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22 - 26 July 2013

Amelia Reid plays Bella - Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street

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Shortland Street

Shortland Street

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Monday 22 ndJuly (5298)

Thrown by Matt and Sues harsh accusations, Vasa worries that they could be right.

Vasa realises she has trapped herself in a lose-lose situation when she fails to convince Ula that Matt and Sue are good parents and to drop her legal appeal.

Vasa confesses to Roimata that she deeply regrets her role in Ulas situation and, unable to renege on her support, realises her relationship with Ula is again under threat.

Rachel is inspired by Harper to develop her personal relationships, and is encouraged by her dinner guests enthusiasm to attend her party.

But Rachels confidence is shaken when Henry undermines her attempts to turn her colleagues into friends.

Chris covers his reluctance and steels himself to join Nicoles team building exercise working to clean up a mangrove swamp.

Chris is irritated when Robin (the eco team-building leader) stymies his attempt to have fun.

When Kylie complains about Nicoles team building idea, Vinnie, still conflicted about his attraction for Kylie, is overly hard on her.

Fed up Kylie tries to leave and Vinnie quickly follows her to make sure she gets back safely.

After Chris and Robin argue, Chris takes charge of the group and tries to wrap up the unpopular exercise quickly.

But when Vinnie tries to save Kylie from slipping into the mud, he's caught too and it's up to Chris to lead the charge and save them from the mangrove swap.

Later he's pleased to earn the nurses respect and appreciation as they debrief over drinks at the IV.

Sarah stoically takes responsibility for her homeless situation, while Emma is pleased to make slow progress with TK.

Sarah feels the pressure mounting to move out, as things become increasingly strained with Brooke.

After a heart to heart with TK, a misguided Emma starts to believe she and TK are destined.

Recounting her talk, Emma admits to Kylie that she is certain of TKs commitment.

Meanwhile, a defeated Sarah is relieved to accept TKs offer to stay at his house.

Emmas romantic hopes are dashed when she learns TKs ex-wife is moving back in.


Tuesday 23 rdJuly (5299)

Kylie commiserates with Emma, who feels like a fool for misreading TKs cues.

She supposes its good she at least has clarity and urges Kylie to similarly clarify her relationship with Evan, as she worries hes being set up for heartbreak.

Kylie tries to follow through and dump Evan, but she cant bring herself to hurt him.

Trying to protect him and also keep Emmas respect, she lies that shes realised shes happy with Evan.

Len is confirmed as most likely having the early stages of Dementia, leading Murray to propose putting him in a rest home immediately.

Lens extremely resistant, and so are Wendy and the kids.

Jasmine vents at Murray, but its Wendy who finally turns him around.

Murray asks Len to stay and when wants to know why, Murray is surprised to find himself admitting that he needs to spend as much good time as he can with his dad.

Joshs frustrated his hero status is being forgotten, but when he earns praise off a medical success he feels better.

Upping the ante, Josh takes on a challenging case. He gets out of his depth, and Roimata calls Sarah in to save the patient.

Josh resents Sarah taking over, convinced he could have handled it, but Sarah pulls him up for putting his ego before his patient. Josh is left feeling resentful.

After Henrys cutting comments, Rachels determined to be a social success at her dinner party.

Shes thrown when Chris brings extra guests, but Chris challenges her not to worry about the food and try socialising instead.

Rachel makes an effort, but conversation is stilted, and this is made worse when Rachels food tastes awful.

Rachels embarrassed, but turns the situation to her advantage by laughing at herself and suggesting they order pizza.

The ice is broken, and Rachels validated as a social success.

After dinner, Rachel has a close moment with Chris and feels like shes winning on all fronts.

But an early morning phone call shatters the dream. The DHB have decided against reinstating Rachel as CEO - theyre paying out her contract and want Chris to be her permanent replacement.

Wednesday 24 thJuly (5300)

When Chris resolves to turn down the CEO job, despite privately thinking he might want it, Rachel is selfishly relieved.

Chris tries to prove to himself that hes meant to be a surgeon, but hes thrown when he approaches his department like a CEO.

Hes validated when he can help Boyd with a surgery, but unsettled to think the new CEO might not be so surgically focused.

Rachel is challenged to realise that shes selfishly disregarded what Chris wants, and when hes presented with a petition from staff who want him to stay on as CEO, she sees that hed like to.

After he turns it down, she selflessly tells him to take the job, and that he has her full support.

But when a cutting Henry comes across her in a weak moment, she cant help let her emotions overwhelm her.

Having sampled the creative hub of Europe, Phoenix is frustrated by the status quo in Ferndale.

When Chris suggests he save up for a return trip, however, Phoenix is despondent by the length of time this will take.

