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3 - 7 November 2014

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Monday 3 November (5621)

Bella believes Kronos is a sign from Luke and wants to figure out what Luke is trying to tell her about her relationship with Dallas.

Both Dallas and Wendy tell her she has to return the cat home, but Bella's torn.

Chris advises her to follow her heart, and not look for answers from a cat.

Resigned, Bella takes Kronos home but he comes back again.

Convinced this means he does have something to tell her, she decides to keep Kronos's return a secret from Dallas.

Off Kylie's teasing, Harper resolves to forget about the frisson she had with Boyd in Fiji.

Despite this, Harper's warmed when Boyd brings her back a souvenir, though when she finds out he's given them to everyone, she kicks herself for caring.

Boyd's preoccupation with an upcoming media interview starts to grate on Harper, who thinks he's being negligent in his work.

Annoyed by his arrogance, she goes against his medical opinion, determined to prove Boyd wrong.

The results back Boyd's diagnosis, not Harper's.

But though Boyd isn't fazed, an embarrassed Harper reacts unprofessionally, amusing both Garrett and Boyd.

Harper's aware she's overreacted... but won't admit to herself the reason she did.

Dayna's secretly come off her meds at Julian's request, and is struggling to hide this from her family and friends.

Trying to appear normal she agrees to a night out with Kylie and Dayna, but Julian doesn't want to share her.

He tries to make her jealous by pretending to want Kylie as his new artistic muse.

Thanks to her building mental instability, Dayna's insecurities take over and she slashes Julian's painting in retaliation.

Julian is thrilled by this but Dayna's horrified by her emotional reaction.

She thinks she needs to go back on her meds.

Julian assures her he loves her this way, and now believing Julian cares for only her, a manipulated Dayna agrees to stay under his control...


Tuesday 4th October (5622 )

Dayna laps up Julian's approval of her wild side, realising that's what he loves.

When Murray discovers the painting's missing, Dayna feels terrible.

But Julian takes the blame and smooths things with Murray.

Dayna's grateful and becomes further beholden to him.

Kylie sees Dayna skipping a much-needed counselling session for him and starts to worry.

She puts aside her tension with Ula and the two join with Murray to share their concerns that Julian is manipulating Dayna.

Dayna's initially defensive but Murray's loving parental concern hits home.

She asks Julian if they can take things easy.

Julian twists this, convincing her to do so by taking a break in the country and leaving everyone - and her meds - behind.

Nicole returns, eager to learn how Vinnie went as DON in her absence.

Leanne lies that he did really well.

When Nicole meets with Rachel, she's shocked to learn that's not the truth and Rachel instructs her to work on developing Wendy as DON instead.

Nicole is fair and helpful, despite Wendy reacting badly to her feedback.

Rising above, Nicole avoids reporting this to Rachel, only to learn that now she must take Wendy under wing to mentor.

Garrett is urged by Boyd to trust his own instincts and listen less to Harper.

Garrett's conflicted about this, torn between pleasing both Boyd and Harper.

When Garrett leads a surgical consult, Harper clashes again with Boyd when she disagrees with Garrett's assessment.

Under pressure, Garrett takes Harper's advice and holds off on surgery.

However when Harper continues to second-guess him, Garrett finally takes Boyd's advice to back himself and makes the decision to operate.

But in surgery Garrett's mortified to see the op was unnecessary and that Harper was right.

Gutted, he feels like a failure.

Harper blames Boyd, but Boyd asserts Harper's to blame for accidentally undermining her brother by continually second-guessing him.

Kylie walks into their very loud argument and hits Harper with the truth - she's attracted to him.

Harper's rocked to realise Kylie's right - she's falling for Boyd.



Wednesday 5th October (5623)

Harper and Boyd are embarrassed when Rachel reprimands them for arguing loudly.

Urged by Garrett, Harper knows she needs to deal with the friction.

She subtly questions if Boyd thinks it's because of their flirtatious spark in Fiji.

But Boyd misreads this as Harper accusing him of having an unwanted crush on her and is mortified.

Believing this is the cause of their rift, Boyd's apologetic and asks to make peace.

Harper goes along with this, unwilling to open up about her confused feelings for Boyd just yet.

Garrett sees Boyd and Harper's reignited friendship and is stunned to sense his sister really has deeper feelings for Boyd.

Wendy's determined to make the most of Nicole's offer to shadow her as DON.

Concerned about Nicole's criticism of her lack of computer skills, Wendy claims she's able to complete a computer task that's way above her capabilities.

She gets help from Bella and wins Nicole's approval for completing it.

But Wendy realises there's a bigger issue with the ageing computer system at the hospital.

Seizing this as her ticket to prove she's tech savvy, Wendy works hard to solve the systemic technical issues.

