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Monday 26 October (5865)


Wendy manages to get Stevie breathing and they take her to ED.

Bella fears the problem is more than it seems, and insists on more tests.

When the CT shows Stevie has a weak trachea, Boyd steps in and suggests an alternative and untried method.

Boyd gets Harper and Chris on side and they present the surgery to Bella, who agrees as long as they can get permission to do the untested surgery.

Boyd is worried at the realisation of having Stevie's life is in his hands.


Lucy is determined to play cupid for Dayna and find the hunk she met at the hardware store. But as renovations at the IV  get underway – the hunky hardware man (George) turns up as a tradie.

The connection between George and Dayna is undeniable, and Lucy is thrilled that it all worked out when she sees them kiss.  


Having refused Gareth's blackmail demand, Rachel braces herself for a media storm.

Gareth tries to strong arm Drew into putting pressure on Rachel, but a defiant Drew backs him off, hoping he's gotten rid of him for good.

When is wallet and keys go missing, Drew thinks it is Gareth.

When he goes in pursuit and finds someone driving his car, he realises it's a blonde bombshell driving instead.

He lets her drive off and Margaret is confused – who is this mystery woman?


Tuesday 27 October (5866 )

Dayna throws caution to the wind. She brings George home and invites him to stay overnight, confident he has fallen for her as suddenly as she has fallen for him.

Dayna intends to tell Murray about her romance, but can't bring herself to do it when he brings up his concerns about baby Stevie.

Meanwhile, Lucy dreams of romance of her own, after Dayna's fairy-tale happy ending.

She signs up for online dating, and despite Ali's caution that she knows nothing about these man except what they've posted in their profiles, Lucy is convinced she's about to meet “The One”.


Boyd works hard to prove that his proposed surgery on Stevie is feasible, convincing everyone but Jimmy.

When the approval comes through for the operation, Boyd has to choose a date for this bold new surgery on a tiny, vulnerable baby who is so precious to
so many.

Resolved to follow through on his commitment to Bella, he decides to go ahead the very next day.


The mystery woman who steals Drew's car turns out to be his ex wife, Virginia, and Drew fears she's back in town to ruin his life.

He steers clear of her, but when she phones to say he'll only see his car again if he meets and talks to her, he gives in.

Drew slips back into easy banter with Virginia and when she suggests they spend the night together, he's tempted. But he resists, suggesting she's just trying to get more money out of him.

This leads to an argument and Virginia walks out on Drew, warning him that he'll be sorry for how he's treated her.

The next day, bolstered by Margaret and Kylie, he hopes that Virginia's given up and returned to Australia.

That hope proves futile when Virginia turns up again - as Rachel's new PA.


Wednesday 28 October (5867)

Drew's frustrated when Virginia convinces Rachel that she wants to finish things with Drew amicably and there's no problem with her working at Shortland Street.

Drew later asks why she's really here, but Virginia sticks to her story, claiming she wants the bitterness to end.

Drew's relieved she seems to be over her anger at him, and finding her in need of help when she loses her car keys, Drew comes to her rescue.

They share a memory and Drew's reminded of the good times they shared.

He declines her invitation to have a drink at her apartment later, but finding her hard to resist, his resolve almost crumbles.


Dayna's swept up in her new love for George and is delighted when he asks her to take a day off work to go on a mystery date.

Dayna relishes the time alone with him, but their bliss is threatened by the reminder that George has to return to the UK for his mother's wedding.

Although it's crazy, they resolve to stay together with George promising to return.

Meanwhile, Lucy's inspired by Dayna's romance and looks forward to her coffee date with her online match. He uses the name Todd, but is really Dan
Jackson, Lara's husband.

Lucy is apprehensive at first, taking Ali along as a safety net. But she's impressed, and the date is great.

Lucy's annoyed when Curtis arrives and winds Dan up, so she moves things along quicker than she intended, inviting Dan to spend the evening at her place.


Boyd's worked hard to prepare for Stevie's surgery, determined to ensure nothing goes wrong.

