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Monday 27 October (5616)

Dayna's rattled by Julian's intense obsession with her, so is relieved when he agrees to leave the bar.

Down-playing the incident in her own mind later, she avoids telling Murray about it, unaware Julian has followed her home and is spying on her.

The next day, Dayna's flattered when he shows her the new painting she has inspired.

She opens up to Julian about her mother's death and when Julian gifts Murray the painting, Dayna starts to feel she can trust him after all.

Kane agrees not to pressure Jack about coming out, and the two get back to being mates again.

But when Jack starts to lean too much on Kane as the only person who knows he's gay, Kane struggles with the intensity.

He admits a bit of this to Honour, who quickly works out it's Jack who's gay.

She's angry afresh that Jack was so mercilessness with his teasing of Kane.

Kane swears her to secrecy but unable to help herself, Honour tells Jack to ease up.

Jack confronts Kane about Honour's cryptic warning, but the only way to explain Honour's worry for Kane is by revealing he tried to commit suicide.

Jack's devastated to realise it was his bullying that contributed to this, and now understanding that his reliance on Kane isn't fair on him, Jack decides to come out.

Kane's glad to have helped.

Vinnie feels the pressure when it's his turn to step up as DON.

He has everything in hand, until the computer system crashes.

Wendy helps Vinnie set up a board with patient information.

Vinnie feels overwhelmed and allows Wendy to take control, but Leanne points out he won't make a good impression this way.

But when he does takes over control of the board, he gets distracted by other work and forgets to check up on a patient, Jim, who has been taken to radiology.

Vinnie feels terrible when he realises Jim arrested on his own in the radiology waiting room and is now dead.

He blames himself and feels he isn't capable of being DON.

When he's late to discuss the incident with Rachel, she questions his commitment to the job.

Faltering under pressure, Vinnie self-sabotages, allowing Rachel to give the DON position back to Wendy.


Tuesday 28th October (5617 )

Leanne's alarmed to hear that Vinnie's been ousted from his trial as Director of Nursing and collars Vinnie to find out what's going on.

Vinnie's too ashamed to admit he sabotaged his own chances so Leanne presumes Wendy's to blame.

Deciding she can't let the matter lie, Leanne vouches for Vinnie to Rachel but is thrown to learn Vinnie's the one who stepped down from the trial.

Frustrated Vinnie's regressing to his old habit of running when the going gets tough, she gives him a loving wake up call - she believes in him, so should he.

Confronted, Vinnie appeals to Rachel to reinstate his trial.

But Rachel has had enough of his vacillating and refuses.

Back to square one, Vinnie decides to prove to Rachel that he is management material - even though that means leaving the family for a couple of weeks to work as a temp Duty Manager elsewhere.

Chris is hurt and annoyed to realise he's the last one to know about Harry posting his selfie with Lucy online last week.

Frustrated to feel Rachel's taken over his son and his newborn daughter, Chris resolves to assert his right to parent Harry.

But he doesn't count on Harry's continued bitterness and realises he may never win Harry's respect back.

Chris decides to back off - but pledges that he will always be here if Harry needs him.

Dayna's pleased when Julian's painting gets attention at the bar, and wins Murray social points with art admirer Chris.

Julian shows up at the bar.

Encouraged by Murray's warmth towards him, Dayna agrees to afternoon tea and a stroll.

She finds herself flattered by his fascination with her life, but when Julian looks to prompt an emotional response by taking her to the ward where her mum died, she baulks.

Covering his anger that she's not cooperating, Julian returns to the bar, ignores her and lets himself be schmoozed by the art collecting crowd.

Julian's ploy works and feeling left out, Dayna approaches Julian again.

When he seems willing to let her go, Dayna finds herself drawn to him again.

Alone, Dayna's attraction for him flares and when he resists kissing her, she takes control and kisses him.

Julian's got her where he wants her but Dayna's blinded by his edgy, brooding charm.


Wednesday 29th October (5618)

Dayna's delighted to be in a relationship with Julian, despite Harper and Ula's reservations.

But Julian seems only interested in plumbing her dark emotional depths.

Having tried and failed earlier, he finally convinces Dayna to take him into to the hospital room where her mum died.

Once there, he makes her talk about her relationship with her emotionally abusive mother.

Upset, Dayna tries to stop but Julian insists that if they're in a relationship she can't hold anything back.

Dayna agrees, falling deeper into Julian's thrall.

Bella's excited about her and Dallas's pending trip to stay with his parents, but he lies that he can't go as he has to fill in for a sick colleague.

Bella accepts this until she hears that the sick colleague is actually fine and so she confronts Dallas over his lie.

Dallas tells her he was trying to protect her from his family but Bella insists she'll be fine and that they should go.

Dallas agrees they can, but his nerves about the trip remain.

Chris refuses a plea from a patient's mother who can't find anyone to do a risky op on her son.

When Rachel tells him their charity project McKenna House needs money, Chris hopes to help and thereby mend bridges with his estranged family.

In an effort to do so, he tries and fails to connect with Harry.

