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7 - 11 September 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 7 September (5831)


Feeling bad that he's upset Margaret with his intention to fire her, Vinnie delays his decision, unintentionally giving her hope.

He confides in Nicole, who encourages him to do the right thing and fire Margaret.

Resenting this part of his job, Vinnie prepares to do so. But he feels guilty again when Mo mentions the support Margaret's getting from the hospital staff .

Then he learns that Kylie is overwhelmed with paperwork in the plastic surgery department. So he arranges for Margaret to become Drew's Nurse Administrator instead - with no direct patient contact.

Margaret's thrilled and although Vinnie tries to portray it as an ideal solution, Nicole remains unimpressed, as she knows the truth is Vinnie chickened out.


Dayna is annoyed when Murray is distracted by his dreams of owning a boat.

Needing his support to advance the I.V extension, she asks him to review the proposal that she intends to present to Rachel.

Murray agrees but loses the notes overboard when he and Leanne are test-driving a launch.

Dayna breathes through this and offers him another copy - but the venture's too risky for his liking.

Resigned to carrying on alone, Dayna pins all her hopes on Rachel's financial guidance.


Victoria is keen to extend herself at work, wanting to impress Chris when he returns.

However Boyd refuses to give her more adventurous work and keeps her on ED consults.

She forms a connection with solo-mum, Erin. Erin takes good care of herself but prefers natural medicine to clinical, so she's worried about her appendectomy.

Victoria manages to ease Erin's fears and learns in the process that Erin is suffering from lack of sleep.

In surgery, Erin suffers a bleed and Boyd looks to Victoria for an explanation. Initially, they are unable to determine the cause.

Victoria then wonders if Erin may have failed to disclose something in her patient assessment.

Making an educated guess, Victoria realises that a natural remedy to help her sleep could be affecting Erin's ability to clot.

They take action and Erin is stabilised, earning Victoria praise.

She's on a high when Harper reveals that Trent (the convicted criminal and former patient who threatened her) is laying a formal complaint against her.

Victoria acts cool, but in private she snaps, furious at the injustice.

It seems her inner demons are only increasing...


Tuesday 8 September (5832 )

Victoria's rattled when Boyd gets a hint of her emotional outburst.

Boyd and Harper share their increasing concern for Victoria and she's worried to realise she's being seen as a liability again.

Victoria tells Chris about the formal complaint from Trent, before Boyd and Harper can undermine her, and is pleased to think she's made a good show of coping.

Little does she know that Boyd and Harper have shared their concerns with Chris, who's resolved to keep a closer eye on her...


Margaret's relieved she's still got a job at the hospital, and is looking forward to her new position in plastic surgery.

At first, she makes out that it's a promotion, rather than a step sideways.

But she comes clean, admitting to Mo that she came close to losing her job. Mo's pleased she's not lying anymore.

However, he's worried about troubled Curtis, who's still facing police charges.

Mo is grateful when, in a sign of their building friendship, Chris offers to find Curtis a good lawyer.


The Warners come home from their break to find their house has been burgled.

Harry finds a bracelet that belongs to Curtis on the couch and realises he's been there.

He accuses Curtis of stealing from them.

Curtis threatens that the Warners deserve more punishment than theft.

Lucy sees the altercation, and when she learns about Curtis's crimes, she's conflicted - what should she do?


Nicole's worried by Michael's bad attitude.

Vinnie is non-chalant at first, but then gives him a firmer reprimand later when Michael is rude to Nicole.

When they find out Michael's been skipping school, Vinnie and Nicole try to coax Michael into revealing what's going on. 

They confiscate his tablet, and he reacts badly but doesn't admit anything. 

At dinner time, Michael says that he was late to school because he was hungry after breakfast and went to the dairy for a pie. 

Michael apologises, but later, he sneaks the banned tablet into his room.

When Vinnie and Nicole realise the tablet has gone they go to reprimand Michael once again.

They find the bed is empty - Michael has gone.

Vinnie and Nicole are shocked to see he's been texting a stranger - and is on his way to meet up with him in the dead of night...


Wednesday 9 September (5833)

Vinnie and Nicole are worried to discover that Michael's been told to leave the house by anonymous internet user 'jman57.' 

Vinnie heads out into the night to search for him, with no success.

But just as they're about to panic, Michael returns home, but he lies about where he's been.

Vinnie has to be firm with Michael, who eventually comes clean - 'jman57' is his friend Jamie from school, who dared him to sneak out in the middle of the night.

Nicole's relieved that it's nothing more sinister, but Vinnie's determined to put a stop to Michael's lying.

He meets with Jamie and his father, and both boys are punished.

Nicole and Vinnie are relieved to think they've fixed the problem... oblivious to the fact that Michael's still desperate to impress Jamie.


Lucy goes to see Curtis, determined to make him own up about stealing from the Warners.

