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8 - 12 July 2013

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Chris Tempest stars as Josh - Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 8th July (5285 & 5286)

Annoyed Wendy thinks shes an airhead, Kylie decides to wind her up by playing up to her expectations.

Emmas concerned to learn Kylies planning to drive Wendy crazy, but Kylie assures she has another agenda: shes going to help reconnect Evan and Murray.

But Emma feels Kylie should work on improving Wendys opinion of her, and Kylie reconsiders her plan, deciding she can annoy Wendy and also prove her intelligence.

At lunch, Kylies pleased to get under Wendys skin, but when Evan arrives she focusses on the dynamics between him and Murray.

Jasmine works out what Kylies up to, and Kylies relieved to have her support.

When Kylie successfully manages to get Evan and Murray talking, Wendy tells herself its worth enduring Kylies painful company.

Ulas frustrated to feel like an immature kid compared to her work colleagues.

When Emma reveals she and Kylie are looking for a flatmate, Ulas quick to put her hand up, although shes daunted when Emma outlines how much is required for bond and advance rent.

Aware the only way she can afford it is by asking Vasa for help, a defeated Ula resigns herself to staying put.

But when an enthusiastic Emma reveals shes already pegged Ulas money for house repairs, Ula cant bring herself to let her down and allows Emma to believe shes still moving in.

Sarah and Henry are frustrated by Seths self-serving behaviour.

Brooke is gutted when Boyd refuses to accept her political game playing even when its on behalf of the hospital.

But shes encouraged when she recruits Bella to the cause.

Despite his niggling doubts, Henry maintains his faith in Seth.

Sarahs challenged by TK to examine Seths motives.

Feeling for a vulnerable Seth, Henry pushes aside his conflicted feelings to support him.

When Chris pledges his full support, Rachel hopes its not misplaced.

Rachel brings together a team to fight for the hospital but reluctantly faces the fact theyre thwarted in their attempt to best Seth.

As Evan and Murray reconcile over lunch, Kylie continues to successfully needle Wendy by winning at Trivial Pursuit.

With Jasmines help, Wendy works out that Kylie is cheating to prove a point.

She publicly exposes the situation and earns Murrays censure for letting her dislike of Kylie ruin their chances of reconnecting with Evan.

Wendy is moved to apologise, and when she and Murray stop by the Deco house to apologise, they accidentally catches Kylie and Evan engaged in sexy times.

But instead of reacting badly again, she laughs and everyone is relieved at the thaw between Kylie and Wendy.

Unable to earn more money and unwilling to borrow off her mother, Ula has to tell Emma she cant move in.

Emma hears her reasons and suggests that the ability to pay back a loan is what proves ones maturity, rather than the embarrassment of needing to borrow.

Ula sucks up her pride and gets the money from Vasa, congratulating herself for her step into adulthood.

Rachel feels the pressure when shes unable to think of how to bring down Seth.

When Brooke suggests they threaten to approach the media to force the DHB to listen, Rachel determines to take the potentially career-damaging repercussions on her own head.

When the reporter shows little interest, Rachel approaches Gloria Springer, but her concerns once again fall on deaf ears. Shes left stymied.

Meanwhile, Henrys unease grows when Seth reveals that, out of love, hes implicated Henry in his plans.

Harper finds Henry desolate and learns enough to realise that something large is at stake.

At Rachels lowest point, Harper passes on this information, despite Rachels continued coolness towards her.

Off Harpers tip, Rachel manages to successfully leverage information out of Henry, and calls in the Serious Fraud Office to apprehend Seth on insider trading.

Rachel wins back her hospital, but is saddened at the toll its taken on the staff.

Tuesday 9 th July (5287)

Rachel returns to power and breaks with the past by announcing a new era of inclusive decision making, while Sarah, guilty for her initial support of Seths plan, resolves to fall on her sword.

Rachel disestablishes the Clinical Director position, and Sarah fears that Rachels new broom will sweep her from Shortland Street.

Instead she finds herself in ED with Harper, where she determines to make a good fist of her return to the front line of medicine.

Rachel struggles to remain dignified when Henry loses his cool, but manages to win the support of the nurses and TK.

Meanwhile, Sarah resolves to make up for the trouble she caused by working her way back into everyones good books.

A conflicted Emma is forced to deny Henrys request to move back in due to lack of space and Kylies negative attitude towards him.

Emma works to encourage Kylie to behave benevolently towards Henry, and then reels when Henry throws her conditional charity back in her face.

Brooke worries that Boyd wants to return their relationship to the status of a business contract only, and desperately attempts to prove her love through selflessness.

She is confronted when Boyd views her refusal to take a bribe from Seth as a selfserving act, not a noble one.

Frustrated, Brooke is forced to walk her selfless talk when Boyd suggests they both use their free time to help Sarah out with baby-sitting.

Brooke warms to the unpleasant task when she confirms that Boyd is a family kind of guy.

When she learns about the unbreakable bond Tillie has created between Sarah and TK, Brooke realises that a baby may be the perfect thing to bind her to Boyd permanently.

She borrows Tillie for the rest of the afternoon, and after establishing that Boyd is keen for children, suggests they start a family together.

Brooke is devastated when Boyd coldly assures he wants children, but he doesnt want Brooke to be their mother.


Wednesday 10 th July (5288)

Boyd analyses his feelings after a hurt Brooke challenges him to admit that their partnership never stood a chance because he always had to have everything his own way.

When she tells him she will stick to the contract, but wants him out of her life for the rest of the year, Boyd realises he doesnt want to lose her.

