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2 - 6 May 2016

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 2 May (5977)

Upset after her fight with TK, Kylie seeks out Drew, inadvertently curtailing his efforts to chat up Harper.

Kylie's grateful for Drew's unconditional support and spends the night in his spare room.

When Esther learns of their falling out, she urges TK to reach out to Kylie. Drew does too, in the process reminding Harper of his good qualities.

TK offers Kylie his total love and support, but she's in turmoil knowing he disapproves of her helping her mother to die.

Drew's words of wisdom end up persuading Kylie and she returns home, welcomed back by  relieved TK.


Boyd's intent on doing a good job with his first Fentich trial surgery.

He's daunted when a small army turns up to observe the procedure, and makes a bad start when he fumbles and drops the unfamiliar new equipment.

But he rallies and completes the surgery successfully, and is left basking in the congratulations of his colleagues.


George is unsettled by the way Leo starts ingratiating himself with his friends and colleagues.

He seeks a reassurance that Leo won't out him but Leo won't give it, reminding George that he needs money to keep him quiet long term.

George is distracted by worry about Leo and when summoned by Rachel, he fears the worst.

He's relieved to learn he's being commended for his performance at the Inequalities in Health conference, but his concern about Leo prevents him from truly enjoying the moment.

His distraction means he starts second-guessing himself at work and Lucy has to point out an error he makes.

George is rattled by Leo turning up at work, but is called away to urgently assist a patient who is having an anaphylactic reaction. George steps in to lead the resuscitation but has to be stopped by Lucy from administering a fatal dose of adrenaline.

Observed by Leo, George is left horrified that his lack of focus meant he may have killed a patient if it wasn't for Lucy's timely intervention.


Tuesday 3 May (5978 )

George is understanding, but quietly worried, that he and Lucy both have to report his near miss to their superiors.

Lucy is perturbed by George's mistakes but still believes he's got the makings of a good doctor and Nicole agrees, urging her to support him at work.

Meanwhile, Leo's increasingly interested in Lucy and despite knowing she's with Ali, he makes a pass at her. Lucy is upset and demands that George get Leo out of the house.

George tries, but Leo leverages George by threatening to expose his secret, and refuses to leave. Though furious, George is powerless to move him on.


Chris is frustrated when Harry refuses to attend the meeting about his school suspension.

Rachel is more annoyed with Finn when he enters the debate on Harry's side.

After the meeting, Chris reports that Harry can return to St Bart's, but only with certain conditions, none of which Harry is willing to meet.

Harry's angry that neither Jasper nor the school Dean will face any consequences and still refuses to go back to St Bart's.

The conflict is finally resolved when Chris makes it clear he approves of Harry's moral stance and agrees to allow Harry to go to a new school.


Drew cautiously accepts Virginia's advice about getting back together with Harper.

He invites her to attend a car show with him but Harper isn't interested at first, so Drew ends up going with Finn.

They return to the IV with two pretty promo girls in tow.

When Harper arrives, Drew is keen for her to join the party or for them to head home together, but Harper already has plans work later in the evening.

When she gets a text from Drew inviting her to join him, she turns him down again, but seeing Finn arrive home with both promo girls, she realises Drew must have gone back to his place alone.

With Rachel's encouragement, Harper heads off intending to surprise Drew with a romantic liaison, but she's left humiliated when she arrives to discover another woman has beaten her to Drew's bed.


Wednesday 4 May (5979)

Drew apologises to Harper after their humiliating encounter, but Harper claims she's fine about him sleeping with someone else. However, she's surprised by the strength of her hurt.

Realising Harper's become emotionally involved with Drew, Rachel advises her to sort it out.

Harper talks to Drew about where they're at but instead of getting together, she insists they can only be friends, privately worried that he can't provide her with the emotional depth she needs in a proper relationship.


Victoria feels unwell but puts it down to the flu shot she's had earlier.

The next day, she still feels sick but brushes this off and goes through with surgery, letting Esther shadow her in the OR.

Although everything goes smoothly, she has to hand over to Esther to finish and has a woozy moment that compels her to go home.


George is upset when Lucy moves out of the flat due to Leo's behaviour.

Angry with his cousin, he demands Leo apologise to Lucy. Leo takes this onboard and despite Lucy's concerns, manages to win her round with a seemingly genuine apology.

Leo shouts beer and pizza at The IV for the flatmates to say thanks and George tries to relax - it seems like Leo is coming around.


When Finn brings party girls around to the house and makes sarcastic, satirical remarks about Chris and Rachel's high-brow school choices, Rachel worries about his influence on Harry. She urges him to set a good example for Harry and Finn agrees.

