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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

26-30 September 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Monday 26 September (6091)

Cam has to endure Vinnie's micro-managing at the I.V. 

When he criticises Cam for taste-testing his new sausage recipes, Cam sends Vinnie off on a wild goose chase, just to get a break.

When Vinnie realises he was pranked, he vents his frustration to Nicole. She suggest trying a more co-operative tack with Cam.

Vinnie takes her advice on board, and pitches the idea of a stall at the Ferndale Food Show.

Cam agrees, but only if he can showcase his new sausage creations. Vinnie is underwhelmed, but finally agrees.

Cam's excited by the publicity opportunity, but frustrated with the bad position they're given in the food hall. He refuses to cook unless Vinnie
gets them moved.


Finn blames Sass for Esther's overspending, but Esther is quick to insist that he's wrong.

She engineers a reconciliation between brother and sister and Sass is thrilled.

She manipulates Esther into letting Finn pay for her clothes and dinner.

Sass is later delighted when Chris includes her and Finn as family members in the move to support Rachel.

Trying to do Finn's bidding, Sass informs Bella of his concern that Rachel might take codeine again.

Bella over-zealously checks up on Rachel. She ends up losing Rachel's trust and being demoted.


Harper tries to reassure Ali and Lucy after Rachel's outburst.

Ali doesn't buy it, but a worried Lucy takes her concerns about Rachel to Chris.

Rachel is genuinely remorseful and Lucy is pacified, but Chris remains concerned.

When Rachel admits her job is on the line, he offers loving support which she gratefully accepts.

Rachel's negotiations fail, and Chris learns from Curtis that the HCAs are now working to rule.

Chris worries for Rachel's stress levels.

Needing support, Rachel hopes Harper will return to her 2IC position. But Harper refuses, forcing Rachel to cover a deep sense of betrayal.

When she then finds Bella going through her things, Rachel's sense of betrayal increases.

She banishes Bella to the front desk. She asserts that she only wants people she can trust around her, and that means family.


Tuesday 27 September (6092 )

Cam chafes under Vinnie's controlling hand at the food fair. He's also annoyed that they haven't been given a good stall. He fears that won't win anything.

The neighbouring stall is vegan, and doing quite well.

Vinnie asks Jack to find out the recipe. They get it, and Cam realises that the vegan recipe isn't gluten free. Vinnie uses this as a selling point for the IV sausages. He's loud and proud, and it grates on Cam's nerves.

Meanwhile, Lily, the vegan worker takes a shine to Jack.

Lucy and Kylie visit, and decide to help. They convince Cross Fit ladies to come and vote for the IV.

Jack also calls on his rugby mates.

The IV are doing well, but when Cam tastes the vegan sausage he realises it's not vegan. It has shrimp paste in it.

When the vegan sausage is given 'Best In Show', Cam blasts Lily. She bursts into tears, not because Cam yelled at her, but because her boss confirms
that shrimp paste was used in the recipe.

Cam apologises, but still can't get into the fun that Vinnie is whipping up.

Kylie calls him on it. He's only grumpy with Vinnie because he represents Drew. Cam considers this, and gets over himself, especially when The IV win 'Most Popular'.

Vinnie's grateful that Kylie talked Cam into having some fun.


Now she has the PA job, Sass tries to be helpful.

She worries when Kate and others suggest that Bella is better off away from Rachel, as she's heading for trouble.

Curtis hears from Nicole and Boyd the effect the HCAs' work-to-rule is having, and is stoked by its success.

Mo warns him not to take things too far, but Curtis won't back down.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Harper commiserate about how stressful the situation has become. But then the extra nurses Rachel's promised arrive.

Harper's suspicious of where the money came from, but Nicole's simply relieved for the help, and doesn't question it.

There's a sense Rachel's bought herself allies in the nurses.

Realising this, Curtis is appalled at Rachel’s divide-and-rule tactics. Chris becomes concerned about it too.

Rachel assures him she has it under control, and fires another shot at Curtis. She now plans to getting rid of the HCA position completely.

Shaken, he admits to Mo that his bold actions have lost him and other HCAs their jobs. But when news of this spreads to Kate and Harper, he finds powerful new supporters.

