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25 February - 1 March

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Shortland Street


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Monday 25 thFebruary (5182)

A sceptical Ula doesn’t think Evan stands a chance with Kylie, but Evan is undeterred.

He offers to help Kylie at the new place.

He thinks her gratitude is an indication of her feelings for him, unaware that Kylie wants him around so she’s not left alone with Vinnie - whom she finds attractive.

Evan tries to impress Kylie but finds himself emasculated by Vinnie’s brawn.

Evan notices the spark between Kylie and Vinnie but is reassured when Kylie asserts Vinnie isn’t her type.

Kylie also covers her attraction for Vinnie in front of Emma by over compensating in her praise of Evan.

Ula sees this and thinks Kylie is genuinely interested in Evan. She passes this onto Evan and Evan’s left encouraged that Kylie feels the same way he does.

Wendy apologies for being a scold and she and Murray make their peace. Wendy also decides to be more fun and to that end talks Murray into going on a spontaneous holiday - joining Bella and Jasmine.

Aware that by going on holiday, Wendy is avoiding her colleagues, Murray encourages her to face, which she does .

Sarah is unwilling to stand by and do nothing as Seth continues his agenda against Shortland Street.

Sarah encourages Josh to question Seth’s push to become CEO of St Catherine’s, hopeful raising awareness amongst the staff will help her oppose Seth’s plans.

When Boyd confirms Josh’s concerns, Josh thinks it’s time Seth gave them some answers and Sarah’s pleased when she sees a groundswell of support taking shape.

As a crowd gathers for the meeting, Sarah grows in confidence but Seth manages to calm the staff’s fears and politically out-manoeuvres Sarah.

A riled Sarah confronts Seth, who cuts her down with a ruthless assessment, accusing her of being emotionally driven and incapable of handling the harsh realities of politics.

Tuesday 26 th February (5183)

Sarah’s knocked back by Seth’s comments and Roimata is concerned Sarah’s suddenly lost her fight.

Sarah doubts she can combat Seth and considers resigning from the advisory board.

However, when Brooke kindly suggests she’s not up to political game playing, Sarah takes a hard look at herself.

Sarah announces her resignation to the advisory board, but turns the tables on Seth by revealing she’s put her hat into the ring for the CEO job at St Catherine’s.

Seth’s stunned she’s outmanoeuvered him and Sarah is triumphant and definitely back in the fight.

Emma and Kylie nominate Lana to decorate their new home.

Lana’s daunted by the responsibility but gets inspired when she finds some old chairs and decides to refurbish them.

Getting her creative mojo back, Lana invests in the design task.

But Emma and Kylie express concern about their budget and Lana promises to search for vintage bargains. Inspired to help, Kylie looks for bargains too.

Lana loves the first room she’s decorated and shows it to her friends.

But she’s stunned to find Kylie has put up ugly bargain-bin curtains that don’t fit her vision.

Lana is unhappy at having to compromise, and starting to feel the burden of a long term mortgage, wonders if she’s made a mistake buying the house.

Ula struggles with the practicalities of her independence and admits to Evan that she wants her Mum back.

However, Ula’s too proud to admit the flatmate pact was a mistake and Evan suggests she convince Vasa to be her mum again in another way.

Ula attempts to force Vasa to mother her by putting dishwasher liquid in the washing machine and causing a mess.

Vasa is sorely tempted to revert to mothering Ula but manages to avoid doing so, leaving Ula disappointed.

However, Vasa confides to Nicole that she’s struggling to be a ‘flatmate’ only to Ula.

Nicole encourages her to stay the course so she can win Ula back in the long term.

Ula is concerned to discover Vasa’s been contacted by the school about her slack attitude.

Ula admits she wants Vasa as her mother again because she desperately needs guidance.

But Vasa realises Ula needs to stand on her own two feet now more than ever and refuses, leaving Ula stunned.


Wednesday 27 th February (5184)

With Vasa refusing to mother her, an uneasy Ula’s left to make her own decision about whether to stay at school.

Vasa’s not finding the decision easy either, but stays strong thanks to Nicole’s support.

Ula considers university, but is left thoughtful when Lana suggests taking some time out to discover what she wants.

Running with this, Ula looks into getting a kitchenhand job, and Vasa’s alarmed.

However, despite her doubts, she resolves to try and support Ula and manages to bond with her daughter.

Nicole has no luck finding flatmates and resorts to advertising at work.

