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18 - 22 January 2016

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Monday 18 January (5902 & 5903)


Dayna and George celebrate their impromptu wedding, unaware that the police are storming the hospital to take Gareth

The staff outside are terrified that their loved ones may be hurt.

Given clearance to enter the hospital when the smoke clears, Rachel valiantly manages the chaos and panic, while Harper, Nicole, Chris and Margaret rush to the cafeteria.

There are emotional reunions with the Hannah family, Nicole's family, and Harper and Boyd. But Wendy and Bella plead for help - Murray has been badly wounded and Len is dead.

Murray's rushed to ED, but Bella's shocked when Wendy collapses - she was shot too.

Our heroes work to save Murray and Wendy, but Harper's shocked to see Drew rushed into the ED, barely alive. Thrown by how much she cares, Harper works desperately to save his life.

Nicole and Vinnie are exhausted, but inspired by Rachel's leadership - seeing Drew and Wendy being rushed to surgery, they decide to stay and help.


Bella's relieved to learn Murray will be okay, but Wendy's life still hangs in the balance. Jimmy urges Bella to take a break for Stevie's sake.

At the bar later, Bella is shocked when a joyous Dayna and George arrive to announce they're married. In a bubble of love, they have no idea what's happened and Jimmy has to cut their happiness short to break the bad news.


Margaret, Mo and Jack reunite with Curtis, relieved he's safe. Margaret's worried by Curtis's edgy behaviour, and he realises she’s hiding something from him too.

Mo and Jack are relieved to be safe at home. But Margaret and Curtis are suspicious of one another - each thinking the other may have been
the mystery shooter who tried to finish Drew.

Chris operates to save Drew, while Boyd operates on Wendy. Harper can't stay away and waits anxiously outside the operating theatre.

Although Harper would rather be alone, Victoria is eager for news too and joins her to wait.

Boyd is relieved to stabilise Wendy and is hopeful she'll pull through. But Drew's worse off and Chris pushes his skill and energy to the limit to save him.
Despite this, Drew loses more blood and Chris fears he'll die.

Harper's pained to hear this. Realising she loves Drew, she desperately wills him to live.


After a close moment with Mo, Victoria's more determined than ever to get what she wants.

Seeing Margaret troubled by the knowledge of her embezzlement being discovered, Victoria manipulates her. She suggests it would be a good idea to get out of town before her secret is exposed. She also points out it would be very convenient for Margaret if Drew didn't pull through.

Margaret denies any ill-will toward him but she goes to visit Drew, watching him, vulnerable in his sick bed... and only just avoids giving in to temptation.


Curtis seeks comfort with Lucy but the secret of him hooking up with Esther comes out, and he's rejected by her - and by Ali and Esther too.

Ali manages to make up with Lucy, who's resolved to move onward and upward after her heartbreak.


Harper's concern draws her to Drew's bedside, where he's sedated and ventilated. She's grateful Boyd is safe, but her thoughts keep
straying to Drew, and she's ashamed when Kylie remarks on how obvious it is.

She can't stay away however, and hopes that Drew will pull through. She's rewarded by a hand clutch from Drew (involuntary, but she'll take it), and remains hopeful for his recovery...


Bella's relieved to learn that surgery on Wendy went well. She and Murray take comfort from this small glimmer of hope amidst the tragedy.

The family gets to visit Wendy only briefly before her condition starts to deteriorate, and they're devastated to learn she suffered a stroke.

They face a long wait for tests, and when Boyd reports she's suffered irreparable brain damage, they're in shock.

After some quiet time with Wendy, the realisation hits Murray - his wife has gone. He asks for time alone with her.

When Bella leaves, she falls into the arms of Boyd, who comforts her as she cries.


Tuesday 19 January (5904 )


Murray faces the terrible prospect of switching off Wendy's life support.

Jimmy breaks the news to him about Dayna and George's marriage. Murray accepts it without complaint, still focused on Wendy.

Barely coping herself, Bella worries she won't have the strength to support Murray through Wendy's death, but Boyd's reassurance keeps her going.

Murray demands that he spends one more night with Wendy and sits by her bedside.

When the morning comes and he decides to switch off her ventilator.

The family say their final good-byes but Murray bottles up his pain.

However, in the carpark later he gets frustrated and winds up sobbing in Bella's arms.


Ali's girlfriend, Sabina, decides to visit, to check on Ali after the huge hospital crisis.

Ali is concerned she'll discover he has been lying about the fact he flats with two women. He employs Curtis and Jack to pose as his flatmates and, at first, the deception works.

However, Lucy accidentally exposes herself as Ali's real flatmate. Sabina is hurt, throwing Ali's relationship with her into jeopardy.


Harper remains worried about Drew's recovery.

Boyd is understanding, even when a stressed Harper is short with his mother.

Harper continues to question why Drew wasn't found quicker, leaving Victoria offended and intrigued by Harper's passionate interest in Drew's wellbeing.

The police finish their crime scene investigation, and Harper is reminded there are elements of Drew's shooting that still don't add up.

When Harper stands Boyd up for a date and he finds her at Drew's beside, the truth is obvious.

