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23 -27 November 2015

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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 23 November (5885)


Harper's thrilled to have persuaded Boyd to have children, and decides to prove her parenting skills by babysitting Michael and Pele.

She starts off fine... but freaks out to think Pele has swallowed a battery while she wasn't watching. 

She races him to ED but is irritated to realise she imagined the whole thing.

Boyd assumes the disaster has dampened her baby desires, but Harper is left more determined than ever to have a child.


Margaret's upset at the deepening rift between her and Mo - and when Curtis and Jack find out about it, they both react badly.

Mo's challenged to try and forgive Margaret, for his children's sake. As his trust in her is all-but gone, he demands complete honesty about where she got the money to pay off Blair.

Desperate to save her relationship, Margaret sticks to her lie. Mo chooses to push aside his doubts and believe her.

Though Victoria is initially upset to realise that Mo is loyally standing by Margaret, she's heartened when Mo tells her he needs her friendship now more than never.

And seeing him being so strong and selfless for his family only makes her want to be a part of that family with him in the future. Margaret is the only obstacle... and one she's desperate to overcome.


Drew's rattled by Gareth's threat.

When he sees Millie, he tries to help her, but then realises it could inflame the situation with Gareth.

He reluctantly accepts that he has to stay away from Millie.

Meanwhile, when Kylie hears loud music from Drew's apartment, she's alarmed to realise she had a near-miss with an intruder.

Drew changes the locks and soothes Kylie, but his suspicions that it's Gareth are strengthened when he gets a threatening text.

Late at night, Drew hears noises outside his door and thinks it's Gareth coming for another go.

He throws open the door, ready to defend himself, only to be shocked when he sees that it's Millie on his doorstep, begging for his help...


Tuesday 24 November (5886 )


Dayna focuses on her work, refusing to let the lack of contact from George get her down.

But when George finally makes contact, promising to be home soon and Dayna feels convinced he still loves her.

Jimmy worries she's destined for heartbreak once more.


Rachel finds Harry playing late-night video games and decides he needs to put his time and energy to better use.

She arranges a job for him helping do mail-outs with Leanne. But Harry is frustrated to find the printer's slow. He calls Damo from IT but Damo is unhelpful so he fixes the problem himself.

Damo's annoyed that Harry's had access to his servers, but his attitude disinclines Rachel from reprimanding him straight away. She's happy
the hospital computer systems are working faster.

A resentful Damo vows revenge but Harry and Leanne laugh it off...


Though he's wary of the problems it may cause, Drew offers Millie shelter for the night as she hides from Gareth.

His concern for her escalates when he learns Gareth has a history of threatening behaviour and drug use.

Still unable to find her a hostel, and with Millie still refusing to deal with CYFs, Drew books her a room at The I.V.

But they encounter Gareth there, and he only just misses seeing Millie. Gareth has an ugly encounter with Drew, which Dayna and Murray witness.

Drew allows an unsettled Millie to stay one more night at his place.

Later that night an intruder tries to enter Drew's apartment and he confronts them, knocking them to the ground.

It's only then that Drew discovers his intruder isn’t Gareth - it's Virginia.


Wednesday 25 November (5887)


 Drew's shocked to realise that Virginia's his stalker. Virginia plays up her need to be near Drew, but then sees Millie and is hurt to find out his attention has shifted onto his needy teenage ex-patient.

When Virginia suggests that Drew has designs on Millie, Drew denies and sends her packing, but fears the Virginia problem is far from over. He's relieved when Kylie agrees to have Millie stay at her place.

Meanwhile, Harper runs into Virginia.

Harper warns Drew that Virginia is obsessed with him and will use his closeness to Millie against him.

Drew accepts he has to find a long term solution for Millie, and organises for her to go and stay with a friend of her sister's. He checks the place out, but is still worried for Millie.

Virginia attempts to contact him and Drew decides to ignore her - she's one problem too many for him.


Damo gets revenge on Harry for showing him up by crashing the triage computers, creating a bottle neck of patients for Leanne to deal with.

Harry tries to keep the peace, but Leanne angrily confronts Damo.

