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31 July - 3 August 2012

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Brooke Freeman - Shortland Street TV2

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  Monday 30th July (5052)  

Caught out wasting company time, Daniel's frustrated his attempt to help the hospital has earned him rebuke from Rachel.

Josh bolsters him not to give up his entrepreneurship but Daniel decides to keep his head down.

Lana's pulled up when Josh accuses her of not supporting Daniel and, wanting to redeem herself, Lana presses Rachel to reconsider Daniel's pitch.

Rachel's impressed by Daniel's business sense, and Daniel's surprised to find a mentor in Rachel.

Against Evan's advice, Ula sticks by her accusation against Zac. A conflicted Sarah asks Zac to explain, and although she believes Zac's innocent she can't help feeling private doubts.

Zac tries to make Ula withdraw her claim but an angry Vinnie backs him off.

Undeterred, Zac convinces Sarah to come with him to talk to Ula where he challenges Ula to give specifics regarding the alleged incident.

Ula's lie quickly unravels and she's forced to admit she made a mistake and Zac's name is cleared.

Upset, Ula starts to explain the reason for her deception to Vinnie - that Zac was having an affair with Vasa - but in the end can't bring herself to do so, even though she's left branded a liar.

Convinced the cooking class is a set-up, Wendy fumes when Bella blurts that she is single to the attractive chef.

Tension is released when Blair jokes about Bella's designs for the evening. Later, Wendy realises Blair is juggling work and kids and finds herself forming a connection with him.

Meanwhile, Murray's wistful to think of Wendy moving on and confesses to Luke that he and Cat have broken up. Luke's pulled up to realise Murray still has feelings for Wendy, and urges Murray to tell Wendy the truth. But feeling like a fool, Murray refuses.

Meanwhile, Blair and Wendy are getting on fine and Wendy plucks up the courage to invite Blair out - he accepts. Wendy's thrilled by the thought.


Tuesday 31st July (5053)

Wendy's nervous but a little excited about her upcoming date with Blair. Although she set the whole thing up, Bella has mixed feelings, but encourages her mum to go for it.

Luke feels caught in the middle, as he knows that Murray's heart is turning back to Wendy. He chooses not to tell Murray, but gently suggests that Wendy has something important to tell him.

Murray gets his hopes up that Wendy may be trying to reconcile. Later, he realises that Wendy is on a date with some new man and he feels that hes missed his chance.

Despite Ula withdrawing her accusation against Zac, TK can't shake the feeling Zac is hiding something. A frustrated TK realises his suspicions appear unfounded and tries to let the matter drop.

Zac makes an effort to seek a truce with TK for Sarah's benefit. Feeling the peace offer is forced, TK clashes with Zac. But a cocky Zac reminds TK hes got nothing to back up his suspicions and TK is left feeling powerless.

With his trial date pending, Chris lets himself invest in the hope his name will be cleared. But when Gus returns to remand from hospital, Chris is concerned at his fragile state.

Worried that Gus' medication seems inadequate, Chris appeals to Rachel to have his medication reassessed through the hospital.

Unimpressed hes agitating on Gus' behalf again, Rachel reminds Chris he needs to keep his head down until the trial.

But Chris can't hang back when Gus unfairly gets the blame for stirring up trouble and his visit to the prison nurse is denied.

Frustrated, Chris goes above Mahers head to ensure Gus gets the care he needs. Infuriated, Maher makes sure all the prisoners suffer for Chris' actions and makes it clear who's to blame.

Chris is shocked to realise hes now the target of his fellow prisoners' anger.

Wednesday 1st August (5054)

Head prison officer Mr Maher has made sure the inmates know the television ban is Chris' fault. Singled out by inmate Mike, Chris works to convince him he's a victim of Maher's manipulation.

Later, Maher collars Chris, and is surprised to find Chris defiant and victorious - he's a little roughed up but he's managed to change Mike's viewpoint.

Rachel's shocked by Chris' injury, but he explains it's a consequence of protecting Gus.

Accepting this, Rachel looks forward to getting back to their normal lives once Chris is released. Chris is left wondering if can ever again be the man he once was.

Paige rededicates herself to her work and impresses Brooke by taking on a difficult case. The patient's symptoms don't add up, but when Josh suggests the condition may be drug-related Paige ignores him.

Determined to find the solution on her own, Paige notices bruising on the patient which has her suspecting violence in the home. Paiges query antagonises next of kin and, with no other diagnosis, she fears she's failed.

Josh tries to confide in Lana, but Lana backs him off - she doesn't want to play go between anymore. However, they share their own connection - barely a frisson but enough to make both of them feel awkward.

Still, Lana is concerned by Paige's low self-worth and asks Josh to offer post break-up support and friendship.

