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Shortland Street

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28 May - 1 June 2012

Vasa (Teuila Blakely) - Shortland Street on TV2

Brooke Williams as Lana in Shortland Street on TV2

Brooke (Beth Allen) with sister Brie (Rachael Blampied) - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 28th May (4999 & 5000)

Struggling to come to terms with Gerald's situation, an encounter with Josh leaves Libby wistful for the life she could have had.

Building up in her head a romance that doesn't exist, she admits to Tania she feels stuck with Gerald and wonders if she should be with Josh.

Lana's unsettled when Daniel cuts her dead when they meet in Nicole's ward. She admits to Roimata that she and Nicole haven't slept together yet and Lana's nervous about it.

She can't forget Nicole calling Maia the love of her life, and Lana worries that she doesn't feel so certain about her feelings for Nicole.

Roimata encourages Lana to talk things through with Nicole, but when Lana next visits she finds Maia already present. Lana feels shes intruding and decides not to raise her concerns.

Zac's frustrated by his inability to connect with Vasa. Oblivious to Ula's unhappiness, Vasa relieves Maxwell with assurances everything's going well.

Maxwell's disappointed to learn Vasa is being too controlling and he tries to assure Ula that Vasa will relax given time.

Ula's not sure how much more she can take and, observing Vasa and Zac together, decides to set them up on a secret date.

Ula hopes rekindling the affair will distract Vasa and give Ula the freedom she craves.

Brooke stalls on actioning Vinnie's complaint. Unimpressed, Vinnie warns hell raise the matter with Rachel when she returns.

Bree feels her only option is to discredit Vinnie, but he catches her out and decides to update Rachel immediately. Panicking, Bree begs Brooke to get to Rachel first.

While waiting for Rachel, Brooke learns of Seth's possible involvement in Chris' incarceration.

Realising she can use this to her advantage, Brooke calls Seth in, claiming the pressure Rachel is under is affecting her judgement - because she can't control Chris situation, she's trying to control Brooke and the hospital.

Seth calls Rachel in, but instead of listening to her grievances about Brooke and Bree, he stands her down, insisting she focus on her family and leave the hospital to Brooke.

Brooke's relieved but Rachel feels shocked and betrayed.

Forced to take leave by Seth, Rachel warns Brooke that she will pay for her manipulations.

Vinnie's appalled by Brooke's behaviour but Bree reassures a worried Brooke that they will have to find a way to secure their position.

Brooke takes over as CEO, but her guilt is piqued when TK questions her actions.

Rachel visits Chris in prison, and sensing he's struggling, doesn't tell him about being stood down at work.

Gerald struggles to heed Yvonne's reassurances about his relationship with Libby.

Meanwhile, Libby cant deny her attraction to Josh, unaware that his attention is focused on Paige.

Libby decides to end her marriage to Gerald but before she can do so Gerald surprises her by setting her free.

Libby's upset by the reality of a life without Gerald and rushes to him to confess that she really does love him and that's she's just scared of loosing him.

A resigned Gerald is overjoyed that Libby has pledged her support. As they prepare to leave, she apologises to bewildered Josh for leading him on.
Josh is disappointed when Paige backs him off, taking him for a player off Libbys conversation with Josh.

Confused about her sexuality and her feelings for Nicole, Lana fears she will only let her down. She ends up confessing her doubts to Maia who insists Lana has to be straight up with Nicole.

But, terrified of upsetting Nicole, Lana botches her ending the relationship - hurting Nicole in the process.

Ula's disappointed to be back at square one with Vasa.  A concerned Maxwell suggests Vasa and Ula move in with him.

Ula hopes Maxwell can be a buffer between herself and Vasa, but Vasa reads Maxwells offer as a slight on her ability to manage Ula and the baby and she rejects it outright.

She's given pause by Wendy, suggests the offer could be exactly what Vasa and Ula need.

Zac tries to win Ula over, but Ula rejects his offer of help.

She has a big fight with Vasa, who washes her hands of her daughter. An upset Ula leaves, and Vasa's left regretting the rift she's caused.


Tuesday 29th May (5001)

Maxwell's concerned to learn Ula has run off because of Vasa's reprimand. Vasa regrets her actions but is adamant that Ula will come back but Maxwell's not so sure.

Meanwhile, Ula despairs that she has no money and nowhere to stay. With no options left, Ula uses Zac's affair with Vasa to blackmail Zac for money.

Maxwell's troubled to learn from Jasmine that Ula's gone to a cheap boarding house for the night. He finds Ula and tries to talk her into coming home.

Ula is struggling on her own and is tempted but she cant bear to be under Vasas thumb any longer and refuses.

Paige feels guilty about brushing Josh off and is nervous when she learns that she will be working with him in the ED.

Josh is focused on his patients and pays her little attention. Paige mistakenly believes that he's angry with her after she turned down his coffee date.

Paige tries to impress him with her skills, but fails and absentmindedly forgets to sign the drug control book.

Paige confesses her history of addiction to Josh and is humiliated to learn he witnessed her give the drugs over to the patient and all is well. She didnt need to confess at all.

Chris does all he can to work on his defence case, and struggles to keep heart. However, Rachel's given hope when Lawrence reveals a potential lead.

She shares the good news with Chris, and he allows himself a little hope when Rachel vouches for Lawrence's competence.

Chris grills Lawrence on his progress with the lead, and is frustrated when its slow-going.

Doubting Lawrence's abilities, Chris gets his hopes up when Gus gives him the details of a scam that Drew possibly has used to secure his alibi.

Meanwhile, Lawrence explains the same scam to Rachel, adding he's secured an interview with one of Drew's workmates who is willing to blow the whistle.

