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25 - 29 May 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 25 May (5746)


When neither Nicole nor Vinnie buy his protestations of heterosexuality, Alex consoles himself that Lucy's opinion is the only one that counts.

But he then sees Lucy is rattled after her public declaration and worries he needs to prove himself.

Out of concern for Lucy, Kylie and Clementine express their doubts but when Alex proposes taking their relationship to the next level, Lucy, although conflicted, agrees.

Rachel is alarmed to learn of this and cautions Lucy.

Alex sets a low-key scene for seduction but Lucy can't go through with it.

She proposes going slowly and Alex is left frustrated that he didn't get to prove himself - to Lucy, or anyone else.

Searching for more fulfillment on her life, Wendy invites herself along to an open day at uni with Kane and Jack but is overwhelmed by how youthful everyone else is, leaving her disillusioned about her chances of pursuing an academic sideline career.

Murray fails to bolster and Wendy's mood plummets.

Meanwhile, Jimmy's keen to announce his romance with Bella to the world.

But when they're on the spot, neither Bella nor Jimmy can go through with it, given Wendy's angst.

In a flustered attempt to cover the awkward moment, Jimmy ends up agreeing to accompany Wendy back to university. 

When Lucy is groped by a drunk patient in ED, Pania urges TK to use the nurses' difficult experiences as fuel for his fight for more resources for ED.

Meanwhile, Boyd and Chris are delighted by the arrival of a 3D printer in the Surgical Department.

TK tries to engage the nurses in his quest to improve conditions, but to his exasperation they're distracted by the printer creations.

When Nicole expresses support for his mission, he determines to secure Rachel's support too, only for the resulting meeting to be derailed once again by Boyd's printer toys.

At the end of his tether, TK vents to Pania and while doing so, he melts the 3D mug in the microwave while reheating coffee.

Furious to think that Boyd has deliberately made a food of him, TK demands an apology but Boyd refuses, until Harper points out that he's being unreasonable.

When Boyd is called to consult on a troublesome ED patient, he tries to make peace, but an unimpressed TK leaves Boyd alone with a troublesome patient, thinking it'll teach Boyd a lesson about the realities of life in ED.

He's left deeply regretful when Boyd ends up getting badly bitten by the rogue patient - and TK knows it's his fault.



Tuesday 26 May (5747 )

Feeling guilty for putting Boyd in danger, TK goes to confess but refrains when he realises Boyd now supports ED's quest for better work conditions.

He suggests that TK use Caleb as a security consultant to assess and report on any shortfalls, but TK feels a larger solution is called for and rejects the

The new accord between Boyd and TK is undone when Kylie inadvertently reveals TK set Boyd up to teach him a lesson.

Boyd confronts TK and TK can't deny it.

Boyd's furious and takes TK's rejection of his security ideas as a personal vendetta.

The animosity sparks up again and TK's left frustrated that Boyd's right - by exposing him to danger to prove a point, TK has compromised his own integrity.

Lucy's relieved when Alex takes things slow , but as Alex ramps up his wooing campaign, she starts to feel pressured.

She consults friends, but is left confused by their conflicting advice.

Mustering her courage, she rejects any more opinions and resolves to follow her heart.

Alone with Alex, it's clear he's not pressuring her and Lucy decides to take the next step in their relationship, but on her own terms.

Wendy is touched by Jimmy's offer to support her on another visit to university and her feelings for him reignite.

Jimmy hopes the visit will go well and help soften his impending announcement of his relationship with Bella, but Wendy soon feels out of her depth again.

When her young lecturer, Leighton, wants to interview Jimmy on student radio, Wendy has a taste of what it's like to be Jimmy's girl, and she likes it, especially when she and Jimmy connect over her confusion about the future.

To Wendy's surprise, callers to the radio station seek out Wendy's medical knowledge on air and she finds herself the star of the show.

She gets a real boost, but to her frustration, Murray doesn't understand or support her.

Deep down, Wendy's feelings for Jimmy are reaching the danger zone and when she's alone with him, she's secretly thrilled to realise he's nervous.

When he starts to say how special she is to him, Wendy throws caution to the wind and kisses Jimmy, only to have him back away, shocked.

Then Bella arrives and sensing the tension, assumes Jimmy has told Wendy their news.

Jimmy clarifies that it's Bella he loves and Bella begs Wendy to be happy for them.

Realising she got it all wrong, Wendy's left utterly humiliated.


Wednesday 27th May (5748)

Having revealed her feelings for Jimmy, Wendy's shamed and embittered that Bella and Jimmy kept their relationship a secret.

Neither Dayna nor Murray take the news well, especially when they realise that Kane and Leanne have known for some time.

When Bella asks for her to endorse her relationship with Jimmy, Wendy feels she has no choice but to agree just to keep peace in the family.

Wendy works to get Murray to soften and Bella's grateful, but a guilty Wendy doesn't feel deserving of her praise.

Later, Wendy admits to Jimmy that she's been shaken by desire for another man and fears for the future of her marriage.

Having spent a glorious night with Alex, Lucy's relieved to think their relationship has a future after all.

But her unease grows, and despite not being able to put her finger on exactly why, Lucy's wary about pursuing a relationship with Alex.

Rachel helps her see that she has trust issues she can't overcome thanks to Alex's past sexuality, and she reluctantly breaks up with him.

Harper worries that Boyd and TK's work conflict is escalating, so she takes a calculated risk and delegates the job of assessing ED security to both Boyd and TK, hoping they will learn to work together.