Boyd sadly tells her that he can't be what she wants. 

Harper admits her true feelings are for Drew - heralding the end of their marriage before it has even begun.


Wednesday 20 January (5905)

The Cooper family grieve for Len and Wendy.

Dayna and Bella step in to take over when Murray struggles to cope.

Dayna takes over fixing up the cafeteria, and Bella takes over the funeral planning.

Left to his own devices, Murray's intrigued to stumble across the research Wendy's done into his supposed half-brother, Ross.


TK comes back to Ferndale, not realising how much Kylie's been through in his absence. He tries to get Kylie to talk but she's reluctant.

But Harper tells him all that Kylie did on the day of the shooting, including being taken hostage. 

TK and Kylie have a heart to heart, and they end up closer as a result.


After Lucy outs him for lying, Ali tries to apologise to Sabina.

He's thrown to realise she's just as liberal as he is. She's been flatting with a guy too... and Ali doesn't know if he’s okay with that.

Lucy calls Ali on his double standards, and Ali realises she's right.

He tries to apologise properly, and she accepts.

But as Sabina's leaving, Ali kneels down and Sabina thinks he's proposing. Ali can't bring himself to correct her, so he ends up accidentally engaged!


Trying not to fall apart, Harper's grateful when Rachel invites her to stay at their place.

Urged by Rachel to take stock of all she stands to lose in Boyd, Harper tries again to mend things with him.

He challenges her to sort out her feelings for Drew first.

When Harper is reminded of their aborted wedding, she finally gives in to her upset.


The next day, Harper's heart leaps when Drew wakes.

But as Drew starts to recall being shot, he questions why Gareth returned later to shoot him in the back.

Harper's unsettled to realise it couldn't have been Gareth - which means that someone else must have shot Drew...


Thursday 21 January (5906)


Ali talks himself into the benefits of the engagement he never planned on, but Lucy sees that he's feeling rushed by family expectations.

She urges him to talk to Sabina, who may well share his trepidation.

But Ali is taken aback to learn that a wedding date has already been set, and Sabina's really looking forward to it. So he's trapped.


Mo's concerned that Jack is covering the fact the hostage-crisis has traumatised him, but Jack insists he's fine.

However, when he tries to enter the cafeteria again, where it all happened, he can't handle it.


Meanwhile, after a word with Victoria, Margaret's starting to fear that her embezzlement will catch up with her.

She feels she has to come clean to Mo.

But when she learns of Jack's distress, she decides she can't rupture the family with her confession. 


Harper and Kylie are convinced there's a second shooter who fired the third shot into Drew's back.

Harper takes the information to the lead cop, Derek, but is frustrated by the slow pace of the police investigation.

She seizes on a clue from Rachel, and starts to suspect Virginia was the second shooter.


Meanwhile, Boyd feels like he's in relationship-limbo with Harper, and wonders if there may be hope for their relationship after all.

He tries to talk to Harper but she's distracted by Virginia arriving to visit Drew.

Boyd walks off, and although Harper's sad to have disappointed him, she can't help following Virginia.

Virginia acts calmly, saying she has every right to be by his side. 

In a desperate attempt to find proof, Harper rifles through Drew's apartment.

When she finds the draft of an unsigned will that would cut Virginia out of Drew's estate, Harper's is convinced it's proof that the mystery
shooter is Virginia.


Friday 22 January (5907)


Her emotions running high, Harper goes to the police with Drew's will, convinced it's incriminating evidence against Virginia. 

The detective was already aware, telling her there was another copy on Drew's desk before the incident.

Harper accuses Virginia of shooting Drew. Virginia vehemently denies it, leaving Harper uncertain, but still suspicious.

Boyd sees the whole thing as another example of Harper's devotion to Drew and it gives him the closure he needs.

When he tells Harper this, she's forced to realise that their relationship is over for good.


Bella worries that Murray's avoiding his grief. She tries to help him to address it, but it only makes Murray feel worse.

When Evan and Jasmine arrive, Murray's happy to see them. This small piece of positivity gives him the courage to start getting involved in the funeral, which gives Bella hope that he's going to be alright.


TK helps out with the blessing ceremony in the cafeteria and is reminded of the frailties of life.

It draws him closer to Kylie and when the subject of a brother for Tillie comes up later, he jokingly comments that he and Kylie have plenty of time for that.

Kylie is pulled up by the suggestion she will one day have TK's child, and she's left uneasy.


Margaret focuses on her family and helping Jack overcome the emotional after-effects of the hostage crisis. She takes him to the blessing ceremony, but it only makes Jack feel worse.

He sneaks out, and confides in Esther that he feels like a coward for feeling this way.

Margaret and Mo help him to realise that his fear is only natural, and the Hannahs draw closer.

Except Curtis discovers that Drew was shot by a second person using Gareth's dropped gun.

Worried to think Margaret did it and is about to be discovered, Curtis tries to make her run, but Margaret's only concern is Jack.

Determined to do anything he can to protect his mother, he destroys the stolen security footage. In doing so, he commits a crime that could threaten his
own freedom.