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18 - 22 February 2012

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Wendy lashes out at Murray - Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 18 th February (5177)

Jareds taken aback when Phoenix lashed out at him, rather than Harry, over Britney.

He goes to visit Rachel and is unsettled to realise that his presence in the family is the real cause of Phoenixs upset.

Hoping to gain Phoenixs acceptance, he offers advice on how Phoenix might win Britney back, but Phoenix discounts this.

Later, Jared is freaked out to learn that a guilty Harry has sent a skimpy bikini as a gift to Britney on Phoenixs behalf.

When Phoenix learns of this, he goes mad at both Jared and Harry.

Beginning to view Phoenix as spoiled and not grateful of the support thats around him, Jared argues back suggesting that Phoenix gets over himself.

Though shocked that he could be perceived this way, Phoenix must first deal with Britney and exits.

Fearing shell view him as some kind of pervert, Phoenix makes an impassioned appeal to Britney for forgiveness.

When shes won over, Phoenix realises how lucky he is to have Jared and Harry in his corner.

As Emma and Lana get their financial affairs in order so they can apply for a home loan, Kylie privately worries about her bad credit rating.

Vinnie advises Kylie to be honest with her friends, but Kylie fears their reaction.

When she confesses, Emma and Lana consider buying the house without her and Kylies dreams of home ownership are derailed.

Determined to quash Sarah and Boyds lack of faith in her, Brooke ups her efforts to diagnose Nevin.

When Nicole prompts Nevin to reveal he has had contact with an aviary, Brooke stumbles across a brilliant diagnosis and receives praise for cracking the case.

But Nicole knows that shewas the one that put Brooke on the right path.

Learning this, Boyd attempts to win romantic facour with Nicole by knocking Brooke from her perch.

But Brooke proves a worthy adversary and succeeds in making Boyd look foolish.

On the strength of Brookes success, Sarah gives her a new, more complicated case to take on, resulting in more work for Nicole.

Boyd crashes and burns as a result


Tuesday 19 th February (5178)

Aware of the high stakes associated with Brookes diagnostic medical mystery, and Brookes insistence that she works without help, Nicole confides to Boyd her fear that Brooke is out of her depth.

When they take their concerns to Sarah, Sarah diplomatically checks that Brooke is on the right track.

When Sarahs expertise eclipses Brookes, Brookes confidence is knocked. Humiliated, Brooke takes her frustration out on Nicole.

Protective, Boyd decides to take Brooke down a peg or two.

Brooke later crumbles and admits her lack of confidence, leaving Boyd surprised by the extent of her vulnerability.

Feeling bad, Boyd appeals to Rachel to allow Brooke to liaise with US patients who have shown interest in his TAVI operations.

Rachel agrees and Brooke is pleased but she conceals this from Boyd and the combative vibe between them returns.

On Chriss advice, Rachel decides to ask Sarah to fill in as CEO while she attends a conference.

But when Seth hears of this he dissuades Rachel from choosing Sarah, claiming the additional work will overburden her.

Seth then puts himself forward for the role and Rachel agrees. Sarah is fine with this until she learns that she may have been the original choice.

Shes left wondering what Seth is up to.

Kylie doesnt want to lose the house and is determined to find a way to pay off her debt and improve her credit rating.

But when her parents refuse to loan her the money and Emma and Lana realise they can afford to buy the house without her, Kylies left disappointed.

Lana feels bad for cutting Kylie out but Emma insists they need to take friendship out of the equation.

However, Lana and Emma find themselves faced with additional costs and Lana is forced to sell some expensive fabric to cover them.

But Lana chooses to loan the money to Kylie so she can pay off her debt and be eligible for a mortgage with her and Emma.

Kylies pleased when the bank grants the mortgage to all three of them but Emma still believes Kylie is a liability and an argument ensues, with Emma blaming Lana for encouraging Kylie, and Kylie for ruining everything, like she always does.

Just when they most need to pull together, the girls find themselves splintered.


Wednesday 20 th February (5179)

Concerned by the friction between Emma, Lana and Kylie, Nicole pulls Vinnie in to help mend their friendship.

Vinnie suggests Kylie prove to Lana and Emma that shes responsible by cleaning up the messy garden.

Meanwhile, Nicole brokers peace between the girls by talking up Kylies dedication to their new home.

Willing to make amends, Emma and Lana walk in on Vinnie and Kylie in the middle of a scantily clad water fight.

An upset Emma flees and a guilty Kylie feels terrible that shes ruined any chance to make peace with her friends.

Murrays uneasy when Evan asks him not to tell Wendy about the party.

Wendys pleased to get back home and Evan, wanting to make himself scarce, gives them space to catch up.

But the empty house feels alien, and Murray and Wendy avoid the obvious chance for intimacy with household tasks.

They uncover home videos of the family and, when the happy memories ignite romance, they head to bed.

Later, Evan is alarmed when Wendy winds him up about the party.

