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30 September - 4 October 2013

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

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Monday 30th September (5348)

When Bella insists Tobys faking his illness, a torn Emma stops the surgery.

Emmas relieved the operation didnt go ahead unnecessarily, but when Dallas insists that Toby face the consequences of his lies, Emma gets annoyed and dismisses Dallas.

When Toby makes excuses for his behaviour, Emma realises Dallas was right and she dishes out punishment.

Emma then tries to apologise to Dallas, but he brushes her off.

Bella advises Emma to persevere for the sake of their relationship.

Taking Bellas advice, Emma talks things through with a reluctant Dallas and finally agrees to let him make his own peace with Toby.

Evans dismayed to realise Lens money transfer is not enough to save his company and he sinks even lower when he learns that Murrays hired a new company and he cant have The I.V contract back.

Having learned from Vinnie that the hospital needs better cleaning services, Evan asks Rachel for permission to pitch his business, but Rachel advises against it - Evans doing well as it is.

Desperate, Evan begs Bella to help him and she points him at Nate.

But after listening to Evans proposal, Nate concludes he cant hire an inexperienced teenager and Evan resorts to lying - hes acting on Rachels behalf.

Knowing Rachel, Nate awards him the contract, but Rachel finds out. Evan apologises for lying to Nate, but wont apologise for fighting for his company.

Impressed at Evans drive, Rachel proposes to become his business partner.

Evans delighted, and while talking to Rachel about his future, he decides to ignore a call from Bella.

Murray proposes that he and Wendy celebrate their wedding anniversary, but Wendys adamant they stay in with Len since its their turn on the roster.

Murray is surprised when Len supports his wish to take Wendy out, offering to book them dinner and a hotel room for the night.

Outnumbered, Wendy has to accept.

Murray and Wendy are touched when Len expresses his pride in Murray and apologises to Wendy for his past animosity towards her.

As Len asks them not worry and to enjoy their night out, Murray and Wendy leave.

Once they're safely gone, Len sets out to carry out through his plan in secret.

Bella arrives home to find Len unconscious. After calling 111, she tries to contact her family.

After a fun night, Murray and Wendy fall asleep in their luxury hotel room, missing Bellas desperate call.

If you or someone you know have been affected by the issues raised in tonight's episode of Shortland Street, visit or phone Lifeline on 0800 543 354 or for assistance.


Tuesday 1st October (5349)

Lens confused and disappointed to wake up in resus. But Bella is hugely relieved hes alright.

Frustrated hes lost his chance to decide his own fate, Lens overwhelmed by the familys worry and insists they face the fact he wants to die.

Upset, Murray leaves the ward, followed by a worried Wendy.

Left with his confused grandchildren, Len realises hes hurt his family.

Finally regretting his actions, Len makes a genuine promise to Evan and Bella that he wont try to take his life again.

When Kylies too busy for sex in the supply room, a throwaway comment leaves Vinnie thinking she wants him to spice things up.

He offers alternative rendezvous locations, and steps up to the challenge when Kylie lightly suggests the CEOs office.

He finds out when Chris is busy and successfully set up a ruse to distract Nate.

They succeed in getting into Chris office, but are quickly caught out by Chris surprise return from surgery.

Vinnie flees unseen and Kylies left to make up an flimsy excuse for being there.

When Chris discovers she's left her underwear behind, he mistakenly presumes she's got a crush on him.

Though Chris isnt interested, he still feels the heat when Rachel enters and he hides the incriminating underwear in Nate's folder.

Wanting to wield respect in his Business Manager role, Nates concerned by the nurses grooming and vows to keep the medical staffs hair up and tidy.

But Brooke is annoyed Nates getting too big for his boots and garners support to throw the rules back in Nates face by creating outrageous hairstyles for the staff.

Annoyed hes not being taken seriously, Nate calls a meeting to address their misconduct - only to be surprised by an anonymous memento of Kylie and Vinnies secret office make-out session.

The crowd of staff roars with laughter. Kylies quietly mortified, but Nates embarrassment is total and he vows revenge - once he finds out who has set him up.


Wednesday 2nd October (5350)
Nate channels his public embarrassment into a discipline crackdown on staff - especially Brooke, who has crossed him before.

He successfully takes her out of his life - for now - by forcing her to take long-overdue leave she has owing.

But Chris advises a less officious approach, so Nate tries to counteract his growing unpopularity by putting on after-work drinks.

Kylie attends Nates drinks with Vinnie as part of their no-strings relationship.

She tries to get the dull party going, so revs Nate up and likes what she sees when he finally lets his hair down.

Excited, she kisses Nate and tries to assure Vinnie it doesnt mean anything.

Sarah cautiously resumes her ED responsibilities, but starts to fear her physical limitations are burdening the staff.

Sarah is forced to face her fears when an obese woman collapses, trapping them both in the ladies lavatory.

Sarah calls for help and is heard by Roimata, who comes to her aid as the womans life hangs in the balance.

