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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

29 August - 2 September 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Monday 29 August (6069 & 6070)

Though Chris doesn't find any codeine in Rachel's handbag, the lack of trust between them is a worrying sign.

This upsets Harry, something that pains them both.

Chris makes an effort to accept Rachel's excuses, as they both try to smooth over the troubled waters that lie between them.

Chris leaves to visit Trinity for the weekend, unaware how uneasy Rachel is about him going.

Harry voices his concern for Rachel's drug dependency, but she tells him that it's all in the past.

Vowing to make good on her promise, Rachel flushes the pills at the first chance she gets. 

All she has to do now is beat the cravings.


When the monthly accounts for the IV are underwhelming, the partners decide that they need to cut costs.

Vinnie picks up on the tension between Cam and Drew over Kylie. He then tells Cam of the financial state.

Cam reacts defensively, convinced Drew's behind it. But he breathes through his frustration and finds a way to satisfy his creative freedom in the kitchen, and the partners' financial concerns.

Vinnie's impressed and Drew has to concede Cam's adopting a mature stance.

Over some cocktail taste-testing, Cam addresses the underlying subject, Kylie. He assures Drew he has the best of intentions, and won't make the same mistakes he has in the past.

Drew's pleased to hear this, and the two start to draw closer once again.


Esther's efforts to connect with Finn again backfire. She's still awkward around him.

She decides to throw herself in to her work. But even there Finn's shadow looms large, he's the surgical prodigy and she can't help but compare herself
to him.

Though Boyd tries to mollify her insecurities, Esther doubts that she has what it takes.

But when a multi car pile up creates chaos in E.D, Esther surprises herself. She takes control of the situation, and delivers a premature baby.

As the emergency wraps up, Esther's compelled to work with Finn, putting her on edge again.

To her alarm, the mother shows symptoms of internal bleeding, but Finn dismisses this.

Rising above her past flaws, Esther stands up to him. She urges him to act now, or the mother will die.

Finn realises Esther's diagnosis is correct and they rush the mother to surgery.

The bleeding proves difficult to stem, but Esther gives Finn the boost he needs to lead the team to a successful conclusion.  

Kylie commends their teamwork and Finn invites Esther for a drink to celebrate her professional prowess.

Boosted by her success, Esther agrees.


Cam and Drew gradually put their conflict over Kylie behind them.

Their cocktail sampling gradually turns into an impromptu party with Vinnie.

Vinnie recalls he has childcare duties in the morning and tries to leave. But he's convinced to stay by the others, as is Nicole when she arrives.

Cam is delighted to learn his business partners like to party, as they all drink and dance together.

Cam's intrigued when he overhears Vinnie reference his wild party days in the past.

He offers Vinnie the chance to go off the rails with him, but Vinnie refuses and Cam pretends he was only joking.

Vinnie is unsettled and shares his concerns with Nicole, who's also worried about the wild behaviour of their business partner.

When they see Cam with Kylie, they're reminded that they’re not the only ones with an investment in Cam.

Does Kylie know how wild he is and, if not, should they tell her?


Home alone, Rachel successfully distracts herself from her desire to take codeine, but only just.

Out of the blue, Glen turns up drunk. Having driven his car over, Rachel is forced to let him in while she calls a taxi.

She uncomfortably waits it out with Glen, trying to sober him up.

He declares his feelings for Rachel but is rejected by her again.

Turning to plan B, he spikes her juice.

Her inhibitions lowered, he convinces her to drink some whiskey too.

Belatedly realising she must have been drugged, Rachel kicks Glen out, threatening him with the police.

Feeling woozy, she staggers outside for fresh air, only to fall into the pool, unconscious.


Tuesday 30 August (6071 )

Bella needs somewhere to store her and Leanne's cosmetic products. She decides to use the spare room at her and Boyd's allegedly haunted house.

Boyd is wary of Leanne invading their personal space. He agrees, so long as Leanne texts before arriving.

Later, Boyd and Bella’s romance is invaded by the sound of Leanne in the office. But Bella finds Leanne's not there, nobody is.

Spooky noises start coming from a vintage radio that never works too...


Vinnie challenges Cam about some young drinkers at the IV. It's Harry's old nemesis, Jasper, and a mate.

Cam insists he checked their IDs. Doubtful, Vinnie checks them himself and proves Cam wrong.

Embarrassed to be on the back foot again with Vinnie, Cam tries to smooth the water with him.

This isn't the first time Cam's behaviour at the bar has worried Vinnie and Nicole.

With Drew on their side, they warn Cam to be more vigilant and professional. Cam makes a show of agreeing.

Later, in private to Kylie, he shrugs the warning off in a cavalier fashion.

Meanwhile Jemima phones, wanting Michael to travel to England for her sister's wedding.

Given Michael's age, the importance of his schooling, and Vinnie's commitment to the bar, Vinnie refuses to let him go. 

Michael sweetens the deal with suggestions of overseas sport and free airline tickets thanks to Jemima's family. Swayed, Vinnie convinces Nicole to let him take Michael.

Nicole's confident can keep Cam under control at the IV.


Harry arrives home from his party early, worried about Rachel's state of mind.

He finds her face-down in the pool. Alarmed, he jumps in to save her.

She struggles and pushes him under, nearly drowning him.

Finn arrives in time to help and starts CPR on Rachel.

She's rushed to ED. TK is baffled about how the pool accident could have happened, and why she's not more alert.

Chris races home from overseas the next morning and is rattled to find her intubated and under sedation.

At first, his main concern is her wellbeing. But then he's shaken by Harry's ordeal, and disturbed to learn Rachel had codeine and alcohol in her system.

When Rachel comes round she has no memory of events. She's devastated to learn that she apparently drank alcohol and nearly died.

