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24 - 28 February 2014

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Monday 24th February (5433)

Dallas explains to Vinnie why he can’t pursue a relationship with Bella, even though she’s “the one”: when he was young, he wrote up a bucket list with his late brother, Todd, comprising all the things they wanted to have achieved before they settled down.

Determined to tick off the list quickly, Dallas arrives at Chris’s stag do only to realise it’s not the wild party he needs.

Meanwhile, Bella quashes her concerns about how Dallas is avoiding her.

Dallas attempts to revive the stag party with some highly entertaining dancing.

Bella confides in Kylie, and can’t help but worry when Kylie reveals Dallas’s fear of commitment.

At The I.V. Dallas wins a game of peaknuckle scoring a pash with the beautiful Melanie.

Unfortunately, Bella arrives to witness this.

Unaware that Harry still bears a grudge against him, Chris has entrusted him with the organisation of his stag do.

But when Harry asks him to wear a woman’s dress in preparation for his roast (a speech ceremony mocking him), Chris is fearful.

Chris’s anxiety turns to relief when Boyd’s speech proves to be witty and fun.

But wanting to humiliate Chris, Harry uses his own roast to express his hurt at Chris’s selfishness.

Chris is rocked by the depth of Harry’s resentment.

Later, Chris talks it through with Harry and they reconcile.

To diffuse the tension between himself and Harper, TK proposes they work opposite shifts.

Still hurt at TK’s rejection, Harper is pleased to be working alone, and implements a new team structure that proves a success.

TK admonishes her - she should have consulted her changes with him.

Harper protests but asserting his control, TK tells Harper that if she wants to work in his ED, she needs to follow his rules.

Seeing Harper talking to Rachel, TK assumes she’s decided to resign, and unable to let her go, he apologises.

But TK is shocked to learn Harper will become CEO when Rachel is on honeymoon, effectively becoming his boss.


Tuesday 25th February (5434)

Bella decides to quash her doubts about Dallas, and trust her feelings for him.

But when she learns Dallas has chosen a boys' night with Vinnie and TK over her, she is crushed.

Later, Dallas abandons the bucket list crusade when he realises Bella’s more important.

But it’s too late, Bella has been hurt and rejects Dallas’s attempts to explain.

Dallas is heartbroken to realise his bucket list has cost him his chance with Bella.

TK is frustrated when Harper outsmarts him at work.

Irritated that Harper is dominating his home, as well as work, TK decides to stake his claim.

Hoping to get back at Harper, TK allows Dallas and Vinnie to play game-centre in their underwear at home.

Unfazed, Harper rises to the game-centre underwear challenge and strips off. TK is determined to beat her.

A fierce game-centre battle ensues and TK triumphs.

But TK and Harper are pulled up to realise Vinnie and Dallas have left and that they’re alone and scantily clad... but rather than back off, they channel their latent attraction into their competitive rivalry.

Grace gifts Rachel a wedding present of a hotel suite, for the night before her wedding.

The gift is well-received and Grace finally feels accepted into the family unit.

But when Chris comforts Grace after a pregnancy pain, she realises the depth of her feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Rachel puts her CEO responsibilities first, over bridal beauty preparation.

Brooke counsels Grace to establish if her feelings for Chris are reciprocated.

Off a close moment with Chris, Grace is given hope to think he may return her feelings.

Oblivious to Grace’s feelings, Chris checks in with Rachel and after a loving moment, Rachel decides to delegate her work and enjoy her chance to be a pampered bride.

As Rachel relaxes, certain that her wedding will be perfect, Grace makes her move.

But it’s clear that Chris only loves Rachel.

However, Rachel arrives unexpectedly to see Grace in a compromised position with Chris.

Rachel confronts Grace: she’s got Chris’s baby, but that’s all she will ever have with Chris.


Wednesday 26th February (5435)

Dallas determines to show Bella he’s the romantic hero she thought he was.

Offering to chaperone the boys and give her a lift to the wedding to prove he’s a good guy, Dallas leaves them alone to grab a present for Bella.

The boys prank his car, so he can’t take Bella to the wedding.

He has to let her go alone, kicking himself that he’s wrecked his chances.

But at the wedding, Bella learns he took the blame for the boys’ naughtiness - and that his bucket list is actually very innocent.

Realising she needs to be with him, she exits the wedding and finds him waiting for her.

The two kiss - true love has triumphed.

Brooke offers Grace a place to stay for the night and is pleased when her relationship with Boyd strengthens as a result.

Hurt from her talk with Chris, Grace tries to take solace in Brooke’s support, and is grateful when Brooke attends her ultrasound appointment with her.

