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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

6 - 10 May 2013

Shavaughn Ruakere as Roimata Ngatai in Shortland Street

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Pearl McGlashan plays Jasmine Cooper - Shortland Street

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Monday 6 th May (5231)

Arriving home to a coldly furious TK, Roimata tries to make a quick exit.

However, TK needs answers and refuses to let her go.

He pushes Roimata to explain her behaviour, but when her answers are unsatisfying, determines to make her pay.

Refusing to be further embarrassed by Roimata, TK insists they pretend that their marriage is still intact.

Josh is confused by their apparent solidarity at work, more so when Roimata refuses to speak to him. He fears hes losing her.

Trying to put Boyd out of her mind, Nicole focuses on work.

However, shes in a foul mood and when Vinnie points this out to her, she realises the break-up is making her emotional and unfocussed.

She apologies to Vinnie and he counsels her to contact Boyd.

Rachel holds Sarah responsible for Harpers no-show at the interview and orders Sarah to fire her.

Before Sarah has a chance, Rachel and Harper cross.

Rachels cool with Harper, but is on the back foot when Harper defends her actions and suggests shes the least of EDs problems.

Rachel acknowledges shes got a point and realises Harper may be a better ally than an enemy.

Sarah tries to let Harper go, but is humiliated to learn Rachel has offered Harper a long-term position without telling her.

Arriving home with Brooke in tow, Boyd prepares to face his family.

Brooke quickly leads Boyds family to believe shes not built for the farming life.

However, shes destabilised when his family go on the offensive and Boyds old flame conveniently arrives to complicate the situation.

Brooke fights fire with fire, and Boyds pleased when she thwarts his fathers sabotage.

However, when Boyd gets a moment alone with his father Alisdair, he cant find the strength to let his father down.

Hes further frustrated to realise Alisdair has extended their stay on a flimsy pretence.

When Boyd reports back this to Brooke, she accuses him of being to weak to stand up to his father.

Rachel makes no apology for going over Sarahs head re Harper, and Sarah feels undermined.

Though attempting to reassert control, Sarah fails to address with TK the problems in ED, and when she assumes Harper and Rachels friendship is the real reason for her reprimand, Sarahs disillusioned.

Roimata takes TKs cruel treatment as a form of penance which makes TK feel guilty, though he wont relent.

When Josh makes a heartfelt plea for Roimata, she chooses TK over him, hoping this proves to TK she still loves him.

Josh is crushed and TKs satisfied, though still asserts he cant trust her.

Later TK is downing his sorrows at the IV when he catches the eye of an attractive woman. They flirt and TK offers to take her out for a drink.

Nicole learns of Joshs affair and, still raw after her breakup with Boyd, reacts badly.

She and Vinnie lament their previous failed relationships, and when Nicole realises she actually had a good thing with Boyd, she leaves him a conciliatory voicemail.

On the outer with Boyd, a miserable Brooke suffers the patronising antics of Boyds family.

Meanwhile Boyd is drawn in by Angela, the woman his family want him to marry, and starts to feel disloyal when she reminds him of his family duties.

Later, Brooke is intrigued when Boyds sister Mallory warns that Angela means to snare Boyd, and is cahoots with Boyds parents.

At a family dinner that night, Boyds father announces his retirement from the farm.

He not only demands that Boyd steps up to his birthright, but that he marries Angela too.

Viewing this as feudal and ridiculous, Boyd challenges his father, asserting that the farm should go to his hard-working sister instead.

However, when Alasdair threatens that Boyd will be cut off from both his inheritance and the family if he refuses to comply, Boyds gutted.

Realising how tough Boyds got it, Brooke offers comfort, which leads to sizzling passion.

Tuesday 7 th May (5233)

Encouraged by sleeping with Boyd, Brooke sets out to work her advantage. Protective of Boyd, she suggests that his father is clinically insane.

Boyds defensive over this, but privately hes entertaining the same concerns.

When he raises this with his mother, however, she insists theres nothing wrong with his father.

Meanwhile, Brooke is encouraged when Mallory hints at joining forces for the mutual benefit.

When Brooke broaches this with a stressed and oversensitive Boyd however, he snaps at her and claims he regrets bringing her.

Susan overhears the fight and is delighted.

Later, Boyd is blind-sided when Angela attempts to seduce him.

An humiliated Henry is irritated by Zlatas self-importance, but must endure life on the front desk to protect Rachels reputation.

But Henry is reassured of his indispensability when Rachel offers him a special project.

On completion, Henry reluctantly leaves the project with Zlata.

Seth sees Henry is unhappy and offers to intervene on Henrys behalf, but a proud Henry refuses and chooses the moral high ground.

But when Zlata takes credit for Henrys hard work, Henry decides this is war.

Roimata is shocked to come face to face with TKs one night stand.

She decides to leave the toxicity of her marital home, leaving TK vitriolic but ashamed.

When tensions flare in ED, Sarah is mortified by the unprofessional display in front of Harper, but Josh is relieved to hear that Roimata has finally left TK.

With no place else to go, Roimata reluctantly agrees to stay with Josh after he offers his spare room.

Following a conversation with Harper, Sarah resolves to get tougher with TK.

But first she quizzes Nicole, expressing her strong disapproval of TKs behaviour. Nicole feels Sarah needs to know what TKs problem is.

Sarah goes to comfort a distressed TK.

Meanwhile, Josh declares his love, and Roimata wonders what on earth shes done.

Wednesday 8 th May (5234)

Deeply unhappy, Roimata fears a backlash against her at work and shes unable to accept Joshs positive reinforcement.

