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3 - 7 September 2012

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Monday 3rd September (5077)

Bree is elated to receive some professional credit at the medical conference - as Brooke.

Learning of Brees success, Brooke feels genuine pride in her sisters achievement and promises her a night out.

When Kevin calls Brooke the next morning, Bree feels guilty about stealing Brookes identity and brushes him off.

Facing the reality of work as a medical supplies rep, Brees enthusiasm wanes and Brooke has to use tough love to make her go to work.

Later Brooke forgoes a career-advancement opportunity to spend time with Bree, putting her commitment to Bree above her own success.

Despite her rapport with patients on the medical ward, Paige sees surgery as the ultimate goal. She accepts Lukes help with

reading material, but is alarmed to realise Chris will be her supervisor.

Worried hell be hard on her because of her past drug-use while in his department, Paige overinvests in studying, in spite of Joshs warning that stress will lead to errors.

When an anxious medical ward patient, Mrs Marshall, asks Paige to sit with her for the afternoon, Paige refuses, putting study first.

But feeling guilty about breaking an earlier promise, Paige changes her mind, puts study aside and sits with Mrs Marshall

Inspired by her talk with Murray, Jasmine enlists Angels help to convince Wendy and Murray they should be together.

When their efforts go awry, Angel suggests they trust in God and pray for Murray and Wendy to see their true path. Jasmine and Angel stay up together all night.

At first, Wendy is concerned their connection may be romantic, but Jasmine reveals they spent all night praying for Murray and Wendy to reunite.

Together, Wendy and Murray make it clear to Jasmine that their split is permanent.

Disappointed, Jasmine thinks her prayers have failed, but Angel is given hope that the Murray and Wendy are reconnecting through parenting.

Jasmine misreads Angels excitement as passion and kisses him. But when Angel rejects her shes embarrassed to realise hes besotted with God - not her

Tuesday 4th September (5078)

Mortified by her failed attempt to kiss Angel, Jasmine allows him to believe she was caught up in religious fervour, but then rejects his request to talk further.

Angel worries that Jasmine doesnt like him anymore and worries about how he can continue to live with the Coopers.

Concerned, Evan insists Jasmine tell him whats going on. Jasmine admits her crush and that she made a fool of herself and now wants Angel to keep his distance.

Jasmine takes Evans advice and tries to distance herself from Angel, but the attraction is too strong. Jasmine justifies to Evan that she realises she can be friends with Angel.

Evan knows Jasmine is deluding herself and wanting to save her and the family more embarrassment, he challenges Angel to face the fact that hes the one Jasmine is hot for, not God.

Chris and Rachel have returned from holiday on better terms, but Rachel is concerned by Chriss lack of interest in his work.

When Seth insists that Rachel order Chris to perform a highprofile cosmetic surgery procedure, she fears this will make things worse.

When she discovers Chriss enthusiasm for his job has returned thanks to some complex emergency surgery, she keeps Seths request to herself, unwilling to spoil the moment and delaying the inevitable fight.

Paige begins her surgical rotation and confesses her lack of preparation to Chris who surprises her with his understanding.

Paige and Chris take a surgical consult in the medical ward and Paige is shocked to find that her friend, Mrs Marshall, has taken a turn for the worse.

In theatre, Paige panics about Mrs MarshallS outcome and Chris is forced to ask her to leave.

Paige is relieved the surgery is a success, but thrown next morning to learn that Mrs Marshall has developed overwhelming sepsis.

When the family arrive and put a Not For Resuscitation order in place, Paige reacts badly, insisting that this is not what Mrs Marshall would want.

Having promised Mrs Marshall that she will take care of her, Paige wants to make the family change their minds and rescind the NFR order.

Annoyed by Paiges lack of self-control, Chris threatens that if she approaches his patients family at all, her career will be over.

Wednesday 5th September (5079)

Paige accepts the familys decision to switch off Mrs Simmonss life support, but worries she doesnt have the detachment needed to become a good doctor.

Struggling with his own issues of balance, Chris surprises Paige by assuring her a patient-surgeon bond can be beneficial.

Paige is heartened, but when the Simmons pledge a large donation to the hospital she feels like its blood money.

As the named administrator of the donation, Chris absolves Paige of all guilt by assuring her the money will be used to help people.

Accepting this, Paige is determined to move forward, but she self-protectively cuts herself off from emotionally bonding with her next patient.

Newly religious Jasmine is annoyed when she has to share Angels company with Ula. She sends Ula packing, raising alarm bells for Evan.

Evan points to Jasmines behaviour as proof that shes romantically interested in Angel.

A troubled Angel confronts Jasmine, who denies her crush and assures her interest in religion is genuine. She tries to prove this by inviting Ula over, but, feeling shes being used, Ula refuses.

