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29 July - 2 August 2013

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 29 thJuly (5303)

Ula and Vasa meet up with Matt and Sue. They are overwhelmed with relief when Ula informs them of her decision not to fight for custody of Adam.

But then Vasa, Matt and Sue are shocked when Ula announces that there is one condition - Matt and Sue have to patch up their marriage - no separation, no divorce.

Ula lets them stew on that for a while. Matt and Sue are honest - they cant promise a full reconciliation but only love and care for Adam.

Ula accepts that, revealing that she just wanted to give them a rark up - to remind them of their love for each other.

All are relieved when Ula also decides that she can handle an open adoption.

She orders Matt and Sue to go on a romantic date while she and Vasa babysit Adam.

That night, Bella, Dallas, Roimata and Vinnie all come to see the little Adam as Vasa and Ula babysit. Vasa is content, feeling her world is now complete.

When Roimata inadvertently makes Dallas feel embarrassed, she buys him morning tea.

Off their connection, Bella insists that Dallas ask Roimata out on a date - shes ready for it.

Nervous, he does so, and is hopeful when Roimata agrees to lunch. But he overcompensates on their date, and its awkward.

They end up amused at the whole thing and decide there is no romantic spark between them.

Bellas disappointed when Roimata reveals theyre only friends, but when she challenges Bella on her desire to match-make shes thrown to realise she might be covering romantic intent of her own - for Josh.

Kylie, wanting to break up with Evan but not wanting to hurt him, realises that if Evan breaks up with her instead hell be less hurt.

First she tries to make herself unattractive to him and then to seem clingy, but shes frustrated when he isnt turned off.

But when he gets grumpy at her for siding with Murray, she sees a chance to drive a wedge between them, and escalates an argument, hoping to make him break up with her.

When Evan gets very angry with her, shes relieved to think its working.

But when she goes a step too far in referencing when Murray left the Coopers, Evan realises that he can solve their discord by telling Murray that hes quitting the family business and moving out of home - to move in with Kylie.

Tuesday 30 thJuly (5304)

Kylie is frustrated that her attempts to make Evan break up with her only result in him alienating his family and bringing him closer.

At the end of her tether, she goes cold on Evan.

Kylies forced to work with Vinnie in surgery and they cover their mutual attraction by sniping at each other.

Boyds stern disapproval pushes Kylie to prove herself and she does an amazing job in theatre.

Back on civil terms, Vinnie pledges to keep out of her love life, while Kylie commits to ending things with Evan.

A forlorn Evan seeks Emmas advice, and is left hopeful that Kylies sour mood is just a phase.

When Kylie engages in a public spat with Evan, Vinnie assumes she ended the relationship.

After another spat, Kylie and Vinnie, inflamed with desire, consummate their passion in the hospital lift.

Chris questions Boyds ability to pull off a tricky operation, forcing a determined Boyd to push Chris to give him departmental autonomy.

Reluctant to relinquish control, Chris finally gives him the go ahead.

In theatre, Boyd becomes concerned when he encounters complications, but he succeeds by pulling his fractured nursing team together.

Later he earns Chris respect by overcoming the difficulties, and wins the right to make his own calls in surgery from now on.

A habit-bound Jasmine is fooled by Len into experiencing new things after he suggests they try a remote Chinese restaurant for his benefit.

When a responsible Murray resists Lens attempt to borrow the car and roam so far from home, Len decides to go anyway, and a conflicted Jasmine agrees to wag school to look after him.

Confronted by odd food and a non-English menu, Jasmine is challenged to take a risk, and is rewarded with a surprisingly delicious meal.

Thinking she was helping Len broaden his horizons, Jasmine is thrown to learn the experience has been designed by Len for her benefit.

Shes shaken when Lens final challenge involves leaving her in the middle of nowhere and forcing her to find her own way home.

Wednesday 31 stJuly (5305)

TKs bemused when Emma is standoffish, and hes further thrown when an anxious Sarah strains their working dynamic.

Sarah feels awful when Roimata takes the news shes staying with TK badly.

Sensitive about annoying TK, she overcompensates and ends up irritating him.

He calls her on her behaviour and Sarahs challenged to trust their friendship.

Taking TKs advice to stop worrying, Sarahs able to reignite their professional spark in ED, but shes pulled up when TK suggests they make her move permanent.

Sarahs immediately anxious but TK allays her fears and Sarahs relieved to have a home again.

Lens unrepentant about setting Jasmine up to find her way home with few resources, but Wendy and Murrays concern makes him worry.

When Jasmine arrives home, a relieved Len expects her to validate his plan, but Jasmine feels upset and betrayed.

