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2 - 6 June 2014

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Monday 2 June (5503)

Kane fears that his knee injury is an ACL tear but Harper won't confirm.

Kane tries to make himself feel better by talking positively.

But when Jack comes to apologise for the tackle, Kane explodes and kicks everyone out, mired in fury and despair.

Honour gets through to him when Murray can't, and he takes solace from her comfort.

It's short-lived though, when Kane learns he will be recuperating at the Coopers - he fears his rugby team and coach will forget all about him.

Emma is angry to catch Brett trying to worm his way into Toby's affections again and comes up with a plan for them all to get away.

Kylie agrees and they lobby Vasa for extra shifts to build up cashflow.

When Vasa manages to find a shift for Emma, she is disturbed to realise it means working with Brett.

Emma is staunchly professional, but when Brett tries to manipulate a nostalgic connection, she fiercely rejects his attempts.

Her resolve to get away from Brett is strengthened.

Rachel tries to connect with Chris on a personal level but, guilty about his Grace secret, Chris resists.

Challenged by Brooke to treat Rachel better, he makes an extravagant breakfast which mollifies Rachel a little to Chris' relief.

Toby is unnerved by Honour's deep concern for Kane.

But Brett bolsters that there is clear chemistry between him and Honour, and that Kane isn't a threat to his romantic hopes.

After Honour defers making music with Toby in order to spend time with Kane, Toby feels rejected and Brett recommends Toby try a different strategy.

Honour is pleased by Toby's suggestion to include Kane in their music and off a warm moment, Toby tries for a kiss.

Honour rejects the kiss and Toby is left mortified to realise he misread the signals.


Tuesday 3rd June (5504)

Toby is gutted when Honour doesn't respond to his kiss - she likes him as a friend, but doesn't want romance.

Emma and Kylie force Toby to tell all, but Emma is more freaked about how he had been acting on advice from Brett.

Feeling bad, Honour checks on Kane but doesn't mention what happened.

Sensing something's amiss, Kane contacts Toby who is too embarrassed to talk to him.

But Kane hears what happened from Kylie and visits Toby who is touched by his friend's concern.

Garrett renews his pursuit of Ula and is glad she agrees to a date.

When Garrett helps a patient hide something from TK, Ula helps him so he doesn't get into trouble.

Garrett thanks Ula for rescuing him but he loses ground as Ula realises that he lied to her about being a stoner.

As a sign of his gratitude, the patient gives an oblivious Garrett a present - a joint.

Garrett finds distraction from Ula's rejection when he has a fun time with Rachel at the I.V.

When Ula shows up, Garrett lays on his bad boy charm and she warms to him again.

Feeling good, Garrett pops outside and finds the joint in his jacket pocket.

He's tempted and lights it up just as Rachel enters.

Rachel's disappointed when Chris evades quality couple time.

Rachel confides her troubles to Harper, who advises her to force Chris into face time.

Rachel invites Chris to dinner and doesn't take no for an answer.

The date goes well and Rachel suggests a holiday so they can have family time.

Privately, Chris frets that this clashes with his secret plan to be with Grace when their baby is born.

He begs off their date, encouraging Rachel to stay and have fun while he secretly calls Grace.

Rachel's disappointed but finds a fun distraction in a dance with Garrett.

When she goes home, Chris tells her he won't have time for that family holiday she wants.

Rachel's frustrations spill over and they argue about the state of their relationship.

But Chris is evasive again and annoyed, Rachel returns to the I.V.

She finds Garrett outside just as he lights up his joint. She tells him off and confiscates the joint.

Left alone, the temptation is too great and - in a bid to regain Chris' attention and distract herself from her woes, she has a puff.



Wednesday 4th June (5505)

When Garrett busts Rachel smoking, he sees her in a new light. But Rachel feels exposed in his eyes.

She admits all to Chris who, although outraged and concerned, remains emotionally distant.

While Chris focusses on Rachel's addictive tendencies he avoids the real issue - that he isn't being honest with her.

Deciding to ride out this rough patch, Rachel's surprised by Garrett's over-familiarity and suspects he's got ulterior motives.

But Garrett genuinely wants to be Rachel's friend and she's challenged to relax and go with it.

Ula is still fighting her attraction to Garrett.

But when Nicole encourages her to make a move before someone else does, Ula finally asks him out - just when he'd given up hope for their romance.

He accepts, leaving Ula optimistic about their future.

Aware of the increasing romantic vibe between her and Sam, Vasa wonders if it's time to take things further.

Meanwhile, Brooke finds herself bored and in need of friends.

Just as Vasa plucks up the courage to ask Sam out, Brooke interrupts and coerces Vasa out on a movie date.

Vasa has fun but soon tires of Brooke.

Seeing Sam, she realises she'd much rather be with him.

