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6 - 10 October 2014

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

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Monday 6 October (5602)

When Murray and Wendy let Kane come home with them, Kane assures that he'll do everything he can to get over his depression.

He realises he's got a lot to do, but he's pleased to think he's making ground with Murray and Wendy, oblivious to the fact that Murray's not coping well.

When he finds this out from Wendy, he tries to talk to Murray to reassure him he's okay.

But Murray is afraid he'll say the wrong thing and clams up.

When Murray snaps at Dayna for the same reason, Kane's worried his actions are tearing his family apart.

Dallas tells him there's nothing he can do, and that he has to focus on his own recovery in order to make anything better for the Coopers.

When Ula tries to slyly find out whether Garrett's having an affair with Rachel, Garrett realises what she's up to.

Amused, he lets her believe it.

But when he realises she's going to confront Rachel, he races to stop her making Rachel's day even worse.

He succeeds, but her reaction to his questioning leads him to believe she still has feelings for him.

He asks her, and she can't deny it.

They have a close moment, which is interrupted by Dayna, who is surprised, since Garrett's still with Kylie.

Ula's guilty and reneges, leaving Garrett frustrated.

Rachel looks forward to Chris's return, despite niggling doubts that something's going on with him.

When Chris gets back from Fiji, he promises Harper he'll tell Rachel about the baby he's had with Grace straight away - and does just that.

Disgusted, Rachel leaves him.

And when Harry finds out, he walks out too.

At work, Rachel tries to concentrate on work, but Harper realises what's going on.

Along with Harry, Harper offers comfort, and Rachel's grateful.

Meanwhile, Boyd shows Chris support.

But when Rachel walks Harry into triage and runs into a sick Grace, Harry runs off.

Chris feels terrible.

With Harry and Rachel refusing to talk to him, Chris is left realising his lies have cost him his wife and son.


Tuesday 7th October (5603 )

Rejected by Harry and Rachel, Chris tries to help where he can by supporting Grace.

But Grace hates the pain she's caused Chris's family and insists he attempt to make amends.

Having agreed to talk to Chris about Harry living with her, Rachel and Harry arrive back at the Warners to pack.

Chris refuses to let Harry go, and Rachel worries he'll end up permanently damaging his and Harry's relationship.

Chris brings Harry with him when he has to visit Trinity post-surgery, and Harry's resentment deepens when he observes Chris with his new family.

He again insists on going to Rachel.

Chris argues, but Harry ignores his authority, and Chris is forced to let his son go.

Despite a few worrying stomach cramps, Nicole pushes ahead with work, concerning Vinnie.

She is Grace's key supporter throughout Trinity's surgery, and through reassuring Grace she realises her baby is more important than her career.

When Vinnie arrives with Michael to take her home, Nicole reveals she's put family first.

Determined to keep her mind off Garrett, Ula supports Honour as she prepares for a gig at Sugar.

Honour's relieved when she clears the air with Kane.

She invites him to the gig as a way of normalising things.

Honour's thrown when Sam arrives in Ferndale, but his presence allows Honour to pitch the idea of her staying.

There's a weekly music slot open at Sugar, and Honour's keen to secure it.

Sam's uncertain, but when he sees Honour perform he realises how much it means to her.

He also knows Honour will be an important support to Kane during his recovery.

Sam agrees to let Honour stay - on the provisory she secure the weekly gig and that Ula step in as a pseudo-parent.

Back at Ula's, Honour claims she's got the job, and Sam has to put his money where his mouth is.

He entrusts Ula with caring for Honour - his daughter is now her responsibility.

Later, Ula's shocked to learn that Honour has lied about the job.

Desperate to stay in Ferndale, Honour begs her not to tell Sam the truth.


Wednesday 8th October (5604)

Honour's disappointed when Ula refuses to lie to Sam and no longer wants Honour to stay with her.

So Honour sets out to prove she's a responsible adult to Ula.

However, she fails to secure a music gig and is forced to take a job serving coffee at Sugar.

But Honour's disappointed when Ula still refuses to let her stay.

Later, Honour's surprised to observe a close moment between Ula and Garrett.

So in desperation she uses it to blackmail Ula, threatening to tell Kylie the truth if Ula doesn't let her stay.

That doesn't work though as Ula gives her a strong reprimand.

Honour cowers, pleading with Ula - life on the island is horrible and Ula is her only way out.

Vinnie expects tension with Jemima when she arrives to collect Michael.

However, he's surprised when he enjoys observing the closeness between them.

But when Jemima prioritises her work over Michael, tension ensues, leaving Vinnie unsettled.

Rachel is determined to remain in control in the wake of her break up from Chris.

