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21 - 25 March 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 21 March (5948)

Worried his needle stick injury will result in a Hepatitis C infection, Boyd decides to stay away from Bella and Stevie.

Harper helps Boyd take a blood test for Hep C and challenges him to consider that Earl's story of being miraculously cured could be true.

Boyd asks Earl to explain the treatment he received, leaving Bella touched that he's trying to broaden his mind.


Jack realises Blue is struggling to fit in at school and teams him up with a boy in his year. However, Blue doesn't connect with the rugby-loving kid and Jack begins to realise the daily challenges Blue faces are far more complex than he realised.


Kylie makes plans to ensure Norelle makes the most of the time she has remaining. But having done well so far on limited meds, Norelle suddenly finds herself in terrible pain. When she finally admits it, TK encourages her to speak to the team and have her meds adjusted.

She ends up going to Chris, who increases her pain medication. Norelle agrees to this, even though she fears this may affect her ability to fully participate in life.

Kylie struggles with the grim reality of her mother's illness and Drew helps her through it, proving himself a great friend once again.


Vinnie decides to continue the fun times with Michael by building a flying fox in the back garden while he's away at Jemima's.

Michael loves the idea when he hears about, but once back home, he gets drawn into playing an online game on the new laptop Patrick bought him.

Vinnie rankles at the thought of Patrick buying his son's love, but he suppresses this and focuses on encouraging Michael to enjoy the outdoors.

Michael refuses to give up his game and Vinnie discovers Patrick has previously let him play online for hours. He and Nicole confiscate the laptop,
which annoys Michael intensely.

Michael steals it back and Vinnie catches him. A struggle ensues and Vinnie accidently breaks the laptop, leading a furious Michael to declare that he
hates Vinnie and no longer wants to live with him and Nicole.


Tuesday 22 March (5949 )

Vinnie feels terrible for damaging Michael's laptop, but fails to placate Michael's anger.

Michael calls Jemima and, when she turns up with Patrick, Vinnie has to explain himself. He'd rather talk with Jemima alone, but Nicole invites them both
to stay for a BBQ.

Vinnie tries to address his concerns about Michael's behaviour and that the laptop gift was too much, but is frustrated when Patrick sweeps the whole matter under the carpet.

Vinnie tries to warm to Patrick, but there's something about him that gets his back up.

However, Michael's happy to see everyone getting on and Vinnie decides he's being over-protective. He resolves to stop worrying and focus on getting his fun relationship with Michael back on track.


Ali's under increasing financial pressure as his wedding with Sabina looms, and they prepare to move into their new flat.

He works night and day, juggling ambo shifts with delivering pizzas. But he loses his pizza job and has to resort to washing dishes at The IV.

Curtis thinks he’s mad and, at the end of a nightmare shift, Ali concedes Curtis may be right - there has to be a better way to make quick money...


TK's concerned that the strain of supporting Norelle is getting to Kylie. He admits his worry to Lucy, who decides her friend needs some fun.

Lucy turns up with treats and friends to pamper Kylie and Norelle. It's just what Kylie needed and she's grateful to realise she's got such good friends.


Jack sees Kate and decides to share his concerns about Blue. Kate's grateful, but Blue finds out and is furious.

Jack resolves to stop trying to help Blue, but then gets drawn back in when he sees Blue being bullied by Josh.

Jack manages to get through Blue's defences by admitting he knows what it's like to feel different because he's gay. Blue's thrown and Jack's given hope when Blue opens up about his own struggles with being transgender.

Jack feels he's made a new friend and fiercely leaps to his defence when he finds Blue still being hassled by Josh. But when he confronts them, he learns the truth is very different - it's Blue who has done the bullying and Jack's gutted to have his trust betrayed.


Wednesday 23 March (5950)

Jack feels betrayed by Blue's lies but can't harden his heart to him completely.

Kate makes Blue apologise, and as a further act of contrition, Blue offers Jack a drawing. This thaws things between them and Blue makes himself at home at the Hannah house.

While Mo isn't fazed by Blue's presence, Victoria wonders if it's wise to invite trouble in, but Mo reminds Victoria that everyone needs some help and compassion.

When Kate comes to collect Blue, Mo invites her to join them for dessert. They end up sharing a family connection and Victoria is left feeling on the outer.


Boyd has to accept the evidence that Earl has been cured of his Hep C, but still tries to frame it within scientific terms.

Though he discovers he too has been cleared of Hep C, his relief barely registers - he's too caught up in his intellectual quest to explain it. Bella's amused by his obsessive nature.


Curtis gets a brilliant idea for a money-making scheme: he and Ali should pool resources, buy a car, and set themselves up as drivers for Ferndale's version of Uber. Ali's wary of spending the money, but Curtis persuades him to get on board.

Ali agrees to check out a friend's car yard to find a vehicle, but Curtis's excitement is punctured when he sees that Ali has bought a small bright yellow car. Curtis is not impressed, especially when Lucy and Esther find it hilarious.


Kylie's grateful to TK for organising the fun girly night for her and Norelle. But when Norelle's pain worsens, Kylie fears that her cancer has spread. She's is relieved when that's not the case, but Norelle's gutted to think her future will mean a life in and out of hospital.

Kylie wishes she could help, but Norelle ends up finding solace as a volunteer in the hospital. However, she gets a sobering reminder of mortality when she sees a terminal patient.

She announces her intention to end her life before things get too awful, and asks Kylie to help her do it. Kylie's left blind-sided.


Thursday 24 March (5951)

Appalled by Norelle's request, Kylie shuts down any talk of euthanasia... but is worried to think that Norelle's still contemplating it.

When Norelle won't talk about it, Kylie tries to show her mother that she has lots of reasons to live. But the only thing that will distract Norelle is the thought of reconciling with Julia. When Norelle decides to try and contact her, Kylie hopes there's time to convince her mother not to end her life.


When Ali feels the pressure financially, Curtis gets him to agree to start giving people lifts in the Uber-like service (Piggyback), even though they're not yet registered as drivers.


Rachel returns to discover that Harper's hired extra nurses without consulting her. She's furious and Harper's forced to come up with a solution to balance the budget.

Harper's relieved when Drew convinces Rachel to reopen the PSC, aware it will provide instant income.

Harper offers to sacrifice part of her paycheck as well, but Rachel won't let her. Harper's rattled but realises her actions have damaged the once-implicit trust they shared.

Chris is also disgruntled, as he wasn't consulted about Drew's decision to employ a new PSC surgeon.


Kate's impressed to see how good Mo is at his job, and prompts him to consider upskilling. Mo's grateful... but Victoria's uneasy seeing how close the two are getting. Especially when Kate insists on giving him medical lessons at work.

Oblivious to the fact that it's purely a platonic relationship, Victoria decides Kate is getting too close to her man - and she's going to do something about it...