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5 - 9 August 2013

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Shortland Street

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Monday 5th August (5308)

Kylie and Emma are confronted by Tobys appearance and put aside their animosity as they take advantage of the chance to get to know him.

As Toby continues to be evasive about his motivation, Emma starts to suspect hes being dishonest, and when he stresses Julia wont care that hes here, Kylie worries about her sister.

Determined to check on her, she leaves Toby in Emmas care, and Emma is confronted when Toby asks pertinent questions about their father.

Emma avoids the topic of her fathers betrayal by identifying the positive elements in his character, pleasing Toby. Kylie returns and reveals shes offered for Toby to stay with them, but doing so will mean both she and Emma will have to put aside their differences to focus on Toby.

Emma is confronted, uncertain that she can do this.

After accidentally snapping at Roimata, Vasas resolve to lighten up is tested by the arrival in ED of a cold and curmudgeonly Henry.

Hes been sleeping rough, and once his mild hypothermia has been resolved, he tries to prolong his hospital stay as a means of earning food and shelter by faking abdominal pain.

Josh is flummoxed trying to diagnose him and Vasa finally clicks that something is wrong when she sees Henry intentionally sabotaging his nil by mouth order by consuming food.

When she threatens to discharge him he reveals his abject homelessness, and taking pity on him, Vasa and Roimata conspire to falsify temperature data to win Henry a night in hospital.

TK discovers their rouse and Vasa is terrified to think shes committed a sackable offence.

When Wendys attempts to comfort Evan only end up making him feel worse, Jasmine determines to help.

She enlists Bellas help and together they offer non-confrontational support as they help Evan with is cleaning business.

Given the chance to properly process his grief, he breaks down. Meanwhile Wendy realises through Len that her stifling concern for her kids is counterproductive, and when she sees her kids leaning on each other for support, she realises its time to treat them like adults.

Apologising to Jasmine for not believing in her earlier, she determines to find a way to get her to Colombia.


Tuesday 6th August (5309)

Vasa and Roimata are relieved when Josh covers for them for lying to keep Henry in hospital.

But when Henry is due to be discharged, Vasas upset she cant help more, and even though Kylie warns against showing sympathy she offers for Henry to move in.

Shes pleased when he accepts.

Emm as hopeful the flat dynamic with her, Kylie and Toby might work, but shes disappointed when Kylie chooses an extra shift over spending time with him.

Shes upset when, alone with Toby, they fail to establish a connection.

Setting him up with Phoenix, Emma is sadly hopeful that Toby will make better friends with someone his own age, but Toby doesnt connect with him.

Instead, Emmas touched when he reveals that all he wants is to get to know the real Emma.

Rachel congratulates Emma on her good rapport with the teenager, making Emma feel validated.

Rachel is upset to see a rebellious Phoenix refusing to engage with his family.

She cajoles him into spending the day with her and Harry, but hes surly.

Challenging him, shes surprised when Phoenix admits that hes just feeling lost. Shes left determined to help him find a new direction.

Murray is reluctant to let Jasmine go oversea and uses tight finances as his excuse.

Len offers to pay, but Murray refuses, claiming it would look bad if they took money from a man recently diagnosed with Alzheimers.

Jasmine is broken-hearted, but takes hope when Len suggests the trip could still happen.

Wendy implores Murray to let Jasmine go, but Murray refuses.

Hes guilty when Jasmine swears she would never have let him down if hed trusted her.

Touched, Murray changes his mind, but before he can organise to pay the fees or buy an air ticket, Len reveals that hes beaten him to it.

Len gets all Jasmines thanks, upsetting Murray.

Murray confronts Len, but is chastened when Len reminds him that Murray will have plenty of time to do the right thing by his kids, but Lens time is limited.

When Jasmine leaves, Murray makes a promise to Jasmine hell make the most of the time he has left with Len.


Wednesday 7th August (5310)

Dallas is sympathetic when Vinnie explains his problematic love life, and resolves that Vinnie needs some quality male bonding time to take his mind off his women troubles.

Determined to show Vinnie a good time, Dallas initiates home brew beer making, and urges an enthusiastic Vinnie to respect the process and be patient.

Troubled by his relationships with Kylie and Nicole, Vinnie enjoyings just hanging out with another bloke.

After a successful night, Dallas is gratified when his new friend Vinnie asks him to move into the flat.

Rattled by Jasmines sudden departure, Bella is confronted by Wendys observation it may be time to start looking for a new relationship.