Guilty, Len accepts Wendy and Murrays insistence that its time to reevaluate his life and be more responsible.

Jasmine recounts her ordeal to Phoenix and is surprised to feel proud of her independence.

She dismisses Lens apology, admitting she appreciates the chance for adventure.

Off this, Len suggests she reconsider her student exchange opportunity and Jasmines challenged.

After fantastic sex in the lift, Vinnies horrified to discover Kylie lied to him - she still hasnt broken up with Evan.

Kylie feels bad, but her indiscretion gives her the excuse shes been looking for to end things with Evan for good.

Evans heartbroken, and unburdens his hurt to Ula, who resolves give Kylie a piece of her mind.

At home, an ashamed Kylie avoids telling Emma about Vinnie but indulges in sympathy from her friend.

Later, a self-remonstrating Vinnie apologises to Emma for his past betrayal with Kylie and Emmas unsettled to realise hes implicated in Kylies split from Evan.

Ula confronts Kylie and Emmas disappointed to have her suspicions confirmed.

Disgusted with her friend, Emma rejects Kylie, who is miserable to realise shes burnt all her bridges.

Thursday 1 stAugust (5306)

Aware shes in disgrace, Kylie is encouraged when Emma doesnt call her to task over Evan.

On the strength of this, shes defensive when Ula urges her to take responsibility of the carnage shes affected in others lives.

Convinced this is a matter for her and Evan to sort out alone, Kylie arranges a meeting with him to appease her own guilt.

Exacting supposed acceptance from Evan, she feels much relieved.

Later though shes confronted when Emma reveals she can no longer accept Kylies lack of regard for her.

When an apology wont cut it with Emma, Kylie rails against her, accusing her of being judgemental and bullish. Emmas shocked.

Inspired by Len, Jasmine breaks the news that she wants to accept the student exchange to Colombia.

A protective Murray and Wendy blame Len for Jasmines sudden change of mind, but later, realising Jasmine never had the chance to be heard, a guilty Wendy talks to her and is unsettled by her sound reasoning with regards to leaving.

Discussing this with Murray, Wendy wonders if Jasmine is ready to go after all, but Murrays arguments and maternal ties win over and Wendy concludes that Jasmine is to vulnerable for this level of freedom.

A status hungry Brooke invites Chris and Rachel to dinner at the IV, angling to push Boyd into a socially beneficial friendship with Chris.

But Rachel engineers for Harper to be there too and Brookes frustrated to have her plans thwarted.

Brooke uses Boyd and Chriss shared interest in whisky as a means to pair them off at the bar.

When Harper joins them and quickly establishes herself as one of the boys, Brooke is not only resentful, but threatened.

Jealous of the banter between Harper and Boyd, Brooke jumps to the conclusion that Harpers mirroring her own intentions to bond with Chris and Boyd to win status.

She accuses Harper of scheming but inadvertently goes too far and gets cut down by a disapproving Chris.

Brookes gutted to realise shes alienated the very people she needs to impress.

Friday 2 ndAugust 2 (5307)

Following Brookes accusation, Rachel challenges that her real issue is insecurity over her relationship with Boyd.

Brookes rattled, and shes further challenged when Rachel suggests Brooke focus on her own life instead of solely pushing Boyds career.

Indignant, Brooke points out that Rachels the one without a life direction.

Later, Brookes pleased to feel vindicated when Rachel appears upset when she springs Harper and Chris flirting.

Boyd later manages to reassure Brooke further, revealing that her meddling has bonded him with Chris and translated into professional success.

Shaken up by Brookes challenge, Rachel decides to investigate new opportunities.

She considers purchasing small businesses, building them up and selling them on at a profit.

Chris wonders if Rachels cut out for this, but Rachels convinced shes found a new life direction.

Ula is sceptical of Kylies claim that Evan has forgiven her and moved on, so Emma decides to check on him.

Unwilling to talk about his heartbreak, Evan confirms hes over Kylie and Emma is left challenged to forgive her too.

At work, Vinnie tries to apologise to Evan, but it backfires horribly when Evan realises Vinnies involvement for the first time.

Wendys furious and just as Emma makes her peace with Kylie, Wendy arrives, guns blazing.

As Emma tries to support Kylie, Kylie slips away, leaving Emma to face Wendys wrath on her own.

Emmas appalled by Kylies cowardice and half-truths and decides to move out, informing Kylie she wants to sell the house.

But when Emma goes to leave, she finds Toby on their doorstep - Emmas half-brother and Kylies nephew.

Emma and Kylie are shocked when Toby announces hes come to stay with them.







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