He declares his love and offers to tear the contract up and start again, as a real married couple.

Brooke accepts and when their new love is met with cynicism, shes bolstered when Boyd reminds her that all they need is each other.

Sarah works to prove her worth to TK in the busy ED.

Joking with TK and Harper, Sarah inadvertently stumbles across the fact that TK and Harper have been having sex.

Sarahs surprised to feel jealous and covers her hurt to TK but vents her annoyance to Wendy that she cares so deeply.

Off Wendys advice, Sarah resolves to bury her feelings.

On a call-out with Ula, Dallas gets flustered when hes confronted with a transgender patient, Hannah.

An uncomfortable Dallas mistakenly causes offence. Concerned Dallas is handling the situation badly, Ula intervenes.

Later, at the hospital, Roimata witnesses tension between Hannah and Dallas and questions the example Dallas is setting for Ula.

Feeling bad, Dallas apologises to Hannah.

Hes surprised to bond with her and Roimatas pleased to realise hes a good guy after all.

Dallas humbly accepts he can learn off Ula and shes encouraged.

Faced with a DHB meeting to evaluate the leadership in the hospital after the recent fracas, Rachel is pleased to reignite her professional bond with Chris.

Hopeful shes made a good impression, Rachel addresses the DHBs concern over the nurses discontent and promises a team building day to boost moral.

But Chris worries about funding for the event and warns Rachel not to promise too much while theyre under DHB scrutiny.

However, Rachels approach is validated when Nicole thanks her for supporting the nurses.

Increasingly confident, Rachels floored when Chris breaks the news that the DHB have dismissed Rachel because of the plan and has put him in as permanent CEO.

Upset, Rachel lashes out at Chris for betraying her trust.

Thursday 11 th July (5289)

Chris is disappointed when his justifications for accepting the CEO role fail to placate a furious and upset Rachel.

Alone at the I.V, Rachel is challenged by Harper to justify her negative reaction to Chris.

Stating her case outloud forces Rachel to realise that Chris had no choice but to accept the CEO position, and that he wasnt motivated by greed or ambition.

Confronted by the fact that she expected support from Chris, but is refusing to support him when he needs her, Rachel returns home seeking reconciliation.

Chris is welcoming and with him at her side, a privately pained Rachel presents a brave face to the staff and announces Chris as the new permanent CEO.

Chris is heartened when Rachel supports and encourages him in his new role.

Ula becomes irritated by Evans teenage influence around the flat, and argues with him, which draws a patronising comment from Emma.

Hoping to make a better impression, Ula is gratified when her domestic efforts win Emmas appreciation.

When Ula is rattled to learn shell be with a different supervisor on her ambo shift, shes bolstered by Emmas counsel to use the change as a learning opportunity.

Ula is taken aback when she is marginalised by her shift partner, Frosty.

Ula is horrified when Frosty ignores her concerns and she makes a mistake on the job, causing unnecessary pain to a patient.

Ula is further upset when Frosty publicly shames her, and shes grateful to be able to go home to the camaraderie of her flatmates.

Kylie is enjoying Evans carefree company, but when he spars with Ula, Kylie is uneasy to see him in a less mature light.

Off Bellas encouragement, Kylie convinces herself that she and Evan are a good thing.

Kylie quashes her unease when Boyd compares her unconventional relationship to his with Brooke, and says that if Kylie and Evan are really united as a couple, the gibes shouldnt touch them.

Fearing that she and Evan arent as united as Brooke and Boyd, Kylie is further unnerved when she meets up with Evans friends and is embarrassed by the age difference.

Kylie is later embarrassed by Evans behaviour when he is insensitive to Ula.

On the brink of breaking it off, Kylie feels trapped when Evan reveals how much he loves her.


Friday 12 th July (5290)

Kylie cant bring herself to break Evans heart and instead assures him she wants them to stay together.

Evan wants to talk further but a guilty Kylie distracts him with sex.

Later Kylie is embarrassed when Evan surprises her at work with the lyrics of a soppy love song, and shes horrified when Bella reveals that Murray did the exact same thing for Wendy when they were young.

When Kylie confesses to Emma that she doesnt want to be with Evan anymore, Emma urges her to sort it out - and soon.

Chris worries hes taken on too much as CEO, but hes determined to shoulder the burden for Rachels sake.

At work, Bella convinces Chris to let her help him as his temporary PA.

But when Bella messes up paperwork, Chris feels shes more trouble than shes worth and sends her on a fools errand.

Out on the shop floor, Bellas concerned to learn Chris doesnt have the support or trust of his staff.

Determined to help Chris bolster morale, she plans an afternoon tea with Chris and the nurses, enlisting Roimatas help.

However Chris is irritated when he learns about the afternoon tea and Bella is convinced it will be an epic fail.

However, after a change of heart, Chris enters into the spirit of Bellas afternoon tea and impresses the nurses with his levity and approachability.

Chris offers Bella the job of P.A. full-time. Though Bella is flattered, she realises that she belongs on the desk in triage.

Josh is nervous and conflicted about continuing his association with Neil, and this is made worse when hes reminded of his outsider status in ED.

However, he scores a small victory in ED when he ignores TKs counsel and diagnoses a secondary condition in a patient who has presented with the flu.

Later, Josh is consumed with guilt when a patient dies of a morphine overdose and he is reminded of the consequences of his misdeeds.

Wendy makes him feel included when she reminds him they are all part of the same team and Josh is further bolstered when TK unexpectedly praises his hard work in ED.

But later Josh meets up with Neil and agrees to help him and his gang out with a criminal scheme at Shortland Street.

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