Not only is Chris seriously upset with her, she has put Harry through some real trauma.


Wednesday 31 August (6072)

Jack's grades have slipped, so Mo suggests he cuts back on IV shifts and focuses on school work.

Jack agrees, but then discovers it's Cam’s birthday party that night.

He races through his work, but arrives too late. Cam has gone out with his friends.

Curtis is sceptical about Jack's crush on Cam. He warns him his feelings aren't reciprocated. Jack disputes this.

He arrives to deliver Cam his present the next morning, and is mortified to discover him in bed with Kylie.


Bella informs Leanne about the haunted radiogram. But Leanne admits that it was her who turned it on.

Bella's disappointed it wasn't a message from Melissa. She informs Boyd, who does his best not to tease.

However, later that night, Boyd wakes from a terrifying nightmare, in which he was smothered by an unseen dark force.


Glen is alarmed to learn of Rachel's near-drowning.

Meanwhile Chris arrives home to discover evidence Rachel was not drinking alone. He visits her in hospital, only to find Glen at her bedside.

Glen's relieved to have discovered Rachel has no memory of the other night's events. He admits he was with Rachel before she fell in the pool.

Chris is infuriated to find Glen hanging around Rachel again and sends him on his way.

With Rachel herself and his marriage in crisis, Chris takes over as acting CEO. He also insists Rachel attend rehab.

Rachel is resistant, until Harry makes an impassioned plea. He admits he feared she was dead.

Determined to learn more about how she ended up drunk, Rachel seeks out Glen. He claims he arrived that night to find her already drinking.

As Rachel begins to accept this, Chris enters. He's furious to find Rachel with Glen yet again.

Glen goads Chris by insinuating he and Rachel slept together. Chris is pushed to the limit.

Glen's hoping to provoke a fight, and Chris is sorely tempted to give it to him.


Thursday 1 September (6073)

Despite Glen's provocations, Chris refuses to be drawn down to  his level. He restrains himself from hitting Glen, but only just.

When Harry sees the raw emotional aftermath he's further stressed. He fears Rachel and Glen have had an affair.

Angry and upset, Chris avoids answering. The truth is he's not sure.

Rachel confronts him about this, denying it. She's hurt that Chris would take Glen's word over hers.

She goes ahead with her plan to attend rehab. In a rare moment of vulnerability, she shares with Bella her fear that her marriage might not survive
her absence.

Rachel proposes Chris come with her. She's found a clinic that offers couples counselling.

Though deeply worried about leaving Harry, Chris decides to join Rachel in rehab.  He organises TK to act as CEO until Harper returns.

Chris and Rachel share an emotional farewell with Harry. They leave him in Finn's care, a sign of their trust. 

Harry's distraught at the strain his family is under, and fears it will fall apart.

He wants to pull out of the school debate team. But his crush Lottie begs him to stay. Neither she nor Blue (their third team member) know what they are doing. So Harry reluctantly agrees for their sake.

When Jasper and his sidekick Dominic menace Lottie at the juice bar, Blue rushes to her aid to defend her.

When Rachel and Chris leave for rehab that afternoon, Harry is left feeling lost and alone.

Finn manages to keep his spirits up.


Humiliated to have his crush on Cam blown out of the water, Jack tries to hide at home.

Blue becomes concerned and keeps him company. 

Meanwhile, Drew warns Cam that while he's away at a conference, and Vinnie is in England, Nicole will be keeping a close eye on him.

When Kylie realises how busy Nicole is, she offers her support. Nicole is grateful, especially in light of her recent discovery about Cam.

Not wanting to burst Kylie's love bubble, she keeps her concerns about Cam's drug habit to herself.

Jack's prompted to warn Kylie about the matter. when he spots Cam meeting with a dodgy guy.

Kylie follows Cam, and is shocked to bust him in the middle of a drug deal.


Friday 2 September (6074)

After witnessing Cam buy drugs, Kylie's not judgemental. She's just really annoyed that he lied about it.

Seeing Cam seriously worried and downbeat, Jack feels guilty for ratting on him to Kylie.

Cam tries to defend himself to Kylie, but she's still a bit hesitant. She needs time to think.

Kylie confides in Nicole, who finally confirms she knows about his habit too.

Kylie's dismayed to learn of this side to Cam, which he's hidden from her.

Esther advises her to give Cam an ultimatum. It's his habit or her.

Meanwhile, Nicole has a stern word with Cam, causing him to flush the drugs away. He hopes it keeps him in the good books with both Nicole and Kylie.

But Kylie tells him she can't trust him any more. The relationship is over.

Cam is gutted to lose her.


Although unenthused about the upcoming school debate, Harry is pleased to be working closely with Lottie.

Lottie's curious to learn more about Blue. When she and Blue start to get on well, Harry can't help but be a bit jealous.

However, Lottie is quietly enjoying her growing connection to Harry too.

When they're left alone at the end of the night, there's a chance for a kiss. But Harry doesn't have the courage to follow through.

Despite this, his hopes are building.


Leanne's intrigued to hear of Boyd's spooky nightmare.

Bella's theory that it's the ghost Melissa trying to get a message through.

When weird things continue to happen in the house, Bella's convinced. But she's stumped on how to contact Melissa.

Leanne proposes a seance and Bella agrees.

Curtis delivers some boxes for Leanne and decides to stay on. He mocks the seance by making the Ouija board spell out funny words.

But all of them are shocked when a real message seems to come through. "Black Death."

Leanne implores the spirits to use her as a vessel for their message, and things get very spooky. All the candles blow out.

When Curtis turns on the lights, he and Bella are shocked to see Leanne fighting for breath. It's seems as though she's being strangled by invisible hands.