Brooke is saddened to hear about the contract Chris made a now resigned Grace sign.

Later, Brooke is left the holder of a huge secret.

Rachel doesn’t buy Grace’s attempts to reassure she’s not attracted to Chris.

She relates the situation to Chris, who’s shocked by the thought.

Determined to prove to Rachel she’s wrong, he goes to Grace but he’s shocked to find she’s developed feelings for him.

Trying to do right by Rachel, Chris presents Grace with a contract clarifying their relationship.

Grace is crushed by the proof there’s no romantic interest on his part.

His negotiating with Grace makes him late for the wedding and Rachel fears he will be a no-show.

But he arrives with the contract and Rachel is appeased and the wedding goes ahead.

The newly-wed Warners realise they can have it all.

Not realising that Grace - pained by seeing them so close - leaves the wedding and also intends leaving Ferndale with Chris’s baby...


Thursday 27th February (5436)


Chris and Rachel attend their wedding reception, but Chris becomes worried by Grace’s absence.

Learning that she was upset at the wedding and left early, he worries for the baby.

When Chris and Rachel get home and find Grace packing to leave, Chris demands an explanation.

Grace needs to leave, given her heartbreak over Chris, but Brooke knows Chris won’t accept this given his attachment to the baby.

In order to “free” Grace, Brooke claims Grace has miscarried.

Crushed, Chris has to accept Grace is leaving forever.

Rachel tries and fails to comfort him, but when Harry returns home, Chris takes solace and realises he has all the family he needs in Harry and Rachel.

Harper and Nicole try to quash their feelings for TK and Vinnie as sexy sparks fly at the reception.

Worried that Harper is about to make a mistake with TK, Nicole intervenes, avoiding Vinnie at the same time.

When Harper and TK sneak away to party in town, Nicole follows and arrives just in time to stop Harper throwing herself at TK again.

As they discuss their man troubles, Harper realises how perfect Nicole would be for her if only they were attracted to each other.

Their talking leads to a tentative kiss and the women leave together.

Meanwhile, TK encourages Vinnie to make a move on Nicole while he hangs out with Harper - but it’s too late. They’ve missed their chance.

Impressed that Brooke is helping Grace, Boyd is pleased when she arranges to meet him at the I.V.

When Brooke is delayed helping Grace, she makes it up to an irked Boyd with a romantic dinner, and he agrees to try to repair their marriage.

But Boyd is disgusted to learn that Brooke lied about Grace’s miscarriage and calls Chris to tell him.

Brooke begs him not to, knowing it will mean serious trouble for her.


Friday 28th February (5437)

Brooke’s relieved when Boyd keeps Grace’s miscarriage a secret.

But Boyd makes it clear furious with Brooke’s meddling, and he walks out and stays out all night.

Pleased to focus on work, Boyd takes on an emergency surgery.

When there’s an unexpected complication in the procedure, Boyd’s frustrated there’s no surgical tool to suit his requirements.

Debriefing afterwards with a sympathetic Nicole, he’s disappointed when she has to leave.

Unwilling to turn to Brooke for support, both Boyd and Brooke are left lonely.

Kylie and Nate arrive home from dropping Harry at Chris’s to find a loved-up Bella and Dallas.

Nate’s annoyed Bella left them to mind the boys but Kylie smooths things over.

The next morning, Dallas convinces Bella to throw a sickie so they can spend the day together.

Nate’s annoyed when Harper informs of Bella’s last minute absence and sends him down to triage to cover for her until he can find a replacement.

Nate reveals to Kylie that he plans to make Bella pay, but Kylie challenges him to find the nice guy within, or risk losing her.

Nate goes home with Kylie for lunch and is irritated to confirm his suspicions about Bella’s sickie.

He drives Bella and Dallas out of the house and Kylie sadly accepts that Nate is incurably hard-headed.

When Harper stays out all night, TK’s unwilling to admit to that he’s jealous.

Channelling it as concern, he finds her at Nicole’s but is worried to get the feeling someone else may have stayed over with her.

Uncertain about each other, Harper and Nicole keep their liaison a secret.

When TK learns that Boyd spent the night away from Brooke and then sees a warm moment between Boyd and Harper, he accuses Harper of having a one night stand with the married Boyd.

Harper denies this, but admits she spent the night with someone special.

She challenges TK to love her or let her go.

TK confides in Vinnie who confirms that TK has to make the call and let Harper get on with her life without him.

Meanwhile, Harper and Nicole resolve their uncertainty and fall into another romantic kiss - just as an unseen TK arrives home.

TK is stunned to discover that Harper has replaced him with a woman.