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2012....what a year!

Our 20th birthday year was a huge one for Shortland Street and there was plenty of drama, romance and memorable moments to go around.

As we gear up for a thrilling start to 2013, take a look back at some of the moments that made us laugh, cry and shocked us in 2012 with these video highlights.


2012- a year of drama:

Check out some of the most shocking and dramatic moments from an action-packed year of Shorty.






2012- a year of romance:

From hook ups, break ups and make ups, we take a look at the romances that got pulses racing!





2012- a year of memories:

As we celebrated 20 years of Shortland Street, there were plenty of familar faces and funny moments which kept us smiling in 2012.




Shortland Street returns Monday 14th January