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Shortland Street

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22 - 26 August 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Monday 22 August (6063 & 6064)

Rachel is horrified to have her integrity called into question in the middle of The IV.

Chris demands to know if Glen's assertions about mutual attraction are true.

Refusing to engage so publicly, she races home, taking a codeine at the first opportunity.

Chris apologises, but can't let it go.

Rachel reluctantly admits that her and Glen did get too close, emotionally.

Chris is thrown, but takes comfort when Rachel insists she has no feelings for Glen.

She doesn't admit her current struggle with codeine though, privately making a deal with herself to quit.

Rachel bumps into an upset Lucy and learns Glen is in ED.

Deciding that supporting Lucy is more important than work drinks, Rachel stays by her side.

When the test results come back, TK announces that Glen is seriously sick. He's in urgent need of a new liver, leaving Lucy shocked.


Esther vows to make good on her promise to Lucy and come clean to Finn about her financial woes.

She's nervous about doing so, and her insecurities increase when it appears Finn's interested in Kylie.

After receiving advice from Bella, Esther bites the bullet. She discloses all to her boyfriend, about her financial struggle, driven by a desire to keep up with his world.

Finn's response is reserved, and Esther scrambles for an excuse to make contact with him again. Finn becomes more uneasy.

Esther's determined to walk away with some pride, but is anxious when it seems Kylie and Finn are indeed on, right under her nose.

Enraged, Esther loudly and publicly calls them on it, in front of Finn's colleagues.

Finn is humiliated - as are Kylie and Cam, who were actually the ones together.

Esther is mortified to have made such a grave error. She flees from the function and Finn's questions.

Finn's baffled, but Kylie urges him to try and fix things with Esther.

Esther bares her soul to him, admitting the depth of her insecurities. She takes heart when he comforts her, unaware how rattled he actually his.

She's uncertain of where she stands when he doesn't stay the night though.

Later, Drew advises Finn to weigh up whether it's worth being with someone with so much baggage.

Meanwhile, Bella urges Esther to think positively about her revelation to Finn. She suggests the honesty will herald a fresh start for them both.

Esther isn’t so sure though. When she and Finn talk, he suggests they would be better off apart.

It's amicable, but Esther hides her heartbreak. She knows she has a lot of work to do to resolve her own problems.


Curtis is outraged that Ferndale Taxis have slashed the tyres of their PiggyBack car. He ignores Ali's pleas to stay calm.

He later reports that he got a little revenge, stealing some taxi tyres himself in the night. It backfires however, when their new car gets even further

Faced with the damage, Ali can no longer remain peaceable. It's time to fight back.


Lucy immediately offers herself as a potential liver donor for Glen, and is impatient to begin the testing process.

Rachel offers a note of caution, but Lucy can't be dissuaded.

Ali is not impressed with Lucy's decision, he thinks it's too risky. But Lucy is still adamant.

Rachel and Chris agree to put aside their differences about Glen in order to support Lucy.

Lucy and Glen have a heart to heart. Lucy feels good about being able to help her father, but she too is scared.

Ali feels for her, but can't help hoping that she won't be a match to donate.

Chris reads Glen's patient notes from Wellington and is distrubed by what he learns. He excuses himself from the surgery, and urges Lucy to ask lots of questions.

Lucy's unsettled and makes sure to do so. She asks for Glen's notes, which reveal that he knew about his need for a transplant months ago.

Hurt and betrayed, Lucy accuses him of arranging his entire visit simply to butter her up to become a donor.

Glen can’t deny it, and Lucy's gutted.


Tuesday 23 August (6065 )

Lucy is feeling betrayed by Glen's lies about his illness.

She considers canceling the surgery, wondering what else he's lied about.

Ali hopes that she will cancel, as do Chris and Rachel.

However, Kylie urges her to make sure she considers the overall picture. Parents are fallible and time with them is precious. She pushes Lucy to give Glen a chance to explain himself.

Lucy considers his truthful arguments, but she is still undecided about the transplant.

However, the stress catches up to Lucy. Damo comforts her with kindness, and pushes her to call her mother. She does so, and breaks down.

When her mum offers to fly her to Australia for a visit, Lucy gladly accepts.

Ali endorses this move, and Lucy's grateful for his support.


Blue's initially excited to be discharged from hospital with a clean bill of health. But he becomes frustrated when he's reminded he's still recovering.

After driving them home from hospital, Mo insists on cooking dinner. Kate gets bored of sitting around, so she and Mo settle into an easy partnership in the kitchen.

Noting the spark between the two, Blue brings it to Kate's attention. Kate protests they're simply good mates, but she begins to wonder if Blue's onto something...


Kylie and Cam continue their flirty tension, but Jack remains oblivious.

When Cam gives Jack a casual compliment, he's elated, thinking that there's still romantic hope.

Curtis teases Jack about his crush on Cam, but he's son distracted by bigger problems.

Ali takes their feud with Ferndale Taxis public online. Curtis fears the potential ramifications, but Ali won't back down, convinced their honour is at stake.

When the post is taken down, Curtis hopes it's all blown over.

