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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

20 - 24 June 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Monday 20 June (6012)

Bella urges Boyd to stop avoiding Rachel and put together a pitch to keep his research lab open.

Boyd does so but, under pressure, he lies about having a potential funder lined up.

Rachel agrees to give him time.

But Boyd's drawn back to his secret trial and is disappointed when a scan shows his tumour hasn't shrunk. He's starting to doubt his theory.

As he settles in to research funding options, he's unaware his laptop camera light has turned on, and he's being watched from his office now too. 


TK's surprised by the arrival of his cousin Anahera.

She grills Esther about her career and love-life, and points out to TK that Tillie is stressed about the legal situation with Kylie.


Determined to win the bet to recruit the most blood donors, Drew enlists Leanne's help. He promises to fork out ten dollars for anyone who signs up under the surgical banner.

When Harper discovers this, she retaliates by offering twenty dollars per person.

TK wants to call it a draw but Harper and Drew are both determined to win.

Unable to find any more donors, Drew offers himself up. Although his blood can't actually be used, due to his recent transfusion, TK rules in his favour.

Drew has a moment of victory before fainting from low blood pressure.

As the loser, Harper has to take him to dinner, but their date is crashed by the social club, arriving to demand their free drinks.


Mo's keen to spend time with Victoria but she has to duck away to be questioned by DI Foster.

She's rattled when Foster produces a still from the recovered security footage that places her near the PSC on the day of Drew's shooting.

She sticks to her denial, but when Foster questions her absence when she was supposed to be at Central, she realises he could be building a case against her.

Mo learns that Foster thinks Margaret's gassing might have been deliberate, and the perpetrator could be Drew's shooter.

He's thrown into turmoil and Victoria fears shes about to lose everything.

She turns on Mo, fiercely accusing him of not believing in her.

Mo apologises but it's too late - Victoria's mask has slipped and Mo has seen the cold, driven woman behind it. A woman capable of committing murder.



Tuesday 21 June (6013 )

Blue has his first appointment to see a counsellor to discuss starting testosterone therapy.

Kate's keen to come but Blue is wary, fearing they'll be discussing potentially awkward topics - like sex.

He asks for Vinnie's help to distract Kate, but Vinnie tells him to man up and talk to his mother himself.

Blue admits to Kate he doesn't want her there. For now he wants to tackle the journey on his own.

Although a tiny bit hurt, Kate accepts this.

Blue returns from a successful appointment, elated he can start hormone treatment earlier than he had anticipated.

Seeing how happy he is, Kate chooses to put her doubts aside and share in Blue's joy. A sign their relationship's better than it's ever been.


Esther has dismissed both Curtis and Finn as romantic prospects, but Anahera convinces her to give Finn another shot.

After some pointed match-making, the pair are convinced to go on a date.

Esther's having so much fun she misses a call from Anahera.

When Finn suggests taking the date back to his place, Esther refuses, resolving to play things differently this time. He offers her a ride home and she accepts.

She arrives to find pregnant Anahera in pain and bleeding on the floor.

When Anahera begs Esther to reassure her that the baby will be okay, Esther struggles to tell her the truth. She knows Anahera's losing it and feels terrible for being so caught up in youthful romance.


Mo's unsettled after seeing Victoria’s dark side.

Chris is supportive when Mo mentions trust issues,' but Mo is still uneasy.

Willing to listen now, Mo asks Curtis and Jack to outline their suspicions about Victoria.

They give him all their information, linking Victoria to the attempted murders of both Margaret and Drew. Mo reels at everything they have to report.

Later, their continued conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Victoria.

Having overheard the mention of phones and PIN numbers, she panics and attempts to clear her phone of its incriminating history. When this fails, she throws her phone in the outdoor fire.

Jack discovers the burning phone and Mo realises Victoria is acting like a person with a lot to hide.


Wednesday 22 June (6014)

Anahera is brought into the hospital. She's lost the baby and the fight is on to save her life.

Esther feels responsible for what's happened, guilty she didn't stay with her aunt or have her phone on.

Finn realises Esther's holding herself responsible and tells TK, who's impressed with Finn's support for her.

Anahera comes through surgery but has lost the ability to conceive.

Esther busies herself running errands, trying to avoid Anahera until TK intervenes.

Esther does her best to support Anahera but worries she'd never be able to cope with the loss of a baby.

When Finn shows his concern for Anahera, Esther is moved and they draw closer.

Lucy and Ali agree to meet for a much-needed date.

Lucy opens up about Ali's rejection from his family.

Rachel fears she and Ali are too different to ever have the chance of working as a couple.

Ali's running late and when he finally arrives he finds Lucy a little tipsy. Unimpressed, he wants to go home.

