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Shortland Street

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29 October - 2 November 2012

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Michael Galvin plays Chris Warner - Shortland Street on TV2

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If you or someone you know have been affected by the issues raised in the latest episode of Shortland Street or you require immediate crisis assistance, please contact your nearest sexual assault help centre, for details click here . I f you are in immediate danger please call the Police on 111.


Monday 29th October (5116)

Seth explains the reasons for his apparent sleazy behaviour to Sarah, who realises shes overreacted.

At work, she tries to undo the bad rap shes given Seth to Chris and Rachel, but realises its too late when Seth reports hes lost his backers.

Determined to help Seth, Sarah gets an idea when Rachel suggests a way to win Harvey over.

Sarah meets with Harvey to upsell Seth, and is pleased when the plan pays off.

Seths pleased to learn hes back on track for promotion, and he and Sarah form a friendship.

Jasmine fears Angels not as invested in their relationship when hes reluctant to spend time alone with her.

However, shes given a little hope when Angel admits the thought of discussing his relationship with his padre back home is making him tense.

Hoping she can help him get over his uncertainty, Jasmine looks to hurry things when she realises she hates having to hide her relationship status from her peers at school.

Angling for more romance, Jasmines thrown when Angel rejects her.

Ulas impressed when a frustrated Jasmine reveals shes finally got it together with Angel, but this only leaves Jasmine feeling like Angels too good for her and shell soon be replaced by a cuter girl, or hell go back to his plans for the priesthood.

Shes willing to have sex to cement their relationship, but Angel offers a romantic compromise - promise rings.

Evan thinks Murray needs a project of his own when he and Wendy clash over the lost revenue due to Murrays misprinted vouchers.

Murray tries to get back on his feet, but Evan feels for him when the continuing voucher debacle rules out the cafeteria tender as an option.

Feeling Murrays had a hard enough time thanks to Wendy, Evan and Phoenix present a list of revenue-generating ideas to Murray, who is encouraged to have more faith in himself and go ahead with a second business after all.

However, the joy is short-lived when Wendy criticises the plan.

Determined to prove himself to Wendy, Murray forges ahead and accepts the challenge when Rachel asks him to take over the cafeteria immediately.

However, Murray fears hes bitten off more than he can chew when he learns the last manager has stripped and trashed the premises.


Tuesday 30 th October (5117)

Happy with Angel after their exchange of promise rings, Jasmine agrees to help Murray and Evan get the cafeteria ready to open.

But when Evan requests she and Angel keep this a secret from Wendy, Angel is unsettled.

Uncomfortable at their increased deception, Angel wants to tell people the truth about their relationship, but Jasmine closes him down.

Hearing Gus cancer treatment has been stopped due to his failing health, Chris wishes he could do more for his friend.

When Chris visits Gus, he bumps into Jared, and is at first pleasantly surprised to hear hes taking a mechanics course.

But Chris soon guesses that the course is a lie and believes Jared is still with the gang.

Later, Jared is brought into ED badly beaten and wearing gang colours.

Jared clashes with Boyd who demonstrates an intolerant side.

Chris is challenged about his claim to care, when Jared insists that as soon as Gus dies, Jared will never see Chris again.

When Emmas plan to get back into Boyds house is stymied, shes left frustrated.

Emma is inadvertently drawn into an impromptu coffee date with Vinnie when Lana and Kylie cant make it.

Vinnie and Emma hit it off, but when Emma is guarded, the mood dampens.

Lana understands why Emma cant date Vinnie yet, but suggests she let him know that she has hope for them in the future.

Vinnie is understanding, and Emma thinks she has everything in place to pursue Boyd - until her father arrives unexpectedly.

Deflated by the state of the cafeteria, Murray is bolstered when Evan rallies support from Jasmine and Angel, but keeps Wendy in the dark.

When the cafeteria opens, Rachel is disappointed to see there is no coffee available.

Stressed by the financial loss hes about to suffer, Murray offers to honour customers cafeteria coffee cards at the I.V.

Evan keeps this from Wendy initially but when Vasa explains Murrays coffee deal, Wendy realises shes been excluded.

Hurt by the deception, Wendy suggests if Murray wants to act independently then maybe its time to formalise the arrangement.

Murray asks if that means she wants a divorce and Wendy is pulled up to think this is what she wants.



Wednesday 31 st October 2012 (5118)

Though shocked that she actually suggested divorce, Wendy sticks to her guns, leaving Murray rocked.

Pressure mounts on Wendy when she returns home to learn that Angel is Jasmines boyfriend.

An argument follows and Wendy realises she could lose Jasmine if she throws Angel out, so she goes back on her own rules and allows the teens to be together, but only under strict conditions.

Meanwhile, Murrays struggling with the notion of divorce, but Wendy decides she must disentangle her life from his or shell never get any peace.

Avoiding a concrete decision about divorce, Wendy opts to be a silent partner in The I.V, allowing Murray to achieve autonomy.