When Evan suggests he makes money from his art, however, Phoenix is newly inspired.

Josh is stymied when Sarah takes an interesting case in ED, thinking he has no opportunity to shine, and is frustrated to see this confirmed when she gets all the praise for saving her patient.

Talking to Bella, a low Josh regains hope when he resolves to try and appeal to TK directly.

But hes left disgruntled when TKs solution is to pair him up with a stand-offish Harper.

Hes hopeful when, as he tries to get through to her, she promises to be a good mentor

But Josh is frustrated when Harper takes a more challenging case and leaves Josh with what appears to be a fairly routine case of back pain.

When he sees that the patient is deteriorating, Josh keeps the info to himself and lets the patient get worse.

Finally he calls for help at the last possible moment, sending the patient off for emergency surgery.

When an angry Harper questions why Josh took so long to act, he lies that the patient deteriorated quicker than expected.

Harper accepts this and Josh's scheme is a success as he gets the kudos from her he has been seeking.

Thursday 25 thJuly (5301)

After his dangerous heroics, Josh looks forward to praise from TK and Harper, but instead gets told off for failing to intercede earlier.

Later, TK admits to Harper he may be allowing his dislike of Josh to affect his judgement.

Harper admits she doesnt like Josh either, and resolves to keep an eye on Joshs actions.

After being bolstered by Bella, Josh returns to ED determined to make TK and Harper acknowledge his work.

When he doesnt get the respect hes seeking he decides TK and Harper have a personal vendetta against him.

Henrys intrigued when Rachel doesnt respond to his cruel remarks, and he continues to needle her.

He gets told off by Murray, which makes him think Rachels deliberately manipulated the situation to make him look bad.

Henry confronts Rachel, leading her to point out Henrys really angry at himself, for failing in his work and personal lives.

Henrys pulled up to recognise his own defeat in Rachel.

Wendy hopes she can support Len in Murrays stead during a follow up appointment with his GP.

Lens grateful for Wendy professionalism, and opens up to her. Wendy hopes this progress will translate into family harmony.

Unaware Phoenix plans to take photos of the staff, Chris encourages Phoenix to continue with his commissioned art work.

Enjoying his man-of-the-people status, Chris is drawn in to a joke about a patient, who has come in to ED with an embarrassing affliction.

Gossip about the case spreads, and Chris is frustrated to realise hes inadvertently encouraged it.

Hes forced to take action and issues formal warnings to the staff involved, who are disappointed in Chriss hypocrisy.

Later, Phoenix reveals his artwork to Chris and other staff, including a photo of Wendy comforting a fragile Len.

Wendys incensed - Chris has preached to them about appropriateness, whilst approving his son to violate her privacy.

Chris realises his attempt to be a friendly CEO has backfired completely.


Friday 26 thJuly (5302)

Chris is frustrated that Phoenixs art has put him in a compromised position with his staff.

When Chris fails to appease an angry Phoenix, he is left defeated.

Rachel mediates, encouraging Phoenix to find his own voice, and believes shes resolved the conflict.

But a defiant Phoenix defaces the Warners living room with protest art.

Rachel urges an angry Chris not to react to Phoenixs rebellion, in the hope that it will defuse the situation and Chris reluctantly concurs.

When Bella informs Roimata of Joshs low self-esteem, a positive Roimata agrees to show him a little support.

Leaving old animosities behind, Roimata surprises Josh with an invitation for coffee.

Oblivious to Joshs burgeoning hero-syndrome, Roimata validates his recent actions.

Later in ED, Roimata is pleased to see her support has improved Joshs disposition.

Jasmine is confronted when Len implies she has no ambition.

Challenged by Len to reconsider her Colombian opportunity, Jasmine starts to doubt her future in Ferndale, and feels uneasily timid in comparison to Phoenixs bold rebellion.

Vinnie resets his challenge to Vasa - that she needs to be honest with Ula and tell her that she shouldnt challenge the adoption.

When Matt and Sue try to reason with Ula, she wont hear it, and only sees their care for each other as a front to look good in public.

Desperate, Ula even considers calling up Tom, the biological father, to see if he could help - as he didnt have a say in the adoption process.

Evan and Vasa reprimand her for this - Tom broke her heart and hell do it all over again, and theyre sure that he shouldnt be anywhere near Adam. Hes no good.

Fearing rejection from Ula, Vasa courageously tells the truth - Ula shouldnt adopt baby Adam because he will only suffer grief at the separation from the parents he knows and loves.

Shaken up by the realisation that Adam would feel emotional pain, Ula decides to put him first and not challenge the adoption. Sue and Matt can keep the baby.




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