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4 - 8 February 2013

Geordie Holibar plays Phoenix in Shortland Street on TV2

Pua Magasiva stars as Vinnie - Shortland Street on TV2

Michael Galvin plays Chris Warner - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 4 thFebruary (5167)

Bella feels a little more positive after Lukes funeral, but shes troubled to pick up on friction between Jasmine and Murray.

Pulling Jasmine aside, Bella suggests shes letting her hurt over Angel leaving undermine her relationship with Murray.

She urges Jasmine to give him another chance, and Jasmine uneasily complies.

Murray and Jasmine build bridges, but Bellas relief is short-lived when shes reminded of Lukes death.

She announces her intention to keep his ashes with her, and tries to choose a display place where she can always see them.

Jasmine understands Bellas having trouble letting go, and brokers a deal - shell throw away Angels promise rings, if Bella scatters the ashes.

Agreeing to the plan, Bella and Jasmine plan a road trip to Cape Reinga for the scattering.

Encouraged by Murray, Wendy agrees to join them.

When she insists that Bella come and stay with them in the meantime, the Coopers are finally reunited as a family.

After staying out all night looking for Roimata, TKs frustrated when a voluntary repeat search of Zacs room fails to turn up a match for the button.

Hes further frustrated when Roman refuses to search Zacs car and locker without a warrant.

TK clashes with Zac in triage but is thrown when Zac points out the buttons on Joshs jacket match the one found in TKs bedroom.

Roman Sylvester takes Josh to the station for questioning. However, TK refuses to give up and calls Lisa for help.

Convinced that Zacs to blame for the abduction, Lisa suggests they tail him to his hideout. However, Zac cottons on and gives them the slip.

TK and Lisa catch up with a freed Josh, and realise Zac still has an Achilles heel - Sarah.

Although shes reluctant to go near Zac, Sarah agrees to spy on him for Roimatas sake, as long as TK stays close to back her up.

TK and Josh stage a verbal attack on Zac, and Zacs surprised when Sarah steps in to defend him.

Claiming that TK put her up to getting the safety order, Sarah hints that shes willing to give Zac another chance.

However, Zacs suspicious of Sarahs motivations and tests her resolve with a challenge - if shes still interested in him, shell head up to his room so they can be alone.

Tuesday 5 th February (5168)

Nicole fears Vasa is trying to undermine her again when shes late back from her lunch break with a flimsy explanation.

Nicole calls Vasa on this and Vasa truthfully admits she was late due to her anxiety over Vinnie and Ulas impending return from Hong Kong.

She fears shes alienated Ula and will never win back her trust. Nicole is reassuring and Vasa takes hope she can mend her relationship with Ula.

Nicoles advice pays off when Ula agrees to live with Vasa - as flatmates.

Hoping to advance her friendship with Vasa further, Nicole fills Ula in on her mothers struggle to cope in her absence, encouraging Ula to give Vasa support.

Ula considers this but when she sees Vasa demanding respect from Kylie and Emma, shes convinced Vasa is incapable of change.

Frustrated, Vasa unfairly blames Nicole, leaving Nicole disappointed her fledgling friendship with Vasa has failed.

Desperate to avoid being alone with Zac, Sarah deflects by drawing his attention back to Roimata.

She hopes to lull him into revealing her whereabouts but fails when Zac realises hes being played.

Sarah returns home with TK and reports to Lisa and Josh that her mission failed.

She then recalls that Zacs watch alarm went off while they were talking and he wouldnt tell her what it was for.

Lisa believes its a reminder related to Roimata and thinks Zac may be holding her somewhere nearby and drugging her regularly.

Josh informs Roman of their suspicions.

Intent on getting hard evidence against Zac to ensure his arrest, TK wants to check the drugs Zac last had access to at the hospital.

Hes disappointed when his search seems fruitless, but he refuses to give up.

Meanwhile, Roimata wakes from her drug stupor and attempts to escape. She fails but manages to smear wet paint on the bottom of Zacs trousers.

Zac remains oblivious to the paint when he changes into his work scrubs.

When Kylie recalls double checking drugs for Zac, TK realises hes found what hes looking for.

He takes this evidence to Roman, who has obtained a search warrant to search Zacs car and hospital locker.

When Zacs paint-smeared trousers and other belongings are taken as evidence from his locker, Lisa spots the paint and TK realises hes seen the colour before - at the I.V.

TK rushes to the I.V to rescue Roimata but hope turns to despair when he enters the cellar to find shes already gone

Wednesday 6 th February (5169)

With officers working to track down Zac, Roman refuses to allow further civilian interference on Roimatas case.

Sarah and Josh are sent home, but TK teams up with Lisa, and is hopeful when Lisa receives a tip-off.

Hot on the heels of the police, they find Roimata in Joshs bed.

TK knows Josh has been set up, but Roman believes hes guilty and takes him in for questioning.

Roimatas frustrated the police focus is on Josh and is upset to think Zacs got away.

She and TK are shocked to find Zac in the hospital. TK tackles Zac and goes to punch him, but Roimata stops him, pointing out Zacs not worth it.

