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24 - 28 June 2013

Pearl McGlashan plays Jasmine Cooper - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 24 th June (5273 & 5274)

Josh gets the validation he craves when Neil accepts his offer to continue his illicit doctoring.

Meanwhile, Brooke is frustrated when Harper refuses to be blackmailed.

In damage control, Harper reiterates her warning to Josh to stay away from Neil.

Increasingly frustrated, Harper is cornered by Seth, and deflects his questions by dealing him a low personal blow.

Alone, her tough facade crumbles and she considers finding another job.

Meanwhile, Brooke takes hope from an innocent tip off from Boyd about a gang doctoring situation involving Harper and Josh.

Brooke gets another lead from TK and is encouraged that shell find pay dirt on Harper and Josh.

Despite public backstabbing, Bella feels sorry for Henry.

She tries to be kind to him as he does menial jobs in triage, but Henry just feels like a pariah.

Harper has a go at Seth, so Seth takes it out on Henry - he highlights the professional stress Henrys put him in by outing them as a couple.

Frustrated, Henry appeals to Seth to quit for him.

But, blinded by his ambition Seth ends the relationship and Henrys left heartbroken.

Nervously excited, Ula readies herself for her first ambulance shift with Dallas as her mentor, determined to do a good job.

Ula has a wobble of confidence when on her first call out, shes met with resistance from her patient whos mistrustful of her youth.

Ula successfully placates the patient and is chuffed to get professional validation in ED when she does a great first hand over.

Newly confident, Ula takes a dispatch call while Dallas is out of the ambulance.

Dallas is concerned that she took the call without him but Ula feels her actions were justified when the patient, Mike, is found to be suffering bad chest pains.

Dallas stabilises Mike, but when he suddenly crashes and Dallas is confused what could be the cause.

Ulas thrown to realise she forgot to pass on that Mike is diabetic.

Dallas works to save him and Ula feels dreadful for making made a huge mistake.

Ula is chastened to think that her over-confidence in receiving an ambulance call-out put a patient at risk.

Shes relieved when it doesnt, but is further reproached by Dallas when she hangs back on the next case.

Feeling like she cant win either way, shes left feeling like a complete failure, and questions Emma and Kylie about whether shes suited to ambulance work.

After a matter-of-fact Dallas puts her first day in perspective, shes relieved and her confidence returns.

Kylie and Evan are wistful when they realise their time at Warner House is coming to an end.

They decide to bring their relationship out in the open this time, and plan to tell Wendy together.

Kylie is uncomfortable when she is paired with Wendy at work and forced into conversations about condoms, teenage sex and relationships.

Hoping that shell work her way into Wendys good books before outing the relationship, Kylie invites her out for a drink and they enjoy a night out together.

Brooke is stymied when she cant find the patient she suspects Josh of illicitly treating.

Shes intrigued to see Josh with a wad of cash.

Wanting to get Boyd his Cardiothoracic Unit, she hunts for dirt on Josh andHarper, and shes thrilled when she breaks in to his car and discovers drugs and thousands of dollars in cash in his medical kit in the boot.

Vindicated, she takes them as evidence.

Josh grows confident when Neil strokes his ego over his illicit doctoring.

Neils friend has a cough and Neil wants him medically checked.

Josh refuses because its not an emergency and he needs to get back to work.

He then continues to fob Neil off when he is pestered at work.

Josh is shocked when Neil brings a patient to his house.

Hes thrown when Neil reveals that he has video evidence of Joshs illegal doctoring - he is now under Neils control.

Tuesday 25 th June (5275)

Bored and looking for a project, Bella decides to help Nicole get together with Vinnie.

When she ropes Dallas in, they figure out that Vinnie and Nicole are hot for each other.

After dissuading Dallas from just being honest with them both, Bellas schemes to bring them together with subtle coaxing hints.

However her plan hits some major speed bumps when Nicole claims to be over Vinnie, and Dallas accidentally gives Vinnie the impression he fancies Nicole for himself.

Trying to make the best of an awkward situation, Bella feels that they could use this to arouse Vinnies jealousy, then he might admit his love to Nicole.

Determined to make their relationship work, Kylie and Evan resolve to find the right moment to go public.

When Wendy takes exception to Kylies work ethic, Evan realises that telling Wendy isnt going to be easy.

Kylie tries to make amends with Wendy, and is encouraged when she makes inroads.

Evan confesses to Emma, who considers Evan adult enough to make his own choices, so doesnt object to his relationship with Kylie.

Kylie bonds with an oblivious Wendy, and is certain shes won approval.

Relieved that their relationship doesnt seem to be facing any objection, Evan and Kylie steal a moment alone in the lift.

As their passion overtakes them, the lift doors open to reveal their relationship to an horrified Wendy.

Panicked by Neils manipulation, Josh threatens to drag Harper down when she tries to cut him loose.

Trying to decide where her allegiance lies, Brookes swayed by Boyds high opinion of Rachel.

Excited by the future, Seth assures Henry that hes happy to prioritise their relationship over his career.

Sensing Josh is vulnerable, Harper shifts the balance of power back to her, making him swear to obey her.

Brookes affronted when her efforts to support Rachel are rejected by Harper.

Shes further taken aback when Seth turns down her offer of information too.

Henry harbours a niggling doubt that Seths not happy to give up his career.

With Henrys encouragement, Seth is decides to take up Brookes offer.

When Brooke realises she holds all the cards between Rachel and Seth, she relishes the power she holds.

