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4 - 8 August 2014

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Shortland Street

Shortland Street

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M onday 4 August (5553 & 5554)

In a bid to prevent Kane assaulting Ronan, Kylie claims to be his girlfriend.

Rachel and Dayna are appalled but it has the desired effect and Ronan backs down.

Kylie and Kane tell Dayna it was a lie but Rachel looms as a greater problem.

Rachel's impulse is to file a negative report on Kane with the courts.

But Wendy and Kylie convince her Kane is under a great deal of pressure.

Kane is let off lightly but Wendy warns Kylie to keep her distance from Kane.

However when Kane continues to be bullied, Kylie feels compelled to help him.

When Chris suggests Ava could help with a project he and Boyd are working on, Boyd declines, concerned being in her proximity might reignite his feelings for her.

However, when Chris and Ava fail to connect, Boyd finds himself drawn into the collaboration.

Brooke is delighted when Ava puts her in charge of Salutaris's accounts.

However, she is shocked to discover the company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Unfazed , Ava bails the company out and Brooke grows suspicious.

She digs around and discovers Ava has a lot of high paying secret clients.

She confronts Ava, who comes clean about Perpetua.

Brooke is appalled, until she realises Ava's secret drug could be her ticket to fame and fortune.

Despite TK's warnings it's unethical, Sarah attempts to get information about Claire's history from her grandson, Cole.

Cole informs Sarah his siblings are sick but Claire catches them talking and forbids Sarah from questioning Cole further.

Sarah attempts to report her concerns to the MOH.

But when they fail to answer her calls, she tracks the sick children down to an illegal squat.

Meanwhile, TK learns that Claire fears her grandchildren will be evicted from their squat if the authorities are called.

TK arrives at the squat to find Sarah convinced she is looking at another Fraser's case.

TK isn't persuaded, as the symptoms don't add up.

He implores her not to call the authorities as it will result in the sick children being thrown out onto the street.

But a single-minded Sarah is determined to prevent another outbreak and calls the MOH anyway.

Confident in her virus diagnosis, Sarah justifies her approach with the Curtis family.

TK disagrees with how Sarah handled the situation, but puts his disapproval aside to help.

Sarah's virus suspicions prove false and Claire's furious, leaving Sarah feeling like a failure.

Rachel commends Sarah's actions but, knowing the trouble she's caused Claire, the praise feels hollow.

Downcast, Sarah wonders whether she should abandon her research.

TK thinks she's lost perspective and agrees it'd be for the best.

But Rachel implores her to carry on, and Sarah does so, against TK's wishes.

Kylie soon realises that Dayna is feeling left out, and that Kane may need her help too.

Kylie gains Dayna's confidence and wins her over.

Together they form a plan to help Kane.

They stage a 'break-up' in front of Ronan and Jack, hoping that news will spread and Kane will no longer be the focus of school gossip.

The plan works and normal life resumes for Kane.

United by what they've done, Kylie discovers a friend in Dayna.

Having committed to Ava's project, Brooke tells Boyd her fears were unfounded and encourages him to continue his work with Ava.

Brooke's recent good fortune takes a turn when she gets a concerning phone call about her kidney health.

Brooke reaches out to Boyd, who promises to be home soon, only to get waylaid by Ava.

Forgetting the time, Boyd calls home but Brooke assures him she's feeling better.

Freed of obligation, Boyd takes Ava to dinner, where their mutual attraction grows.

Feeling guilty, Boyd reacts badly to a generous gift Ava gives Brooke, but Brooke insists she must show her gratitude and take Ava to dinner.

Boyd tries to warn Ava off but she commits to the dinner.

Boyd hopes that by keeping his distance, he'll be able to cover his increasing attraction to Ava.

He succeeds, until Murray reveals Boyd and Ava had dinner together last night - unbeknownst to Brooke.

Brooke covers her concern but later an unguarded close moment between Ava and Boyd leads Brooke to suspect that something is going on - and Boyd knows it...