Evan realises Murray told her but is relieved when the rekindled romance with Murray means that Wendy doesnt question Murrays handling of the situation.

Murray feels like man of the house again and is bolstered.

Sarah fears that Seth lied to her and admits to TK that shed like to be CEO so she can affect real change.

However, she trusts Seth and decides to let the matter go.

As interim CEO, Seth instructs Brooke to push ahead with the expansion of the surgical tourism programme into Asia.

This goes against Rachels go-slow stance and Brooke admits to a surprised Sarah that Seth instructed her to keep quiet about it.

Concerned, Sarah confronts Seth for scuttling the hospitals chances to win the hospital expansion.

Seth assures Sarah hes got her best interests at heart but Sarahs unsettled and takes her concerns to Chris.

Sarah and Chris learn St Catherines hospital board is causing ructions and may go into free fall.

Fearing this may be connected to Seth, Sarah confronts him and he admits hes been invited to apply for the CEO position and he intends to make St Catherines a state of the art medical facility.

Sarah feels betrayed until Seth tempts her with an offer to be his Two-IC.

Its her chance to decide if she really wants power and what she will do to get it. Sarah is thrown and challenged.

Thursday 21 st February (5180)

Sarahs appalled Seth has sabotaged Shortland Street so they will lose public money and may lose the hospital extension bid.

Seth urges her to look at the bigger picture: if Shortland Street becomes private, St Caths and Central will become the regions public hospitals and the community will be better served.

A troubled Sarah hides what shes learned from Chris, and puts aside her concerns to focus on an ED crisis.

Sarah realises she cant go along with Seths plan, because it will mean Shortland Streets ED will be shut down.

Seths unmoved by Sarahs argument, and she decides to take matters into her own hands.

She reveals Seths plan to Chris and TK and prepares to fight for Shortland Street.

Vinnie feels awful about Emma catching him flirting with Kylie.

Hes concerned this is the second time he and Kylie have ended up near-naked together.

They blame their naturally flirtatious natures and decide to keep their distance.

Emmas angry to be stuck buying a house with Kylie who she cant trust with money or her boyfriend.

Lana believes Emmas overreacting and she convinces her to hear Vinnie and Kylie out.

Vinnie reaffirms his commitment to Emma, and Kylie promises she can be trusted.

Vinnies relieved when Emma forgives them, but later shares a close moment with Kylie.

Vinnie wonders just how long they can really stay away from each other.

Hoping to make up for his party antics, Evan offers to help Chris by finding an old 3D movie for Harrys school project.

He badgers Murray to look for the tape, leading Wendy and Murray to discover an intimate home movie they made in their twenties.

Wendy tells Murray to get rid of it. Instead, Murray takes the tape into work, planning to get it transferred on to a DVD.

When Murrays called away, Evan finds the tape and assumes its the 3D movie meant for the Warners.

Phoenix sets up the movie ready to watch, and Harry, Jared, Chris and Britney are all looking forward to it.

Murrays alarmed to discover the mix-up.

He and Wendy rush to the Warners, but theyre too late to prevent their intimate home movie being screened for the whole family.

Friday 22 nd February (5181)

Too late to prevent Chriss family from seeing his and Wendys home movie, Murray brave faces as a mortified Wendy destroys the tape.

Chris assures Wendy hell keep the incident secret, but Wendy cant help feeling paranoid.

She rightfully blames Murray, who tries to reassure her.

Murray faces the embarrassment of telling Evan while Wendys concerned to observe Harry talking to Lana, fearing hes spreading the story.

Convinced everyone knows about her sex tape, Wendy insists on clearing the air, only to learn this is the first theyve heard of her embarrassing exploits.

She reports this to Murray, who tries to joke it all off.

This only infuriates Wendy but when she again blames Murray for the tape fiasco, he snaps back, fed up with always being in the wrong.

When he posits that maybe he was right to walk out on her, Wendy is shocked.

Seth still hopes Sarah will join him in his move to St Caths, but she makes it clear shes on Shortland Streets side.

Seths displeased to learn Sarahs told TK and Chris his plans, and he starts damage control, making it impossible for him to be ousted in Rachels absence.

Sarahs frustrated, and shes annoyed to learn hes brought Brooke onside.

Sarahs tempted to alert the hospital staff to Seths machinations, hopeful widespread dissent will put a stop to his plan but is frustrated when Chris and TK advise against it.

Evans pleased to win points with Kylie when he sets up a tab for her at the cafeteria.

Hes hopeful to make further romantic progress, but when Murray and Wendy inform him of the Warners viewing their tape hes scared Kylie will find out.

He begs Phoenix not to tell, and hopes hes done enough to keep it secret.

Later Evans mortified to learn that Kylie knows all about the tape, thanks to his mothers outburst.

However, hes astonished when Kylies sympathetic towards him, assuring she knows what its like to be in the middle of a family scandal. Evans hopes of romance skyrocket.


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