Emmas relieved to keep her true identity from Boyd when her father, Brett, shows up.

Glad to catch up, Emma soon finds shes falling into old patterns of seeking Bretts approval.

Concerned he will judge her blossoming attachment to Vinnie, Emma avoids introducing them.

But getting nowhere with her dad, Emma throws caution to the wind and invites Vinnie to join them.

Emmas surprised to get the approval she craves when Brett unexpectedly endorses her choice of Vinnie.

Touched that Emma is reconnecting with her father, Vinnies later concerned to hear him denigrating his visit with Emma.

Concerned to learn about Jareds unhappy life with the gang, Phoenix feels compelled to help.

Unsettled to discover Jared sleeping rough, Phoenix manages to convince him to come home for food and a shower.

Jared admits the gang beat and gashed him as a punishment, but claims they are his only family.

Chris and Rachel arrive home, pleased to see Jared safe.

When Chris tries to persuade Jared to do a polytech course and change his life, Jared retaliates by stealing Chriss wallet.

A wary Rachel notices and threatens to call the police.

Cornered, Jared threatens them all with a kitchen knife, but a calm Chris appeals to the good hearted kid he believes Jared to be.

Hes pleased to defuse the situation and offers Jared a place to stay. Rachel is appalled.


Thursday 1 st November 2012 (5119)

Rachel confronts Chris regarding his decision to offer Jared accommodation but Chris remains committed to helping Jared after feeling he turned his back on Liam.

Sensing Rachels disapproval, Jared makes an attempt to win her over.

But when Chris tells Gus the news, Gus warns him that Jared may be too much of a handful.

This is proven true when, alone with Rachel, Jared intimidates her and exits into the night.

Jasmine and Angel struggle to keep their hands off each other. For Angel, the temptation gets too much and his only solution is to go for a run.

Murray and Wendy clash when Wendy cant help interfering in the bar, despite promising to become a silent partner.

Frustrated with her, Murray too heads out for a walk.

When Emma learns that Boyd needs help re-roofing his house, she sees her chance to get access to Boyd's house so she volunteers herself and Vinnie to help out.

When Vinnie catches up with Boyd about the house plans, he inadvertantly lets slip who Emma's dad is and Boyd pieces together his connection to Emma and the girls.

He quizzes Emma who plays innocent then rushes to warn the other girls.

She organises a plan to break into Boyd's house but before she can go through with it Boyd tracks Kylie down at the IV and asks her about their past connection.

He mentions Julia, and Kylie is disturbed when Boyd remarks on their likeness. Kylie flees from the bar and a frustrated Boyd follows.

TK and Roimata invite their friends to the IV for birthday celebrations, but TK deliberately leaves Zac out.

Zac realises he is being snubbed and feels resentful. Roimata feels awful about this mistreatment and TK eventually relents and invites him.

At the party, Roimata goes out of her way to make Zac feel welcome, but this only annoys TK.

Roimata urges TK to be friendly - after all this is her birthday. TK lightens up, but then is called away to ED.

The party wraps up and Roimata leaves the bar on her own when she is accosted in the alley by a shadowy assailant who sexually assaults her.


Friday 2 nd November 2012 (5120)

The police are taking a statement from Wendy when Murray returns from his walk.

Wendys shocked to realise Murrays a suspect in Roimatas assault, and she refuses to believe he could be guilty.

Murrays warmed by her support, and helps look for Angel.

Later, the Coopers are shocked to receive a call from police, revealing theyve arrested Angel after catching him running from near the scene of the assault.

Learning of Roimatas assault, Emma and Lana are relieved to find Kylie safe at home.

When Kylie explains Boyds creepy behaviour, theyre sickened to realise he must be Roimatas attacker.

Lana goes to the hospital to get more information, but, finding a shaken Josh, realises she needs to prioritise him instead.

When Rachel updates Chris on Jareds aggressive behaviour, he cant help wondering whether he made a mistake taking him in.

He goes out to look for Jared, learning about Roimatas attack in the process.

Worried, he returns home to Rachel deciding to prioritise the safety of his family above Jareds needs.

Rachels relieved, but the next day she finds a drunk Jared in the kitchen, frying bacon.

She soon realises hes been in a fight and has busted his stitches. Then it dawns on her he may be responsible for Roimatas attack.

Josh is shocked to find Roimata alone in the alleyway in severe distress.

Unaware of the extent of the attack, Sarah and Josh rush Roimata to hospital, leaving Wendy to call the police.

In ED, Sarah and Josh are shocked to learn Roimatas been sexually assaulted, and the police take charge, following procedure.

TKs frustrated when hes not allowed to see his wife, and fears the worst.

During her police interview, Roimata completely disassociates herself from the assault so that shes able to describe the attack.

TKs still unsure exactly what happened, but he has to be strong for Roimata and concentrates on getting her home.

Roimata still wont open up, and TK feels guilty - he should never have left her side.

Roimatas facade of detachment crumbles and shes forced to face the facts of her assault, leaving her broken in TKs arms.



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