Tuesday 5th August (5555 )

Having realised something's going on between Boyd and Ava, Brooke's devastated.

Not willing to lose Boyd, Brooke tries to resume life as normal, whilst pulling Boyd's emotional strings to draw him close.

Boyd feels obliged to spend the day with Brooke but when Brooke realises this, she challenges him to choose her or Ava - taking the risk that she'll lose him.

Boyd talks to Ava, who wants to pursue a real relationship with Boyd now Brooke knows.

Boyd's thrown into confusion.

Realising he could leave her, Brooke plays dirty, secretly threatening to expose Ava's illicit research if she doesn't back off.

Ava tells Boyd they can't be together, and Boyd returns home to Brooke, feeling dissatisfied that he didn't get the chance to work out where his true feelings lie.

Brooke enjoys her hollow victory, not knowing how frustrated her husband truly is...

Despite her drive to prove herself invaluable, Leanne feels bored and undervalued.

Craving adult company, she takes Michael to the bar.

She's disappointed when Murray and Wendy exclude her, but finds surprising fun in Nev, the pub regular.

But Nicole and Vinnie find out what she's done and take her to task.

By the time she's explained herself, Nev's gone, and Leanne's left disappointed.

She perks up when Nev finds her and asks her out.

But when Nicole asks her to babysit again, Leanne feels she's obliged to after stuffing up the night before.

But as she ekes out excitement as she cancels her date, she feels she's only closed off all chance of a relationship.

Luckily, her diamond-in-the-rough Nev calls on her once more, and Leanne forgoes any pretence and asks him on a date while she babysits.

They connect, but when Nicole and Vinnie come home, intent on showing their appreciation to the selfless Leanne, Leanne feels she'll ruin her credibility by finding fun with the man everyone thinks is beneath her.

What will she choose - a rare chance at romance or the family she loves?


Wednesday 6th August (5562)

Anxious not to risk getting offside with her family, Leanne hustles Nev out, unaware a sleepy Michael has seen him.

She knows she's hurt Nev's feelings but has to put her family life first.

However, Michael mentions seeing him and a shocked Leanne's first instinct is denial.

She's saved from saying much when Nicole presumes Nev is Michael's imaginary grandfather figure.

Though it troubles Nicole, Leanne allows her and Vinnie o think that, content to keep her secret romance bubbling along.

Upon her return to Ferndale, Harper's confronted by Garrett's news that their Dad, Steve, has escaped custody and Garrett sheltered him and gave him life-saving meds.

Harper's appalled and a regretful Garrett goes along with Harper's wish to forget Steve.

But this is put to the test when their ratbag uncle Benny is brought into ED, having been injured by Steve.

Wanting to inform the police and be free of her criminal family, Harper's reluctantly convinced by Garrett to hold off calling the police until they get to the bottom of what exactly happened.

Dallas's desire for a child returns, but Bella's still resistant to the idea.

When she sees his enjoyment looking after Tillie, she suggests he does lots of babysitting to satisfy his love of children.

Dallas is frustrated Bella still doesn't understand it's their own baby he wants to love and nurture.

Bella gets an idea to address the problem.

She presents Dallas with a pet bunny - a baby substitute. Dallas is distinctly underwhelmed.

Sarah's trying to make amends for causing Claire Johns's family to lose their squat by finding them housing.

She keeps it quiet from TK, but he picks up on her secret contact with Claire and it leads him to think she's trying to hound Claire about the mystery virus all over again.

Sarah suggests a date to reignite their romance, but she can't resist taking calls from the emergency housing trust and TK's annoyed.

Frustrated by TK's attitude, Sarah ends the date.

At work, TK realises he's misjudged Sarah when Claire reveals the lengths Sarah's gone to help Claire's family.

He apologises to Sarah, but Sarah concedes they always hit the same problems because she does over-invest.

It's making her question where they're going as a couple.

Realising just how much he loves Sarah, TK sets out to prove her wrong, with a spontaneous romantic proposal.

