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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

2 - 6 September 2013

Shortland Street's Harper Whitley is played by Ria Vandervis

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Monday 2nd September (5328)

Kylie is unimpressed by Boyds cavalier attitude to collapsing in theatre but Boyd wants to put it behind him.

Hes troubled when Kylie lodges a formal complaint against him.

Brooke offers to engineer a resolution, and Boyd reluctantly agrees.

Brooke manipulates Kylie to drop the complaint by promising to cast some of the blame on Nicole in the disciplinary proceedings.

Kylie backs down and is upset when an oblivious Nicole criticises her for wimping out, unaware Kylies protecting her.

Brooke is satisfied with her success but its cold comfort for Boyd, who feels his integrity as a surgeon and HOD has suffered.

Roimata decides to bring Shontel home from the hospital and is pleased when it becomes clear that her kindness is exactly what Shontel needs to get out of a bad situation and move on with her life.

But their heart to heart brings home to Roimata how much shes giving up by leaving her home and friends behind, and how little joy the move will bring her.

Realising the change shes seeking neednt involve leaving Ferndale, Roimata makes a change in plans.

She arranges to combine further education with parttime nursing, and confronts TK with her decision to change her name from Samuels back to Ngatai.

Wendy decides to make life difficult for Josh without breaking her pledge to accept his relationship with Bella.

She evicts him from his room at the I.V and makes it clear she intends to keep Bella busy at the bar, without him.

However, shes stymied when Josh finds a luxury two-bedroom flat nearby and Bella announces she intends to spend most of her spare time there.

Evan is eager to get home as soon as they drop Len to Nelson.

But Murray has other ideas when Judy reveals that Len has forced her to book him into a local rest home, starting soon.

Len is adamant he wants to go, but Murray doesnt believe him and wont stop trying to dissuade him from making the move, irritating Evan further.

Satisfied that Len wants to go, Evan usurps Murrays authority and takes Len to sign up on his own.

But the reality of institutional life gives Evan doubts, and when he catches a glimpse of how lonely and miserable Len will be, he realises Murray was right.

Evan makes a decision and insists hes taking his grandad home, even if he has to fight him to do it.

Tuesday 3rd September (5329)

Vinnie grows frustrated with the overcrowded feeling in his flat, and when Dallas continued presence starts to impact on his one on one time with Nicole, Vinnies frustrated.

He tries to address his dissatisfaction with Dallas, but realises he comes across as churlish.

Desperate, Vinnie sabotages the beer fermenter to negate Dallas reason for visiting so frequently.

The keg explodes and after Nicole and Kylies annoyance, Vinnie feels hes made Dallas feel unwelcome.

But Nicole builds on the connection already established with Dallas and assures him he doesnt need an excuse to come round, leaving Vinnie defeated.

Meanwhile Ula has grown dissatisfied with her mother-focused flat dynamic, so when she hears about Vinnies frustration at his overcrowded party-focused flat, she suggests she may have a solution to both their problems.

Finally realising Murrays been right about Len all along, Evan defies Judy and works actively on Lens behalf.

He apologises to Murray for doubting him, and feeling he finally understands his father, he and Murray work together to help Len get what he wants.

Murray and Evan are left stronger as a result.

Ignoring Vasas warning shes investing too much in an uncertain future with TK, Sarah worries when he still seems affected by Roimata moving on.

When she challenges TK on his feelings, he deflects by focusing on her, and against her better judgement, Sarah buys in.

She further invests when TK suggests he wants more family time with just the three of them, and when they share a unexpected frisson, Sarahs hopes are high.

But TKs mood changes when Roimata happens past them, and Sarah realises hes might still be hung up on her.

Off another challenge from Vasa, Sarah is determined to clarify the boundaries of her relationship with TK, but when she tries analysing their status TK kisses her. Sarahs conflicted but TK is certain.

Wednesday 4th September (5330)

A tempted Sarah is sure TK has kissed her for the wrong reasons so rejects his advances, challenging him to resolve his issues with Roimata.

Forced by Sarahs refusal, TK confesses to Roimata his guilt at not being able to save their marriage.

Roimata helps TK to realise that Zac was the reason their marriage broke up and TK is finally able to forgive himself.

Meanwhile, Sarah is reassured by Vasa that shes made the right decision to step back from TK.

When TK wants to start afresh with Sarah, he assures her hes resolved his past with Roimata and Sarah is challenged to take it all.

Desperate for a new flatmate, Ula decides to convince Dallas to move into the Deco House.

To prove its is a fun place to live, Ula organises drinks, expecting Emma and Toby to be out.

But when they return, proposing a civilised dinner, Ulas hopes of luring Dallas into the house diminish.

Ulas pleased Dallas is having a good time but is worried when Emma asks Toby to join them for dinner, believing her opportunity has been ruined.

