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27 - 31 January 2014

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Shortland Street

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Monday 27th January (5412)

Persuaded by Evan's plea that Dayna will be homeless if Murray finds out, TK covers for them to Murray.

Harper is amused by his soft-heartedness but later TK snaps at Evan when he tries to make amends.

Hes increasingly stressed at work and a worried Harper puts his irrational behaviour down to missing Sarah.

Unable to accept shes right, TK does a back-to-back shift, desperate to bury his head in the sand.

Realising that hes got the wrong end of the stick, Murray lets go of his suspicions about Evan and Dayna.

Kane meets Toby and Harry before his first day at Ferndale High and they finally get Travis phone working.

At home, Kane walks in on Evan and Dayna as a sensible Dayna tries to curtail a hot Evan by denying him a kiss.

Theyre unaware Kanes seen them, and Kanes left thinking Evans taking advantage of his sister.

Worried that Vasa is letting the innocent Nate suffer for her crime, Ula confronts her mum.

Regretting lying to Ula that shes guilty, Vasa tries to explain. But Vinnie intervenes, worried Ulas meddling will wreck their chance at justice.

Meanwhile, Nates under pressure from the police, but is relieved when its apparent hes innocent.

Tipped off by a vindictive comment from Nate, Ulas worried to realise that the police are still focused on Vasa.

Going to warn her mum, Ulas thrown to find the police about to search Vasas home.

Making a snap decision to protect Vasa, Ula claims she murdered Travis.

Taken in for questioning, Ula tries to paint herself as guilty but Detective Roman Sylvester soon sees through her lies.

Vasa rushes to the police station to stop Ula before its too late.

But as Vasa protests Ulas innocence to Roman, Ula explains shes told the police what Vasa admitted to her - she killed Travis in cold.

Cursing her own stupidly for not correctly Ula's assumptiosn, Vasa reels that her daughter has framed her for murder.


Tuesday 28th January (5413)

After several hours of questioning, Vasa is released without charge due to lack of evidence.

When Evan turns up with Travis phone and his money, the family debate if they should take the items to the police.

Deciding to do the right thing, Vasa grabs them, walking straight into Detective Roman Sylvester - shes been seemingly caught red-handed.

Thinking Evan is taking advantage of his sister, Kane confronts Dayna about their relationship.

Despite her reassurance, Kane still believes he has to protect her.

With Harry and Tobys help, Kane ambushes Evan and roughs him up, warning him off with and embarrassing video.

Harry is sharing the photos hes taken on his phone of their retribution when Evan finds them.

Angry, he grabs Kanes phone, intending to delete the images and is shocked to see Traviss photograph on the screensaver.

After questioning the boys, Evan hands the phone and Traviss money to Ula, claiming he is the one who found the items in order to protect Kane and his friends.

Wanting to reignite her friendship with Grace, Bella has prepared her a chicken frittata.

Nate considers Bellas approach unprofessional and is annoyed when Grace accepts Bellas present and proposes they share it.

After eating, Grace becomes ill and vomits and Bella is worried shes poisoned her. Nate is pleased to think Grace will forsake Bella.

But when Bella vomits all over Nates shoes, Grace comforts her and the pair go home together, leaving Nate frustrated.

Harper is concerned about TK but Nicole advises not to intervene.

But when TK makes a mistake with a patient - not waiting for an xray before repairing a dislocated shoulder - then injures himself, Harper is forced to send him home.

Opening up to Nicole, Harper admits she doesnt know how to help TK.

Sympathetic, Nicole ventures that Harper and TK clash because they have similar personalities.

When Harper arrives home, she finds TK in distress, shirtless and applying medicated cream, convinced he has scabies.

Harper can see his rash is stress-related and begins to care for him, managing to calm him down.

Grateful, TK understands hes not alone, and the pair share an intense moment of closeness.


Wednesday 29th January (5414)

Despite their unexpected attraction, TK and Harper back off out of loyalty to Sarah.

Although they pretend everything is normal, their relationship has changed for good and Harper insists she move out.

TK is rocked by his feelings, and decides he needs to go to Chicago and find out where he stands with Sarah before he can move forward.

Despite her feelings, Harper lets him go.

Vinnie channels his own stress about Vasa's situation into comforting Ula, who is struggling with her mother being under increased suspicion.

Vinnie is pleased that Evan is able to support Ula, but is worried when Evan confides that things arent looking good for Vasa.

Vinnie tries to get answers from the lawyer but cant. He almost goes off at a smug Nate, but has to reel in his temper in front of Ula.

Needing to offload, Vinnie finally seeks out Nicole's support but she cant get out of surgery to help him.

When Grace cant operate, an unprepared Boyd puts his trust in his top nurse Nicole and agrees to do it.

The operation goes vsmoothly as Boyd leans on his nursing team.

An opportunity comes up to go on a conference in Hawaii and Boyd thinks of Nicole first.

But the nurses compete to be invited and Nate forces Boyd to play fair.

Boyd agrees to interview them for the spot rather than taking Nicole.