But Roimata cant get through the blocked door and Sarah overcomes her MS to save Jenny as Roimata helps supply medication under the toilet door.

Once theyre finally freed, Sarah realises she and Roimata make a good team, but because of her MS, isnt sure her future is in ED.

In his anger over Lens attempted suicide, Murray unintentionally injures Wendy and takes her to ED.

Bella advocates for Len to visit Murray and Wendy in ED, and Len hopes its an opportunity to reconnect with his family.

It fails when Murray again refuses to talk to him.

Murray tries to draw the immediate family together over a takeaway dinner, but his anti-Len attitude angers Evan and upsets Bella, so Murray finally agrees to speak to Len.

Still angry, Murray accuses Len of affecting the wider family with his selfish action.

Evan thinks Murrays being hypocritical and old family issues raise their head, dividing the family.

Stressed, Murray allows his feelings to overcome him and angrily accuses Len of ruining his life at every turn.

Thursday 3rd October (5351)

Sarah turns to GP-ing at the hospital and is hopeful its a realistic balance of whats shes capable of health-wise.

But Sarahs confidence takes a knock when she realises shes overanalysing each patient and needs to be faster.

Pleased to catch up with the patient flow, Sarah is disappointed the GP work lacks the intellectual challenge shes used to.

When she bumps into Rose, the diabetic patient she saved, Sarahs concerned by Rose doesnt seem well enough to be discharged and prioritises her care.

After his big night out, Nate wakes up confused to be at Kylies house and unable to remember anything.

Vinnie, privately motivated by jealousy, winds Nate up.

Unsettled, Nate is humiliated to realise news of his drunken night has reached Chris.

But hes relieved to realise only he, Kylie and Vinnie know he spent the night at their house.

The uptight Nate is easy game for Vinnies teasing and he plays up Nates drunken escapade. But Kylies conscience kicks in.

She tells Nate the truth that theyve lied about his antics. Turning the tables, Nate outplays Vinnie at his own trick - hitting on him at work.

Kylie eventually gives the game away and the three laugh off the silly situation.

But Nate's annoyed when he realises Kylie and Vinnie were also responsible for embarrassing him with the underwear.

Wendy and Bellas priority is getting Len and Murray to reconcile and she gives Murray Lens suicide note.

Reluctant, Murray finally reads it and initiates a blunt but heartfelt chat with Len and brings him home.

Surprised to find Judy has arrived, Lens also concerned by Murrays new resolve to sacrifice anything to care for him.

He suggests to Judy that they head back to Nelson together. But Judys realistic about caring for Len and is reluctant.

Len plays along with her need to talk to the family.

The family thrash out ideas for Lens care - until Evan realises Lens gone with Judys car and the family panic that hes done something drastic.

However, Lens got himself lost, and when he accidentally puts the gear into reverse, he crashes into a powerpole and hits his head on the steering wheel.


Friday 4th October (5352)  

Lens suffered a severe laceration on his forehead, but will be okay.

Relieved, Murray determines to keep a constant eye on him from now on, but Lens realised hes a danger to himself and to others and asks to be moved into a nursing home.

Murray firmly declines - the best place for Len is at the Coopers. But Wendy argues Len has the right to decide how to live his life.

Off Wendys advice, Murray begins to think he needs to reassess his choice for Lens future.

Pleased her firm mothering of Toby is paying off, Emma bonds with him and Dallas, but their funs interrupted by Julias arrival.

Tobys delighted to see his mother, but Emmas dismayed when she discovers Julias going to Sweden and has come to take Toby with her.

Emma asks her to discuss her decision before telling Toby, but Julias not here to ask for Emmas permission.

When Toby learns the news, hes excited and Emmas crushed to think shes going to lose him very soon.

To get revenge, Nate sets up to separate Vinnie and Kylie when he discovers Vinnies true feelings for her.

Knowing Vinnie wont be able to accept his offer because hes working, Nate invites him and Kylie to the theatre.

As expected, Vinnie declines and Nates satisfied when Kylie, attracted by his magnetic charm, accepts.

Privately jealous, Vinnie questions Kylie, but she assures him shes only going because she feels sorry for Nate.

But when Nate drops Kylie home they share a moment of attraction.

Overwhelmed by her desire for Nate, Kylie channels her passion on Vinnie.

Sarahs confused by Roses symptoms, but neither Roimata nor Harper can find anything wrong with her, and both question Sarahs dedication to Rose.

Not wanting to give up, Sarah takes Rose for a CT-Scan, but Nate reprimands her for leaving her GP post, asking her to let Rose go.

Worried, Sarah hides Rose in a ward for the night, convinced shes unwell.

When Roimata discovers her, shes worried Nate will be angry. And he is.

He demands that Rose be discharged but the Rose collapses.

As Sarah, Harper and Roimata help Rose, Nate continues to badger.

Harper tells him to shut up and Sarah is smug. Nate sees this...and seethes.