when Pixie wakes, he struggles to appease Pixie who is dismayed her jersey has been ruined.

Victoria saves the day by arriving with some soccer players and a replacement shirt and is surprised when this helps Boyd to appreciate her efforts to help Pixie.

Nicole is looking forward to her first full day on surgery.

She has a lapse in concentration and washes her phone instead of the dishes and Vinnie decides it's too risky to put her in surgery.

Using a difficult patient, Nora, as an excuse, he puts her on the wards.

Nicole's challenged by the impossible Nora and she endeavors to find a way to win her over.

Finding out Nora is missing her best friend's birthday, she uses Nora's credit card at her request to buy flowers.

Nicole's proud to have helped, but is hurt to learn that Vinnie's lied to keep her away from surgery.

Frustrated to be treated like a child, Nicole decides to buy a new phone even though Vinnie's said they can't afford it.

Nicole feels her purchase is justified, but is baffled when she's accused by Nora of stealing from her.

She assures Vinnie, Nora and Sandra that she used her own card for her phone purchase... but is thrown to realise she may have mistaken Nora's credit card for her own.



Thursday 11 June (5754)

Nicole feels terrible that she's being accused of theft over the mix-up with Nora's credit card.

She feels worse when Vinnie has to explain Vinnie her head injury as the reason for her mistake.

Nicole apologises, but Nora thinks Nicole is a liability and Nicole has a crisis of confidence.

Harper is forced to take Nora's complaint seriously, but is later pleased to report that Nora wants to forget all about it.

Harper and Vinnie bolster Nicole by insisting she stay on regular nursing duties and continue preparing to become a surgical nurse.

However, when Nicole returns to work and insists on triple checking everything and Vinnie discovers she's taken a much larger knock to her confidence than he realised.

Clementine sees how much Alex and Lucy are missing each other and decides to help them rekindle their friendship.

She convinces them to spend time together and is pleased when they fall back into their easy rapport.

But she's surprised when Alex reacts badly to an unexpected visitor - his ex-boyfriend Joe.

Pixie experiences pain following her operation and Mo is impressed by Victoria's care of her.

However, Pixie's pain increases and Mo's belief in Victoria's ability to help his daughter slowly begins to waver.

Jack and Curtis are also concerned and present Mo with a controversial alternative pain reliever for Pixie - marijuana.

Mo refuses to consider it but as Pixie's pain intensifies he seeks Victoria's views.

Victoria cannot condone the use of an illegal drug but she is struggling to know what else to do.

Boyd finds her researching medicinal marijuana for oncology patients and firmly disabuses her of the idea.

He reminds her that she's emotionally over-invested in Pixie's case and needs to distance herself.

Victoria does so, leaving Mo without support.

He is torn between trusting Victoria to find a solution and alleviating his daughter's suffering himself.

When Pixie's pain becomes extreme, Mo decides to take matters into his own hands.

Pushed to desperate measures, he gives Pixie the hash brownies Jack and Curtis have prepared, knowing he's breaking the law in a desperate attempt to alleviate his daughter's suffering.


Friday 12th June (5760)

Jimmy's trying hard to prove to Bella he's reliable after trying to run away but it's not making Bella feel any more secure.

When he suggests they tell Murray she's pregnant, Bella reluctantly agrees.

She chickens out but Jimmy mistakenly assumes she's told and blows the secret.

Thrown, Murray struggles to approve and Bella worries that telling him has only made things worse.

She confides in Lucy, who tells Murray, and Murray realises he needs to get over his own feelings if he wants to keep Bella close.

He does, and an upset Bella is grateful for her father's support.

She tells him her fears that she can't trust Jimmy, and is left trying to take solace when Murray assures her she'll always have him.

Clementine's suspicious when Alex won't tell her anything about his ex, Joe, and decides that Alex needs to confront the ghosts of his past heartbreak if he's ever to move on.

Lucy tries and fails to convince her not to dig into Alex's past.

When Clementine intercepts a recent email from Joe to Alex, she realises Alex doesn't need to get over Joe, he needs to get back together with him.

Through the guise of a business meeting, she manages to get them to talk and after a tentative start, they start to draw close again.

When Alex sees Lucy arrive, he's reminded of the new choices he's made and walks out on Joe, leaving Lucy feeling her presence sabotaged the meeting.

Clementine is puzzled by the blow up but sees it as evidence of mutual strong feelings.

In the carpark, Joe confronts Alex and gets physical, insisting that he and Alex belong together.

Alex finds himself drawn back into a destructive relationship he thought he'd left behind.

Despite feeling terrible about setting a bad example to his family, Mo agrees to let Pixie continue eating the rest of her marijuana-laced brownie - and lies to Victoria that Pixie's recovery is due to her prescription drugs.

When Curtis comes to him demanding more money to buy dope for another batch, Mo refuses, unwilling to let their law-breaking continue indefinitely.

His resolve is tested when Pixie's pain returns and she asks for more brownies.

Mo relents and Curtis and Jack get some more marijuana.

Curtis has kept some back for himself and eats a brownie- and bullies a reluctant Jack into joining him.