Jasmine turns Ulas rejection to her advantage and claims Ula doesnt want to be her friend anymore because shes Catholic.

Still hoping Chris will return to his old self, Rachels encouraged when he agrees to Seths plan for a high publicity surgery.

Shes frustrated when Chris insists on balancing this with pro-bono surgeries. Seth agrees, but Rachels annoyed Chris sprung his plan on her instead of discussing it first.

Chris assures Rachel their communication will improve, but Rachels troubled when he uses their next meeting to push further pro-bono plans.

She shuts this down, feeling disconnected from Chris and unable to understand why hes trying to buck the system.

Convinced Rachel wont support him, Chris goes behind her back to set up a pro-bono surgical team. He hijacks the publicity for his high profile surgery to promote his altruistic work.

Angry and upset by Chriss undermining actions, Rachels at a loss to understand whats happened to the man she used to know.

Thursday 6th September (5080)

Angry with Chris over sabotaging her publicity plan, Rachel keeps her distance. She confides in Sarah who advises patience, but when Rachel comes home late, Chris criticises her priorities and she lets fly at Chris for his lack of support.

Luke encourages Chris to let Rachel know he has no intention of returning to his old self, but Chris worries Rachel may reject him.

When he opens up to Rachel about his plans to focus on family and pro-bono work, Rachel observes this will compromise his position as HOD.

Furious that Chris no longer values his tenure, she gives him an ultimatum - either he stays committed to his position as HOD, or he will not work in the hospital at all.

Vinnie and Vasas friendship grows, with Vinnie playing the role of supporter and enforcer of Vasas promise not to lie. However when he catches Vasa rigging a draw for the nurses, hes deeply\ disappointed in her.

Later, when Vasa reveals that she drew her own name, but didnt feel worthy of accepting the prize, Vinnie is chastened. Vinnie cant help feeling a growing affection for her.

Disheartened by his maintenance job, Daniel looks into becoming a coffee supplier and hes pleasantly surprised when it reveals lucrative possibilities.

But when he discovers all his potential cients are locked into supply contracts, a dejected Daniel decides hes not cut out for the business world. He accepts his station as a maintenance man and realises tending to the needs of others can be fulfilling.

Enjoying a new outlook, Daniel luckily finds $50 in the rubbish. Hes tempted to give it to charity, but decides to keep it so he can go out with his friends. Josh drag Daniel, Lana and Paige to the casino where Daniels lured by the winning possibilities.

Egged on, Daniel bets his $50 on roulette. He wins and decides to bet again, hitting a streak that accrues $28,000. His friends are shocked when Daniel, feeling like the universe owes him, bets it all on a single number, with $980,000 at stake. He wins

Friday 7th September (5081)

Daniel’s friends enjoy the high of his big casino winnings.

Daniel feels empowered by the possibilities but Sarah worries his new-found wealth will change him. Daniel promises it won’t and proves it by going to work as usual.

But when Daniel is set a menial task by Rachel and Bella, he can’t help wondering how long he’ll last in this job.

Josh suggests Daniel pay a coworker to finish his shift and they take off for the afternoon.

Daniel takes Josh’s advice and enjoys his winnings when he and Josh take Lana and Paige for a test drive in a luxury car.

But when Daniel returns later, Rachel’s unhappy that he has shirked his duties.

Yearning for release from the daily grind, Daniel quits on the spot, in front of Sarah. Sarah’s left concerned that the money has gone to Daniel’s head and he’s different already.

Working hard to succeed in ED, Zac assures Sarah he’s coping. But when one of Zac’s patients returns with his arm cast too tight, Zac feels guilty.

TK is alerted to the problem. Zac believes he’ll be found at fault when the patient makes a complaint against him. TK surprises Zac when he backs him to Sarah and reassures Zac that there’s nothing he could have done to prevent the patient’s arm swelling.

TK’s support leaves Zac with a new appreciation for TK.

Jasmine is jealous when Angel pays attention to Britney and she keeps an invite to a concert from Angel in an effort to keep him to herself.

But Angel finds out and insists on going to the concert, leaving Jasmine feeling on the outer. The concert plans fall through and the teens end up partying at Ula’s place.

However, Angel rejects Jasmine when he learns she has lied to him in an attempt to control who he’s friends with.

Britney brings alcohol to the impromptu party and Angel gets drunk. Jasmine is hurt to see him kiss Britney.

With Vasa due home, Ula urges her friends to leave, but a drunk Angel throws up on the dining table. Britney and the teens flee.

Jasmine and Evan help Angel home. Angel passes out on the sofa and Jasmine can’t resist kissing him on the cheek - only to be caught out by Wendy.



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