Rachel and Chris plan their wedding and, although they want different things, Rachel lets Chris have it his way.

But when he tries to adjust the date to suit his baby making schedule, Rachel is upset and puts her foot down.

However, Rachel feels better when Chris prioritises her over a sick Grace.

Rachel is tempted by Nate to pitch for the CEO job again, but suppresses her desires because of the fallout it would cause.

Rachel is rocked when Grace reveals the reason she's been ill is that shes six weeks pregnant which means Grace and Chris had sex for nothing.

Feeling hurt and resentful, Rachel decides to put her own needs first and finally admits that she wants the CEO job back.


Thursday 30th January (5415)

Realising Rachel wants the CEO job, Nate allies himself with her.

But off his insinuation shell only get it if she plays dirty, Rachel refuses to act. She talks to Grace directly, but when its clear Grace has no desire to step down, is left stymied.

Rachel admits to Chris she feels unfulfilled, and though she pretends its fine, Chris determines to do right by her.

He makes Grace see Rachel needs something out of their arrangement and Grace agrees to concede the job to Rachel once she goes on maternity leave.

Rachel thanks Chris for his help and they enjoy reigniting their professional bond.

Unaware of the new plan, Nate isnt happy with Rachels apparent disinterest in the job, and wonders if he needs to take matters into his own hands...

Vinnie and Ula worry about Vasas decision to voluntarily stay in police custody, but Vasa assures them its the only way for her to clear her name.

But when the evidence against her compiles now theyve found damning evidence on Traviss phone, Vasa loses her confidence.

As police pressure mounts, Vasa snaps and insists theyll have to arrest her if they want to ask her any more questions.

Deciding they have enough circumstantial evidence, Sylvester does just that.

Ula and Vinnie are horrified to see a scared Vasa taken off to be charged for Travis murder.

Boyd has enjoyed his time with Nicole, and as he seeks to prolong it, Kylie, Nate and Vinnie start to suspect this is an indicator of romantic feelings.

Nate builds Kylie up to make a valid play for a conference opportunity that Boyds offering.

But when Boyd gives it to Nicole, Nate cries foul. Stirring trouble, he continues to suggests to Vinnie that Boyds favourtism of Nicole is because he's still interested in her.

Just as Boyd makes a sarcastic remark about his working relationship with Nicole, Brooke enters and misunderstands what he's saying.

Hurt, she storms off while Nate gloats to see Boyd suffer.

Bree returns home with Brooke from their sabbatical at the beach and Brooke is shocked that Vasa is the prime suspect in Travis' murder.

After hearing the news about Vasa, Bree tells Brooke she's leaving town straight away in order to get a fresh start.

Bree attempts to sneak into the apartment building car park, nearly getting caught by Brooke in the process.

She eventually gains entrance to the carpark and goes over to the hidding place where she hid money she stole from Travis and his cellphone.

Brees furious to realise the money that she killed Travis for has gone.


Friday 31st January (5416) 

Rachel is impressed when Nate come up with an innovate business initiative for the hospital.

Knowing hes out of favour with Grace, Nate angles for Rachels support but she advises him to go through the proper channels.

Hes unsurprised when Grace vetoes his idea.

Championing Nates cause, Rachel uses a personal situation to undermine Graces decision, offending Grace, and shes forced to back down.

But challenged, Grace has another look at Nates proposal and green-lights it as long as she is involved and Nate stops undermining her to Rachel behind her back.

Bella is upset when her parents financial arguments get in the way of love.

Bella intervenes and, telling a white lie, gives Wendy flowers on Murrays behalf. Touched, Wendy resolves to make up with Murray.

Bella discovers the truth about Evan and Dayna's relationship after Evan accidentally leaves a love letter lying around. She wants to be honest and tell Wendy and Murray.

But when Evan and Dayne reveal the depth of their feelings, Bella's convinced to keep help their secret.

Bella is converned the couple will be discovered when her parents uncover her lie about the flowers and head home early.

To prevent Evan and Dayna being busted, Bella rushes home but Wendy beats her too it.

Wendy overhears a strange noise coming from Evan's room but goes to investigate but Bella refuses to let her through in order to protect Evan's secret.

Vinnie is frustrated by Vasas arrest and determines not to give up on her.

Her escape money gone, Bree returns to stay with her sister, much to Boyds annoyance.

Bree learns that Vasa may have Travis' money so she visits Vasa's apartment to sus out the situation. But Vinnie is suspicious of her prying questions.

Forced to break into Vasas apartment to look for Travis money, Bree finds nothing.

Vinnie learns that Bree has returned Brookes car, a potential murder weapon. Vinnie realises that Bree might be guilty of killing Travis.

When he finds Vasas apartment been broken into, Vinnie determines to uncover the truth.

Bree uses Boyds stolen credit card to fund her escape and bids an emotional farewell to Brooke.

When Vinnie finds evidence of a new paint job on Brookes car, Vinnie accosts a fleeing Bree.

He accuses Bree of the murder, but Brooke leaps to her sisters defence and lies to give her an alibi.