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27 - 31 May 2013

Shortland Street

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Monday 27 th May (5249 & 5250)

Bella becomes dissatisfied when Zlata demands financial support but won’t give Bella time with Luca.

Bella makes progress with her co-parenting when she convinces Zlata to let her join in on an outing.

At Sugar, Dallas gets the mistaken idea that Zlata and Bella are a couple, while Zlata gives Russell, the charity money seeker, short shrift.

On a visit to the hospital with Luca, Bella gets distracted briefly and is horrified to realise that he’s missing.

A guilty Bella reports Luca’s disappearance to Zlata and faces her wrath.

Determined to find Luca, Bella’s unsettled to realise her money may have attracted a kidnapper.

Wendy is daunted when Murray enthuses about the new baby.

When she discovers she’s had spotting, he insists she have a medical check up.

With miscarriage a possibility, Wendy starts to feel that it would be a blessing.

When Luca goes missing, Murray insists Wendy take it easy instead of helping the search.

She agrees but is left feeling confined and frustrated.

Still uptight about Roimata, TK makes a show of flirting with Kylie in front of her.

Under the impression that TK favoured her over Kylie, Emma’s disappointed.

Kylie, however, is delighted and wastes no time in asking TK out.

Wondering where she went wrong, Emma fishes over TK’s preferences in women.

When TK assures he’s not interested in anything serious with Kylie, Emma mistakenly reads that she has a chance with him and her hopes increase.

Later Vinnie teases TK about how much Kylie wants him, but TK insists he’s not interested in dating her.

He ropes Vinnie and Nicole into joining him at the bar to make his meeting with Kylie a casual singles group thing, but Nicole demands that he tell Kylie the truth first.

Ula has to grin and bear Evan’s instructions when they help him clean up Jasmine and Dayna’s mess.

Jared reminds her she’ll need to get used to following orders when they join the army.

Ula steps up and joins him on an army training run.

But Ula starts to dread joining the army when she realises it’s going to be harder than she’d expected.

Making a decision for them both, Ula suggests they try short term work at a ski field instead.

Jared has his heart set on the army but Ula pushes for them to stay together, challenging that being with her should be the most important thing.

Jared can’t bring himself to tell her that joining the army means more.

Off Jared’s reluctant agreement, Ula goes ahead with her ski field work plans, but Vasa urges him to stay true to his aspirations.

Ula hears this and gives Vasa a serve for meddling.

But, taking courage, Jared tells Ula he’s joining the army after all.

Anxious to stay together, Ula reasons that with him at Waiouru and her at Ohakune, they can maintain their relationship.

Realising they’ll only get ahead without each other, Jared ends the relationship and goes to farewell Vinnie, Rachel and Chris.

Ula gets upset and takes off to be with her friends, but it only makes her realise how childish she’s being refusing to farewell


Saddened, Jared’s about to go when Ula rushes home for a bittersweet goodbye.

Despite Josh’s claims that she’s emotionally unwell, Roimata assures him that she can cope.

But the more his claims play on her mind, the more distracted she becomes.

When she messes up at work and is rejected by Nicole, she begins to believe that he’s right.

Playing on this, an insecure Josh further undermines her leading Roimata to believe she needs him in order to cope.

When Nicole arrives home, she is troubled to realise just how miserable and upset Roimata is.

In comforting Zlata about Luca’s abduction, Wendy’s misgivings about having another child only increase.

Elsewhere, an alarmed Bella chases Russell, sure he’s the culprit but he’s a dead end.

Dallas goes on a call out for a sick baby.

When they arrive they find, Jessica, the ED attention-seeker, who claims it’s she who needs help, not the baby.

She assures she’s sent the baby to be looked after by her sister.

However Dallas realises something’s amiss when there are no baby-things in the house except for a familiar baby-hat.

Jessica forces Dallas to put her on a gurney and take her out to the ambulance, but as he goes he’s sure he hears a baby cry.