However, when he's cornered by some thugs while out on a job, he realises he's the victim of an ambush.


Wednesday 24 August (6066)

Curtis has been ambushed by Ferndale Taxi drivers and is outnumbered.

He manages to defends himself from his attackers, and heads home to recover.

However the assailants turn up in ED, and lie that Curtis attacked them unprovoked.

The police charge Curtis and take him into remand to await trial.

Mo worries to Kate that Curtis, who is still on probation, could face jail time. Kate is appalled.

When she meets one of the hurt taxi drivers on the ward she wonders whether there's a way to use that connection and help Curtis.


Rachel agrees with Lucy's decision to take time out in Australia to think things over.

Concerned this is a sign she won't help him, Glen seeks comfort from Rachel. He claims he's struggling with his alcoholism.

However, both Rachel and Chris are wary, and they keep Glen at arm's length.

Later, Ali is called to pick up troubled, drunken Glen from the bar.

Ali takes him home to his place, where Glen pleads with him to keep his drinking a secret, otherwise it will ruin his chances of a liver transplant. 

Kylie and Cam attempt to escape the attentions of Drew so they can finally consummate their attraction. But Kylie feels bad lying to him.

Drew already suspects the relationship is developing and is disappointed that Kylie's lying.

He's even more hurt when he learns Kylie's chosen to spend the night with Cam, rather than hang out with him.

Drew confronts Kylie and Cam. He hints at how upset he is, that two of the people he's closest to have been sneaking around behind his back.

Kylie feels bad about how she's acted. She apologises.

Drew admits he's got deep misgivings about her romance with Cam. He won't go into into details.

Her friendship with Drew now damaged, Kylie wonders what she's got herself into.


Thursday 25 August (6067)

Concerned by Drew's accusations about Cam, Kylie demands he be honest.

For the first time, Cam tells the truth of his chequered romantic past, and the dodgy US money he brought into the country.

Kylie's unsettled, and reassesses her involvement with him.

Cam challenges Drew for interfering in his life, but Drew's unrepentant.

Though Kylie's unnerved by Cam's history, she also feels it's not her place to judge. She isn't ready for a serious relationship with Cam anyway.

Cam is pleased they have reconciled, but Drew and TK remain concerned.


Chris is concerned to smell alcohol on the hungover Glen.

He asks Ali if Glen's relapsed. Ali covers badly, leaving Chris suspicious.

He tells Rachel his concerns, and she feels responsible for turning Glen away when he asked for support.

Glen won’t admit he's fallen off the wagon. Instead he tries to deepen his connection with Rachel. This only irritates her.

Rachel ultimately gets the truth out of Ali, who's relieved the burden of the secret is lifted from him.

But Ali's disgusted when he finds out Glen's bender was not a one-off. He confronts Glen.


Jack's worried about Curtis's court appearance, fearing he’ll end up in jail for good.

Meanwhile Kate tries to win Daz's trust, to try and get proof Curtis acted in self-defence.

She asks Daz for a drink and eventually manages to get an admission from him. He and the other Ferndale Taxi drivers beat up Curtis.

Revealing that she recorded the conversation, she uses it as leverage to get Daz and his mates to drop the charges.

The Hannahs and Nathans have a celebratory meal.

The boys make pointed remarks about Kate and Mo making a great couple.

Kate, boldened by their validation, kisses Mo. But he's realised he's not ready for another relationship.

Kate's embarrassed to be rejected.


Friday 26 August (6068)

Mo and Kate's sons are bemused by the lack of romance between their parents.

Kate's awkward when Curtis asks her questions about how Mo can win her around.

Meanwhile Blue confronts Mo, leading him to start thinking he made a mistake rejecting Kate.

Mo pitches the idea of dating to Kate, mentioning the kids' eagerness. But it feels more transactional than romantic to Kate, do she declines.

The thought of what could have been leaves them both wistful.


Esther bumps into Finn at the IV and is awkward in his presence. 

Chris notices her discomfort and changes the surgical roster so she won't be around him as much. But this only makes Esther more self-conscious.

Helping Kylie with her charity fundraising, Esther can't escape Finn's presence.

She feels reassured when Kylie admits she's still nervous about running in to TK. It's normal.

Finn's noticed Esther's nervous around him. Hoping to normalise things, he asks her on a group outing.

Esther bravely accepts, hoping this will help her get over her problem.


Glen smoothly covers his past alcohol purchases to Ali, but is alarmed to hear that Rachel knows of his bender.

He makes a show of confessing to Rachel, and talks up their connection leaving Rachel annoyed.

Feeling weak and preyed upon, she subtly asks Chris to cancel his intended Sydney trip. She knows she needs him around.

When this fails, she uses a work excuse to try again.

When Chris asks why, she can't bear to tell him she's battling addiction and struggling with Glen's presence.

Later, Ali realises Rachel hid Glen's bender from him, and it ignites his suspicions. These build when he overhears snippets of conversation about her addiction struggles.

Ali confronts her, demanding the truth. Rachel flatly denies everything, but Chris doesn't buy it.

To her alarm, Chris seizes her handbag to search it.