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27 - 31 July 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 27 July (5797 & 5798)


Having ensured Craig gets the medical help he needs, Clementine feels so bad she's keen to forget her wrongdoing, but Leanne insists she must tell Bella.

After a dressing down, Clementine feels they can move on but Leanne feels they should do more to help Craig - and hustles Clementine into doing so.

They find Craig and Clem apogises.

When Craig admits he's lonely, Clementine starts to have some sympathy for him - and endures Leanne's motherly praise.

But when Leanne gets too mother-y over flat matters, a frustrated Clementine tells her to back out of her life.

Nicole feels bad to realise that Leanne's mothering was mis-channelled because she's feeling left out of family life.

She invites her to help with wedding planning and Leanne leaps at it.

Though wary she may have created a monster, Nicole's happy to have helped.

Meanwhile, Clementine finds respite with more like-minded buddies Alex and Lucy.

Boyd encourages Harper to channel her need for more excitement in her life into work, rather than risky bike riding.

She does so and works with Margaret, who's keen to impress Wendy after her last bad day at work.

Harper gives her leeway beyond her job limits, as she's happy to bend the rules in pursuit of better patient care.

But Boyd's appalled and feels compelled to call it to Wendy's attention.

Wendy feels she can't employ Margaret here anymore.

But Harper stands up to her, taking responsibility and insisting on going over Wendy's head to give a good report on Margaret to Vinnie.

Wendy's upset as is Margaret.

Boyd takes Harper aside and challenges her reckless and impulsive decisions, that are now negatively affecting her work as well as their relationship - leaving Harper rattled by his wake-up call.

Kylie's anxious about TK's homecoming.

Lucy counsels her to ignore the Pania issue if she wants to repair things with TK.

With a troubled Pania staying at The I.V, Kylie and TK manage a tentative reconciliation by agreeing not to talk about her.

When Pania struggles to hold it together at work however, TK insists she come and stay, even though it increases the tension at home.

Kylie tries to stick to her resolve of silence, and TK is grateful for her forbearance.

However, when Pania provokes her to confront the issue, Kylie states that she can't share a roof with Pania, and will move out.

TK's shattered, but Kylie's resolute, even though she's aware this might cost them their relationship.

Pulled up by Boyd's home truths, Harper mends fences with Wendy and Margaret.

She hopes that will solve things with Boyd too, but he's concerned about what's been motivating her rebellious behaviour lately.

Talking it through, they're both rocked to realise it's their relationship.

Harper discusses it with Rachel, confiding she got into the relationship because Boyd was the safe option compared to dangerous TK - but now, although she loves him, his protectiveness of her is begging to chafe.

As a result, she takes time off work - and away from Boyd on a roadtrip to figure out what's best for her - and Boyd.

On the road, she soon finds the excitement she's been looking for in the form of a road race with another biker - a handsome reckless one, who then challenges her to join him on a wild night out...

Although Lucy's apprehensive about Clementine wanting to party at her flat, she's relieved when Clementine fits in easily - until Clementine's cooking efforts cause havoc and Lucy's worried.

She's further annoyed to realise Clementine stayed at the flat uninvited - and she's wearing her jacket.

She wants Alex to talk to Clementine, but he's wary of hurting her feelings and Lucy quashes her frustration.

At work, Lucy fumes to realise Clementine has eaten the dinner she set aside for herself and Alex.

Setting a trap, she laces her chicken dinner with super laxative - but it's Alex who eats it by mistake and Lucy realises she's got to deal with Clementine in a more mature way.

Pania's hopeful she can move on from her guilt over Caleb and draw TK close now Kylie is out of the way.

It proves more difficult than she thought however, and she insists on going to work, then seeks to cement her place in TK's life by caring for Tillie.

She finds solace in Tillie's innocent play initially, but soon realises she can't escape her guilt - that is until TK comes home and comforts her.

In his arms, Pania realises she's finally getting what she wants...

TK convinces Pania to rest, and she pretends to be asleep to avoid his concern.

But late at night, Pania wakes to discover the scratch on her arm is bloody and infected.