In spite of his partner’s reluctance, Dallas searches the house.

Desperate for attention, Jessica threatens to hurt herself if they don’t take her to hospital, but Dallas and his offsider restrain her.

Then Dallas opens the closet where he finds Luca.

Back in ED, TK assures everyone Luca is fine and they’re relieved.

Later, when Wendy has a scan, Murray is thrilled that the pregnancy is viable but Wendy is overwhelmed.

She tells Murray she can’t have this baby, leaving him rocked.

Tuesday 28 th May (5251)

Rocked by Wendy’s admission that she feels she can’t have the baby, Murray is concerned for her emotional state.

In an effort to show that she wants the baby like Murray does, Wendy accepts his extra care.

But later Wendy admits she doesn’t want the baby.

Although showing support, Murray is saddened when Wendy makes a difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy.

Vinnie is encouraged to party as he finds like minds in his young, single and free friends.

The next day, Vinnie’s deflated to realise that only he and Nicole have enough staying power to party hard.

Despite the numbers in the group dwindling, Vinnie is happy to rope in Nicole to be his single, partying mate.

Post-kidnapping, Bella worries she has lost ground in her quest to parent Luca.

Bella argues for Zlata to stay in Ferndale and hopes she has convinced her.

Bella is satisfied that if she manages to solve Zlata’s practical problems with staying in Ferndale, Luca and Zlata will stay.

When Kylie manages to gain TK’s attention, a competitive Emma resolves to up her game.

Determined to impress TK through her work, Emma’s gratified when it appears she may have a shot at attracting TK after all.

Buzzing at their sparky working relationship, Emma’s chastened when Sarah accuses her of being un-professional with TK.

Taking Sarah’s advice, Emma leaves TK perplexed by her new guarded approach.

When Emma worries that a patient, Veronica is in an abusive relationship, she ignores professional protocol to try and keep her at the hospital.

Even faced with Sarah’s disapproval, Emma is confident her hunch about Veronica being beaten by her husband is correct.

Later though, Emma is abashed to realise that she has compromised her professionalism and earns TK’s wrath for doing so.

She’s crushed.

Wednesday 29 th May (5252)

Emma sadly accepts she’s ruined any chance of romance with TK and comes clean to Kylie about her crush on TK.

Meanwhile TK is unsettled by Sarah’s claim that he’s been leading both Kylie and Emma on.

Though realising there’s truth in this, TK calls Sarah on her continued interference in his life.

Later, when the potential abuse patient returns to ED, Emma’s overstepping in the case proves justified.

To clear the air, TK takes Emma for a drink.

As they both relax and open up, a genuine bond between Emma and TK is evident, but explains that he’s not in the market for any type of relationship.

Despite this, Emma is still hopeful.

At work, Harper intervenes when it’s clear Rachel and Chris’s personal issues are impacting on their working relationship.

Working with each of them separately, Harper and Chris are pleased to make a personal connection over their love of art.

After his rescue of Luca, Bella and Zlata view Dallas as a hero. But Vinnie’s amused to realise Dallas thinks they are lesbians.

Ignoring Nicole’s warning, Vinnie winds Dallas up for his narrow-minded view of same sex relationships.

Encouraged by Vinnie, Bella’s hopeful Zlata may find romance with Dallas and invites him to lunch with them.

But Zlata and Bella’s flirting throws Dallas and he reveals his mistaken belief that they're lesbians.

Zlata’s outraged Dallas thinks she’s gay but Bella gets an idea.

She’s determined to convince Zlata to stay in NZ and presents the perfect solution to Zlata’s financial and visa worries by proposing they have a civil union to secure their future as Luca’s parents.

Thursday 30 th May (5253)

Zlata balks Bella’s proposal of a Civil Union and turns her down but Bella’s determined to talk her round.

She tries to enlist Wendy and Murray’s help but they’re disapproving.

