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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

20 - 24 May 2013

Ben Mitchell as TK Samuels in Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Monday 20 th May (5243 & 5244)

Jared and Ula are thrown when Vasa responds positively to Jareds accusations and apologises.

Although Vasa wants to be supportive, she struggles to deal with the consequences of condoning their relationship.

Jared and Ula cant fight temptation and they have sex for the first time.

Hanging around in the ambo bay, Ula encounters Dallas, and he gives her a tour of his ambulance.

When Vinnie strains a muscle, Dallas asks Ula to do some pretend ambo work and she plays along.

Meanwhile Jared is prompted to make his own job satisfaction, and relates well to the personal aspect of orderly work when he meets a young patient, Bryce.

Wendy learns that the social workers wont discharge Dayna from hospital until she has somewhere safe to go.

She decides to bring Dayna home and Jasmine is irritated, having decided she and Dayna are no longer close friends.

Unable to shake Dayna, Jasmine belittles Dayna by asserting her authority, and eventually embarrasses Dayna in front of Evan and Phoenix.

But when she hears an upset Dayna pleading with her mother to come home and look after her, Jasmine is thrown to realise that Dayna has no one.

When Harry and Phoenix pick up on Rachels tired and grumpy mood, Chris resolves to try and cheer her up.

But Rachels irritated when he puts the onus on her to decide what to do, and Chris realises hell have to organise it himself.

At work, hes irritated when Harper decides to audit his surgical department, and then frustrated when she wont back down and asserts her control over him.

Chris decides to take the power back and convinces Rachel to have an evening at home.

But his plans are thwarted when Rachel brings Harper back home for dinner.

Over dinner, Chris gives Harper a chance when they discover a common interest in wine appreciation.

Harpers company initially helps Chris and Rachel reconnect, but Rachel soon finds herself on the outer as Chris and Harper bond.

Jealous of their connection, Rachel awkwardly winds up the dinner party.

Chris is embarrassed, and then angry when Rachel accuses him of flirting.

Frustrated with Rachels refusal to address the issues in their relationship, the next morning Chris pushes her to talk about her stress.

Rachel eventually shares her feelings and the pair make up with Rachel suggesting a family holiday together.

Ulas happy to have her medical work endorsed by Dallas, TK and Vinnie, and feels its a career she could consider pursuing.

Ulas annoyed when Jared prioritises talking with Bryce over a family dinner.

His discussions with Bryce lead Jared to think about joining the army.

He discusses this with Ula and when he considers getting Vasas opinion, Ula reacts, inadvertently making Jared feel hes incapable.

Wanting to encourage him and get away from smothering Vasa, Ula comes up with a solution - they both join the army together.

Dayna rebuffs Jasmines apology, leaving Jasmine at a loss.

She passes on her concern to Murray, who is unsettled when Dayna seeks out his company.

When she gets drawn in by Murrays counsel, Dayna takes a shine to him.

Then she makes an inappropriate sexual advance.

Thrown, Murray backs her off and lays down some strong ground rules which she responds to favourably.

Later Murrays surprised to find a pregnancy test packet in the rubbish and deduces this is the reason for Daynas upset.

But Murrays rocked when Wendy reveals that its her pregnancy test kit.

Tuesday 21 st May (5245)

Murray reels from a shaken Wendys news about her pregnancy but is supportive.

When Zlata and Bella suggest the house is germ-ridden, Wendy snaps at them and flees.

Later, the pregnancy is confirmed and Murray soothes a fretful Wendy.

They return home to their overcrowded house and are pleasantly surprised that the kids have cleaned up.

They decide not to tell the kids about the pregnancy just yet.

Kylie and Emma are feel for a lonely TK, and Kylie sets her sights on him romantically.

Emma squashes her own attraction to TK to avoid disturbing the delicate balance of her and Kylies friendship.

Vinnie teases TK about Kylies advances but TK is uncertain about dating.

When Kylie tries to make Emma come on a jog with her to be near TK, Emma turns her down to give them time alone.

But the running "date" doesn't go so well when Kylie struggles to keep up and TKs not keen to repeat the experience.

Later being a good friend, Emma takes the opportunity to talk Kylie up to TK, hopeful that hes still going to meet Kylie for a drink.

When TK tells Emma hed prefer drinking with her, shes stunned.

Now a co-parent to Luca, Bella starts educating herself about child rearing.

Shes alarmed to realise Lucas being raised in an overcrowded house and goes on a war against germs.

Zlata plays along, happy to have help.

Bellas disturbed to learn that Luca has never been immunised but backs down when Zlata objects to it.

But at Jasmines urging, Bella asserts her rights as coparent, inadvertently using her money as leverage over Zlata.

At the hospital, Zlata is anxious about possible side-effects of the jabs, but Bella shoos her back to work.

Her maternal instincts finally rising to the fore, Zlata abandons her post to stop the immunisations.

She grabs baby Luca from Bella, asserting her rights as his only parent, and Bellas stunned.


Wednesday 22 nd May (5246)

Both Bella and Zlata are thrown at Zlatas sudden maternal impulse, but Zlata eventually regains her composure and decides to continue the immunisation without Bella.

Roimata warns Bella not to get overinvested, but Bella insists shes only thinking of Luca.

When Wendy discovers tension between Bella and Zlata, she sympathises with Zlata who is encouraged to realise she has the support she needs to be a proper mother.

When Bella disapproves of Zlatas management of Luca, Wendy counsels her to let Zlata parent her way, but Bella cant handle it.