Josh takes action, and, when Paige reports to Brooke, she's surprised to find a note from Josh in the patient file. Paige pieces together the correct diagnosis and Brooke praises her work.

Pleased and relieved, Paige tracks Josh down to thank him. She hopes they can start to reconnect romantically, but Josh backs her off and Paige is stung.

Keeping an eye on Annette while Brooke's working, Bree hopes they can connect, especially as she's made an effort to appear more like Brooke.

When Annette seems supportive of Bree's future Bree is buoyed, and she dares to hope Annette has her best interests at heart.

Bree's hopes are dashed when Annette impresses Brooke by securing a job interview - she realises Annette is trying to shut her out for good.

Bree sabotages Annette's chances by giving her access to alcohol. Brooke's disappointed by Annette's drunkenness and Bree's pleased to have successfully declared war on her mother.


Thursday 2nd August (5055)

Zac's unhappy to learn TK and Sarah will work closely together if TK becomes Head of the ED.

Hoping to derail this, Zac takes advantage of TK's favouritism towards Roimata todiscredit TK.

Zac claims he wants to apply for a job which he knows TK has already given Roimata and TK, keen to keep the peacebetween himself and Sarah, is forced to consider Zac's application.

Roimata reveals she already has the job and Zac uses this to undermine TK's bid for HOD in Sarah's eyes.

However, TK shines in his interview and Zac is thwarted when TK is made Head of the ED.

A sad Paige confides Josh's rejection to Lana and Lana pushes Paige to give up on him.

Heeding her advice, Paige explains to Josh that their relationship was doomed because it was wrong for where they're both at.

However, Josh is aware he only dumped Paige because of his attraction to Lana.

Later, TK calls Josh to account for his surly doctoring. Feeling guilty about his dishonesty to Paige, he tells the truth about his druggie past and the death of his girlfriend.

Now that he has opened up, Paige think they really can be friends but Josh is all too aware of his growing feelings for Lana.

Annette suspects Bree sabotaged her on purpose. She hurts Bree by relishing the thought of Bree being struck off by the medical tribunal.

Bree's further hurt when she learns Brooke has gone to a DHB function without informing her.

She decides to attend as well and when Annette tries to stop her, Bree controls Annette by giving her money for alcohol.

To Brooke's alarm, Bree turns up at the DHB function. Bree attempts to win ground with the doctor likely to pass judgement over her when she faces the tribunal.

Brooke tries to support her but a drunken Annette arrives and exposes Bree as manipulative and dangerous, ruining the progress Bree has made.

Bree quietly fumes and, later, takes revenge by allowing Annette to fall down the stairs.


Friday 3rd August (5056) 

TK wants to prove his worth as the new head of the ED and is pleased to have Roimata's support as he preps for his first HOD meeting.

A hopeful and earnest TK requests feedback on the assessment forms he instigated to improve interdepartmental communication, so that he can improve and add to them. Hes frustrated to get a lukewarm reaction from the other HODs.

A concerned Sarah counsels TK that change takes time and he should wait for his ideas to take effect.

TK is disheartened by the overall response, but is bolstered when Roimata encourages that this is his moment to make his mark and he should continue to push for change.

Needing to cover her guilt, Bree jumps in to help treat the injured Annette. She successfully gains Brooke's sympathy by claiming she feels terrible that she couldn't prevent Annette from falling.

Brooke puts Annette's fall down to a drunken stumble but is chilled when Annette accuses Bree of intentionally letting her fall.

Unsure who to believe, a conflicted Brooke realises Annette's account can't be trusted. Brooke points out that Annette's fall could have killed her and Annette agrees to try rehab again, at home with Brooke.

She pleads with Brooke never to leave her alone with Bree, but when Bree seems so genuinely keen to help Annette get well, Brooke accepts her offer. Bree has Annette at her mercy.

Vinnie's punishment of Ula for her false accusations against Zac continue. Vinnie doesn't like his role of jailer, but with Vasa coming home next week, he's frustrated by Ula's refusal to explain her actions.

When Ula complains to Evan, he urges her to see Vinnie's side of the story - his good relationship with Ula has changed because she won't be honest with him, and he's lost his social life because he has to monitor her so closely.

Concerned to realise she's dragging Vinnie down, Ula sets up a surprise party to cheer him up and asks Evan for alcohol.

Jasmine thinks Ula is organising a party for her friends and spills the beans to Vinnie and Wendy.

Believing Ula is planning to get drunk with her mates, Vinnie vents his frustration, calling her a cheat and a liar and wiping his hands of her.

He's caught out to discover the party is Ula's way of showing him that she still loves and respects him. In the face of her tears, Vinnie feels worse than ever.

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