Lucy thinks they should forget about his family and concentrate only on themselves.

Despite his doubts, Ali agrees to try to do so.


Mo and Jack retrieve Victoria's smashed phone from the fire and Mo realises with certainty she's hiding something.

He decides to call the police.

Victoria wants to go out but Curtis tries to stop her. To avoid trouble, Mo tells him to let her go.

D.I . Foster has evidence that may incriminate Victoria in the explosion at the campground that nearly killed Margaret.

Mo struggles to come to terms with what Victoria appears to have done.

Victoria learns that the blood Drew tried to donate to the hospital blood drive was rejected due to his recent transfusion.

The police are looking for Victoria at the hospital but she manages to avoid them.

At home, Mo confronts her, asking if she was responsible for Drew's shooting.

Victoria's upset things have become so bad between them. She blames Curtis, but Mo won't listen.

The police arrive to take Victoria in for questioning. 

But the discovery of blood-stained orderly scrubs hidden in the basement changes everything. They belong to Curtis... and suddenly he finds himself in the spotlight. 


Thursday 23 June (6015)

When Blue's gentle teasing of Michael's British accent strikes a nerve, he feels bad for upsetting him.

Blue and Vinnie resolve to teach Michael to speak Koiwoi.

Leanne’s startled to hear the change but Michael, with his slightly faulty new accent, feels boosted and grateful to Blue.


Ali and Lucy try to paper over the cracks in their relationship by focussing on each other - even though it means Ali taking time
off work.

Although their fancy dessert is a highlight, their love bubble is interrupted by Esther, collecting things so she can support Anahera.

Her whanau support is a stark reminder to Ali of what he's missing.

He makes his excuses, telling Lucy he's off for an early night. However, he takes on a Piggyback shift instead, in an effort to forget his woes.

The next day Lucy's feeling good about the state of their relationship, but is shocked to learn Ali's in ED after a car accident.

She's surprised to learn Ali drove through the night, and he admits he was distracted by thoughts of his family.

Lucy's stung, realising his problems remain - and have driven him to such a desperate, dangerous point.


Mo is stunned when DI Foster takes Curtis off for questioning about Drew's shooting.

In the aftermath, Victoria offers to stay elsewhere for a while. Given the tension and mistrust between them, Mo doesn't stop her.

Curtis is frustrated when Foster won't believe he's been set up by Victoria.

When she's questioned herself, Victoria can only hope her steadfast protestations of innocence were convincing.

Despite his turmoil, Mo promises Curtis that he believes he's innocent.

An upset and pressured Victoria checks in to The IV.

She's bolstered by Kylie's words of support - somehow, things will work out for her and Mo.

When Foster reports the blood on the scrubs was Drew's, Curtis is taken away and Mo is left devastated - could Curtis really have done it?


Friday 24 June (6016)

Knowing Ali's upset about the rift with his parents, Lucy decides to try and become a girl his family would approve of.

She starts by finding out more about Ali's religion.

Leanne, Kylie and other friends find her efforts amusing and can't take her seriously.

Even Ali struggles to, assuring her she doesn't need to do this. He thinks she's great as she is and if anyone needs to change their attitude it's his folks. Though he knows they never will.

Recognising her good intentions, he's touched and they're left closer as a result.


Harper's concerned at the fact that Victoria's troubled and has moved out from Mo's.

There's something odd about Victoria's claim that she moved out voluntarily for the family's sake, but Harper is keen to support her.

She's snowed under in ED so gets Victoria to help her, thinking focusing on work will help.

Victoria bonds with a young female patient, Stella, whose plight reminds her of Pixie.

Bolstered by the memory of how everyone, especially Mo, was so appreciative of her then, Victoria is given the confidence to try and reconcile.

However Mo's unsure what he believes and determined to focus on his sons. He keeps her at arms length for now, and Victoria's left gutted.

When she encounters Harper talking with Drew about Curtis' arrest, her well-constructed mask slips. She abruptly avoids Drew and covers badly to Harper - leaving her suspicious.


Foster questions Curtis about his whereabouts on the day of Drew's shooting.

Curtis admits he was in the PSC, but is certain he didn’t get any blood on his scrubs.

As the pressure builds on Curtis, he tells Foster he's been framed and Foster should be looking at Victoria. But Foster doesn't seem to be listening.

Aware of the tension Curtis is feeling at facing prison again, Mo visits and urges him to remain calm.

But Curtis is struggling. He hopes Jack can find out if Victoria got hold of Drew's blood during the blood drive.

Jack tries but fails, and in the meantime Foster seriously grills Curtis, confronting him with his past threat to Drew, indicating he's capable of violence.

Despite Mo's advice, Curtis fails under pressure and loses it, smashing up the interview room, making things much worse for himself as a result.