Unable to get hold of Lawrence via phone, Chris decides to dig for information on Drew's scam.

His call only to an old friend serves to alarm Drew's workmates, and the potential witness refuses to talk. Chris is stunned to realise bullheadedness has wrecked his own case.


Wednesday 30th May (5002)

Rachel quashes her frustrations with Chris and reassures him of her support - even though she fears Chris' interference may have blown his case.

A worried Harry misses Chris, but is bolstered when he makes plans with Rachel to visit.

Rachel's disappointed when Phoenix refuses to join them and, hoping to make up for Phoenix's lack of support, Harry secretly smuggles Chris' favorite biscuits into the prison.

On revealing the surprise, Harry is escorted out - for not declaring the items. Rachel's left feeling responsible for Harry's trauma.

When TK and Paige misinterpret Josh's distance with Paige as a personal grudge, TK wants to make sure it doesnt affect their professional relationship.

He insists on the two working together, but when Paige's detailed description of a procedure makes her patient nearly vomit, Josh is unimpressed.

Paige redoubles her efforts and she's pleased when she impresses Josh with her skill.

TK witnesses Josh's praise and feels good his plan has succeeded, but he's surprised when Josh refuses to socialise after work, having thought Josh had put his tension with Paige behind him.

Josh explains he never had issue, and is bemused by TK's insistence they all spend so much time together.

Paige is placated its evidently not just her he's avoiding, but TK's left certain theres more to Josh than meets the eye.

Vasa realises she needs to swallow her pride and reach out to Ula. Ula's finding it hard on her own, and when Vasa apologises she's momentarily tempted to come home.

But Vasa botches the apology and undermines the ground Maxwell's made with Ula, alienating Ula further.

Later, Vasa's anger is intensified when she learns Zac too has been giving Ula money under duress.

Finding Ula seeking work at the bar, a concerned Maxwell persuades her to come home with him - reluctantly agreeing to respect Ula's desire to cut Vasa out of her life.

Armed with the knowledge of Ula's blackmail, Vasa arrives at Maxwell's apartment and tears a strip off Ula.

Ula leaves for good, and Maxwell is appalled by Vasa's poisonous behaviour. A miserable Vasa is confronted with the fact she may have permanently damaged her relationship with her family.


Thursday 31st May (5003)

Harry worries his biscuit smuggling incident will get Chris in trouble and his regular nightmares worsen.

Rachel does her best to support Harry but becomes incensed when Phoenix deliberately aggravates the situation.

At breaking point, Rachel snaps. Uncle Brian arrives to witness her outburst at the boys and Rachel is embarrassed to be caught out.

Brian is concerned to witness the strain the family is under and Rachel opens up for the first time about her struggle to support Phoenix and Harry with Chris in prison.

Visiting Chris, Brian feels compelled to reveal his concerns. Chris is frustrated he's unable to protect his family but determined to do what he can, he wants Rachel and the boys to look after themselves and stop worrying about him.

He insists Rachel cuts her visits down to once a week and orders her to stop bringing Harry at all.

Though Zac tries his best to support Sarah and Daniel, he feels Sarah takes him for granted. He fails to calm Daniel down when Daniel learns of his mother's meddling, and also feels inadequate when Sarah's stronger medical knowledge paints him as inferior.

Frustrated, he accepts Vasa's proposition to continue their affair. But when Sarah realises she hasn't been giving Zac due attention, she offers to make it up to him and Zac forgets Vasa.

Making an effort to reinvest, Zac is angry when Sarah once again prioritises work over him, and he decides meet up with Vasa anyway.

But his hopes for reckless fun with  Vasa are dashed by her cold demeanour and he's left feeling used.

Vasa is hurt by Maxwell's judgment that he and Ula are better off without her but fears he may be right.

She hands all concern for Ula over to him and refuses to become involved when he's unable to track Ula down.

Vasa is very worried for Ula but feels she will only cause Ula more pain and heartbreak if she becomes involved.

Vasa is determined to suppress her pain over losing her family and, wanting to blank out her feelings, Vasa proposes a tryst with Zac.

However, Vasa is disappointed to find no solace in her affair; in fact it leaves her feeling emptier than ever

Friday 1st June (5004)

Zac sublimates his guilt at sleeping with Vasa into helping Daniel. But his efforts fall flat when the trade expo he takes Daniel to fails to ignite his interest in future careers and the women he introduces Daniel to prefer him.

Annoyed to think he's second best to Sarah's career, Zac is tempted to resort to casual sex to boost his ego but he chooses family instead.

Harry is upset when Rachel tells the boys that Chris has requested they no longer visit.

Evan makes Phoenix feel bad for his lack of family loyalty and Uncle Brian tries to rein him in, advising him to be the man of the house.

Garth sends money to Phoenix, who only sees it as shush money. Phoenix confides his annoyance to Uncle Brian and Tom overhears all.

He realises that Phoenix can be his cash cow due to his access to Warner money.

Tom advises Phoenix to get Rachel off his back by telling her what she wants to hear and Phoenix follows his advice, pleased when it works.

Brooke's colleagues express their disapproval of her nepotism at the HOD meeting and she's forced to punish Bree.

Brooke sends her to perform pro-bono surgeries at a rural hospital. Bree's annoyed but it's not enough to appease Vasa or Vinnie.

Seth is also unimpressed and Brooke realises that she needs to prove herself to him but has no idea how.

Bree invents a plan to win his approval by deliberately losing an important surgical tourism contract and having Brooke win the clients back.

However, the plan backfires when Brooke fails to win the clients back and Seth discovers the extent of the sisters' manipulation.


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