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3 - 7 June 2013

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Pearl McGlashan plays Jasmine Cooper - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 3 rd June (5255 & 5256)

Seth begins to execute his plan to dethrone Rachel, using a meeting to leave her understaffed, overruled and worried that hes on to her secret smoking.

Reluctant to publicise their relationship woes, Rachel insists on going to Bella and Zlatas party as a family, despite the awkwardness it will entail, and the discussion is overheard by Henry who reports it to Seth.

Seth decides to dig further into Rachels personal problems by accepting an invitation to the same party.

His scheme pays dividends.

Chris is urked by the pretence and ditches Rachel, who becomes increasingly anxious when she thinks Seth and Sarah are talking about her.

Its Ulas eighteenth birthday and she insists that she doesnt want a party, but she changes her mind when she begins to sense that her mother and friends might be planning a hell of a surprise.

Vasa however is nervous about over-riding Ulas wishes and off Vinnies advice doesnt arrange a big celebration.

Ulas devastated when she comes home to find that shes going to get just what she asked for: nothing.

Zlata takes advantage of her arrangement with Bella to spend her way into high society, investing in a car and clothes, and inviting Ferndales movers and shakers to what she intends to be the party of the century.

Bella had a more family-friendly affair in mind, and they struggle to compromise on their respective visions.

At the party, Zlata press-gangs the Coopers into acting as staff and effectively divides the party in two by designating a childrens area.

Dallas helps Bella realise that Zlata is taking advantage of her good intentions and that this civil union may not be the best thing for anyone.

Despite the garish reality, Zlata is convinced shes put on a great party, but feels empty.

Bella is heartened that Zlata is coming around to her point of view until she realises that it means Zlata wants to return to Romania to look after Luca alone.

An upset Bella refuses to accept that shell have to part ways with Zlata and Luca.

But when Zlata suggests Bella only wants Luca to stop herself facing life as a widow, Bella is finally forced to accept that it might be true.

When a caring Wendy counsels her, Bella realises she has to let Luca and Luke go.

A low Bella announces at the party that Zlata and Luca are going back to Romania alone, and is buoyed when she gets Zlatas approval.

When Bella gives most of Lukes inheritance away and buys her parents their house, shes happy to feel a sense of freedom.

Although nervous about the future, her happiness grows when she determines to leave the Cooper house so she can live life for herself.

Ula is disappointed when her surprise party turns out to be dinner with Vasa.

She cant help being childish and taking her mood out on her mother, but she goes too far and hurts Vasa.

Feeling bad, Ula apologises and she and Vasa have a heart-toheart leading to a genuine moment of connection.

Out of this, Ula is able to talk through her fears for the future and admit to the career shed really like to take up.

When Vasa encourages and supports her, Ula is excited to think that her future is looking up.

Rachels anxiety reaches fever pitch when she realises that Seth and Henry are a couple, and are colluding against her.

On the verge of a panic attack, she flees to the bathroom and despairs when she cant find any alcohol to calm her down, but then finds and takes Bellas Zolopam.

Having regained some control, Rachel rejoins the party and tries to appear strong in front of her enemies.

But mistaking Rachels relaxed drug-fog as drunkenness, an upset Chris forces her to go home.

Rachels denial of drinking and claims Seth and Henry are colluding read as paranoid ranting to Chris.

Unwilling to reveal shes taken stolen Zolopam, Rachel digs herself deeper with Chris and the rift between them widens.

Feeling very alone, Rachel arrives at work to face Henry the smiling Judas.

Unable to cope, she takes more drugs.

Tuesday 4 th June (5257)

Determined to stay strong, Rachel sets a trap to catch the duplicitous Henry.

Needing unequivocal proof, Rachel hopes that Henry has taken the bait.

Henry becomes disgruntled with Seth when he doesnt receive the respect and praise he believes he deserves for being Seths partner in deceit.

Uncertain of Harpers loyalty, Rachel keeps quiet, unable to trust anyone.

Harper becomes confused by one of Seths decisions, and starts to suspect that Seth has a hidden personal agenda.

Harper apologetically admits this to Rachel, unaware that she has passed a test of loyalty in doing so.

Pleased that Harper is an ally, Rachel discloses all and is encouraged by Harpers advice on how to take revenge, but wonders if she has the energy to continue with such complex deception.

With Harper onside she is able to admit to her need for Zolopam, and feels more in control when she manages to convince Harper to prescribe some for her.

Vinnie is taken aback when Vasa suggests hes surplus to requirements now his peace-keeping work with Ula and Vasa is done.

He plans a night out drinking with TK, and riled by a snide comment from Brooke, Nicole joins in, making Vinnie promise this will be a singles only, no hook-ups party.

Nicole and Vinnie are pleased when others join in their plans for a night out.

Roimata admits to Vasa that she still feels panicked inside most of the time, despite fighting off an attacker on the medical ward.

Vasa reassures that shes stronger than she thinks, but Roimatas unconvinced .

Faced with a crisis, she acts quickly to save a life, proving Vasa right.

Roimata is later disappointed in herself when she loses her confidence around Josh, and Vasa is concerned to see the negative effect he has on Roimata.

She alerts Nicole to her concerns, and suggests that Roimata face her demons and reclaim her life fully by returning to ED.

Nicole is uncertain, but pressured by Vasa, she approves the transfer.

TK is angry with the move but Roimata stands up for her professional right, challenging TK to give her a chance to prove herself.

Wednesday 5 th June (5258)

Though shes got her job back, Roimatas still pained by her emotional distance with TK, but grateful to have found a genuine friend in Vasa.

Meanwhile, Josh takes Roimatas return to ED as a sign shes on her way back to him.

When Josh, determined to be Roimatas staunchest supporter, tries to micro manage her, shes emboldened to put him in his place and finally feels like she's back on track.