She proudly presents her solutions to Rachel and Nicole but is humiliated to learn her efforts were pointless - it's a nationwide system that can't be changed.

Kane enjoys flirting with Honour until she informs him that Toby has been transferred back to remand in Ferndale.

Honour wants Dayna to keep an eye on Kane in case he gets depressed again, but Murray says he'll handle it, and organises a small Guy Fawkes party to remind Kane he's loved and supported.

Kane asks Kylie to pass on a message to Toby, telling him to stay strong.

Kylie thinks he is already but Kane gives her a wake-up call when he reveals that he became so depressed that he attempted suicide.

Kylie's shocked.

At the visit, Kylie grills Toby and he reveals that he truly thinks that he's going to prison.

Kylie tries to hide this truth from Kane, but she can't.

She breaks down, causing Kane to face reality.

He believes that Toby's right, they're both going to prison.


Thursday 6th November (5624)

Murray checks on Kane to make sure he's not going into a depression.

Kane assures Murray that he's fine, he just wants to face reality.

Next day, Murray gives him a guitar as a gift.

Honour keeps Kane company as they do study, but as Kane strums on his guitar they get an idea - they can encourage Toby with music.

They write some really bad song lyrics and ask Kylie to give them to Toby when she visits next.

Both Kylie and Murray are underwhlemed by their idea - to prompt Toby into writing better lyrics.

And taking his mind off the trial.

Kane feels stink about wasting Kylie's time, and seeing him get into a funk again, Honour gives him a kiss - just to shut him up.

However, when Kylie returns from her visit, she reports that Toby was cheered up by the bad lyrics - and he's rewritten them, made them cooler.

Murray praises the kids for their positive attitude.

Kane feels good about what he has done and draws closer to Honour as a result.

Wendy worries her focus on work is selfish and she should focus on Kane and Dayna instead.

But Murray encourages her not to give up on her career ambitions.

Fearing she isn't cut out for this, she considers stepping down from the DON race, however Nicole encourages her to keep going.

Wendy's bolstered.

Grace breaks the news to Chris that she is intending to return to Sydney.

Gutted, Chris approaches Rachel in an attempt to find a work pretext to keep Grace and Trinity in Ferndale.

Dallas is annoyed to learn Bella has been feeding Luke's cat, Kronos, in secret for days.

But after advice from Ula about how important it is that he compromise if he wants to stay with Bella, he softens and hopes taking Kronos in will help his relationship.

He endures Kronos' disapproving presence, but the final straw comes when Kronos urinates on his jacket - convincing Bella that this is a sign Luke disapproves of Dallas.

Hurt, Dallas takes Kronos to the wild and sets him free - only to have him return and defecate on the floor.

Learning that Kronos's temperament is most probably due to the fact he hasn't been neutered, Dallas takes matters into his own hands and has Kronos neutered.

He returns Kronos home to recuperate and Bella is horrified.


Friday 7th October (5625)

Bella is mortified by what Dallas has done, especially when Kronos runs away.

However, Dallas is unrepentant, accusing her of keeping the ghost of Luke in their relationship.

But when Dallas considers whether there is such a thing as signs from beyond, he gets slammed in the groin by a cricket ball.

Thrown by this karmic revenge from Luke/Kronos, Bella puts aside her anger to comfort him.

But, when Lucy tends to him in ED, she accidentally lets slip that she's seen Dallas naked before.

Bella's upset Dallas has been keeping secrets from her and they argue.

However, Wendy points out that Bella has been unfairly comparing Dallas to Luke and needs to let the past go.

Bella agrees and lets Lucy adopt Kronos.

Dallas is pleased and Bella promises to make an effort to compromise from now on.

However, when they can't agree on wedding plans the tension escalates.

They wonder if they should even be getting married - just as Dallas's mum arrives to organise the wedding.

Rachel's challenged by Chris's proposal to find Grace a job at the hospital, but sees a possibility when an auditing position becomes available.

However, Rachel is surprised when Grace doesn't want to work at Shortland Street out of fear of losing her independence to Chris.

Rachel talks her round and Grace decides to step up and accept the job on her own terms.

Honour and Kane embark on a plan of living life to the fullest while Kane waits for the outcome of Toby's trial.

Kane fears he and Toby will be found guilty and he'll be sent to prison.

Honour plans a fun night to cheer him up.

This is stymied when Dayna returns and is overprotective towards her brother.

But Dayna's manic behaviour only drives Kane back into a negative mind set.

Honour rescues Kane from this with more fun and Kane grows closer to her.

Ula becomes aware of their increasing closeness and advises Honour to be cautious.

However, Honour believes Kane is the 'one' and when he expresses his love for her, things quickly turn dangerously passionate.