The rejection makes him reconsider helping the patient's mother.

Using all his skill, Chris does the op.

The patient's mother is so grateful that she offers a large annual endowment to a charity of Chris's choice.

Chris sets up a meeting with Rachel so that he can talk the wealthy donor into giving to McKenna House.

Rachel's hugely grateful to him.

But just before the meeting, he gets a call for help from Harry.

Chris rushes to him and is irked to see Harry just needs money because he stole Rachel's credit card to shout his mates some treats, but couldn't use it.

Harry pleads with him to pay and not to tell Rachel, implying his loyalty will win Harry's favour.

Chris rushes back to the meeting but it's too late - the donor had to go.

Chris keeps Harry's secret but Rachel is furious at his no-show and cuts all personal ties with him.

Chris realises reaching out to Harry has set back his all-important mission to win Rachel back.


Thursday 30th October (5619)

Harry is pleased to learn Chris hasn't told Rachel about the credit card theft.

Determined to hide his crime and get more money out of Chris, Harry confides in him about being rejected by his peer group.

Hearing Harry talk from the heart, Chris is touched and gives him the money.

Grace overhears Harry boasting about the money and cautions Rachel against being played for a fool.

Looking for Harry to set him straight, Rachel learns from Honour about the credit card theft - which Chris kept secret.

Now angry at Chris, Rachel confronts him and is unimpressed when Chris admits he acted wrongly in a desperate effort to win Harry back.

Determined not to be caught between father and son, and needing to put more distance between herself and Chris, Rachel tells Harry she is sending him back home to live with Chris.

Harry is shocked, but accepts the decision is final and resigns himself to returning home, to Chris’s relief.

Learning Jack lost his nerve about coming out to his family after the rugby guys found out he was gay, Kane offers to help tell his parents.

When he doesn’t show, Kane and Honour hope he's fronted up to his parents alone.

But Jack's been beaten up and claims it was a random attack.

Kane deduces that their rugby team is actually responsible.

Fearful, Jack refuses to tell the police.

An angry Kane stands up to the rugby guys, gets threatened himself, and vows to tell the police.

Despite Dallas's warnings about his parents, Bella is looking forward to visiting the farm.

To her surprise, his parents, make an effort to be welcoming, but when she makes an innocent reference to Dallas’s dead brother Todd, it gets tense.

Dallas explains that his parents never mention Todd and tells her to not worry.

He's more focused on convincing his parents to sell up - having invested in the farm, he now wants out so he can support Bella and their future family.

Bella is touched to learn how generous he's been with his parents, but when Dallas reprimands her for disturbing Todd's room, Bella feels guilty.

She apologises to his mum, who reveals it's not them who can't speak about Todd, it's Dallas.

Realising Dallas has misunderstood, Bella prompts him to clear the air with his parents.

Dallas does so, but uses the opportunity to manipulate his parents to sell the farm so they can retire and he can get his money out.

Bella is upset by Dallas's cold treatment of his parents and starts to question just what kind of a man she's about to marry.


Friday 31st October (5620)

Kane's pleased when Jack informs the police about the rugby boys' assault and comes out to his parents.

Kane's proud of Jack and Wendy praises Kane and Honour for supporting their friend.

Kane and Honour draw closer and Murray observes the spark between them.

When it's time for Murray to take Honour home, Kane asks to join them for the ride.

On Honour's doorstep, Kane plucks up the courage to kiss her and Honour responds, happy they're finally acting on their feelings.

Ula and Garrett get ready for their Halloween party.

At the last moment Kylie decides not to go, as she's uncomfortable with the thought of being around her ex.

But Lucy convinces Kylie to go and have fun.

Kylie arrives at the party and, wanting to show Garrett what he's missing out on, engages in sexy dancing.

But, to Kylie's chagrin, it has no effect on Garrett.

Meanwhile, Lucy enjoys time with Dallas until he leaves the party to see Bella.

Kylie picks up on Lucy's disappointment and challenges Lucy who then confesses her feelings for Dallas.

Kylie disapproves and Garrett comforts Lucy.

Annoyed, Kylie tells Ula that Garrett is with another woman.

But Ula sees through Kylie's attempt to drive a wedge between her and Garrett.

Furious with herself for doing so, Kylie realises she has to move on.

Bella's frustrated when neither Dallas, nor her family, will listen to her concerns about Dallas's fraught relationship with his parents.

She's surprised to find her old wedding book and it makes her think of Luke - and whether Dallas measures up to him.

Dallas convinces Bella to go to Ula and Garrett's Halloween party so they can forget their problems.

Bella tries to have fun but she's thrown when she thinks she sees Luke.

She believes Luke may be trying to contact her but Wendy puts it down to Bella's pre-wedding nerves.

Bella listens to Wendy and puts thoughts of Luke aside when Dallas agrees to take her advice and call his parents.

However the next day, Bella is shocked when Luke's cat, Kronos, turns up.

She's convinced Luke is trying to contact her and his message is clear - he doesn't want her to marry Dallas...