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2 - 6 March 2015

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 2 March (5687)

Bella's spurred on by Dallas's departure to make some changes in her own life.

Rachel considers who could act as her eyes and ears while she's away at a conference.

Bella seizes on this as her big opportunity and sets about trying to impress Rachel.

Annoyed to discover Clementine's bungled communication with the fire service, Bella takes Rachel's order to run the fire drill audit very seriously.

When Bella is distracted by another task, Clementine misses vital information about the drill and ends up being responsible for the audit failing.

Clementine's guilt worsens when she realises Bella's been demoted to the desk to train her up, thus ruining her ambitions to be Rachel's fillin.

Fearing Bella will be mad with her, Clementine is relieved when Bella resolves to embrace the change that has been thrust upon her and make the most of being back in the front line.

Observing the growing closeness between Rachel and Chris, Lucy realises her days as Rachel's flatmate are numbered.

Eager for Rachel to return to her family, Lucy makes plans to look for a flat with Kylie.

Careful to make it clear he's much more mature now, Harry tries to convince Lucy to move into the Warner house instead, assuring her that she's as good as family.

Lucy brushes this off and hoping to convince her, Harry is pleased when Lucy agrees to hang out with him while Chris and Rachel are busy elsewhere.

Learning that Lucy is still determined to share with Kylie, Harry sets about sabotaging her plan.

Harper is deeply frustrated that ED has to wait so long for a much-needed FAST scan and Boyd's disappointed for her.

He brings the matter up with Rachel, who insists she can do nothing about it.

Boyd sees his chance to help when Chris gives him a contact who may sponsor the scanner.

Boyd is successful and presents the machine to Harper with much pomp, in front of ED staff and patients.

Though grateful on one level, Harper's deeply uncomfortable with the way Boyd has pulled strings to impress her personally.

Realising the situation shows the fundamental differences in their beliefs, Harper ends up arguing with Boyd.

Completely at odds, Harper refuses to make peace, leaving their relationship under serious strain.


Tuesday 3 March (5688 )

After Boyd secures a new FAST scan for Harper by pulling strings and networking, Harper's angry at him, insisting it's not how she wants to operate.

Boyd reasons with her, and Harper calms down, expressing gratitude for the much-needed equipment.

Later, she argues with Chris and Rachel about the injustice of the funding system but Chris puts her in her place.

Still rankled, Harper tries to convince herself that she's over it and that her relationship with Boyd is the most important thing - but when Boyd reminds her just how different they are personally, she picks another fight with him and Boyd walks out.

Having made a move on TK, Pania regrets the damage it's caused and fears he will tell Caleb, splitting up their three-way friendship.

To prevent this, she resolves to find a way to distract TK from his guilt.

Although it galls her, she tries to set him up with party-girl Kylie, so he can lighten up and have some fun without being tempted into a serious relationship.

Her plan backfires and TK comes home from the I.V with Harper.

TK and Harper are just hanging out as friends, but Pania feels threatened by TK's history with Harper and speaks negatively about her, irking TK and leaving an unhappy Pania on the outer.

Harry's thrilled to learn that Lucy's going to spend time with him.

He's over his crush on her, but now wants to earn her respect and friendship and repay her for being instrumental in getting Chris and Rachel back together.

He decides to do this by convincing Lucy to move into the Warner house with Rachel and become part of the family.

Lucy warms to Harry until she discovers he's tried to sabotage her flat-hunting plans.

She's distracted from her anger by a vicious storm, which frightens her.

Harry steps up to protect her and the property, and when Lucy gets wet and dirty outside, he decides to surprise her with a hot bath.

Lucy is enjoying being back in the Warner home, but things go badly wrong when the bath Harry was running overflows.

Before he can fix the problem, a tree crashes through the kitchen wall.

As Harry tries to explain the devastation to Chris and Rachel, the ceiling gives way and the bath full of water falls through the ceiling.

Harry's left aghast at the disaster.


Wednesday 4th March (5691)

When Chris and Rachel see the extent of the Warner house destruction, Harry fears his punishment will be commensurate when his fault is discovered.

The family decamps to Rachel's apartment.

After meeting with an insurance assessor, Chris reports that a complete rebuild will be necessary.

Initially saddened, Chris takes hope from Rachel's vision of a new house and new future for them.

A guilty Harry confesses that he was responsible and fears the insurance won't pay out because of this.

He is mortified to admit it was all to impress Lucy.

Chris has a man-to-man talk with him and, accepting that Lucy will only ever be a friend, Harry is happy to hear she'll continue to be part of the family.

Chris is heartened when Rachel demonstrates her renewed trust in him by suggesting he come to Australia with her - and visit Grace and Trinity while he's there.

Harry is pleased the happy family dynamic has been resumed.

Pania worries that TK and Harper are going to get together, and threaten her place in TK's life.

To try and stop this, she tells Boyd that Harper spent last night at TK's, hoping this will prompt him to fight for (and save) his relationship with Harper.