She threatens to withdraw financial support and Zlata threatens to take Luca away from her in turn.

After some sensible advice from Wendy, Bella apologises.

She manages to keep Zlata on-side, but gives up most of her say in Lucas upbringing in the process.

Emma tries to let Kylie have her chance with TK, but is jealous when she sees a happy Kylie successfully chatting him up.

She resolves to be a good friend and leave Kylie be, but is excited after she shares a warm moment with TK.

Rachel is put under stress when Harper is forced to go to St Caths for two days.

When she realises how much shes been relying on cigarettes she feels bad.

But when she lashes out at Brooke and misses a date with her family, shes pushed to start smoking again.

At home, Chris smells smoke. Rachel covers, but Chris is concerned Rachels lying to him.

Roimata finds Josh's well meaning emotional intensity claustrophobic.

Shes relieved when she buys some emotional space by going out to dinner, and further encouraged when she and Josh are able to address her concerns.

Josh acknowledges that he can be intense and assures hell back off.

But their closeness is undermined when Roimata is pained to witness a warm moment between TK and Emma.

Despite his insecurties, Josh assures her that he understands how Roimata feels about TK, and gives her the opportunity to leave shes too guilty to do so.

Instead Roimata pledges to stick with Josh and tells him that she only wants to be with him, but she's sickened by her own lie.

Thursday 23 rd May (5247)

In denial about Roimatas true feelings, Josh is determined to make their relationship work.

However, in an attempt to increase their public profile as a couple, he accepts an invitation to lunch with Brooke and Boyd on Roimatas behalf without asking, irritating her.

Her anxiety increases when she bumps into TK.

Unsettled by the thought that TK may be seeing other women, she attempts to fish for details.

Resentful, TK deals some home truths about the impact Roimata has had on his ability to trust any woman.

Chastened and ashamed, Roimata takes her stress out on Josh, humiliating him in front of Brooke and Boyd.

Feeling terrible, she tries to extricate herself from the relationship, but an insecure Josh is unwilling to let her go, giving a convincing argument that Roimata is emotionally unwell and needs his protection.

Tired of working hard, Evan dreams of being wealthy and ropes Phoenix into helping him organise a profit-spinning dance party.

But the figures dont add up and they nix the idea.

When Evan searches for another money-making plan, Harry suggests a cleaning business.

Deflated by the thought of doing the work himself, Evan decides to employ others while he manages logistics.

He secures TK, Kylie and Josh as clients, then he ropes in staff - Jasmine and Dayna - offering them less than hes charging them out for.

With Kylie as one of his clients, Evan's hopeful he can impress her with his entrepreneurial skills.

Concerned for Rachel, Chris tries to get her to admit shes not coping with stress.

When she protests that shes fine, Chris knows somethings up.

Suspecting Rachel has a secret smoking habit, Chris tries to trick Henry into admitting it, but Henry covers then warns Rachel.

Determined, Chris seeks Rachel out and discovers her, smoking. She feels guilty for lying but lashes out at Chris.

Hes disappointed that she didnt ask for support from him when she needed it, instead turning to smoking as a stress reliever.

Defiant, Rachel assures him her habit doesnt affect anyone else.

But a curious Harry steals a cigarette from Rachels pack and lights up.

When hes sprung by Chris, Rachel is mortified that her habit has impacted on the family after all.

Friday 24 th May (5248)

An apologetic Rachel assures Chris shell quit smoking, but he doesnt trust this and Rachel realises shes lost his support.

At work, Henrys apprised of the quit-smoking situation and hes empathetic.

He tries to support her in an HOD meeting, but Rachel views his actions as undermining.

She takes out her frustration with Chris and her work on Henry, and hes stung by her unfairness.

Seth picks up on Henrys low mood and hes concerned, but Henry refuses to betray Rachels trust.

But when Rachel continues to treat Henry harshly he reaches the end of his tether, and confides to Seth that Rachels losing her grip.

Murray expresses his doubts about the new baby. But Wendy needs to stay positive in order to quell her own fears.

Irked, she urges him to adjust his attitude.

To prove his commitment, Murray offers to help her mind Luca.

But when the baby squalls endlessly, it brings out Wendys inner turmoil and frustration.

When she gets the chance to pick up a work shift, shes relieved by the breather it offers and leaves Murray in sole charge of Luca.

But at work she has a run-in with Evan and is further daunted to realise that parenting never ends.

Now doubting her ability to cope with a new child, she steels herself to reveal her fears to Murray.

But she returns home to find him smitten with Luca and feels trapped.

Enjoying his new manager role, Evan assigns Dayna and Jasmine to their first cleaning job.

Jasmine resigns herself to a boring, hard day, but she finds the cleaning surprisingly satisfying.

Evans impressed with their efforts, and Jasmines further bolstered by his praise.

Arriving at the student flat, Jasmines shocked by the extent of the mess, but Dayna insists they relax and enjoy themselves.

Jasmines drawn in by her enthusiasm, and they have a great time until a call from Evan interrupts the fun.

Evans concerned theyre running behind schedule.

Jasmine resents Evans attitude, and when the girls work out how much hes skimming off the top of their wage theyre annoyed.

Unmoved, Evan insists the girls do a good job at Kylies house.

He believes hes pulled them back in line, but when he arrives with Kylie to inspect the job, hes shocked to find the girls have vengefully messed up the house.

Evans humiliated and angry.

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