Aware of her increasing connection with Josh, a conflicted Bella resolves that shes not ready to open her heart to love yet.

But needing a friend, an upset Bella allows herself to be comforted by Josh.

A reluctant Phoenix is coerced into meeting Simon Sweeney, a gallerist associate of the Warners, as Chris and Rachel try to steer an angry teen onto the right career path.

A sceptical Phoenix is impressed by the artists Simon represents, and eagerly asks for career advice.

But Phoenix finds Simons commercial attitude gauche, and is repelled away from the exclusive art world Chris has hoped to direct him towards.

A defiant Phoenix takes inspiration from an offhand comment Evan makes about the freedom of expression that social media provides and off this, creates a conceptual art installation piece on a public wall.

Phoenix is validated when his work receives kudos on MyLife .

Keeping his role in the attention-grabbing artwork secret from Chris, a rebellious Phoenix deepens his resolve to not create art for people like his father.

But Phoenix is affronted when his art installation is destroyed, and he resolves to replace it immediately.

But as he does so, Phoenix is shocked to be arrested for vandalism.


Thursday 8th August (5311)

Enjoying Bellas adulation, Josh is content with her friendship.

Warned off by a suspicious Harper, Josh is determined to prove hes not a harmful influence on Bella.

Meanwhile, Bella starts to wonder if her reliance on Josh is giving the wrong impression, and distances herself, leaving Josh bereft.

Confused, Bella confides in Wendy that she does have feelings for Josh but isnt ready for romance and resolves to let Josh go.

Josh worries that his intensity may have scared Bella off.

Determined to never harm Bella, he fears he may indeed be a negative influence.

But when Bella explains she cant be close to Josh anymore, Josh convinces her to remain close friends without romance, so that he can keep her in his life.

An apprehensive Vinnie is determined to come clean to Nicole about Kylie as gently as possible.

But Vinnie mishandles his confession and is left angry at himself when Nicole bravely covers her hurt.

When Nicole rises above an awkward moment at work, Vinnie is ashamed that he doesn't measure up.

Deciding Vinnies relationship with Kylie is none of her business, Nicole covers her true feelings and waits until Vinnie has gone to give in to her hurt.

Feeling like a failure as a parent after Phoenix gets arrested, Chris wonders how to reconnect with his wayward son.

Rachel encourages Chris to put aside his own opinions and try a new approach.

So Chris asserts his belief in Phoenix, and heartened by his fathers support, Phoenix softens and asks for Chriss help to get him out of trouble.

But Phoenix is humiliated by Chris throwing his resources at the legal problem and Chris shuts Phoenixs concerns down, leaving him aggrieved.

When Phoenix objects to apologising to the building owner for his postering, Chris asserts his parental authority and forces Phoenix to do as hes told.

Chris assures Rachel that he has handled the conflict with Phoenix, who now knows where the boundaries are.

Evan offhandedly advises a self-righteous Phoenix to be the performing monkey his dad wants him to be and make the apology.

Inspired, Phoenix makes another rebellious stand and reposts his artwork onto the wall, leaving Chris humiliated in front of the property owner.

Friday 9th August (5312) 

An indignant Phoenix walks out when Chris reprimands him for his disrespectful apology for his illegal art postering.

Phoenix is rattled when an angry Chris tells him hes no longer going to invest in helping Phoenix.

Phoenix is challenged by Rachel to funnel his frustrations into his art, and hes validated when his blogging leads to his art going viral online.

But a copycat artist destroys Chriss car, leaving Phoenix guilty.

When Chris finally makes him realise hes been selfish, Phoenix resolves to apologise properly to Chris, and is relieved when he makes some ground with Chris in the process.

Thinking that Boyd needs support in people management skills, Brooke approaches Harper.

Shes embarrassed when Harper fools her into studying silly self-help websites for herself.

Boyd, also wanting to improve his management skills and gain respect is annoyed when Nicole stymies his choice of surgical nurses.

In the caf, Nicole retaliates at his bossy attitude by taking the last pie in the cabinet.

His frustration grows at Nicole refuses to reconsider the nurses rostering system.

Boyds anger turns to fury when he assumes Nicoles parked in his carpark to get back at him.

But when he goes to ED to confront her, it turns out to be a patient whos illegally parked in the space.

When he tells the patient off in an attempt to save face, hes shocked when the fragile patient collapses.


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