Boyd confronts Harper and she's shaken when she feels he's given her an ultimatum about their relationship.

Seeing Harper's wavering, Pania challenges Harper to recommit to Boyd.

Harper apologises to Boyd and they rekindle their romance.

Meanwhile, Pania has been priming Kylie to have another go with TK.

She knows TK needs a girlfriend, and Kylie doesn't want anything serious - so Kylie, unlike Harper, won't threaten her place in TK's life.

But Kylie proves hard to convince...

Until she and TK bond over Pania's heavy-handed match-making.

They decide to date, but it's stymied when Kylie stays on at work as a favour to Vinnie, who's desperate to get home to Nicole.

Worried by tension between Murray and Wendy, Dayna and Bella plot to get them to talk.

Bella leaves out a special photo album to remind them of happy times and reconciliation seems nigh.

But an innocent comment from Murray causes another fight to ensue just as Dayna walks in.

Murray storms out.


Thursday 5th February (5690)

When Dayna explains she feels responsible for the Cooper's marriage troubles, Wendy realises the impact the discord is having on her.

Resolving to change, Wendy and Murray try to put their grievances behind them.

Dayna sees they're more amicable and starts to trust that they've made peace.

But the cracks reappear, and Dayna can't buy into their happy family routine.

She makes a call to Kane, as he returns from rugby camp.

He confides that his dad has made contact and wants to see him.

He worries about being disloyal to Murray and Wendy but Dayna's not convinced their marriage is rock solid and urges Kane to contact his dad in case living with them doesn't work out.

Bella gets a photo from Dallas and Ula, and Clementine sees she's upset but doesn't know why.

When TK tells her Dallas was Bella's fiance, Clementine assumes she's feeling sad about a lost love.

She decides Bella needs a new romance but her attempt to set Bella up fails and Bella insists that she's only interested in her career.

Realising Bella loves playing tutor to her, Clementine pretends she's incapable of sending out a group email inviting staff to a surgical soiree.

But playing the pupil gets frustrating and Clementine takes the task into her own hands.

When she messes it up, Clementine fears she's bad luck for Bella.

Believing Vinnie left work early due to his stressful life at home, Kylie postpones a date with TK to manage the nurses for him.

Vinnie calls to check in and Kylie insists everything is fine - but works late to cover a crisis.

Unaware of Kylie's help, Vinnie takes issue with her tardiness and casual attitude the next day.

But, reminded of their friendship, and pleased Kylie is finding romance with TK, Vinnie avoids reprimanding her.

Touched to feel Vinnie's on her side, Kylie refuses to be angry when she learns that Wendy got time off easily - and Vinnie actually avoided work for romance with Nicole.

Meanwhile, Vinnie is reminded by Nicole that he must be a boss, not a friend, to his nurses.

Kylie has to use the supply room for a quick scrubs change and is surprised when TK walks in.

It's innocent, but Vinnie misreads and accuses her of unprofessional and immature behaviour.

Hurt, Kylie hits back that he's become a bully and a hypocrite - he skived off for romance with Nicole after all.

Kylie tells him that she'll be taking two weeks leave as of today and storms off.


Friday 6th February (5691)

Vinnie apologises to Kylie, but she sticks to her decision to abruptly go on holiday.

A stressed Vinnie struggles to find a replacement, but he's grateful when Wendy offers to step in.

Lucy continues to give Vinnie attitude but he's wary of causing more tension by disciplining her.

He's annoyed at first when Wendy has to, then realises that delegating relieves his stress levels.

But this backfires when it turns out he and Wendy have overlooked a valid concern of Lucy's - in front of CEO stand-in Boyd.

Prompted by Pania, TK finally has a proper date with Kylie and they go to a club.

At first TK's uncomfortable, but Kylie's sense of fun is infectious.

They plan to go home together but are interrupted when TK gets called in to work.

Since Kylie's booked a trip away, it seems the two will never get together, and Pania's left frustrated that TK remains single.

Boyd's furious when he discovers Bella and Clementine have sent his surgical exchange launch party invitation to the entire hospital.

Bella and Clementine insist they've retracted the invitation to all but surgical staff, but Boyd's still embarrassed by the mistake.

Harper's outraged by the money being lavished on the party, and when Pania jokes they should crash it, Harper considers doing just that to prove a point.

Kane's home from rugby camp, and Murray's unsettled to learn Kane's dad, Jimmy, has made contact.

Protective and privately feeling a little threatened, Murray nevertheless takes Wendy's advice and counsels Kane to think seriously about whether he wants Jimmy in his life.

Kane is disappointed when Jimmy doesn't respond to his email, and Murray's chuffed when Kane admits Murray's more a father to him than anyone ever has been.

But Kane forgets plans he's made with Murray when Jimmy eventually makes contact, which brings Murray down hard.

And when Murray sees the dark content of Jimmy and Kane's emails he refuses to let Kane make any more contact.

Furious, Kane tells Murray he will never get between him and his real father.

Murray's left stung - and aware he handled this badly.