She dumps a bottle of vodka left by a previous tenant in the bin, refusing to consider returning to her old addiction.

When Harry turns up on her doorstep, Rachel is happy to have him stay with her.

The next day, Rachel refuses Gloria's request for Shortland Street to take on Central's elective list while they are a theatre down.

Rachel knows it's a massive addition to her surgical team's workload and doesn't want to overburden them.

However, after discovering Boyd knew of Chris's secret for a long time and Chris has spent the night caring for Grace and Trinity, Rachel changes her mind.

Both Chris and Boyd believe she wants to punish them but Chris is prepared to do whatever it takes to prove his love to her.

But when he confronts her, Rachel denies intending to punish him, adamant she's doing what's best for the hospital.

When Grace needs his ongoing support, he insists she move in with him.

Another request from Gloria forces Rachel to call Chris but she's hurt when Grace answers the phone.

Rachel fishes the bottle of vodka out of the bin and considers returning to her addiction.

But Harry's arrival home breaks the spell and Rachel chooses not to drink and feel the pain of her grief.


Thursday 9th October (5605)

Chris and Boyd are swamped by their surgical schedule and Chris feels bad to see Boyd suffering for his mistakes.

However, Rachel's resolved to move on and to no longer think on Chris.

She's surprised when Gloria accepts her stance to stop the extra surgeries, and is content she's made a stand.

Chris and Boyd are relieved and Chris hopes Rachel may be softening towards him.

But Rachel is icily polite to him, and Grace and Chris are pained she's cutting him out of her life.

He goes to her to try and work things out, but Rachel rejects him, making it clear their relationship is over.

Chris and Rachel are both left deeply sad to realise what they've lost.

Wendy's worried that a still upset Dayna continues to keep her distance form Kane, and resolves to help.

Dayna admits she fears she will only make things worse but does open up to Kane.

But in explaining her anger, she loses her temper once more and Kane's left disappointed when she backs him off again.

Murray helps him to understand Dayna will warm in time, and is grateful when she returns to apologise.

He extends an offer to get to know one another better by kicking a ball around, and the two reconnect.

Wendy returns to an empty house and immediately fears the worst, but when the kids and Murray return home for a meal together, the family begins to heal.

Tension over parenting issues continue to simmer between Jemima and Vinnie.

Vinnie tries and fails to make peace, but is relieved when Nicole initially succeeds.

But Vinnie grows increasingly frustrated by Jemima's attitude and tensions erupt again.

And when Michael brings up valid points why he should stay in New Zealand, Vinnie resolves to discuss the matter further with Jemima.

Vinnie tries to, but Jemima gets angry and threatens to not let Vinnie see Michael at all unless he drops it.

Vinnie does, and he and Nicole bid a sad farewell to Michael.

But as they struggle to get over their sadness the next day, they're shocked to learn Michael's run away - and Jemima blames Vinnie.


Friday 10th August (5606)

Anxious that Michael's run away, Nicole and Jemima go out to look while Vinnie stays home, hoping Michael will return to him.

Panicking, Jemima confides in Nicole that earlier she grabbed Michael and shouted at him, making him run off.

Her vulnerability gives Nicole further insight into Jemima's love for Michael and her insecurity as a parent.

At home, Vinnie's relieved to find Michael hiding safely in the apartment garage, and reassures him Jemima will be happy to see him.

But Michael's anxious, after Jemima's anger earlier, and that arouses Vinnie's protective instincts.

Vinnie's moved to keep Michael with him in Ferndale, and when Nicole and Jemima return he presses his case.

Jemima's hurt, and Nicole backs Jemima, seeing that Vinnie is trying to get what he wants instead of truly caring what's best for mother and child.

Vinnie's left confronted.

Dallas and Bella plan a weekend away, but Dallas gets cold feet.

Dallas tries to dissuade Bella from coming away, claiming it's really a boys' weekend, but Bella's unfazed.

Lucy discovers the problem, and, her crush on Dallas alive and well, offers to help.

She comes up with a successful excuse to keep Bella in Ferndale, and Dallas is filled with guilty relief.

Chris is determined to make progress with Rachel, and hopes to use his new role as interim HOD to pursue this goal.

Rachel's annoyed when Chris comes to her with unimportant problems, and tells him to get on with the job.

Frustrated, Chris seizes the opportunity to create a real problem that requires serious effort on his and Rachel's part to solve.

He's chuffed to succeed in gaining time with her, but his deceit is soon discovered, and Rachel's livid to have been manipulated.

She calls Chris out, warning that lying and manipulating have become his default behaviour.

Chris is challenged to realise she's right.