Zacs apprehended by the police, and TK and Roimata are victorious.

Later, Sarah apologies for bringing Zac into their world and Josh apologises for provoking Zac, but Roimata wont let them blame themselves.

She insists they all stay close or Zac will think hes had a win.

Boyd reveals plans to secure a ground-breaking surgery, previously untried in New Zealand.

The addition of a high profile patient makes for a lucrative publicity coup for the hospital and a strengthened credibility.

Though excited at the prospect of this, Chris is aware of the risk associated with this new procedure and suggests caution.

Viewing this as unnecessary, Boyd continues planning, winning Rachels approval on the proviso Chris agrees.

Later, Boyds frustrated when Chris pulls rank, insisting on a delay in the procedure.

Vasa continues to attempt sabotage on Nicole, this time urging her to party after work.

When Nicole declines, Vasa resorts to plying her flatmates with alcohol.

Emma, Kylie and Lana get raucous, and Nicoles frustrated when shes woken up and cant get back to sleep.

The next day, Vasa advises Nicole on how to handle her budget meeting.

Nicole follows Vasas advice, only to be railroaded into compromising the nursing budget.

When news of Roimatas plight and Zacs arrest leak out, the nurses want a debrief and Emma and Kylie suggest they drink the rest of Vasas vodka while they talk.

Nicoles pulled up to realise Vasas been undermining her all along.

Unwilling to sink to Vasas level, an frustrated Nicole tells Vasa she can have the job.


Thursday 7 th February (5170)

Nicole stands down as Director of Nursing, despite Rachels attempts to get her to reconsider.

When Vinnie learns of this hes disgusted in Vasa and confronts her with some harsh truths about her state of mind, leaving Vasa stunned.

Though relieved to be working out her notice, Nicole faces a challenging situation when the drug room door malfunctions.

Unable to administer drugs to her patients, Nicole resorts to asking Vasa to stay on to help, offering to pay her overtime, despite Rachels desire to avoid any extra spending.

Nicoles pleased when Vasa works with her as a team but when she finds Vasa with Rachel, she fears Vasa has told on her.

Shes surprised however, when instead she receives a contrite apology from Vasa and Rachel is keen for her to stay on as DON.

Nicole agrees and prepares herself to face the challenge. Murrays concerned he trusted Zac and reaches out to TK and Roimata.

Hes grateful they understand his failure to see through Zac, and is inspired to fully commit to Wendy and his family.

When Chris informs Jan the high profile heart patient, that they are unable to accommodate a fast-turnaround procedure, shes annoyed and threatens to take the opportunity elsewhere.

Rachel is miffed at the missed opportunity, but grudgingly bows down to Chriss better judgement.

Increasingly frustrated by Chriss conservatism, Boyd privately urges Jan to speak to Rachel directly, suggesting that she is the one person who can change Chriss mind.

As predicted, Rachel successfully talks Chris around.

Impressed by Boyds knowledge and preparation, Chris begins to suspect he has been over-cautious, but when Boyd freezes at a crucial point in the procedure, Chris wants them to change to open heart surgery.

Unwilling to do this, Boyd asks for more time. Both the patients life and the hospitals reputation hang in the balance.


Friday 8 th February (5171)

Refusing to let Chris take over the surgery, Boyd pushes forward and successfully completes the procedure.

When Chris calls Boyd on his hesitation under pressure, Boyd is irritated and argues that the patient was never at risk.

When he vents to Nicole, she urges him to enjoy his success and hints at the Chris-teasing opportunities this will present.

Chris voices his concerns during a debrief with Rachel.

However, Rachels focus is on the procedures success and she pushes for Boyd to address the media.

Mistakenly pegging Boyd as a show pony, Chris views Boyd as overly-ambitious and hungry to create a profile.

But, under the spotlight, Boyd chokes.

After a promising start, he scuppers the press conference prematurely, leaving Rachel unimpressed.

Later, Boyd is bolstered when Nicole encourages him.

Roimata returns to work, but when Nicole assigns her to paperwork, Roimata accuses her of mollycoddling.

This isnt the case, and Roimata realises her defensiveness is over the top.

She attempts to keep her head down and work hard.

Later though, Roimata is rattled when she cant bring herself to get in the lift with a stranger. Brooke picks up on her odd behaviour.

Drawing from her own traumatic experience with Bree, she offers alevel of understanding and empathy that surprises and comforts Roimata.

Trying to raise staff morale post-Zac, Vinnie ropes Emma and Kylie into trying out a new nightclub.

Vinnie tries to get Josh on-board as well, but hes reluctant as he privately wants to keep an eye on Roimata.

Lana calls him on this, and Josh tries to prove hes not fixating by agreeing to the night out.

In spite of initial friction between Josh and the girls, the night goes well. But Emma is alarmed when Josh and Kylie seem to be getting on too well.

Emma leaves Vinnie in charge of a drunk Kylie with strict instructions to keep away from Josh, but he takes his duties a step too far and wakes up in bed with her the next morning.


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