He prepares everything to the minutest detail, and reassures a worried Jimmy.

As he practices the procedure, Boyd's thrown when his hands start shaking due to the emotional pressure he's feeling.

Rested after a good night's sleep, he's relieved to feel better, and despite a lot of expectation from his peers, he's confident.

However, when an upset Bella leaves Stevie on the operating table and Boyd looks down at his tiny patient, his nerve is shaken.

When he leaves theatre to scrub in, he stops to check his hands for shaking and feels a small quiver. He steps out, just as Harper arrives.

Boyd tries to hide his anxiety but Harper is worried and wants to alert Chris.

Boyd shuts her down, insisting he's fine to operate. But privately, he's very worried.


Thursday 29 October (5868)


Harper takes her place in the viewing room with Rachel and watches nervously as a stressed Boyd prepares to begin the surgery.

Determined to succeed, Boyd puts his doubts aside and performs the operation, and aside from a small moment of apprehension, it goes well.

Bella offers heartfelt thanks, and she and Boyd share an unexpectedly close moment.

In contrast, Harper is rattled by Boyd's announcement that he's ready to be a father.

When she brings the subject up later, it becomes clear their opinions differ dramatically.

When Drew notices the tension between them, Harper backs away from the unresolved argument and focuses on Boyd's success with baby Stevie.


Inspired by Dayna and George's grand passion, Lucy launches herself headfirst into her burgeoning relationship with Dan.

Curtis isn't pleased to hear she's dating, but claims he's not interested in winning her back anymore.

Dan cooks dinner for Lucy at home and she draws closer to him.

Feeling that all the signs are positive and believing he's being totally honest with her, Lucy is disappointed when Dan is called away and their
passionate evening is cut short.


When Vinnie starts training with Lara, Nicole starts to become concerned that he's choosing gym time over time with Pele and Michael.

She expresses this to Vinnie, who assures her the family comes first.

He arranges a night in with Nicole, but when Lara pressures him to attend another training session with the team, he feels compelled to go and Nicole is disappointed.

Later, Vinnie fights physical exhaustion to make it up to her.


Friday 30 October (5869)

Margaret confesses all to Curtis and pleads with him not to tell Mo.

Curtis keeps her secret on the condition she ends her stealing and tells him immediately if she feels compelled to do it again.

Curtis knows their family, and her marriage, can;t handle any more trouble.

Keeping her promise, Margaret deletes the secret account she used to embezzle money from the PSC.


Jack is deep in study when his mates invite him to a Halloween party.

Jack commits to going but then realises his cramming hasn't been as effective as he thought. He makes the mature decision to stay and study, but laments the fact he has no social life.

However, Jack is shocked to discover his mates have been in a car accident and their lives are hanging in the balance.


Kylie mentions in passing that she saw Vinnie at the gym last night and Nicole realises Vinnie has hid this from her.

She confronts Vinnie, who confesses he was working out in secret with Lara.

He assures her his friendship with Lara is entirely platonic and that he's happily married.

Nicole believes him, but is concerned Lara might not have the same idea.

Heeding her wake-up call, Vinnie promises to keep his distance from Lara.

However, when he tries to tell Lara this, she bursts into tears and hugs him, revealing her fear that her husband is having an affair.


With the PSC's pro-bono breast surgeries providing positive publicity, Rachel hopes Drew's surgery on the under-aged Millie will soon be forgotten.

Things look up when Drew is cleared of all wrongdoing by the Medical Council, but this angers Millie's father, Gareth.

He threatens to go public unless Rachel agrees to trial his surgical equipment.


Dayna’s love for George continues to grow as he proves himself as a home-handyman, and then goes on to impress Jimmy.

But then George realises he has mixed up the dates for his return flight to the UK.

Dayna is struck by an irrational fear George may not return.

George reassures her he loves her and Dayna admits that she too has fallen completely in love.

Determined to remove all doubt, George asks Dayna to marry him and Dayna replies with an unequivocal yes!