Off Brooke’s unconventional marriage, Bella enlists her help to sway Zlata.

Before Brooke can do so, Seth makes Zlata feel poor and lowly.

When Zlata hears Brooke talking about shared finances, Zlata realises she would get her hands on Luke’s money.

She agrees to the civil union, delighting Bella.

Bolstered by Josh, Roimata hopes to regain her old mojo by focusing on work.

But when Josh overhears Kylie bad-mouthing him and Roimata, he resolves to protect her.

Roimata’s confidence is boosted when a guilty Kylie tries to be friendly after being caught out by Josh.

Unaware of this, Josh steams in when Kylie invites Roimata to coffee and steers Roimata to a table with him, sure Kylie had bad intentions.

Roimata is wary of Josh’s controlling attitude but he’s unapologetic and makes her doubt her judgement.

When Roimata mistakenly thinks Nicole is complaining to Josh about her work, Josh chooses not to set her straight.

Roimata’s confidence falls further when Nicole’s attempt to bolster her self-confidence backfires.

Although wobbly, Roimata comes to her patient Veronica’s aid and confronts her abusive partner Justin.

Enraged, Justin attacks Roimata, but she bravely defends herself and manages to restrain him.

Chris arranges a platonic night out at an art gallery with Harper.

When Rachel is reminded about his past infidelities, Chris offers not to go. But she defensively insists he go.

Relieved to get a break from the difficulties at home, Chris enjoys the art-related drink with Harper and they extend it to dinner.

Meanwhile, Rachel realises she’s been difficult and decides to make a special dinner for Chris. She phones him but gets no response.

Unaware of this, Chris is having too good a time to take Rachel’s call and brushes her off with a text.

Flirting, Chris is briefly tempted byHarper but quickly realises he’s fallen into old habits and heads home.

Upbeat, Chris wants to connect with Rachel but she’s angry to see how happy he looks, sure Harper’s the cause.

As they argue, Rachel reveals that Chris has become more of a hindrance than a help in her life.

Hurt and frustrated, Chris announces that he is done with their relationship.

Friday 31 st May (5254)

Roimata discovers her inner and outer strength, physically subduing Justin but is later left unsettled by Josh’s coddling.

After talking to Nicole, then seeing yet again how controlling Josh is, Roimata realises her relationship is deeply unhealthy. When

Josh goes to check on Roimata again, he is pained to learn that Nicole sees him as stifling Roimata and decides to back off a little.

When he arrives home excited to see Roimata, he’s crushed to find she’s left him and moved out.

Rachel approaches Chris after the fight, but she’s taken aback to find him implacable and wants her to make a decision about their future.

She confides in Harper and sadly realises that she doesn’t have the energy to fight for her relationship - it’s over.

But seeing Harry and Phoenix’s pain, she tells them they’re trying to sort things out.

Chris is annoyed that she’s given the boys false hope but Rachel convinces Chris to live separately under one roof and make a decision over time.

Zlata is thrilled to be getting closer to Luke’s money and talks Bella into renting a flash house for them.

But Zlata fears she’s over-played her hand and is worried Bella will change her mind about the civil union.

When Henry reacts badly to the idea and Bella is reminded of her parents’ negativity, Zlata is only more worried.

She makes an effort to win Wendy and Murray’s approval for their union and Bella is agreeable - they’re getting a civil union.

After seeing how much a stressed Rachel relies on Henry, Seth decides to topple her by taking Henry’s support away.

He can’t convince a devoted Henry to leave, but he manages to rattle Rachel by getting Sarah to leave the hospital for a management course.

When Rachel takes this stress out on Henry, it’s all too much for him, and he agrees that he needs to quit.

However, when Rachel proves to Seth that she can manage without Henry, Seth’s plans change.

He appeals to a rueful Henry that it’s in everyone’s best interests to stay at Shortland Street and play double agent in order to get Rachel fired.

Seth is pleased when Henry agrees.

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