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31 August - 4 September 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 31 August (5826)


Kylie's uneasy when TK doesn't come home after taking his troubled patient Ant to rehab.

She tries to track him down, and she's shocked to find him bruised and bloody. Seeing he's been beaten, she rushed him to the E.D.

But TK's resistent to playing the patient, and demands to go home. Talking to Kylie ,

He's forced to accept that he can't help everyone.

He resolves to stop playing the hero and focus on Tillie and Kylie instead... but this leads to him ignoring the warning signs of an impending concussion.


Kicking off their secret wedding plans, Nicole and Vinnie give out invitations to Vinnie's ‘birthday’, keeping news of the real event to themselves.

Nicole goes overboard trying to convince her friends to come along.

Meanwhile, Michael almost tells Leanne the truth, but Nicole and Vinnie help cover for him.

Nicole starts to feel uncomfortable deceiving Leanne, but she and Vinnie agree to continue.

Little do they know, Leanne's planning a a trip to the U.S to see Howard... instead of coming to their low-key wedding.


Shocked to find evidence of dodgy dealings in Curtis's pocket, Lucy calls him on it.

Curtis lies, protesting his innocence, but Lucy's doubtful, so she sends him packing.

When she finds Jack studying at the I.V, to avoid trouble at home, Lucy feels for Curtis knowing all the woes they've been through.

When Curtis tries to win her back by asking her to come for a ride in his new car, Lucy's still a little wary.

But she's won over by Curtis's appeal that she’s the only one who believes in him.

Lucy's touched when he swears he'll go straight for her.

But when Curtis is pulled over by the police, Lucy's efforts to defuse the situation are undone by his confrontational attitude.

She's dismayed when the search of his car results in Curtis being arrested for dealing.

Not only has he lied to her, but he's clearly on a self-destructive path she's powerless to stop...


Tuesday 1 September (5827 )

After his arrest, Lucy decides she needs to cut Curtis out of her life.

This proves difficult, when he protests about how much he needs her.

But with Dayna's support behind her, Lucy she stays true to her resolve.


Curtis tells Margaret of his arrest, not caring about what it will mean for him.

But Margaret is rightly worried. She also feels guilty to think she's the one responsible for Curtis going off the rails.

It's a wake-up call for her, so she sets out to curb her overspending and head back to work.

At first Mo is hesitant, thinking she needs more time to grieve, but Margaret insists, saying she wants to get back into a routine. 

Mo takes fresh hope from her determination, still unaware of Curtis's arrest.

They're beginning to believe that things are looking up... unaware that Curtis, feeling utterly alone, is in a very dark and angry place.


Keen to forget about his failure to help Ant, TK refuses to take any sick leave and resolves to go straight back to work.

But it's too soon and he collapses on the job, forcing Mo to step up when a patient's life is in danger.

Grateful to Mo, TK is forced to accept that he's needs to rest.

And when he learns that Ant is going to detox, meaning his efforts to help weren't in vain, some of his guilt over Caleb’s death dissipates. Kylie’s relieved to see it.


When Nicole learns Leanne's planning on going overseas and will miss their surprise wedding, she hatches a plan to stop Leanne without busting the secret.

She gets Howard to convince Leanne to come a few days later... but her plan backfires when Leanne starts to think Howard's losing interest in her, and gets

Feeling bad, Nicole and Vinnie are forced to tell her the truth.

But after being in the dark for so long, the truth is cold comfort to Leanne. She's hurt and offended by their plans.

The next morning, Nicole and Vinnie are shocked to learn that Leanne's decided to go on her holiday regardless... and she won't be there for her daughter's wedding.



Wednesday 2 September (5828)

Jimmy nervously anticipates Bella's return. He's crushed when Murray arrives without Bella, reporting she has no definite return date.

Murray offers some tough love by way of support. staying the course as a father is the best way of gaining ground with Bella.

Jimmy’s pleasantly surprised to get this support from an unexpected quarter.


Edwin reappears in Jack's life but their relationship isn't what it was.

After a spat with Edwin, and having to deal with a drunk Curtis, Jack escapes to the hospital to study.

When Victoria offers advice, and her exam room to study in, Jack is grateful for her calm support.

Curtis is on a self-destructive streak, getting drunk and trying to pick fights.

Meanwhile, Mo ignores his feelings for Victoria and does his best to support Margaret.

Despite his own misgivings, he asks a wary Vinnie if she can return to work early.


Harper sets out to retrieve Leanne so she can be at the surprise wedding.

She manages to chase Leanne down, but Leanne remains stubborn. Harper makes an impassioned plea on Nicole's behalf. 

In the absence of any news, Nicole's unsure if she can go through with the wedding without Leanne, but in the end she decides she must.

The ceremony begins, to the delight of their friends... and just as Nicole begins her vows, Leanne bursts in, in the nick of time.

The ceremony goes perfectly, and Nicole and Vinnie are overjoyed... oblivious to the undercurrents of tension at the party.


Dayna makes a play for Drew and gets politely rejected. 