Twigging that Vasa's over Brooke, Sam comes to her aid and makes an excuse to get Vasa away.

Charmed, Vasa admits she missed him today and they share a warm moment.

TK and Sarah are concerned by Tillie's reluctance to go to creche and decide to bring her to work instead.

They encounter a frosty reception from Leanne.

Challenged by Bella, Leanne admits she felt betrayed by TK and Sarah when they voted for Wendy for Social Club President.

Leanne continues to play favourites , but only loses friends in the process.

Changing tack, she tries to make amends with TK and Sarah and she offers to look after Tillie.

Leanne improves her reputation but finds it hard to to keep Tillie entertained and Wendy's sceptical about her motives.

Sarah has her concerns about Tillie's creche confirmed by another parent and TK's relieved they've put Tillie first.

But they are stunned to see Leanne smacking Tillie on the hand to stop her playing with an electrical socket.

Sarah's furious, Leanne's committing what in her eyes is physical abuse against her baby...


Thursday 5 June (5506)

Sarah's furious at Leanne for smacking Tillie, while eanne is surprised to realise she's in the wrong - even in Nicole's eyes.

Although TK empathises with Leanne to a degree, Sarah takes the matter to Rachel, wanting Leanne to face consequences for her actions.

Rachel calls the bitterly opposed parties to a meeting, hoping to make peace.

But - feeling confronted - Leanne gets defensive and the meeting ends badly.

Sarah takes the matter into her on hands, threatening to make a complaint with the police.

Leanne's stunned.

Kane's disappointed when his tests indicate he's got to have knee surgery.

Wendy and Murray try to convince him it's a positive step to recuperation, but Kane's gutted as it means his rugby season's over.

Though visits from Toby and Honour momentarily cheer him, his worry builds when Murray explains St Barts need him to maintain top grades to keep his scholarship.

Certain he's not up to it, Kane accepts Honour's offer to help him study, unaware the heartbroken Toby feels even more left out.

But Kane can't bear to look at his homework, so Honour refuses to help him.

It's only because Kane lacks confidence but Murray's worried Kane won't keep up and starts doing Kane's homework for him.

Toby's disappointed and angry that Brett's advice led to Honour rejecting him.

Brett tries to talk to him about this, but Emma shoos him off.

Toby reveals Brett's got a different take on his troubled past with Julia.

Emma's convinced Brett's lying, but Toby thinks he may be telling the truth.

Emma confronts him and realises Brett knows more about her recent past than he should.

Brett admits he's followed her life and career from afar, but only because he loves and misses her.

Emma's surprised to find she's touched by this.

Meanwhile, Brett gradually makes headway with Toby too, to the point that Toby takes Brett's advice to channel his heartbreak over Honour into music.

He and Honour agree to record his new song, but have nowhere to work.

Brett offers his house for this and invites Emma along too.

Tempted by the lure of a connection with her father, Emma agrees, entirely unaware that Kylie is right about Brett and this is all a part of his scheme to draw his family close, no matter what it takes.


Friday 6 June (5507)

Vinnie prepares to send Michael to his first day at school.

Michael doesn't handle it well so Vinnie has to pick him up and he promises not to send him back.

But Vasa worries for Michael's learning so Vinnie resolves to home-school him.

The lessons start well and Vinnie starts to think it'll be easy.

But when Michael gets bored, Vinnie gives in and does P.E. instead because it's more fun for both of them.

When Nicole takes Vinnie to task for this cop-out, Vinnie realises he's out of his depth and resolves to hire Michael a tutor.

TK calms Sarah down and suggests she's over-reacting by reporting Leanne to the cops.

Nicole suggests a worried Leanne apologise for inflaming things.

Leanne does so and Sarah, having been calmed by TK, agrees not to make a complaint to the police.

Sarah resolves to cut back her work hours so she can spend more time with Tillie, rather than leaving her in the care of others.

Kylie's furious when she learns that Emma went to Brett's without telling her.

Spurred on by the fear that Brett's getting close to Emma, she resolves to find proof he was involved with Julia's disappearance.

She gets proof from Sweden that Brett had visited Julia, and lied to them about it.

When she and Emma confront Brett, he claims he simply tracked down Julia because he wanted to make contact with Toby, the son he felt he had let down for all these years.

Emma believes him, further motivating a sceptical Kylie to find more evidence that Brett is lying and has harmed Julia in some way.

Upset about her rift with Kylie , Emma inadvertently warns Brett that Kylie will never stop digging for dirt on him.

Brett takes secret action, leaving a document in his office for her to find.

Oblivious to the fact she's being set up, Kylie finds a document stating Brett has terminal cancer and is rocked.

Has she read Brett completely wrong?

Could it be he deserves not just sympathy but the chance to spend time with his loved ones before it's too late?