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Shortland Street

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7 - 11 May 2012

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 7th May (4980 & 4981) - Winter Season starts!

Rachel is unimpressed by Brooke's behaviour and demands to see her work to date. Brooke is furious with an apologetic Bella for dobbing her in and ends their friendship, pleasing Bree.

Upset, Bella confides in Luke who is livid with Brooke for treating Bella so badly.

Meanwhile, Brooke knows her job is on the line unless she can impress Rachel with the new initiative shes supposed to have been working on.

However, she admits to Bree that she hasn't been working on anything and Bree pledges to help her. They put their heads together and come up with a plan for the hospital to reduce administration costs by cutting down on staff.

Aware this may cost Bella her job, Brooke takes the idea to Rachel and successfully draws attention away from herself.

However, when Bella goes out of her way to patch up her broken friendship with Brooke, Brooke is left feeling guilty.

Henare is downcast after his first court appearance and keeps secret from Roimata that he has also been summoned to a hui to explain himself.

Roimata discovers this from TK and is annoyed with her father for keeping secrets from her again.

She confronts Henare, who decides he's not going to be press-ganged into going to the hui. However when Roimata outlines the alternative, Henare realises he doesn't have a choice.

They head home to seek out Ruth's support at the hui, but she refuses to help.

When Chris pleads with Phoenix to talk with him, he's unaware that he's reduced a beaten Phoenix to tears. Rachel, however, arrives home to see this and is disgusted with Chris.

In the face of Phoenixs despair, they're at a loss.

When Rachel suggests medication might help, Chris is immediately anti and Rachel is hurt when he claims Phoenixs problem stems from their unavailability.

A chance encounter with Hayley turns sticky for Chris when he makes a heedless comment. In patching things up,  he's unaware that hes encouraged Hayley's romantic aspirations.

Chris makes his peace with Rachel and they resolve to work  together to deal with Phoenix. At home, Chris again tries to connect with Phoenix.

On establishing that Chris still doesnt  believe him about Hayley, Phoenix rejects him and leaves. 

Moments later, Hayley turns up and propositions Chris. A shocked Chris now realises that Phoenix was absolutely right about her

A reeling Chris backs Hayley off and Hayley is dismayed to  realise she's over-played her hand. Chris confides Hayley's behaviour to Phoenix, full of guilt for not believing him.

Hayley  feigns being upset to keep Rachel from talking to Chris about what has happened.

Hayley plays up to Rachel's concern and concocts a plan to set Chris up so it looks like they've been having an affair.

Hayley successfully lays her fake evidence and plays to Rachel and Phoenix's ongoing insecurity about Chriss unfaithfulness.

Confronted with what seems to be undeniable proof, Rachel is stunned to realise Chris is having an affair with Hayley.

Chris is left with no way to prove his innocence and is shocked to  realise he has walked into Hayleys trap.

TK gets drawn into a rheumatic fever case in ED and is unable to  make it to Henares Hui. TK despairs that the patient has to pay so dearly for an illness that could have been prevented.

But with  Maxwell's bolstering TK realises this is further proof that the strep throat testing initiative must continue.

Meanwhile, at the Hui, Henare is too ashamed to defend himself when hes judged  negatively by his whanau.

He gains some strength when Ruth joins  them. But its not until Roimata unexpectedly jumps to his  defence that the tide turns and Henares accusers are shut down.

They arrive back at Ferndale reunited as a family. But a  frustrated TK breaks the news - due to Henares money shuffling the MOH are refusing any funding and theres no way of carrying
on their work thats so badly needed.

Brooke feels terrible that her automated admissions  initiative will effect Bellas job, but faced with pressure from  Rachel, shes left with no choice but to implement it.

A jealous  Bree causes further friction between Bella and Brooke by  maliciously revealing that Brooke is responsible for the new  system.