Looking up, she is haunted by a guilt-ridden vision of Caleb, calling her on her immoral behaviour.




Tuesday 28 July (5799 )

TK comforts a shaken Pania.

But Pania refuses to open up about Caleb, instead insisting she needs time and space away from TK and Tillie.

TK voices to Wendy his concern Pania is bottling up her emotions and keeping him at arm's length.

Wendy invites Pania to dinner at the Coopers.

Pania feels nervous about attending.

Nevertheless, the Coopers' hospitality and warmth comforts Pania.

Touched by Wendy's friendship, Pania's emotional walls come down and she finds herself inadvertently beginning to confess to Caleb's murder.

Harper throws herself into a wild night with her similarly wild companion Drew.

Her thirst for excitement peaks when her chemistry with Drew leads to a kiss and a sexy proposal.

Though tempted for a moment, Harper does the right thing, realising now why she needs Boyd.

She heads home the next day to tell him, while her absence and silence make him fear she may call it quits.

Instead, she proposes to him.

He's thrown by her impulsive action, but she honestly insists she needs his protective influence in her life, as he makes her a better person.

Swayed, Boyd agrees to think about it, knowing they'll have to wait until his marriage to Brooke is officially over.

Harper's overjoyed, until she arrives at work and finds Rachel's in the process of hiring Drew as a surgeon.

Rattled, Harper decides it's time to take Rachel up on her offer of an out of town management course.

Lucy's plans to confront Clementine about her annoying freeloading are stymied by Clementine's constant distractions.

When Lucy finally gets her chance, Clementine dumps her work on her and goes on a break, adding insult to injury by returning a cardigan she borrowed without permission, unwashed.

Clementine then ruins Lucy's dinner party and at the end of her tether, Lucy blasts her for her self-centred behaviour , sending her away to buy replacement food from the supermarket.

Clementine fails to return and Lucy and Alex become annoyed with her immaturity.

However, when she is still unaccounted for the next day, their annoyance turns to worry.

The police call, reporting that Alex's car, which Clementine borrowed, has been found burnt-out and abandoned.

All conflict forgotten, Lucy is horrified by the thought that Clementine might be hurt somewhere.


Wednesday 29 July (5800)

Following the discovery of Alex's burnt-out car, Alex and Lucy leap into detective mode.

Taking Leanne's advice, they reach out via social media and finally receive a tip-off that someone has seen Clementine at the I.V.

They eagerly pursue this lead, only to find it's a dead end.

Lucy researches missing persons cases on the internet, only to fall into a black hole of morbid reality.

When she shares this with Alex, he is furious she could even think Clementine has met a nasty end.

Lucy is hurt, and left guilty that she has thought the worst.

But Clementine has now been missing for more than twenty-four hours, and it doesn't look good.

Pania prevents herself from confessing to Wendy in the nick of time.

Her guilt resurfaces when she learns she is still the main beneficiary of Caleb's Will and will receive a payout from his life insurance.

She feels unable to return home and deal with Caleb's estate so TK offers to go for her.

After her near-miss with Wendy, Pania determines to pull herself together and she convinces Rachel that she is ready for work and willing to be a team player.

Kylie witnesses this, and is surprised by Pania's new self-control.

When TK leaves to deal with Caleb's estate, Pania tries to win Kylie over with her soft approach, but Kylie is unmoved and reasserts her belief that Pania killed Caleb and tried to kill her.

She even wonders if Pania had something to do with Clementine's disappearance.

Pania is appalled that Kylie could think this of her, but supposes this means they will remain enemies.

Kylie confirms, her suspicions of Pania unshaken.

Bella and Jimmy find out they are having a girl, and this amplifies Jimmy's fatherly concern for Dayna.

Off this, he challenges Curtis to clarify his intentions towards her.

However, when Curtis learns of Jimmy's infidelity with Annie, the power dynamic shifts and Jimmy ends up doing Curtis' grunt work.

Dayna suspects something is amiss and confronts Jimmy.