Rachel arrives to find that, despite bribing the nurses, they've joined the fight. Along with the HCAs, they'll be working-to-rule now too.

Rachel realises her hardline stance has backfired on her, badly. She's losing control of her hospital.


Wednesday 28 September (6093)

Vinnie and Cam have drawn closer after the Ferndale Food Show.

A relieved Nicole encourages the bond, even though Drew disapproves.

Cam and Vinnie end up selling their prize-winning sausage recipe to a gourmet supermarket.

The real prize for Cam is Kylie. After seeing his maturity, she reconsiders their break-up, and kisses him.


Rachel's downward spiral continues in the wake of the nurses joining the industrial action.

While she attempts to maintain a calm facade, privately her control is slipping. She knows she's on the verge of a breakdown.

Chris and Sass decide to work together, despite their slightly estranged relationship. They try to look after Rachel, but she shuts them both out.

Afraid to face Gloria, Rachel flees. Chris tries in vain to reach her.

Learning that Rachel came to the IV, Chris fears she's relapsed.

After a frantic night searching, Chris's fear turns to anger. He he sees the effect Rachel's disappearance has had on Harry.

When Chris finds Rachel the next morning, she's hiding in the absent TK's office.

Chris offers an ultimatum. Either she lets him in, or she lets him go.


Thursday 29 September (6094)

Lucy and Ali plan their dream wedding. Ali's shocked by how much it will cost. He's tempted when Rachel offers them money, but Lucy, reminded of Glen trying to buy her love, refuses.

Their money troubles are soon forgotten though. Ali's mother arrives with the news that his father has only a short time to live.

Lucy wants to bring the wedding forward but Ali won't hear of it. Doing so would mean Lucy's mother wouldn't be able to attend.

Whatever they decide, they know someone will miss out. The whole event is now overshadowed by sorrow.


Chris asks Harper to agree to be interim CEO while Rachel takes another break. She agrees, happy to help her friend.

Drew is frustrated to think Rachel's taking advantage of Harper. He tries to convince Harper, and then Chris, that she should take over Rachel's position permanently. He only ends up antagonising both of them.


Chris is relieved when Rachel agrees she needs a break from work to get help. One day is all she needs to tie up loose ends.

Rachel faces the grim reality of leaving her job that means so much to her. She starts to fear that she'll never get it back.

She tries to do good and make peace with the staff, but the pressure takes its toll.

Rachel learns she won't face charges for her accident in the past. She uses this as an excuse to abruptly announce she won't be taking time off after all.

At his wits’ end, Chris betrays Rachel. He informs the DHB that she shouldn't continue as CEO, for her own good.


Friday 30 September (6095)

Lucy and Ali decide to move their wedding forward to ensure his dying father can attend.

Kylie , Bella and Esther offer to help with organization.

Ali and Lucy struggle to find a venue, but Rachel comes through and arranges one for them.

Bella encourages Kylie to ask Cam to help with the catering. But Kylie is reluctant to leverage off their relationship. Cam discovers
this and confidently offers his services.

Finn does his best to reassure Harry. He's worried about Rachel's refusal to take the holiday she so desperately needs.

Sass reveals Rachel is continuing to behave irrationally, and Finn realises Harry's fears were correct.

Chris lets Rachel know that he recommended the DHB stand her down. Rachel is furious with his betrayal, but heads off to
work regardless.

Bella reports that Gloria from the DHB called wanting to speak with her urgently.

Rachel keeps up appearances and hides in her office. Despite her attempts to avoid Gloria, Rachel is stood down.

When Lucy turns up stressed about her wedding, Rachel is reminded of her status. She promises to solve Lucy's problems, and makes a decision to fight to stay CEO.

While Gloria contacts Harper and asks her to fill in for Rachel, Rachel offers Nicole extra staff and Boyd research grant money. Drew discovers this and realises something is seriously wrong.

Harper arrives to take over as CEO but Rachel ejects her from her office, insisting she is still in control.

Drew, Chris and Harper stage an intervention. Rachel finally abandons her post, still furious at her husband's treachery.