Bella feels betrayed and reveals to Brooke that it was Bree who told her to mention the hair appointment to Rachel.  Brooke is furious that Bree has caused her to lose her friendship with Bella.

Tuesday 8th May (4982)

Roimata's sympathetic to TK's loss of funding and tries to encourage him. A local journalist tracks TK and manages to weasel out some information on the strep programme.

TK's shocked when Rachel questions him about a defaming article in The Northerner. Maxwell is sympathetic and rallies the troops in ED to support TK.

When a patient refuses to be treated by TK, TK sucks it up and claims that he holds no one responsible but himself.

Brooke's trial equipment arrives - software accompanied by a miniprinter, scanner and touchscreen. A computer is not provided and  Brookes dismayed to learn shell have to use her own work laptop.

She's pleased to get the software working, but is knocked back by Rachel's expectation she personally run the trial.

The admin staff refuse to help, resistant to technology that will make them obsolete. Only Bree offers assistance, and Brooke is still too angry with her sister to accept.

Brooke's frustrated to be left without any help whatsoever and she struggles to persevere with the trial.

Chris is dismayed when Rachel refuses to believe the truth about Hayley. Phoenix is certain of Chris' guilt, and when Rachel leaves for a hotel he's devastated.

Struggling to keep the situation under wraps for Harry's sake, Chris meets with Hayley in an attempt to push her to tell the truth.

Hayley's still hopeful she and Chris can have a future together, and Murray's shocked to observe what he believes is a lovers' spat.

The news spreads and Bella is dismayed to witness Chris and Rachel arguing - convincing her the rumour is true.

Chris tries to explain the truth to Luke, but Luke knows Chris' history and isn't sure what to believe.

He's concerned to realise Chris may be guilty of professional misconduct - relations between doctors and patients are strictly forbidden.

Learning of Chris' behaviour, Seth takes the matter to Rachel, giving her the option of putting Chris in front of the medical council, which could end Chris' career.

Rachel realises she holds Chris' fate in her hands - what will she do?

Wednesday 9th May (4983)

Rachel allows Seth to go ahead and file a complaint about Chriss affair with the Medical Council.

When he gets home, Chris is outraged to discover Hayley has brazenly moved into his house.

Seth drops by and assumes Chris has moved Hayley in and Chris is mortified when he learns the Medical Council will question his relationship with Hayley.

A frantic Chris implores Hayley to tell the truth to Rachel. Hayley agrees, on the condition Chris lets her stay.

Chris refuses. Hayley steals Harrys housekey and sneaks into Chriss bed in the night. Chris is horrified when Harry walks in.

Rachel is deeply hurt when Seth reveals that Hayley has moved in with Chris. His career and relationship and jeopardy, Chris determines to sort things out.

Rachel hears from Harry that Hayley has moved in and is devastated. When Hayley admits that she made it all up, Rachel doesnt believe her. Chris is appalled to realise the truth wont save him.

Due to a staffing glitch, a frustrated Brooke is forced to cover the first part of the night-shift trial of her automated admissions service by herself.

Brooke frantically tries to hold it together, but as the chaos grows in reception, shes forced to call an accommodating Bella for help.

Bella arrives and saves the day, leading to a reconciliation and new found respect between her and Brooke.

However, Brooke is shocked to discover that her work computer that she was using for the trial, has been stolen.

Sarah takes up Zacs suggestion she pass on Tillies baby clothes for Ula and Evans baby and is touched by Wendys enthusiasm for becoming a grandmother.

Evan is brisk around Vasa and Zac, not liking the affair. Ula reprimands him to keep out of it.  However, when Ula witnesses an intimate moment between Vasa and Zac, she vents to Evan.

He tells her to not stress out, its not good for the baby. At a consult, Sarah queries why Ulas so stressed. Ula cant answer in front of Vasa, so Sarah sends her out.

Vasa senses that Ula may tell Sarah about the affair and silently pleads with her to keep quiet.