When she learns that Curtis has been manipulating her father, Dayna plans to exact revenge on Curtis so he knows not to mess with her family.

She engineers a date in a secluded wooded area of the park, and tricks Curtis into getting naked - then takes off with his clothes, to pay him back for getting at Jimmy.

Curtis chases after her - only to be caught all-too exposed by Kylie.

He's mortified as he's reduced to pleading for her help.


Thursday 30 July (5801)

Shamed after Dayna's revenge prank, Curtis arrives home in Kylie's lycra pilates gear and endures sibling merriment.

As Dayna hoped, he backs off from blackmailing Jimmy - but plans revenge. Dayna is firm - no more games.

Boyd fears Harper's sudden management conference is due to his inability to give an answer to her marriage proposal, but Harper assures she has no regrets about popping the question.

She fails to mention that Rachel's already hired Drew.

Boyd arrives at work and discovers someone has parked in his parking space.

He vents to Chris who finds Boyd's overreaction amusing.

However, Boyd is even more annoyed to discover that not only has Rachel hired a new surgeon without his input, she has also reassigned his parking space to Drew.

Boyd's first meeting with Drew gets off to a bad start, which only inflames the car park injustice.

Boyd defiantly parks on the grass until his space is restored to him, inspired to start a revolution.

The whanau are proud when Jack gets a high mark for an assignment and Margaret suggests a celebratory lunch to thank his tutor Edwin.

Jack is shy - and then thrown when Edwin accepts the lunch offer.

Thrown into a spin about this quasi-date, Jack confides to an awkward Mo that he 'like'-likes Edwin.

Mo is inwardly uncomfortable about dishing out gay love advice but urges Jack to be himself.

The lunch goes well and Jack's super stoked - he tries to act casual around the family but a pleased Pixie and Margaret can see right through him.

There's still no sign of Clementine.

Lucy tries to support Alex but he lashes out, blaming her for Clem's disappearance. Lucy's hurt.

Alex's car is found burnt out in an industrial area well known for dumping stolen cars.

Curtis gets on the case - via his hood network, he learns the car was stolen from an isolated, bush covered area.

Leanne reveals it's close to an old caravan where Craig sometimes goes, so Alex, Curtis and Lucy hurry over there.

The caravan is empty, though Lucy feels Craig's connection must have something to do with it.

They decide to involve the police.

As they head back to the car, on a rough bushy roadside, they are unaware of how close they are to Clementine... her seemingly lifeless, bloodied hand is poking out of the undergrowth...


Friday 31 July (5802)

Disheartened that they can't find Clementine, Lucy's frustrated when she realises she's lost her car keys on the track.

Retracing her steps, Lucy's surprised to stumble across a clue that may lead to Clementine.

Clambering down a steep bank for a closer look, she and Curtis are shocked to find Clementine alive - just.

Lucy's relieved when they get her to the ED, but Alex is overwhelmed by worry and Lucy resolves to stay strong for him.

Clementine has to be rushed to surgery.

Curtis's concern breaks through Lucy's defences and she gives into her worry and upset.

Clementine survives her surgery, to Alex and Lucy's relief, but Boyd has to deliver the heartbreaking news that Clementine may never walk again.

Boyd accidently prangs Drew's car and cheekily decides not to confess.

Drew's outraged and Bella agrees to help him find the culprit.

Tipped off by Bella, Drew corners Boyd, who assures him he'll pay up.

Rachel's under pressure to solve the parking issues and when Chris expounds his view that Drew and Boyd are complaining about nothing, she has a naughty idea.

The next thing Chris knows, Rachel's solved the carpark wars by reassigning Chris's carpark to Boyd!

Jack supports Edwin, assuring him that things with his dad will be fine.

Jack's increasingly impressed with Mo's support, and grateful when Mo agrees to let Edwin stay the night.

But Mo's surprised by how uneasy he feels to see Jack asleep with Edwin on the couch.

The next morning, Jack realises that Mo is actually not comfortable with the idea of a gay relationship. They argue.

Jack's deeply hurt and Mo's left dismayed at the damage it's caused to their relationship.