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Shortland Street

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4 - 8 November 2013

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street.

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Monday 4th November (5372)

When Roimata announces shes leaving for a couple of weeks, TK can see Sarah is worried at having to cope without her assistance.

Sarah works with a tired Wendy, but it puts a strain on Sarah and TKs worries grow.

He alerts her to a promising MS clinical trial in Chicago, but Sarah refuses to even consider it, saying the idea of a two year drug trial in another country is plain ridiculous.

She proposes an alternative - if she promises to slow down TK has to stop mentioning the trial.

Although Nicole is still wary, her relationship with Bonnie is growing stronger.

To quash Nicoles final doubts, Bonnie reveals to Vinnie shes planning to propose to her.

Vinnie is shocked but when he tries to alert Nicole of Bonnies plan, Nicole misunderstands, thinking Bonnie wants to ask her they move in together.

She agrees to a romantic dinner, each of them unaware of what the other really wants.

When Bonnie goes through with her plans and proposes to Nicole, she is absolutely shocked.

Faced with helping Toby deal with the emotional fallout from Harrys injury without Dallas support, Emma feels embattled.

Kylie wants to help, but they see things differently - when Emma asserts she wants Toby to visit Harry in hospital, Kylie defers to her authority.

But Chris - still furious at Toby because of Harrys accident - prevents them from seeing Harry.

Instead of keeping an eye on Toby, as shes supposed to, Kylie turns her back for a moment - only to find Tobys gone missing.

He sneaks into Harrys room and apologises but is shocked when Harry regains consciousness.

When Kylie confesses to Emma shes lost Toby, Emma accuses her of being unreliable but the pair are relieved when they finally find him.

Despite Harrys recovery, Toby is upset because Chris blames him for his accident, and Kylie proposes they ask Chris to talk to Toby in an effort to alleviate his angst.

Kylie goes with her to do so, but - when Nate warns her not to bother her boss, Kylie chickens out, leaving Emma to face Chris alone.

But when Chris accuses Emma of being a bad parent, Kylie bravely steps in to defend her, regardless of the consequences to her job - or her relationship with Nate.

Shes stands up to Chris, pointing out the poisonous potion was Harrys idea - and he is also in the wrong for not supervising his son!

Tuesday 5th November (5373)

Emmas amazed and impressed that Kylie stood up to Chris on her and Tobys behalf.

Kylie insists she wont back down to Chris, whatever the consequences.

But her confidence is shaken when Nate threatens to withdraw his affections if she doesnt apologise.

Torn, Kylie resists at first but then offers Chris a genuine apology when she sees him upset.

Unsure shes done the right thing, Kylies relieved to win Emmas admiration and is doubly pleased when an approving Nate asks her out on a date.

Bella offers an ill Wendy support but her romantic time with Josh is thwarted when Wendy asks for time alone with her daughter.

Annoyed, Josh adds insulin to pomegranate juice intended for Wendy - who is feeling under the weather.

Bella pushes for Wendy to go to bed early so Josh can sneak over for a romantic tryst.

Amused to play up behind Wendys back, Bella and Josh are surprised by Murray arriving home.

Josh dives under the blanket but regrets his hiding place when Murray settles in for a heart to heart chat with Bella.

A rattled Nicole explains to Bonnie that she thought her new commitment was moving in, not marriage.

After an honest chat with Vinnie, Nicole realises she and Bonnie want very different things.

She breaks up with Bonnie as gently as she can, promising to stay friends.

But Bonnie takes this as another speed wobble, and tries to include herself in Nicoles social time.

Stressed by Kylies home truths, Chris checks in on Harry and is inspired to use his experience to help others and orders a review on resus protocols in ED.

Sarah discourages Chris, believing its too soon for Chris to making big decision like this.

Chris isnt about to back down, but his increasing drive is pulled up by the reminder that Harry needs him.

Making peace with Kylie, a tired Chris turns his focus back to his family and all is well until Chris speech suddenly slurs.

His family are alarmed - something is seriously wrong with Chris.


Wednesday 6th November (5374)

Determined to relax for TKs sake, Sarah grudgingly agrees to attend a relaxation course.

The course proves useless, but Sarah and Wendy unexpected relax by sneaking out and having a chat.

Sarah realises that she owes it to herself to investigate the MS drug trial further.

But faced with Chris mortality, Sarah resolves not to focus on dangerous false hope and dismisses the trial based on the financial obstacles.

TK is left highly frustrated.

When Chris speech becomes slurred, Rachel tries to hide her deep concern in front of their boys and convinces him to go to ED.

They find Chris has had a brain bleed and needs to stay in for observation, leaving Rachel to rely on Phoenix to look after Harry.

But an anxious Phoenixdistresses Harry when he bluntly reveals how serious Chris condition is.

