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25 - 29 March 2013

Pua Magasiva plays Vinnie - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 25 thMarch (5202)

Roimatas backed into a corner when TK questions her appalling treatment of Josh.

Meanwhile Sarah is anxious to chat with Josh about Roimatas behaviour.

When she starts speculating about cracks in TK and Roimatas relationship, he becomes increasingly uncomfortable and shuts her down.

Later, Josh suggests to Roimata that some distance between them would be a good thing.

Roimata fully supports this and pours effort into strengthening her relationship with TK with a romantic gesture.

Rachel struggles with Seths budget demands on top of a surgical department crisis.

Determined not to let the situation get the better of her, Rachel strives to find solutions.

But as the crisis worsens, Rachel becomes emotionally and financially stretched.

As a reward for her hard work, Henry offers Rachel a glass of wine.

Rachel is sorely tempted but turns it down and shes left rattled by her moment of temptation.

Jared feels out of place at the flash golf club.

Later, Jared is humiliated when he is thrown out of the club bar for ordering a beer, but gets his own back when he hits an impressive shot in the competition.

Chris is elated, hoping that Jared has found his calling.

Chris thinks Jared could take his golf talent to the next level and Jared starts to feel the Warner expectation pressure mounting.

Jared admits to Vasa that he doesnt like golf and Vasa challenges him to be honest with Chris.

As Chris pressure builds, Jared loses his cool and reveals the only reason hes staying with the Warners is because it was Guss wish.

Chriss heart sinks to realise Jared doesnt want to be part of their family.


Tuesday 26 th March (5203)

Jared feels awful for admitting he doesnt fit in with the Warners, but hes relieved when he negotiates to spend more time with Vinnie and Vasa.

Vasas keen to help Jared, and she assures him that thingsll work out.

Vinnie helps Vasa understand Jared needs tough love and clear boundaries, and shes pleased to have worked out the right way to help him.

Convinced hes finally found the place where belongs, Jared decides to stay on at Vasas.

Brooke worries she has no chance with Boyd, but when shes reminded how rich and prestigious his family is she decides not to give up.

She wrangles a lunch date. Boyd senses that Brooke is digging and turns the tables on her, asking some pressing questions about Brookes family history.

Brookes uncomfortable and shuts Boyd down, but his curiosity is piqued.

He is reminded about Brookes con artist father from Chris, and Brooke is hurt and embarrassed.

Boyd reassures Brooke he understands what its like to have a difficult family and Brookes buoyed to realise they have a real connection.

She tries to push for more time together, but Boyd dismisses her when he gets a call from Nicole.

When Bella tells her about a charity case Brooke seizes on it, convinced its her perfect opportunity to win points with Boyd.

When Chris assures Jared hell support him regardless whether he decides to stay, Rachels frustrated because she feels Chris is giving up.

She wants to fight to keep Jared, but Chris reasons they cant force anything - its Jareds choice.

Rachel reluctantly accepts this, but shes disappointed when Jared wants to spend more time with Vasa and Vinnie.

Rachels called away before she can deal with Jared properly, and work pressure has her stress building.

When Chris gets annoyed at Rachel for failing to keep him in the loop, she feels she cant win.

She barely manages to get things under control when she learns Jareds decided to stay with Vasa.

Its the last straw for Rachel, and she suffers what appears to be a heart attack.

On her way out, Jasmine mistakenly enters a back room filled with gang heavies who block her exit, freaking her out.


Wednesday 27 th March (5204)

Fearing shes having a heart attack, Rachel is thrown when Boyd insists shes having a panic attack.

Embarrassed, Rachel swears Boyd and Henry to secrecy.

Later at home, Rachel avoids telling Chris about her attack.

Downplaying her exhaustion, Rachel gets an early night but is still a wreck in the morning.

At Henrys insistence she agrees to work from home, but hates feeling weak and goes to work anyway.

Boyd confronts Rachel for avoiding the problem, but Rachels determined to stay in control and dismisses his concerns.

At home, Rachel is able to deal with Jareds departure and reassures Chris shes fine.

Ula surprises Vasa and Vinnie by arriving back early from her hospitality training in Queenstown.

Vasa fears her plans to support Jared may unravel, but, when Jared offers to move out, Vasas determined to make it work.

She explains that Jared needs their help to a reluctant Ula and is relieved when Ula can relate to Jareds need to escape the Warners.

Ula and Jared share a light moment and Vasas hopeful the living arrangement will work out.

Brooke pushes to get Tina McGruen further up the knee surgery list as a ploy to draw closer to Boyd and is hopeful when he seems interested.

Moved by Tinas plight, Bella wants to bankroll the surgery and Brookes pleased when she convinces Boyd to do the operation.

Perplexed that Brookes so interested in this - and him - Boyd teases that she has a crush on him.

Brooke denies and is relieved when Boyd accepts this.

Murray and Wendy raise their concerns about Bellas spending with Boyd and he cancels the operation.

When Brooke seems genuinely disappointed, Boyd is moved to offer his services for free if Brooke can pull a pro bono surgical team together.

To her surprise, Rachel is easily won over, and Brooke secures everyone she needs.

Boyd is very impressed by Brookes dedication and shes warmed.

So when she realises Tina is still taking blood thinners and cant have surgery after all, Brooke flips out at her and blames her for ruining everything.

But Boyd walks in just as Brooke is yelling at Tina and he's badly disappointed in Brookes behaviour, leaving her gutted.


Thursday 28 th March (5205)

Brookes yelling gives Tina a bad turn and shes admitted for tests.

Brooke is disappointed to be in Boyds bad books after all her hard gold-digging work but a reminder about Nicoles imminent return stir her to keep trying to win his favour.

She apologises to Tina and, sensing how desperate she is to make amends, Boyd toys with Brooke, spurring her to help Tina in small ways.

Brooke and Bella compete to cheer Tina up and Brooke finds herself feeling sorry for Tina when she learns just how difficult her life really is.

Brooke gives her a voucher - two nights at a motel and a massage. A grateful Tina is tearful and Boyd accuses Brooke of harassing her again and Brooke snaps.

She vents at Boyd and gives up on trying to prove herself to him. She thinks shes lost all but Boyd laughs and admits he enjoys winding her up.

At dinner, Boyd praises Brooke, who thinks shes made romantic progress with him.

But he lights up when Nicole returns early from Wellington, and Brooke is deflated.

Emma realises Henry doesnt feel at home in their flat and offers to rearrange the furniture to include him.

Vinnie plays along, but increasingly feels like an interloper.

When Henry and Emma go antiquing, Vinnie begs off to hang at their place, happy for some peace and quiet.

He falls asleep on the couch and when Kylie arrives home, he gives her a bit of a fright.

He feels bad for hanging out in her home but she makes him welcome and invites him to have dinner with her.

Feeling abandoned by Emma, Vinnie again enjoys Kylies company a little too much.

But they talk each other down, admitting their attraction but also that they cant do anything about because of Emma.

But its very clear, when they plan to watch a game of league together that they are a compatible pair.

Jasmine feels misunderstood so Wendy who urges her to spend time with friends her own age.

But her social ideas bore Evan, Phoenix, Ula and Jared and she feels like a geek.

Shes encouraged when she and Ula plan to go to a basement party but when Ula cancels because it sounds dangerous, Jasmine lies and goes on her own.

Shes overwhelmed in the sea of people and gets off-side with a cool girl, Dayna.

On her way out, Jasmine mistakenly enters a back room filled with gang heavies who block her exit, freaking her out.


Friday 29 th March 2013

Shortland Street is off-air today for Good Friday

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