Curtis admits to it, but shows no remorse.

Lucy offers to support him, saying they can tell Chris and Rachel together, but Curtis refuses  

Lucy decides she has to tell the Warners the truth... but when she sees the lengths to which Chris and Harry are going to help Curtis, she can't bear to destroy their relationship.


On her first proper shift with Drew, Margaret's nervous and eager to impress.

But she proves popular with Norelle, who's waiting in surgical reception.

She encourages Norelle to get some plastic surgery, hoping to drum up some business.

But she's mortified when Margaret finds out Norelle is Kylie's mum... and Kylie isn't at all happy with Margaret's solicitation.


Chris secures a much better lawyer to defend Curtis, and Mo is deeply grateful,

But Curtis refuses to take charity from the family he sees as guilty. 

Later, Lucy finds out that a concerned Mo is looking Curtis.

She can't help but be worried too, and tries to track him down.

Meanwhile, Curtis waits outside the Warners' house.

Seeing Rachel leave, he pours petrol around the house intending to burn it to the ground - oblivious to the fact that Harry and Chris are still inside...


Thursday 10 September (5834)


Lucy stops Curtis from setting fire to the Warners' house but he hurts her in the process.

Curtis is horrified to realise Chris and Harry were inside.

Lucy tells Chris and Rachel what Curtis was about to do, and that he was also responsible for the burglary.

Rachel wants to call the police but Chris calls Mo instead.

Mo tries to appeal to Curtis to take responsibility, and he nearly gets through to him until Curtis realises Mo's the one who called the cops.

Jack is fed up with Curtis and points out that their family would be better off without him. Curtis agrees.

He gives a gift to Lucy before he goes, and she's worried, thinking he might be gone for good.


Dayna's excited by her proposal for surgical accommodation at The I.V.

Jimmy's attempts to help are derailed by the arrival of an ex, Philomena.

She asks him to support her in court the same day as Dayna's meeting with Rachel.

Jimmy promises to make it back in time, and Dayna feels grateful for the support. But he doesn't make it.

Though Rachel's impressed by Dayna's plan, she can't commit to financing it and Dayna is gutted.

When Jimmy finally returns to a dejected Dayna he feels terrible. 


Kylie's taken aback when Norelle invites her on holiday with her, and explains that she can't get off work at short notice.

But she's warmed by the idea of repairing their relationship. After all, her mother ignored Kylie in her teenage years, choosing instead to focus on inappropriate boyfriends.

Meanwhile, Norelle meets Drew and is taken with him - though Drew doesn't know at first that she’s Kylie's mother.

Kylie fears her mother's new improved behaviour is too good to be true.

But they successfully reconnect over dinner, and TK gives his approval.

Kylie begins to look forward to new adult relationship with her responsible mother.

But when TK has to pop back to work, he's shocked to discover Norelle and Drew getting very cosy in Drew’s car...


Friday 11 September (5835)

TK can't bring himself to tell Kylie he caught Drew with her mother.

Drew urges him to keep quiet too - Norelle will be gone soon and they can all move on.

He also convinces Norelle to keep their little fling a secret.

But he's perturbed to learn that Norelle plans to stay longer, and decides to take action to get rid of her before Kylie finds out.

He tells Kylie she can take leave to hit the Gold Coast with her mother after all, even offering to buy her ticket.

He sends them both off on their way...only Norelle is keen to return for more.

Margaret worries Curtis is heading for jail when he breaks curfew again and doesn't come home.

Mo is almost resigned to this - it may be the only way to stop his current trail of destruction.

Meanwhile, Jack fears he has driven Curtis away for good after their fight - and perhaps into a dangerous confrontation.

He resolves to track Curtis down and a worried Lucy offers to help him.

But when Rachel hears of this, she urges Lucy to cut Curtis out of her life for good.

Meanwhile, Curtis shows up at a deserted wharf, weighing up his ever-dwindling options...


Frustrated that her ambitious business plans have come to nothing, Dayna rejects Jimmy's offer of help.

She knows - as he does - that he's in no position to support her financially.

Instead, she turns to Murray, baring her soul about how foolish she feels for ever daring to dream.

Murray feels for her so deeply, he offers to rethink his opposition to investing.

But Dayna won't hear of it, insisting she admires him for sticking to his principles - something she aspires to herself.

As she starts to cancel her plans, Jimmy tries to distract her with music.

But it only winds up reminding them both of how feckless he's been to waste his own chances in life, and his fortune.

Instead, he agrees to help his mate Phil who needs to hide some money from her ex-husband and the authorities.

Jimmy surprises Dayna with the offer of $50K interest free.

Suddenly he's come into money... money he's offering to kickstart her plans for the I.V, so long as she doesn't ask him too many questions about where the money came from.

Dayna's conflicted, suspecting that although not illegal money it's still dodgy in some way. What will she do?