Nicole’s ad goes up, and she’s hopeful when it attracts interest - until she learns Boyd is the interested party.

Fearing she’ll give into temptation if they live together, Nicole’s forced to lie that she already has flatmates lined up.

Brooke demands that Boyd keep to schedule with the surgical tourism initiative.

Boyd decides he’s going to tease Brooke, and plays her for a while to net a free lunch.

Picking up on his game, Brooke berates Boyd for being childish, and there’s a spark when he notes she’s hot when she’s angry.

Vinnie avoids spending time with Kylie, which means he has to avoid Emma as well.

Nicole calls Vinnie on it and he attempts to book in a compensatory date with Emma. She turns him down.

He frets to Lana and Kylie that Emma’s gone cool, and he gets conflicting advice - easy casual dinner date versus all out romance.

In spite of his uneasiness, Vinnie lets Kylie help set up the romantic date, even though he’s fighting an attraction to Kylie.

Vinnie overdoes the romantic night and his determination to commit gives Emma cold feet, leading her to call the relationship off.


Thursday 28 th February (5185)

Feeling responsible for Vinnie and Emma’s break-up, Kylie talks Vinnie up. Emma’s unmoved.

Later, an unguarded moment with Vinnie, reminds an uncomfortable Kylie to realise she has feelings for him.

Sensing this, Lana challenges her, but Kylie is genuinely staunch in her defence that she would never betray Lana or Emma over a man.

Later, when Emma and Vinnie manage to resolve their differences, Kylie is forced to cover her disappointment.

Brooke is dismayed when Seth insists she works together with Boyd on an interview for the Northerner.

Brooke manages to talk Boyd into the interview, only to realise she’s misplaced the statistics document they need.

It turns out Chris shredded it, and Brooke’s too embarrassed to get another copy from Seth.

She convinces Boyd they can make do, and they manage to pull together as a team.

Brooke knows the statistics would be the icing on the cake, and decides to risk embarrassment.

She seeks Seth out, hoping to get hold of the document in time for Boyd’s interview.

Brooke arrives at the interview in the nick of time, and Boyd manages to impress the journalist.

Brooke’s unsettled by a sudden surge of attraction for her infuriating colleague.

Having invented a flatmate to prevent Boyd moving in, Nicole’s scrambling to actually find someone.

Roimata persuades Josh to consider the move, but he demands several changes to the flat, and Nicole’s not sure he’s worth it.

When Boyd starts asking questions, Nicole decides Josh is her best option and she fulfils his requirements.

Josh agrees to move in, and even better, he wants to pay for two rooms, meaning all Nicole’s flatmate problems are solved.

Nicole’s convinced she’s made the right choice and talks up the benefits of having Josh move in to Roimata.

She’s pulled up to discover the flat in disarray, and assumes there’s been a break-in.

It turns out it’s Josh and Nicole’s horrified to realise he’s transformed her flat into a man cave.

Friday 1 st March (5186)

Nicole’s stunned at the extent of Josh’s messiness, but when he generously contributes to some of the flat expenses, Nicole feels she can’t say anything.

Roimata challenges her to do so, and Nicole is surprised and relieved when Josh takes it well.

But she soon realises the effort Josh makes is short lived, leaving her feeling once again powerless.

Lana resigns herself to compromising on her home’s design layout, putting her chairs up for sale and instead focussing on advancing her career so she can pay off her share of the mortgage and buy her freedom back.

When Seth gives her the chance to schmooze at his party, Lana determines to make the most of it.

But when it turns out Seth is the buyer of her chairs and doesn’t give her the credit when he’s praised for them, Lana can’t help feeling dissatisfied.

Brooke tries to ingratiate herself with Seth, amusing Boyd. Boyd teases, leaving Brooke doubting her progress.

Realising Boyd is the key to securing a place in Seth’s good books, she manages to get him to attend Seth’s party, but is disappointed and embarrassed when Seth continues to treat her like a lackey.

Sarah feels unsupported when both TK and Chris are wary of her CEO plans.

Roimata feels bad for her and helps get Chris on side, but Chris’s support soon wanes when he realises Sarah doesn’t have the ruthless drive to beat out Seth.

Sarah tries to unsettle Seth by turning up to his party, but when he makes it clear he doesn’t consider her a threat and continues to belittle Brooke, Sarah decides he needs to be taken down.

She publicly accuses him of having a conflict of interest, and dearly hopes she’s right.

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