Ula is unable to betray her mum and, feeling cornered, instead reveals to Sarah her other secret - Evan is not the father of her baby.

Thursday 10th May (4984)

Angry at Hayley for wrecking his reunion with Rachel, Chris aggressively pushes Hayley into a taxi. Luke witnesses and is concerned by his abnormal behaviour.

When Chris drops Hayleys stuff around to her house, Hayley makes one final plea to come home with Chris - revealing that Drew is inside and in a bad mood.

Chris doesnt believe her and leaves, but after talking to Harry he feels guilty once he gets home.

He rings the police but then decides to investigate himself. When he gets there, theres no sign of Hayley nor Drew.

Luke offers his support but Chris fears no-one can understand his predicament

Callum begins working as a GP but finds himself in hot water when he puts helping staff ahead of treating his patients.

Brooke fronts up to Rachel, who realises the computer theft could potentially compromise hospital security.

Lana deals with the threat but Rachel uses Brookes mistake as reason to reduce her 2IC hours and force her to work hard on the medical ward.

Chastised, Brooke promises to end the automated triage trial and do her best.

Lana marvels that Rachel ever indulge the trial in the first place and Rachel admits this was all a ploy to rein the wayward Brooke in. Lana is impressed.

Meanwhile, Brookes relations with Bree continue to suffer while Brooke and Bella become best friends once more.

Sarah urges Ula to tell her family the truth. Confronted, Ula shuts down and flees.

Outside, Vasa demands to know if Ula told Sarah about her and Zac. Ula assures her she didnt but Vasa remains uneasy.

Evan is annoyed Ula confessed to Sarah but takes comfort in the fact Sarah is professionally bound to keep Ulas confidence.

Sarah talks babies with Wendy and feels terrible that shes forced to keep Ula and Evans lie. She confronts Evan who backs her off, warning her to focus on deceits closer to home.

Vasa warns Zac that Ulas odd behaviour may have alerted Sarah and, when Zac fishes with Sarah, he discovers she is uneasy after Evan hinted about lies in her own life.

Zac confronts Evan and Ula who refuse to be cowed. Sarah and Vasa walk in on this and Zac struggles to explain his actions, leaving Vasa worried their affair is on the verge of discovery.

Friday 11th May (4985)

When Evan challenges Zac to tell the truth, Sarah seeks an explanation. Shes unsettled by his claim that it has something to do with Sarahs consultation with Ula.

However, shes distracted when Rachel draws her attention to Callums slow progress with patients.

Rachel warns Sarah that Callum is difficult to manage and Sarah worries that Rachel is right when Callum insists on continuing his investigation into Declans illness.

Sarah remonstrates but then spots an unusual tattoo on Declans arm. This leads them to discover Declan is suffering from Lyme disease.

Callum praises Sarahs excellent doctoring but Sarah insists that they work well together as a team.

Meanwhile, Zac is desperate to smooth things over with Vasa who is furious that he became aggressive towards Ula and Evan.

She backs off his explanations, and Zac fears they may be over.

Frustrated, Zac is off-hand with Sarah and she calls him on his behaviour. She has been mulling over his earlier excuses about the tension with Evan and realises he was lying to her.

To Zacs shock, Sarah ends their relationship.

Lana wants to keep her distance from Nicole and refuses to help her find an outfit for a nursing school reunion dinner.

Vinnie calls her on this and feeling bad, Lana offers Nicole assistance. Guessing that Vinnies behind this change of heart, Nicole declines.

However, later, they mutually apologise and this time Nicole accepts Lanas help.

Attracted to Lana, Nicole feels awkward but when Lana is supportive about the reunion, she finally relaxes and has fun.

They have too much fun at home to go to the reunion. Tipsy, Lana admits that she has been keeping her distance from Nicole because she feared Nicole was attracted to her.

Caught out, Nicole promises Lana that she would never jeopardise their friendship but shes shocked when Lana kisses her.


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