Feeling socially rejected, Brooke snipes about colleagues at the bar, which Boyd finds wearying.

When she goes too far with an insult about Nicole, he walks out on her.

Brookes embarrassed to have shown Boyd how mean-spirited she can be and worries that shes lost her chance of a real relationship with him.

At home, she defensively suggests he move out and go back to Nicole, but he silences her with a kiss.

After a truthful discussion, Brooke accepts that her marriage to Boyd is unusual, but real and that he is committed to making it work if she is.

Brooke confirms and finally allows herself to feel secure.

At the singles night, Vinnie narrowly misses out on hooking up with an attractive woman.

When the other singles leave the bar one by one, Nicole and Vinnie determine to keep partying.

At the end of the night, happy and affectionate, they fall into a kiss and are pulled up, wondering if this shift in their relationship is a good idea.

Meeting up at the bar, TK and Harper discover an unspoken attraction when they spar about work and find out more about each other.

When Harper suggests she needs someone to show her the local attractions, TK agrees, unaware that his bedroom is first on Harpers list.

Passion escalates as TK and Harper act on their attraction, setting firm no-strings ground rules.

When Boyd suggests Chris persevere with his support of Rachel, Chris determines to try.

But when Rachel once again prioritises work over family, hes frustrated.

Struggling to find a babysitter for Harry, Rachel surprises him when she changes her mind and returns home.

But shed clearly rather be working and she sends Harry up to his room.

Later Harry's upset to discover a drugged-up Rachel passed out over her computer and dinner burning in the oven.

He tries to sort it and ends up badly burning himself as Rachel looks on.

Learning of the accident and Rachels hand in it, Chris is furious, and calls an end to their relationship for good.

Thursday 6 th June 2013 (5259)

Nicole and Vinnie downplay their kiss, but Vinnie still feels attracted to Nicole.

At work, Vinnie avoids Nicole and shes concerned to think things have changed between them.

She tries talking to Vinnie about it, but he claims hes actually tense about his living situation with Vasa.

Tiring of Joshs bad mood, Nicole warns that shes not going to put up with it much longer.

Trying to make amends, Josh offers Dallas his second room at the flat, and Nicoles surprised when Vinnie appears jealous.

She challenges him, and Vinnie covers by saying he wanted the room for himself.

Nicole agrees to the suggestion, and Vinnie realises he might be getting too close for comfort.

Knocked back by a potential client and teased by Jasmine and Dayna, Evan is left dispirited about his business acumen.

With Phoenixs assistance, he determines to reach a new, richer target market with an ad campaign.

Evan rudely claims Jasmine is too ugly to model which makes her feel worse after an earlier rejection from a boy.

Phoenix convinces Evan to ask Kylie to model instead. Enjoying Evans attention, Kylie agrees to the plan.

Meanwhile Jasmine confides her insecurities and though dubious, agrees to Daynas self-esteem boosting idea.

Wendy remains resolved to go through with the termination.

Meanwhile, Roimata narrowly avoids revealing to Bella that Wendy is pregnant.

Following her first appointment at the day clinic, Wendy has second thoughts and Murrays surprised to feel a rush of excitement at the thought of having another child.

Roimata admits to Wendy her near miss with Bella but tries to reassure Wendy that she'll have a full-on baby sitter in Bella.

Back at home Bella explains how much she loves Luca, and Murray is reminded of the joys of parenthood.

However, Wendy is reminded how much her present family needs her.

That night, Murray informs Wendy that hes checked the accounts and that having another baby is financially doable

But Wendy informs him that shes confirmed the termination and Murray is gutted.

Friday 7 th June (5260)

When Wendy asks Murray if he now wants her to go through with the pregnancy, Murray hedges by seeking an explanation for her change of heart.

Next day, Wendy explains that she wants their time and money to be spent on the kids they have now.

Also, she argues that Bella will be devastated by Wendys pregnancy.

Still unsure where Murray is at, she challenges him to explain his thoughts.

Whilst admitting that the idea of being a dad again has appealed to him, he cant bring himself to pressure Wendy into continuing with the pregnancy.

Her happiness is all that matters to him.

Wendy is hugely relieved and throws her energies into planning an overseas holiday.

When Murray wants to discuss how they handle the whole issue of the termination with the kids and Roimata, Wendy closes him down.

She just wants them to focus on getting through the next few days, theyll deal with all that post the termination.

Murray is left uneasy.

Impatient to start her paramedic career, Ula gets orderly work to earn some cash and improve her CV.

Ula enjoys the social aspect of her work, but gets Emmas back up with her casual attitude.

Encouraged by Dallas, Emma decides to wind Ula up with a prank.

Keen to learn as much as she can, Ula inadvertently meddles in an ED hand over and is reprimanded by TK.

Wishing she could do better, Ulas irked to realise shes the butt of Emmas pranking and is intrigued when Vasa offers a solution.

Turning the tables, Vasa and Ula frighten Emma with their own gag.

The score settled, Ula promises to take a more mature approach to her work.

Evan and Phoenix launch into the promotional photo-shoot, featuring Kylie.

Kylies impressed with Evans focus and hes optimistic he could win professionally and personally.

Evan gets a call from a potential client and is torn between business and pleasure.

But Evan puts aside his feelings for Kylie to concentrate on business.

Jasmine's initial excitement about her makeover is dampened after snide comments from people on My Space.

Dayna encourages Jasmine to ramp up her new look and they take a series of racy photos.

But she refuses Dayna's suggestion to put them up on MyLife, worried they're too sexy.

Later Jasmine deletes the photos completely after Evan's negative response.

But Jasmine is horrified to learn that thanks to Dayna, one of her sexy photos has been posted on the Hot or Not website.

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