Tempers soon flare and Caleb - working as security consultant - gets caught in the middle.

Caleb can't help feeling like he's failed but Harper takes responsibility and decides to get more involved herself.

Dayna is struggling to resist Curtis's dangerous allure, but is appalled when Curtis gets a visit from Andre, a street fighter, keen to draw him back into that world.

But to her relief, Curtis tells Andre to get lost.

Later, Jimmy tries to put parental pressure on Dayna to keep away from Curtis and she reacts badly.

Concerned by Dayna and Curtis's closeness, Jimmy continues to caution her on getting involved with such a bad boy, but his opposition only makes Dayna rebel, drawing closer to Curtis to the point that they kiss.

Their chemistry continues to build until Dayna can resist him no longer and they end up in bed together.

This awakens deeper feelings in Dayna, and she's relieved when Curtis wants to keep seeing her.

Later, Andre returns and secretly threatens Dayna's safety if Curtis doesn't fight.

With no choice, Curtis agrees and leaves Dayna to follow him.

Dayna's devastated to think Curtis has ditched her for a dangerous fight, little knowing he's doing so purely for her.



Thursday 28th May (5749)

Troubled by Dayna's disapproval of his relationship with Bella, Jimmy begs off a romantic evening in order to win Dayna round.

However, he arrives at the bar to find Dayna leaving to chase down Curtis, who is taking part in a dangerous street fight.

Dayna and Jimmy find a beaten Curtis and take him to ED.

Having lost a lot of money, Curtis is loathe to go home so Dayna offers him a place to stay.

Jimmy warns Dayna against getting involved with Curtis but Dayna is falling for Curtis, especially as she learns he only gave in to the street fight to
protect her from Andre.

She ignores Jimmy, driving him to give Curtis an ultimatum to leave.

Curtis considers going, but then realises how committed Dayna is to him and decides to stay.

Meanwhile, Jimmy tells Mo about Curtis's illegal fighting. 

Furious, Mo confronts Curtis.

Curtis admits losing money on the fight, as well as the family car, which pushes the normally loving, generous Mo over the edge.

Furious, he tells Curtis he's not welcome at home anymore.

Curtis is rocked, as is Dayna.

Livid with Jimmy for causing all this by interfering, Dayna warns Jimmy to never come near her again.

Harper worries to Rachel about continued tension between TK and Boyd, but Rachel thinks this a good managerial challenge for Harper.

She leaves it to her to find a solution.

Garnering both Boyd and TK's support, Harper pushes ahead with Caleb's idea to train the staff to be more security conscious.

The training session goes horribly wrong with TK and Boyd starting a private dispute, and TK becomes frustrated that the security issue is distracting from the real problem, which is that ED needs more staff to deal with ongoing overcrowding and long wait times.

Harper returns to Rachel, feeling her attempts to broker peace have failed, but again Rachel is loathe to step in lest it undermines Harper's authority.

Harper decides to try again by organising a meeting in which both TK and Boyd will both have an opportunity to talk through their concerns with her mediating.

However, Boyd has had enough of bending over backwards for Harper to please TK and decides to go to Melbourne to research his work-related hobby, 3D printing.

Harper overrules this, but Boyd refuses to respect her authority and decides to go anyway, leaving Harper mortified that she's been publicly, professionally undermined - by her own partner.


Friday 29 May (5750)

At home, Harper calls Boyd on the lack of support he showed her at work - only for Boyd to contend she's remiss herself by dragging work problems home.

Conflicted, Harper seeks Rachel's counsel - is she up to this job?

Rachel confirms it and urges her to toughen up.

To Harper's relief Nicole is more sympathetic and offers insightful advice.

Buoyed, Harper warns Boyd she's not like him; she feels things so deeply she's bound to bring work problems home - and what's more, she vows to whip
him into shape at work when he returns from his trip.

To her surprise, Boyd's oddly touched by her feisty stance and they draw closer once again.

Dayna's pleased when she gets Curtis to agree to try again to mend the rift with his family.

Jimmy knows she holds him responsible for the rift and tries to reach out to her.

But this only infuriates Dayna, who decides to have the paternity test in the hope that it will prove Jimmy isn't her Dad, so he will but out of her life from now on.

Meanwhile, Curtis turns up to support Pixie at her chemo appointment, but it all turns to custard when the family argues, upsetting Pixie.

Feeling partly to blame thanks to Jimmy, Dayna tries to help by offering Curtis money to replace Mo's car.

Curtis takes advantage of her, deceiving her about the amount.

But Dayna's oblivious, hoping she's done the right thing.

Wendy's guilt about her secret crush on Jimmy is compounded when Dayna unknowingly states the importance of the Cooper family unit.

This fires Wendy up to shore things up with Murray and they seize on the idea of a cruise.

Lucy's anecdotes put Wendy off the idea, but Leanne's only excited Murray, and Wendy feels she can't tell him she's cooling on the idea.

But when she sees how much work Murray's putting in to make the dream happen, she blurts that she's gone off the idea.

Murray senses there's more going on with her and pushes to know, and the fact she clams up only heightens his concerns.

When he pushes for a heart to heart, Wendy's touched to realise as they talk that Murray's the man who knows her best.

She does another stint on student radio as resident nurse, and Murray proudly gathers the family to listen - only for Wendy to accidentally drop clues that reveal - on-air - she's had feelings for Jimmy.

Jimmy's shock only confirms the secret to the family and Murray's left reeling...