But Toby proves to be an entertaining host and Ula is pleasantly surprised when Dallas accepts her offer to move in.

Ula is delighted at having another adult to spend time with but her plan backfires when Dallas, now interested in Toby and Emma, proposes they spend their day off together, leaving Ula on the outer.

Reminded of her failure, Harper is unnerved by Joshs interest in the death of her drug mule patient last week.

But when a woman presenting with similar symptoms is admitted to ED, Harper seizes the opportunity to atone.

Preemptively diagnosing the condition as a another drug mule, Harper boldly decides to operate. But unconvinced by her diagnosis, Boyd refuses the surgery.

Harper loses her temper, resulting in Boyd removing her from resus and leaving Josh to take over.

Later, as Brooke sympathises with Harpers stress over her initial patients death, Harper feels humiliated to have her self-control called into question.

Sent home to repose, Harper rejects Joshs attempt to comfort her.

Alone, she enters her car to get the fright of her life - a dangerous man awaiting her arrival.


Thursday 5th September (5331)

Harper is shocked when her ex-lover Sal shows up from New York, but reluctantly agrees she owes it to him to talk.

Fearing he may have been followed by his dangerous criminal associates, Harper musters the courage to show up at his hotel.

Shes floored when Sal reveals hes fled his criminal past and wants to whisk them both away for a new life together.

Tempted, a cautious Harper asks for time to think.

Confused, she turns to Sarah for advice and realises she must follow her head, not her heart.

Harper presents Sal with her reasons for refusing him but faced with his irresistible charm, makes a snap decision and follows her heart.

Confused whether to accept she can have it all with TK, Sarah throws her focus on to Tillie.

Shes concerned when Tillies daycare reports Tillie exhibiting anti-social behaviour and informs TK.

When they address the issue it quickly becomes apparent theyre not on the same page.

Talking to Wendy, Sarah realises shes neglected to consider Tillies needs in her decision to move in with TK.

Wanting to prove himself again after his humiliating collapse in surgery, Boyds irked to discover Chris has lined up a list of exciting surgeries for his return next week.

Boyd decides hes entitled as HOD to bring a particularly interesting surgery forward and do it himself - a Whipples procedure.

Hes met with resistance from the patient, Warwick Gordon, who is focussed on Chriss golden reputation and insists on waiting for Chris.

Boyd proceeds with pre-op tests for Chris to use but is concerned to discover a complication.

Boyd advises immediate surgery, but Warwick refuses again. Boyd rails to Brooke and is challenged by her to take action, lying if necessary.

Doing just that, Boyd implies to the patient that he will die earlier if he doesnt have the operation immediately.

Gaining Warwicks consent for surgery, Boyd takes it on himself.

But just as Boyd is about to start surgery, he gets an urgent call from Chris. He refuses to take the call insisting on going through with the surgery.


Friday 6th September (5332) 

Brooke is smug when Boyd goes ahead with the Whipples procedure - to Chriss annoyance.

However, Boyd faces a surgical complication. He tries to handle it on his own, but has to accept hes out of his depth.

He requests help from another Shortland Street surgeon but he is unavailable for half and hour.

Vinnie, acting as patient advocate, rings Chris. Boyd is furious but chastened when Chris talks him through the tricky part of the surgery.

After, Boyd fears the worst from Chris, but Brooke prompts him to lie his way out of trouble.

But Boyds conscience gets the better of him and he tells Chris everything.

Hes hopeful the matter is resolved, only for Brooke to reveal Chris has instructed her to suspend Boyd indefinitely. Boyds shocked.

When Josh annoys the nursing staff by eating the night shift cheese, Bella hits on the idea to ask Brooke to pay for more cheese.

Brooke wants evidence proving extra cheese is necessary.

Josh receives a letter from the police, thanking him for his part in the undercover operation.

Bella decides to organise an afternoon tea celebrating Joshs hospital crisis heroics. At Joshs afternoon tea, Brooke announces that she will provide more cheese.

The nurses applaud Bella and Josh feels his thunder has been stolen.

Bella confronts Josh over his negative attitude, and shes hurt when he dismisses her.

A loved up Harper commits to Sal, but shes pulled up when he reveals their new life will be funded by gang money - and the tattoo on Harpers thigh hides the account number and password to Sals illicit account.

Feeling used, Harper flees Sal and runs to TK and Sarah, who are in the middle of sorting out their relationship dispute.

When the lights suddenly go out, Harper fears Sals come to find her, but TK and Sarah reassure shes safe.

Harper has just begun to relax when TK fixes the lights, revealing Sal - with baby Tillie.

Harper panics, and Sarah and TK face their worst nightmare - their child is in the arms of a dangerous criminal.