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29 April - 3 May 2013

Ben Mitchell as TK Samuels in Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street.

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Shortland Street.

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Monday 29 th April 2013 (5226)

Arriving at Henare's clinic with TK, Roimata's relieved up to realise her mum has gone with Henare.

TK sells the trip as a romantic holiday and feeling claustrophobic, Roimata uses her friend Tariana as a buffer from TK's attention.

She's curious about Tariana's reluctance for her partner Wayne to see a doctor, and catches Tariana trying to listen in on his consult with TK.

Tariana reveals her fear that Wayne has an STI - fearing she's to blame because she had an affair.

Roimata's stunned, her guilt over Josh coming to the fore. She commits to TK's romantic holiday, kidding herself she can have a break from being a cheater.

Despite missing Roimata, Josh tries to make the most of running ED but he's deflated when he can't contact her.

Sarah offers Josh further training and he commits to it, needing a distraction.

But seeing a pxt from TK showing him and Roimata enjoying themselves, Josh fears he's going to lose Roimata for good.

He cancels his training, planning to interrupt Roimata's holiday.

Vinnie's hopeful when Emma thaws towards him. He wants to apologise, but Kylie worries Emma's still not ready to forgive him.

Vinnie tries anyway, and he's encouraged when Emma agrees to a drink.

Brooke's curious when Boyd receives an invitation to the unveiling of his grandfather's headstone.

Brooke realises Boyd isn't telling Nicole about the event and she's hopeful she may be able to break the couple up.

She 'accidentally' reveals the event to Nicole. Unsettled, Nicole decides to prove her commitment to Boyd by securing leave.

She broaches the subject with Boyd, and tries to convince him they can face his family together - he agrees.

Brooke fuels Nicole's fear that she's not good enough, and simultaneously encourages Nicole's belief that Boyd's only taking her along to upset and annoy his family.

Brooke's machinations lead to a relationship-shattering fight - exactly what Brooke was hoping for.

Tuesday 30 th April (5227)

Nicole feels tempted to call Boyd and talk about their break up but when Vinnie reminds her of what a nice guy is really like, Nicole deletes Boyd from her phone.

Later, Brooke is pleased to witness a moment of tension between Boyd and Nicole.

Wendy continues helping Zlata, despite Murray's continued belief she is a scam artist.

However, when Zlata blatantly uses Wendy, Wendy begins to wonder if Murray has a point.

Encouraged by Nicole, Emma lets Vinnie know she could be interested in trying again.

Vinnie seizes on this second chance and Kylie is pleased by the thaw.

However, she realises Emma is throwing herself back into love too quickly and feels obliged to warn her that Vinnie could be playing a bit of a game.

Emma firmly rejects this, but her insecurity leads to her confronting Vinnie about his intentions.

His commitment falls short of Emma's high standards and she finds herself protectively pushing him away.

Roimata is drawn back into intimacy with TK.

At the clinic, TK is unimpressed when Tariana needs to be tested for an STI but cant tell Wayne she slept with another man.

Roimata supports Tariana's decision to keep her sexual history secret and TK is frustrated by Roimata's attitude.

Guiltily aware she is also a cheater, Roimata escapes to the beach. Josh arrives in town and is frustrated when Roimata doesn't pick up his call.

Meanwhile, TK makes a non-STI diagnosis for Wayne's condition.

A relieved Tariana decides there is now no need to tell him about her affair.

This annoys TK, who believes Roimata's support of Tariana is wrong.

At the beach, Roimata is rattled when Josh suddenly turns up and urges her to join him for an assignation.

TK considers moving to the small town permanently and Roimata feels trapped, so she lies to TK and secretly meets Josh.

Wednesday 1 st May (5228)

Upset after her date with Vinnie, Emma allows Kylie to support her.

But Emmas defenses spring back up and Kylie's concerned by Vinnie's account of Emma's demands on their date.

Worried for Emma, Kylie makes a small gesture of peace and, encouraged by Emma's positive response, she's optimistic there's hope for their friendship.

Murray pays Jasmine to babysit so he can take Wendy to the movies. Wendy can't help but check up on Luca, and Murray gently convinces her not to worry.

But they arrive home to find Zlata struggling to cope with a crying Luca and Wendy feels justified to take over, leaving Murray concerned at Wendy's overinvolvement.

Sarah's left short staffed when Josh calls in sick, and she's forced to assure Rachel she can balance her job and running the ED.

She's determined to cope, but the ED gets busier and a stressed Sarah's pulled up to realise she's forgotten her lunch date with Harper, an ED doctoring friend.