Moved by his declaration of love, she agrees.


Thursday 7th August (5557)

Dallas slowly warms to the bunny and, when he defends her decision to Evan, Bella's glad he understands this is a very real sign of her commitment to him - it's a dummy run for parenthood.

But Bella loses the bunny and lies to Dallas to buy Evan enough time to find it.

When the bunny is found, Dallas is stung to realise Bella has lied to him.

They manage to broker some peace, agreeing that they're neither ready for a rabbit or a baby.

TK and Sarah feel deflated when their friends don't seem as happy about their engagement as they are - only to find a surprise party waiting for them at home.

Having resigned themselves to celebrating alone, TK and Sarah are stoked.

Brooke realises that by denying Boyd Ava's friendship he's unhappy, and she works hard to cheer him.

Off an article Brooke's found, she starts a discussion about a new surgical tool in an endeavour to compete with Ava.

Aware of this, and by proxy Brooke's failings, he only misses Ava more.

Harper and Garrett are horrified to learn there's a chance their father Steve has been imprisoned for a crime their uncle Benny did.

As the one who narked on Steve, Garrett is in furious denial at first but his guilt escalates when he sees that Harper is starting to believe in their father's innocence.

Whilst Garrett frets, Harper is pleased that Steve might not be the monster they thought he was.

But first they need to confirm the truth with Benny.

Benny makes a show of denying his guilt but it becomes obvious that he did the crime and framed Steve.

Garrett finally admits that he narked on Steve.

Steve's so defeated he gives himself up to the police.

Garrett's livid at all Benny has done and when Benny refuses to take responsibility, Garrett confronts him.

Boyd discovers him apparently getting aggro with a patient, landing Garrett in big trouble.


Friday 8th August (5558)

In an effort to save Garrett's job, Harper stresses to Boyd how disreputable Benny is and how much he provoked Garrett.

But that only earns Garrett a stay of execution, to be decided at a meeting later.

Harper urges Garrett to calm down so he can retain his job, but Garrett's at a turning point in his life and, doubting his calling as a doctor, is more concerned with freeing Steve.

They visit Steve, who is unwilling to stir up trouble by making a bid to having his sentence quashed.

Concerned for how this has affected her brooding brother, Harper challenges Steve to turn his life around for his son's sake.

Steve does so, forgiving his son for his childhood betrayal and urging him to make the most of himself.

Inspired, Garrett vows to Boyd that his trouble-making days are behind him: he's utterly committed to his medical career.

Boyd is struck by his sincerity and gives him one last chance to prove himself.

The work environment at Ava's clinic is awkward after Brooke's blackmail threat.

Ava wants Brooke to quit but Brooke's unwilling to give her the satisfaction, and demands another payrise.

This distracts Ava and Rachel picks up on it, suspecting something is off about the drug trial.

Boyd runs into Ava and wants to know why she changed her mind about him so quickly.

But they are sprung by Brooke, who's concerned her blackmail to keep them apart isn't working.

Rachel confronts Ava about her concerns over her wonder drug, and ends up the recipient of Ava's confession about her feelings for Boyd.

Determined to keep Ava away from Boyd, Brooke goes to Rachel with her blackmail information.

Rachel says she'll deal with it - but what will she do?

Tired after working long shifts ever since the I.V fire, Wendy feels under-appreciated at work when she is overlooked in a meeting.

Focusing on her family, she makes a beautiful lunch for them which they treat as takeaway without any thanks.

Trying to cheer herself up at the bar, Wendy is chagrined when Sarah and Leanne ditch her for their men friends.

Trying again, Wendy offers to make herself useful at the bar but is put out to be tasked with washing dishes.

She soldiers on, only for Murray to point out she's done it wrong.

Wendy finally loses control of her emotions and has an emotional meltdown.

When she comes back to earth, she's mortified to realise not only are her family aghast, but the entire restaurant has witnessed her breakdown.