Rachel discovers what's going on and calls them all too heel.

With the computers restored, the patients dealt with and Damo and Leanne told off, Rachel turns her eyes to Harry. 

Realising he can't work in Admissions anymore, Rachel sends Harry home, where he happily ensconces himself on the couch with his Gamecentre. But to his horror, Rachel has found him another holiday job - in Sydney at Grace's practice.


With their wedding day fast approaching, Boyd and Harper decide to write their own vows.

Boyd struggles to put his thoughts in writing and gratefully accepts Bella's offer to help, while he helps soothe her anxieties over Stevie's health.

Warming to Boyd, Bella inspires him to voice his feelings for Harper, and is surprised to find herself moved by his words.

Wistful for the romance that she lacks in her life, Bella is surprised to be asked by Harper for help with her vows too.

Bella's attempt to help leads to her voicing her own yearning for the perfect man. As she talks, she's thrown to realise the feelings of love she's
channelling are real - and it's Boyd who is the man of her dreams.


Thursday 26 November (5888)


Flustered to realise she has accidentally fallen for Boyd, Bella tries to avoid him. But she can't dodge Harper, who presses her into reading a love poem at their wedding.

Reminded of the strength of the bonds of marriage by her parents' example, Bella resolves to put her feelings for Boyd aside.

She dashes Jimmy's hopes of ever being reunited and resolves that Stevie is the only love in her life.


To help Drew avoid troublesome Virginia, Kylie convinces him to block Virginia's number.

He's dismayed when she turns up at work, coolly insisting that she need to speak to him. Virginia guilts him into agreeing to a therapy session with her. 

It goes well and Virginia pushes for more sessions. When Drew refuses and bluntly rejects her, an argument develops and Virginia takes off, making it clear to Drew that he has just made things worse for himself.

Drew dreads to think what Virginia will do next, but he's pleased to get understanding and support from an unlikely quarter - Victoria.

They enjoy letting their hair down over a drink, and Drew is delighted when Nicole and Harper join them too.

As they joke about Harper's Hen Party, Drew is unaware that Virginia is jealously watching him.


Murray persuades Wendy to join him on a romantic outing, but she's disappointed to realise he means a jaunt in his rickety boat. 

Putting her doubts aside, she agrees to get on board. However, sea sickness gets the better of her and Murray has to turn the boat back to shore.

While he's getting the trailer ready at the boat ramp, the boat starts to drift away, with a queasy Wendy still on board.

Panic overwhelms nausea and with adrenaline pumping, she manages to get the motor started. But she accidentally guns the engine and races the boat on a crash course towards a helpless, horrified Murray, standing on the jetty.


Friday 27 November (5889)

Wendy smashes Murray's boat on the jetty. He doesn't blame her, but is sad his attempt at a romantic day out went so badly.

When Wendy starts to show an interest in the boat Murray sees hope, until Bella reveals Wendy's doing it up to sell.

Murray confronts Wendy who explains she does want to sell - and upgrade to a bigger boat so they can sail the South Pacific together. It's everything Murray's wanted and he's overjoyed.


When Victoria finds out there's a general surgical registrar job going, she's dejected to think she doesn't have a chance of getting it.

Mo convinces her to at least apply.

She's touched to get Boyd's support, and surprised when Drew agrees to put in a good word for her too.

She and Drew develop an unlikely camaraderie when she sends Virginia away, so when Mo gives Victoria the cold shoulder, she's crushed and ends up taking comfort from Drew. In an unguarded moment she tells him more than she means to about her past experience of abuse.


Mo and Margaret are relieved to think they're sorting out their marital problems, slowly but surely.

Then Blair turns up again and tries to extort more money from Margaret, or else he'll tell the police of Curtis's involvement in the burglary.

Despite fearing she'll jeopardise her newfound harmony, Margaret tells Mo.

Mo's pleased she's been honest, but wonders how to diffuse the threat.

He calls Blair's bluff by giving him the chance to tell the police about Curtis's crimes... but makes it clear that by doing so, Blair may alert them to his own involvement.

Mo's playing a very risky game, gambling Curtis's freedom... and just prays it will work.