Tensions run high in ED, but Roimatas relieved that news of her infidelity hasnt spread when she realises that Harper hasnt heard.

Later, Roimatas blind-sided by Sarahs anger at her for hurting TK, but feels she deserves it.

When Nicole doesnt offer her support, Roimata feels abandoned.

Jasmines intrigued when Dayna suggests a personal development course as the perfect cover for attending the previously forbidden River Run festival.

Jasmine asks Wendy and Murray if she can attend "the course" and she's encouraged when Wendy and Murray give their blessing, as long as Dayna's not going.

Keen to score points with Rachel, Henry reluctantly agrees to a date with Seth in return for his help to undermine Zlata.

Seth sets Zlata up to make a serious mistake, but when she double checks with Henry he cant bring himself to let Zlata cause trouble for Rachel.

Suspicious of the conflicting information from Seth and Henry, however, Zlata follows Seths advice.

Rachels furious with Zlata for making a compromising error, but Henrys on hand to fix the problem with IT, proving his worth.

Henry makes good on his promise of a date with Seth, and reconciliation seems possible.

Boyd is appalled by the depths his family will stoop to to get his way.

However his father's schemes continue with Alasdair offering Brooke a hefty cheque to leave Boyd.

Learning of this, Boyd is determined to confront his father once and for all, hopeful that theres a medical explanation for his behaviour .

But his genuine and heartfelt attempts to connect with his father fail, as Alasdair denies being ill and ends up striking Boyd in anger.

Finally accepting that his father is, at heart, a monster, Boyd decides it's time to turn his back on his father.

As he's packing to leave, Brooke pitches a crazy plan that would prevent Boyd from being disowned by his family.

Later, they shock the family by announcing that theyre married.

Thursday 9 thMay (5235)

Ulas frustrated when Jared refuses to get intimate under Vasas roof, and when he finally gives in to her, theyre nearly caught in the act by Vasa.

Vasa grows suspicious, especially after she quizzes Jared and he avoids defining his relationship with Ula.

Vasa shares her concerns with Vinnie. Wendy overhears their conversation and suggests Vasa consider sending Ula on Jasmines Development course.

A guilty Jared finally admits he lied to Vasa, and his vulnerability makes Vasa realise she cant come down too hard on him.

Instead she decides to send Ula away and Ula is furious.

Jasmine and Daynas plans gain momentum when Daynas able to secure triple A passes for the River Run Festival.

When Dayna successfully steals backstage passes from her mother, Jasmines hero worship of Dayna grows even more.

But things start to go wrong when Wendy announces that Ula will be joining Jasmine on the course.

Then she's annoyed to discover Jasmine's festival tickets so Wendy organises to sell the festival tickets as to prove a point.

The girls arrive at Mahoe House and realise theyre at the gates of hell.

Alasdair is furious with Boyds marriage revellation. He disowns Boyd and, as Boyd and Brooke had hoped, he announces he's going to leave the farm to Mallory.

Meanwhile, Nicole is annoyed by Boyds failure to respond to her messages and gives up on him.

Concerned that Nicole is giving up on Boyd, Kylies tempted to meddle, but Emma advises against it.

Later, Nicole manages to get through to Boyd.

Intending to give him abuse, shes curve-balled when he apologises for his lack of contact and reveals he has something he needs to discuss with her.

Nicole assumes Boyd will formally break up with her, but when Kylie suggests the opposite may be true, Nicole allows herself to take hope.

However when she sees Boyd and Brooke together, her hopes are dashed as Brooke makes a very public announcement of their marriage.

Boyd is aghast Nicole believes the marriage is for real.

Friday 10 thMay (5236)

After Brookes announcement, a chagrined Boyd reveals that it will only be a marriage of convenience.

He tries to apologise to an upset Nicole, but she rejects him once he admits he slept with Brooke.

A concerned Chris warns that Brooke will have an agenda, despite her claims to the contrary and urges Boyd to protect himself.

Though wanting to believe the best in Brooke, Boyd offers her money as payment for her part of their business arrangement, hoping this will curb any future claims.

Hes confused when Brooke is deeply hurt by this.

Jasmine and Dayna are pleased to learn the group can make a lot of their own decisions on the course, and assume sneaking off to the River Run festival will be easy.

Seeing a chance to break away, Dayna heads outside and gestures for Jasmine to join her.

Instead, Jasmine gets caught up in a discussion and stays with the group.

When Dayna returns, annoyed with Jasmines no-show, the other girls refuse to share lunch with her.

Jasmine negotiates a truce by suggesting Dayna do the dishes in return for lunch.

Dayna later fobs the dishes off onto someone else, lying that Jasmine doesnt feel well, so she and Jasmine can go to the festival.

The girls fail to get in and return at odds with each other. Dayna insists they try again tomorrow, but Jasmine has had enough and wants to rejoin the group, leaving Dayna on the outer.

Concerned about TK, Sarah tries to give advice, but TK doesn't want to hear it.

At Roimatas request, a protective Josh reluctantly agrees not to react to TKs niggling.

Having observed tension in ED, Rachel asks Harper to write a confidential report on ED efficiency.

Harper agrees, as long as she can inform Sarah.

Sarah is concerned the report will show TK in a bad light, and so reveals Roimatas affair to explain TKs recent bad behaviour .

Sarah tries to warn TK of Harpers report, but he wont listen.

Oblivious to Harpers surveillance, TK reprimands Roimata in ED, then gets into a dispute when Josh steps in to defend her.

Tensions threaten to boil over, but TK keeps a lid on his anger at work.

Later, he turns up on Joshs doorstep and punches him square in the face.

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