Sarah only has time for a quick apology, but is surprised when Harper sympathetically suggests she steps in to help.

Sarah informs Rachel, but Rachel's doubtful because of the high cost of another consultant and challenges Sarah to fire someone else if she hires Harper.

Having used Tariana as an excuse to cover time with Josh, Roimata's thrown when TK talks to Tariana.

But Tariana clicks Roimata's used her as an alibi and plays along.

Because of this, Tariana wants answers and Roimata unburdens herself, sharing about her struggle to be good enough for TK and her affair with Josh.

With TK away for the day visiting another clinic, Roimata's grateful to open up to Tariana. But Tariana asks some hard questions and Roimata, unwilling to confront reality, seeks Josh out.

Josh's hopes rise when Roimata chooses time with him and makes the risky decision of allowing him to drop her at the clinic.

Tarianas uncomfortable keeping Roimata's secret and leaves to go to the bank.

Alone, a loved up Roimata and Josh slip into an exam room to steal a kiss.

But TK arrives back early and a shocked Roimata and Josh huddle in the exam, on the brink of being caught.

Thursday 2nd May (5229)

Sarah, although still confused that the glamorous Harper wants to work as a locum at Shortland Street, is excited by the thought of working with her friend, and this excitement grows when Harper fits in perfectly in the ED.

Sarah suspects that a patient of hers, Mel, is under the influence of drugs, but can't get the details.

But Jared is able to connect with Mel and finds out that she's taken a street drug - bath salts - which puts her at risk of a violent outburst.

Jared informs Harper and Sarah and they treat the patient accordingly. Jared is stoked that he's been able to help.

Sarah is left excited at the thought of an ED dream team when Harper agrees to stay on.

Wendy is tired after a sleepless night with Luca, but she enjoys caring for him.

However, she is deflated when she realises that her other chores are piling up.

When Murray points out that she's over-committed, she puts on a brave face about the situation.

But when she's unable to get the rest she'd planned, the pressure mounts and she ends up ruining dinner.

An exhausted Wendy loses it, but is left surprised and relieved when Murray validates her efforts and forces her to have a lie down.

Murray is also surprised to find himself enjoying his time looking after Luca.

Roimata and Tariana manage to keep TK from finding Josh, and he's left hating the fact that he's Roimata's dirty secret.

He tries to talk Roimata into taking their relationship public, but is impatient when Roimata wants to keep things the way they are.

Scared by Josh's plans and their close call, Roimata resolves to recommit to TK and throws herself into planning their life together, even talking babies with Tariana.

But her plans are thrown into jeopardy when Wayne and Danny are injured in a car crash - and TK desperately needs a second doctor to help him intubate.

Roimata is forced to make the ethical choice and calls Josh to help them.

TK is left reeling when he figures out that they've been having an affair.

Friday 3 rd May (5230)

Roimata, TK and Josh work together to save the crash victims, keeping their personal tension in check.

When she tries to explain the mistake shes made with Josh, TK refuses to talk to her.

He packs his bags and leaves a devestated Roimata alone.

Roimatas heartbroken, but Tariana urges her not to give up on her marriage, and points out the first thing Roimata needs to do is end things with Josh for good.

Roimata tries to do this, but she badly needs Joshs support in the wake of TKs rejection, and allows Josh to believe they still have a chance.

Boyds amused when Brooke suggests he needs a hard-nosed girlfriend to run interference with his family.

After a phone call from his mother, Boyd realises Brookes right: only a girlfriend can save him from being set up with his mothers idea of the perfect partner.

Boyd asks Brooke to come with him to be his fake girlfriend, and Brooke agrees, privately planning to use this opportunity to win Boyd over.

Flush after last weeks underage party, Evan is keen to organise another gig.

However Jasmine and Dayna opt for buying tickets to a music festival instead of reinvesting in another party, leaving Evan dispirited.

A film set worker comes into the ED with a gunshot wound and Sarah hands the case to Harper, whos experienced with firearms injuries.

When Rachel takes an interest, Sarah talks Harper up, mentioning her experience in a high profile case overseas.

Rachel spies an opportunity for publicity and pressures Harper into agreeing to do an interview with a journalist.

Sarahs surprised by Harpers reluctance, but manages to convince her to attend.

But, Harper is a no-show at the interview, embarrassing and angering Rachel.

Sarah confronts Harper about the no-show but a defensive Harper turns the blame on Sarah, criticizing both her department and her personally.

Sarah's stung when Harper claims that the Shortland Street Emergency Department is a joke.

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