Quashing her fears in front of Phoenix, Rachel says a tender goodbye to Chris as he goes into surgery.

Determined to be strong for the boys, Rachel comforts Phoenix and Harry assuring them Chris will be fine.

But Rachel fears the worst when Boyd comes to report on the operation, and is moved to tears when she learns Chris is okay.

Caught out hiding Josh by an amused Murray, Bella is deflated when Wendy clearly resents Josh visiting.

Murray assures Bella Wendy doesnt dislike Josh, insisting shes just stressed.

Inspired by Sarah, Bella convinces Wendy to have a mother-daughter relaxation day.

But Wendy is unimpressed to find Bella has roped her into a meditation course, not a day-spa.

Bella and Wendy get told off for arguing during meditation time.

Noticing Sarahs distracted too, Wendy and Sarah sneak out and enjoy a heart to heart chat.

An oblivious Bella feels vindicated when Wendy and Sarah pretend to have benefited from the meditation session.

But Bella is disappointed when Wendys improved mood doesnt help her warm to Josh, and Josh is excluded from a family dinner.

An angry Josh steps up his poisoning campaign and drops around a thoughtful gift for Wendy: poisoned multi-vitamins.


Thursday 7th November (5375)

When Josh appoints himself Wendys sole carer, her grumpiness is almost enough to convince him that hell never succeed in winning her approval.

But when Murray praises him, its enough to convince him to keep trying, and hes thrilled when a tired Wendy finally allows him to achieve his goal: staying the night at the Cooper house.

Chris bows to pressure from Rachel and advice from Sarah and tells Nate hes focussing on his health before work.

Nate tries to convince Rachel to return to their previous arrangement, running the clinic together, but Rachel declines to focus on family.

Nate and Kylie discover that Grace Kwan has taken over as interim CEO.

But when Nate tries to impress her, she treats him like the office runner and Nate is humiliated.

Alone with Kylie, Nate confesses he feels hes lost control of his life.

Realising Nate needs authority to feel better, Kylie offers to do anything he wants, effectively giving him the power to call the shots in their relationship.

Alarmed Travis is considering getting a dodgy loan, Vinnie helps him get a job at the I.V instead - and keeps his money troubles secret from Vasa.

When this requires Vinnie to cover for Travis at his classic car business, he lies to Vasa for an extended lunch.

Running late after his chauffeur stint, he parks Travis car at the hospital.

After their shift, Vasa asks Vinnie for a lift, and cornered, he confesses hes been driving for Travis.

Vasa is understanding, but when the pair arrive at the car park Vinnie realises Traviss car is not there - someone has taken it!

Sarah cant believe Chris wanted to go back to work without considering his health and his familys worry, but when Harper points out shes doing exactly the same, Sarah is forced to reconsider the clinical trial.

TK is pleased, but when he starts preparing their move to Chicago, Sarah asserts she wants to go alone.

TK is thrown but she appeals to him - Sarah wont put his and Tillies life on hold.

Aware she may not come back, Sarah asks Harper to look after Tillie and TK for her.

Friday 8th November (5376) 

Nate tries to impress Grace with his work, but ends up feeling patronised and stymied by a dismissive Grace.

Kylie advises that Nate lightens up to establish a rapport with Grace but Nate refuses, determined to win respect off his work-related merits.

Rachel advises Nate to play the management game and use Sarahs party as a chance to make in-roads with Grace.

But Nate fails to gain traction with Grace, who is more interested in Boyd.

Attempting to assert control, Nate confronts Grace and gets a humiliating public dressing-down in response.

Vasa decides to not tell Travis the truth about his stolen car, admitting to Vinnie that she fears Traviss anger issues may resurface when he hears about the theft.

When Travis keeps his cool and manages his anger, Vasa realises he has truly changed.

Feeling even closer to Travis, Vasa takes their relationship to the next level.

Brooke returns home and is threatened to learn that Boyd has social plans with Grace.

Brooke gate-crashes Boyds evening, embarrassing him with her possessive behaviour.

Boyd reprimands Brooke, who is dismayed to realise Boyds loyalties have shifted.

Harper talks sense to Sarah and encourages her to take a more positive approach to her future.

TK confides in Chris that he will miss Sarah, but when he sees her, they both cover their apprehensions.

Meanwhile, Bella convinces Harper to have a surprise farewell party for Sarah.

Sarah avoids dealing with her own situation by focussing on Wendys health issues.

Concerned by Wendys health, Sarah agrees to meet for a quiet drink with Harper only to be surprised by a farewell party.

But an emotional Sarah slips away for a moment alone when the crowd request a farewell speech.

But Harper encourages Sarah to be brave, prompting Sarah to give a touching goodbye speech to her friends.

But once home, Sarah is pulled up by Tillies farewell message and decides she cant leave her family after all.