Wednesday 26 th June (5276)

When Seth makes a deal with Brooke to get dirt on Josh, hes encouraged that he may have procured a way to weaken Rachel.

Josh is rattled when Seth bullies him for information about Harper and his only choice is to comply.

When Seth uses Joshs information to blackmail Harper, she fears for her safety and is forced to agree to be his new spy.

Harper is furious with Josh for revealing what he knows of her history in New York and she cuts him loose, realising she has to look after herself.

But, feeling dreadful for not warning Rachel of Seths plans, Harper hopes Rachel can beat Seth on her own.

Wendy tries to get Evan to see that Kylie isnt a suitable match for him but Evans offended and she regrets handling it badly.

Off advice from Roimata, she decides to stop resisting the match, realising this will only make the couple stronger.

Having promised Kylie hed deal with his mother, Evans nevertheless daunted at the prospect of facing her.

Hes surprised Wendy is suddenly positive but decides to accept her change of heart and go with it.

When Emma makes him welcome at Kylies place, Evan relaxes and enjoys the acceptance.

Vinnie lacks the courage to step up and admit his love for Nicole and is gutted to think he may have blown his chances when Dallas asks her out. Believing theres no hope for her and Vinnie,

Nicole allows herself to enjoy Dallass company.

When Dallas makes an excuse to leave the date early and Bella sends Vinnie to join her, Nicole and Vinnie realise theyve been set up, but resolve to enjoy the evening anyway.

The easy rapport leads Nicole to confront Vinnie about his true feelings for her, and they end up arguing.

The argument continues at home and in the heat of the moment they both blurt a frustrated admission of their love, and anger turns to passion.

Thursday 27 th June (5277)

Finally together, Nicole and Vinnie decide to leave it to Bella to spread the news of their new relationship via the hospital gossip mill.

However, after a relationship talk with TK and Dallas, Vinnie feels uneasy that hes already too comfortable with Nicole and fears she may get bored with him.

Meanwhile, Nicole has the reverse experience when her friends enthusiasm leads her to hope that her established familiarity with Vinnie means hes really the one.

But Nicoles left wondering where she stands when Vinnie decides to move out in order to slow things down.

Vinnie quickly realises hes been a fool and is relieved when Nicole banishes his fears that hell screw up and lose her.

Reunited, they are relieved to pledge their commitment and love.

Seth plots to get Rachel to let her guard down while his new spies, Harper and Brooke, do his dirty work.

Henry is relieved when Seth finally decides its time for him to quit, and Seth uses the gesture to as a show of false goodwill to Rachel.

Harper cant warn Rachel when she falls for Seths promises to fight fair.

Guilty, she bails on social time with Rachel when she fails to pick up on Harpers veiled warning about Seth, leaving Rachel strangely uneasy.

Brooke hides her deal with Seth from Boyd, who is pleased when Seth shows an interest in his cardiothoracic unit proposal.

Delighted that Rachel is also interested, Boyd encourages Brooke to reward herself and spend up large.

Worry about being exposed as a blackmailer takes the shine off Brookes shopping fun when a bitter Josh comments on her sudden good fortune.

Brooke wants to return her spoils to the shop, but is relieved when Boyd assures that he wont listen to anything anyone says about her because he knows all she wants is the best for him.

Evans pleased to win both Wendy and Kylies approval for stepping up to lead the family but Evan feels he has little choice and vents his disappointment over Murrays repeated failure to support Wendy.

With Murrays return imminent, Evan takes Wendys thanks for his support as validation for his low judgement of Murray.

But when Murray returns, he and Wendy are quick to recommit, annoying Evan who thinks his mum is being too soft.

Murray realises he has to repair his relationship with Evan, but is gutted when Evan delivers harsh home truths about Murrays character, denouncing him as a husband and father.

Friday 28 th June (5278)

Concerned by the serious rift between Murray and Evan, Wendy tries to talk Evan around to trusting his father.

Evan wont listen and starts to talk about moving out to get away from the co-dependent couple.

Murray acknowledges hes let the family down in the past, but assures Wendy hes committed to being a good father and partner.

He resolves to demonstrate is commitment to the family and organises an afternoon tea get together.

Despite his efforts, Evan is unmoved. Jasmines unsettled by the obvious family dysfunction, especially when her achievement is ignored, and when Dayna suggests they skip school shes seriously tempted.

Harper feels the pressure when Seth gives her instructions on how to proceed with Rachel.

Harpers job is to persuade Rachel to make unpopular budget cuts, and if she fails Seth may follow through and start making noisy enquiries about her in New York.

Lucky for Harper, Rachel agrees to the cuts, and Harper rolls them out, making sure all staff blame Rachel for the decision.

His plan on track, Seth firms up his partnership with Brooke, who agrees to support him as long as his plan benefits Boyd.

Seth winds Nicole up to complain to Rachel, and hes confident shell soon be ousted.

Feeling the pressure to steal morphine for Neil and toe the line at work, Josh hopes he can keep everything under control.

His first effort to steal morphine is stymied, and hes further frustrated when TK orders him to catch up on paperwork.

Josh tries to get out of it, and his bad attitude earns him a verbal warning.

His job in definite jeopardy, Josh races through his paperwork and returns to ED, this time successfully pilfering five ampoules of morphine.

Hes hopeful he can get things back on track, but playing nice with TK makes him late for his appointment with Neil.

Feeling the situation has gone on too long, Josh tries to extricate himself from his arrangement with Neil, but ends up earning himself a bigger order of morphine and a beating from Neils associates.

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