Harper misreads the exchange and sees it as further example of Drew's lecherous behaviour.

Drew laughs it off, saying Harper's only jealous. He's taunting her, when Boyd appears, catching a snippet of their conversation. 

Convinced there's something they're not telling him, Boyd becomes defensive and threatening towards Drew. 


Thursday 3 September (5829)


Drew takes full responsibility for making an advance on Harper, but Boyd remains suspicious.

Forced to be honest, Harper admits she has an unwanted attraction to Drew and that he kissed her.

She swears she's committed to Boyd but he's doubtful. He can't be sure of their future anymore.

When Drew tries to tempt Harper again, she backs him off but still feels drawn to him.


Nicole becomes aware of the tension and Harper confides that she loves Boyd but finds it hard to resist Drew.

Nicole's a little shocked to hear what went on between Harper and Drew, not surprised by Boyd's chilly attitude.

But she agrees that Harper just needs to have faith in the strength of her love for Boyd and reject Drew, once and for all.

Harper tells Drew that he's nothing compared to Boyd, that he's the one for her and it's breaking her heart to think she might lose him. 

Drew finally accepts her rejection.

And Boyd, having overheard their exchange, feels for Harper, and goes over to embrace her. 


Meanwhile, Drew provokes Boyd, who responds in a fierce manner, defending his relationship with Harper.

Harper sees this and knows for certain that Boyd is the one for her.

In no uncertain terms, she warns Drew to back off - for good.

Boyd's bolstered by this and the two are left stronger than ever.


Humiliated after he rejected her advance, Dayna avoids Drew, but Jimmy encourages her to forget her social faux pas and keep pursuing Drew professionally.

Dayna does so and Drew is impressed by her I.V accommodation proposal.

She's elated, until Murray shuts her down. He'd rather not expand the business, meaning Dayna's dream can't go ahead.


Wishing they'd given themselves the day off work, Nicole and Vinnie start dreaming of a honeymoon.

Although the realities of childcare and work responsibilities hit, they fail to dampen the spirits of the loved-up newly-weds.


As Curtis spins out of control, Mo worries that Margaret's wrong to return to work so soon.

But an empathetic Lucy advocates on Margaret's behalf, and when the medical ward is understaffed, Vinnie agrees to let Margaret help. 

Mo's concerned when Margaret becomes upset. But she assures him she's okay, just that being in the hospital brings it all rushing back.


Mo's alarmed to find a letter to Curtis from the police.

He forces Jack to tell him the truth, and Jack confessing that Curtis was caught dealing drugs.

Mo's furious at Curtis and angry that Margaret covered for him again.

A huge argument breaks out. Defending Curtis against Mo, Margaret admits she went to jail in Australia because she was guilty of fraud, not to cover for Curtis as she led him to believe.

Mo is stunned by the betrayal.


Friday 4 September (5830)

Mo is sickened to learn Margaret allowed Curtis to take the blame for her crimes and heads out into the night, leaving Margaret worried for her marriage.

But moping has never been Mo's style and he finally returns home.

Margaret takes hope from this - until Mo sleeps on the couch and refuses to talk to her.

The next day, Mo is gone and Margaret realises she needs to prove herself.

She goes to work and throws herself into nursing, despite feeling emotional and distracted.

Vinnie and Lucy notice and Lucy does her best to cover for her.

However, this means neglecting her own work and Vinnie becomes furious when a patient's care is compromised.

He chastises Lucy, only to discover Margaret is the one really at fault.


Edwin comes round, convincing Jack to spend some time with him and his mates. 

But Jack is distracted by what's happening at home, and he's hurt when Edwin brushes it aside. 

They have an argument, and Edwin leaves, deciding he'd rather not be involved.

A sympathetic Victoria overhears their conversation, feeling for Jack.  

Later she sees him waiting in the hospital for his dad. She offers to buy him a smoothie, saying that the two of them should stick together. 


Dayna is surprised and disappointed by Murray's revelation that he intends to sell his share in the I.V.

She tries to convince him to consider investing in expansion instead.

Murray agrees not to sell in the short term, but still refuses to invest more money.

Jimmy encourages Dayna, and she decides to apply for a bank loan to buy Murray out.

But the bank turns her down, and she's disheartened to think things at the IV won't change.

However, Drew still encourages her and suggests she approaches Rachel with her proposal. He knows Rachel's got a good mind for business and might have money to invest. 

Dayna's dazzled by the hope she may still achieve her dream.


Newlyweds Vinnie and Nicole make plans for a honeymoon in the future but they're dragged back to reality when Pele gets sick.

Vinnie has a terrible night's sleep and then Nicole is forced to stay home and look after Pele.

A nurse down, Vinnie is frustrated when Margaret's distracted by her marital problems.

Further pressure mounts when Lucy is absent from her duties, and Boyd has a go at Vinnie.

At his wits end, it looks as though Vinnie will dismiss Margaret - until she crumples and begs for mercy.

Vinnie is deeply conflicted - does he have the heart to kick her while she is down?