Chris has organised an interview at a new private school for Harry but can't make it due to a change in his schedule.

Although busy, Rachel agrees to go in his place and ruffles feathers when she has to leave a DHB meeting to attend.

But Harry isn't keen on going to fancy Ferndale Collegiate and when Finn turns up in his new car, he abandons the interview in favour of a joy ride.

When they turn up in the hospital car park to show off the new car to Drew, Harry is almost caught by Chris, and confesses to Finn what he's done.

Concerned he's supposed to be setting a good example, Finn tries to high-tail it out of the situation but accidently ends up causing a car crash. He's appalled to learn that his victim is Rachel.


T hursday 5 May (5980)

After rear-ending Rachel's car and giving her a neck injury, Finn has a lot of ground to make up.

Chris is left worrying that Finn has jeopardised his new-found place in the family.

But Finn scores points with Rachel when he supports her going to work, despite Chris's protestations that she should stay at home and rest - and keep an eye on Harry, who hasn't found a new school yet.

Rachel soldiers on at work but her pain makes her irritable.

Bella thinks she's got the perfect solution to Rachel's pain but Rachel is underwhelmed when Bella's genius idea is a wheat bag with essential oils.


Kylie supports Drew, who's pained after parting ways with Harper. 

Given she's in legal limbo with her police charges, and off work as a result, she agrees to complete her breast reconstruction with Drew as her surgeon.

Kylie's wary of her colleagues' reaction after news of Norelle's suicide got out, but when they go into the hospital, TK is a staunch supporter and Kylie is

When Harper comes to wish Kylie all the best, she's awkward to find Drew there, and despite her feeling of loss, tells herself she made the right decision.

After Kylie's op is successful, TK reiterates his love and support for Kylie, and the couple are left stronger.


Victoria's thrown when Mo suggests that the symptoms of her illness might actually be pregnancy.

Though conflicted about the many dilemmas this brings up, Victoria's touched by his support and budding enthusiasm.

Curtis and Jack find out, which Mo and Victoria weren't expecting, and Mo gives an impassioned pitch to the boys about what a new baby could mean for them all.

Victoria does a test at home but the results are inconclusive. She asks Harper to do a blood test, and confides that Mo's attitude has
made her keen to have a baby.

Harper reports the pregnancy test is negative and a disappointed Victoria braces herself to break the bad news to Mo. However, when she overhears him tell Jack that a baby would be a welcome addition, she can't bring herself to do it.

When Mo asks after the test, she confirms they have cause to celebrate, telling herself Mo's happiness is worth the huge lie...


Friday 6 May (5981)

Victoria feels guilty for lying to Mo that she's pregnant, especially when he excitedly plans for their baby's arrival.

However, Curtis takes the news hard, especially when Victoria flaunts it to him, behind Mo's back.

He confides to Jack that given the proprietorial way Victoria acts towards Mo, he's worried the new baby will splinter Mo off from the two of them.

Victoria throws herself at Mo, hoping to make her fake pregnancy a reality.

Curtis realises there's one person who can save Mo from Victoria's clutches - Margaret. He tries to make contact through his gang associates, determined to track Margaret down somehow...


Finn feels terrible for causing Rachel's whiplash - especially as she's still in bad pain. He tries to help, but Rachel won't have a bar of it.

Finn tries to enlist Harper to check on Rachel, then finally manages to convince her himself that he genuinely wants to help.

He's trying so hard to make peace that Rachel forgives him, amused it's impossible to stay mad at him for long. She accepts his advice to change her pain medication and is relieved to finally be pain free.


Blue's working in the caf when he meets a bureau nurse, Stan, who tries to make friends with him.

Kate's intrigued to learn Stan is transgender and lets Blue know they've got more in common than he thinks.

Curious, Blue spies on Stan, then agrees to have a chat. Blue's inspired and excited by Stan's life story - and that he looks and lives completely as a man now.

Blue feels a whole new world opening up to him. However, Kate's unsettled that Blue's suddenly considering hormone blockers and the possibility of
transitioning to be a man.

Blue's adamant that sooner is better and Kate's worried Stan's behind this.

She confronts Stan but is pulled up by his frank challenge, asking if she's really able to understand Blue's needs.

Feeling protective, Kate intercedes to stop Blue seeing Stan again. Blue's angry and, as Kate defends, he's pained to believe Kate's support has only ever been superficial.

Angry and upset, he flees, and Kate's left questioning if she's really as accepting as she thinks.